When You Don't Stand Up For Yourself, No One Will

4:13:00 PM

I'm finishing up a draft. 

Yes, I've been meaning to write about this (read the uber-obvious title) because I've had enough of people whining about injustice and not actually standing up for themselves.

Frankly, it pisses me off to listen to such BS.

Seriously though. If you think you're being treated unfairly, no one is going to fix it for you. No one is going to hold your hand through it all and at the end of the road give you a bouquet decorated with glitter and rose petals. Unless you're Queen Elizabeth (or maybe Kate Middleton). Which you're not. So just like the rest of us common people, you'll have to stand up for yourself. Whining will get you nowhere. It will only piss yours truly off. So don't. 

Anyway, let me give you an example.

A few months ago (yes, that's how far back this draft is dated LOL) when hubby and I went home from dinner, our keycard failed to buzz our car into the basement. Strange. But did I sit back and accept the fact that our car was to be parked outside which would result in me walking quite a distance from the parking lot to my unit?


I'm a paying tenant. And I deserve a spot in the basement's parking lot. So what did I do? I demanded to be buzzed in using the security guard's master keycard. But what did he do? He said that he didn't have the master key card with him and I'd have to wait until morning to settle the problem with his office. Did I believe him?


In which universe does a security personnel guard his station without carrying a master key card?! Certainly not mine!! So I pretended to believe him and demanded that he fix my keycard instead because I wanted my car to be parked INSIDE. Where it belonged (okay drama), where I paid for it to be. Then still with a ignorant expression on his face, he called his superintendent. After some bitchin, you know what the superintendent said?!


Fucking asshole!!! I knew it!!! He had the master with him the whole time yet there he was, blatantly lying to my face because he just didn't want to be bothered to help me!! What a fucking waste of my time. There goes 10 minutes of my life I will never get back... I could have used it lazing around, doing nothing at all in front of my TV, yet there I was, arguing nonsense with an idiot. 

Another example. 

Eh, did I tell you this entry is going to be super wordy? But trust me, I have a valid point, so keep reading okay?



You know how hubby and I just opened a vet clinic yes? No? Read here if you don't know yet... Anyway, we asked a handyman to do our signage, operating table, and one custom cage (bigger than the ones sold on pet shops for bigger dogs - I demanded this because I remember when Kalista spent some nights in a clinic, the crate was seriously small it was difficult for her to move around, my poor baby!). Hubby informed him that we needed all three items to be finished before our soft opening (2 Nov, or was it 3 Nov?! Anyway, early Nov...) and the handyman agreed. Having his confirmation, hubby PAID IN FULL, and on 2 Nov, NONE WAS DONE. 

Hubby being hubby (seriously sometimes I cannot fathom how one can be so calm and collective and so nice towards others), just kept calling him, nicely reminding him, and kept being polite no matter what excuses that stupid handyman threw his way... He is one lucky bastard for he was dealing with hubby and not me... 

But after almost a month, I couldn't take it anymore, I started harassing hubby. I nagged and demanded him to be stern because the excuses were getting more and more ridiculous, i.e.: no car to deliver, he got into an accident, his employee is stupid, etc. BUT HOW ARE THOSE MY PROBLEM?! 


And finally, hubby managed to channel his bitchy wife and yelled at the handyman on the phone. And you can guess what happened next, right?

The next morning the signage was installed.

2 days after the fated phone call, the custom cage was delivered.

And now we're only waiting for him to finish up the damned operating table. 

I think I will get hubby to yell some more so the table will be finished sooner. Yes, I think I will...

See, people. You have to stand up for yourself because if you don't, people will walk all over you thinking you're this weak person they can treat however they please. Mark my words, they will!! So don't let them!!

Of course I don't advise you to be bitchy to random people when they're not doing you any harm (unless of course inside you're a mean person, please continue being yourself as long as you don't direct your bitchiness towards me or the people I care about hehehe...), but once they do, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Because trust me, if you don't, no one else will...

Now now, as a reward for reading yet another rambling of mine until the end, here are some photos of my sissy's dogs. She has 5 (YES, FIVE!) Mini Pomeranians. Behold:
From left to right: Tua, Brandon, Snowy, Sisi, Srintil (yes, those are their names, my sister is cray, I know...)
A better photo of Mr. Brandon. Lookin dapper and all... Isn't he adorbs!!!

And just quite recently, I found a new obsession: making comic strips. It's apparently super fun. You should try that sometimes...
Not bad for a first attempt, no?
This is the photo I used for the 4th frame. In case it's not apparent on the comic strip, it's Ellis, sitting on my vet's seat, donning his stethoscope hahahahaha. Don't worry, no animal was harmed during the photo session (can't say the same for my vet's stethoscope though :p) 

Showed the "Doctor Ellis" to my sissy and she was like, "if you're really good, do one with my dogs' photos!" and challenge accepted!
With Tua and Snowy as the models. LOL.

I was so bored that day so I made another one. This time, G requested that I make one with human being as the models. 
Decided to put hubby's posing skill to good use hahahaha...

Last one, I promise!
Hahahahaha I clearly have too much free time on my hands...

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  1. HERE WE ARE AGAIN SCREAMING "WE'RE THE SAAAAMMMEEE!!!!" and our hubbies are the same! Bandi is that kind of guy who would buy people's bullshit while I, like you, will be interrogating them until I get what I suppose to get.
    That security is such an ignorant and lazy person. He didn't wanna be bothered and didn't care about people's inconvenient and he shouldn't be satpam at the first place!!!

    P.S. Your cute comic strips did calm me down. Good point putting in the comics.

    1. LOL I know right!! But I think (you know, when I'm not irked by hubby being hubby), they balance us out... Someone has to be the nicer one of the two, don't you think hahahaha...

      P.S. Glad you liked the comic strips :D