Christmas Colors

10:58:00 PM

Hellowww everybody!

I know Christmas' over *boo :(* but the atmosphere's still very Christmas-ish right so i think it's still appropriate for me to post Christmas related entry :)? Not very Christmassy either lah, it's just an outfit/make up post that's inspired by Christmas colors :p. And you know (if you read my previous post) that i don't even celebrate Christmas, i spent the actual Christmas day lazying around all day in my jammies at home hahaha. This whole Chirstmas-colored ensemble was the outfit and makeup that i wore last Sunday when we went out with #Undecided (and hubby) + Katherine.
And even though i don't celebrate Christmas, i always get dragged into the whole feeling and start to dress a bit like a Christmas tree around the special day hahaha. It all started when i painted my nails red in "preparation" for Christmas, then i remember last year my "Christmas outfit" was red (seriously, it felt like just a few months ago instead of a whole year ago WTH. Some blogger wrote that her mindset was still around April and i couldn't agree more! How come it's almost new year again i don't even...) and i hate repetition *LOL* so i decided to dress up in another very Christmassy color : Green! (Well, turquoise's more like it, still in the green family right???).

And here's the FOTD :
Bangs' getting really long, it's getting super annoying and i hate looking at my pictures with this in-between bangs (i like it short or long, in-between's a total pain in the ass)

The make up was somewhat inspired (or more like challenged) by some local online shop/community's statement about wearing bright green eyeshadow and red lipstick as a common mistake to look like an ondel-ondel *LOL*. I beg to differ! With the right application i actually believe that red's one of green's match made in heaven! So i was totally like "Challenge accepted!" LOL. Here's the simple step by step tutorial (after the usual foundi/BB cream+under eye concealer *i haven't had real blemishes in the longest time so my DHC concealer's been collecting dusts for months*+powder):
Eye primer, the current fave shimmery peachy eyeshadow all over the lid, opaque crayon/bottle green on outer V-blend inwards
Same green eyeshadow under eyes, draw long-downwards winged thick liner, use pearly silver/white pigments in the middle between the peach and green eyeshadow to blend the two colors together as well as adding more sheen to the eyes
Use mascara generously
Peachy blusher, add black eyeliner halfway from the outer corner (connecting the line with the upper line) continued with pearly white eyeliner to the other half
Looking a bit like the green lantern here :p
Then add red lippies!
Ta-dahh! Sorry for the blank expressions, one of those days when i couldn't get a decent close up picture :(...
Showing off NOTD

NOTD : Anna Sui red nail polish with Etude's Minnie in the Nails #5 Minnie Silver Ribbon. In depth reviews and swatches coming soon!
Turquoise Mini Dress with White Band : Online, Mustache Long Necklace : Gift from BB
Bag : Gobellini
With Katherine and #Undecided
Planned to do more Dolly Look challenge and wanted to incorporate it in this look (i was thinking of Christmas Doll, maybe? Hehe) but i was having a bad fringe day (yep, told you i don't have bad hair day, but my fringe can cause me a lot of distress when in-between length like this!), my eyes were leaking so when i came home chunks of my winged liners were cut off (seriously, Maybelline's Hyper Gloss Liquid Eyeliner's so unwaterproof it's ridiculous zzz), i was (still am #gloomy) having my period and feeling very very puffy and watery *double sigh* and i couldn't be bothered! Maybe i'll do more Dolly look (time limit's still quite far afterall) soon if i'm not too lazy!

That's it for today, folks! Toodles!


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  1. lucuu ci mindy kukunya :DD
    and yes, I also don't really have bad hair day, it's bad fringe day! lolol XD

    1. Thank you Cel :D... Toss, #fringeunited! LOL

  2. Maaf boleh usul tak? Coba untuk pake eyeshadownya tak melebihi ujung mata luar. Sbab mataku seperti kamu dan tidak pede untuk pake eyeshadow apalagi warna terang. Tmkasih

    1. Maaf ya, i don't understand what you mean. Kalo anda tidak pede pake eyeshadow warna terang, apa hubungannya sama saya yah? LOL. Nobody CAN tell me what i can and CAN'T do, so scram! SHOO!

  3. patient darling...ntar darah tinggimu kambuh loh
    delete aja gak bisa ya??

    1. Hahahah delete bisa donk tp ngapain, ntik d gosipin aq blogger seng maune di puji2 aja kalo ngmge elek d delete... Lah komene IDIOTIC gitu hahaha...

  4. nice banget bentuk eyeliner nya
    aku gabisa pake eyeliner di mata T____T gagal terus
    suka juga sama warna eyeshadownya :D aku suka warna kaya gitu =3 apalagi untuk christmas theme kayanya match banget ya :D hahaa
    btw, i've followed your blogg ^^
    mind to follow back cee?? ^^
    thank you yaa :D hihi

    1. Thank you :), aq juga sering gagal koq ga sesuai sm rencana akhirnya ya di modifikasi deh seadanya hehehehe... Sering2 practice ajah ^^. Iyah, aq suka banget eyeshadow warna-warni tp kadang2 males juga makenya mau cepet2 hehehe...
      Nanti aq add via G+ ya, thank you :)

  5. "ntik d gosipin aq blogger seng maune di puji2 aja kalo ngmge elek d delete... Lah komene IDIOTIC gitu hahaha... "

    kalo ini mah bukan blogger yang maunya dipuji2 aja, tp blogger yang kualitas kata-katanya buruk....

    1. First of all this is my PERSONAL blog, so i do not have to filter my words for you because u're not welcome here. Second of all, kurang kerjaan skali sempet2nya baca2 komen and ngomenin komen, kalo ga IDIOT juga artinya apa ya? Kalo beraninya cuma main anonymous, go to hell!

    2. *pat-pat*
      just don't mind that kind of people ce, lol XD

    3. LOL i wish i could Cel, i'm just too hot headed though! Jd skrg no more anonymous!!!! All banned! LOL