Liebster Award 2 & 3

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Hi everybodehhh!!!

We've been tagged for Liebster award (again!), two times in a row! Wow! This time the tag came from Bunga and Nindya, thank you both for tagging this blog :). 
We have done the requirements for this award the first time we were tagged and even then i had hard time tagging 10 other blogs, so this time i'm just gonna answer all of the questions asked by them, that's fair enough right? 

Because most of the question's beauty related, i'm not gonna ask #Undecided to answer them haha she will kill me (not a very girly girl, that one)!). And i'm going to translate the question to English (Bunga's because they were in Indonesian) and answer them in English too (because we have quite a lot of international readers and because it'll save me some time, i know i need to learn to write in Indonesian better and there will come a day when i HAVE to write in Indonesian, but i would be the first to admit that i suck (weird, since it's my native language and all, #Undecided totally relate though!) when it comes to write in proper (and in a matter that's presentable and entertaining for the readers) Indonesian-so i am SO not ready. Not now.

First up, questions from Bunga :
1. Jelaskan kenapa kamu menjadi beauty blogger?!
    (Explain why did you become a beauty blogger?)

Well, if you pay attention to this blog you'd know that i am not really a beauty blogger per-se, i'm more of a lifestyle, beauty, fashion blogger, all rolled into one but i am very interested in beauty, that's why i do write a lot about beauty. So the answer would be, because i love love love make up and i love to share my newest findings/likes/dislikes/experiences!

2. Siapa yang menginspirasi kamu? (ga harus orang yang menginspirasi dalam dunia makeup)
    Who inspires you? (doesn't have to be related to make up world)

I've answered this question on the first Liebster award, i've linked the post up there and you can click it to read my answer there :).

3. Lebih suka makeup ala-ala korea atau bule?
    Do you prefer Korean style make up or Western style?

Neither, i prefer Japanese (gyaru) :). But i love Korean gradient lips and often use that style. 
Gyaru style. I am not a fan of gyaru models though so i am not familiar with their names, i think this is Tsubasa Masuwaka?
4. Kalo disuruh pilih lipstik atau eyeliner lebih pilih mana? kenapa? 
   (If you have to choose between lipstick and eyeliner, which one would you   
   choose and why?) 

Can i choose blush on instead? LOL. Okay lah, eyeliner! Because it really opens up my eyes, makes it bigger and livelier while i can get away without lipstick since my lips are already naturally pink.

5. Apa arti keluarga buat kamu?
    (What does family mean for you?)

Can't live with them, can't live without them? LOL. I love my family to death but sometimes they can suffocate me (i'm talking about my 'rents and siblings). As for my little family, they are my everything. But family is not only those who are related by blood, family are the people who love, accept and will be there for you no matter what. My best friends are my family too, they are the family THAT I CHOSE (coz you can't choose the family where you're born, right?).

6. Lebih suka berlibur ke pantai apa pegunungan?
    (Do you prefer beaches or mountains?)

Both, because i love traveling to any type of destination (wanderlust and all). But i like mountains better because i prefer cold than heat!
And because i can dress like that in cold places. That furry coat with bear ears' on top of my wish list now!
7. Apa skincare yang rutin kamu pakai?
    (What's the skincare that you routinely use?)

I use a dermatologist' prescriptions' creams but i also alternate using all kinds of skin cares so my skin won't be dependant on the dermatologist' creams. I do not have any specific brand for the alternative skin care though, i just use all of the stuffs i got from Beauty Boxes, currently using Clarins'.

8. Apa eyeshadow favorite kamu? Sebelum pakai eyeshadow suka pakai eyeshadow base terlebih dahulu atau engga?
       (What's your fave eyeshadow? Do you use eyeshadow base before or not?)

What you mean like the brand? Don't have any favorite brand for eyeshadow, really. I wear whatever, i don't mind locals, Asian, Western, anything will do hahaha. I prefer shimmery ones over the matte ones for sure. And yes, now i almost always use eyeshadow primer first.

9. Barang apa yang lagi pengen banget kamu beli?
    (What item that you really want to buy at the moment?)

Everything in Victoria Secret's new store in GM. Except the lingerie. I want all of the perfume, bath and body cares, make ups, EVERYTHING! I asked hunny if i can buy at least one package per month, and when he said yes, i asked for three, then when he still said yes i was like "What about five?", that's when he got annoyed at me and told me to buy the store instead. 
This is not the store in GM (look at the mark on the right, i got the picture from Google) but it looks really similar :)
10. Alat makeup apa saja yang wajib kamu bawa di tas kamu?
      (What make up items are a must on your bag?)

Oil blotter, lip balm, lip color, eyeliner. Little mirror and comb are not make up items, but they are also a must! I actually have an entry about what's inside my make up pouch that i bring everywhere. 

11. Apa saja brand makeup favorite kamu?
      (What are your favorite brands of make up?)

I love all brands really (same answer to no 8), whenever i see a brand that i haven't had before i'd be very tempted to buy something. But in general i love Etude House because of their packaging :p. 

That's the questions from Bunga :). Now moving on to Nindya's :

1. What are your favorite beauty blogs/Youtube channel?

Hmmm, i follow a lot of blogs but i don't really have a fave BEAUTY blog. My fave blogs are Xia Xue's, Qiu Qiu's, Cheesie's and Aud's, and none of them are specifically beauty blogs. I don't watch a lot of YouTube either...

2. What are your favourite beauty products?

Lippies (lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses), blush ons and candy colored eye shadows!

3. Tell me your skin care routine (head to toe) and what products that you use?

What???? That'd be like, a few entries by itself *LOL*. In general : I use shampoo (of course), conditioner and hair vitamins/oil/serum. Brands : Dove, Sunsilk, Pantene, whatever's on sale haha. Facial skin : refer to question by Bunga (number 7). Body skin : body lotions, what brands? If you follow this blog you'd know i use different brands every time i finish one, that's why i have so many reviews on body cares :D.

4. Mention 3 of your best lipsticks and tell me why?

I am a very new fan of lipstick (i used to wear them only as a tint, i wear glosses more before), less than a year actually! So i haven't really tried a lot of lipsticks! For now my answer would be Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable (because they are so cute. Wrong reason? LOL), Revlon's lip butters (because they are so easy to apply and has surprisingly good color payoff) and Etude House's (like this one because of the packaging *again* LOLOLOL. Sorry lah, i am all about packaging!)

5. Do you listen to music/humming random songs while wearing make up? If yes, what is your favorite track? If no, why?

Mostly yes (if it's just my routine, 5 minutes one no-coz i'll be singing and dancing rather than doing my make up and it won't be 5 minutes anymore zzz), but i don't hum : i belt out songs! LOL. No fave tracks, i listen to whatever i love at the moment. There was a time when i put on Jong Kook Oppa's Han Namja (One Man) on repeat for weeks, then there was the Amy Bedgley/Leah McFall The Voice songs, then Frozen's soundtracks...

6. What is the craziest look you've ever made with your makeup stuffs?

I don't do fantasy make ups, but i did this once : Drag Queen. It's not that crazy (compared to other bloggers' fantasy make ups) and it's not even good *LOL* but that's gotta be the craziest for me.

7. What brand you always can't wait for the up-coming products and why?

Etude House! Why?
Ewww to the boyband (sorry Shinee fans!!!) but yes yes yess to the bottles!
Seriously. Need i say more???

8. If you could have any famous people hair and face to be your own, who would it be?

Can i have their body instead? I love my face and hair too much!!! LOL. I'd trade my body with any skinny b***'s! LOLOLOL. But i HAVE to choose then it's my version of the prettiest girl in the world, Ayumi Hamasaki.

9. If you had to go and can only bring one beauty item on your purse, what would it be?

Tough one... Oil blotter? Is that a beauty item? If not, maybe concealer for my panda eyes.

10. If you had a chance to create a makeup product with your own line, what would it be?

A make up palette, of course!!! I am obsessed

Andddd, finished! Thank you again for Bunga and Nindya for tagging :), and thank you everyone for reading! I'm tagging everybody who wants to do this tag to answer the same questions! Leave me a link of your answers if you decided to do the tag!

A pic taken by hunny's new cam, i look very chubby (like in real life hahahah) but i like it!

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