Bali Getaway Part 2 : Tanah Lot

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Hulloooo again! 

This is the second post in one day, that's new right? Hahahaha... I can't stop myself though, i had to post that give away post ASAP (just because) and it's such a short post anyway, it shouldn't count :p.

Carrying on... How's everybody's day? Mine started off not so good *___*. I woke up very groggily from all of the cough medication my hunny kept on shoving my way *arghhh i think those meds are causing me heatiness now! My lower lip's cracked, super painful!!! I almost never experience cracked lips before hikhik* but i already missed a yoga class yesterday so i really wanted to go for hot exercise, so i crawled into the bathroom and got ready, and then we got stuck really BAD in a horrid traffic jam! 

WTF -____-. I feel like we've been transported to Jakarta suddenly. Stupid people only start working on the drainage culverts once the rainy season's on full blown! &%^@&*%&*%#! I was super duper annoyed!!! Decided to make a *very hard to do as well coz all the close by area were jammed* U turn and go back home because we're only halfway there and it was passed the starting hour for the class already.

Had i insisted on going we'd probably arrive more than halfway through the class. One class costs around IDR 57.500 okay, why would i want to pay so much for a few minutes (the class is only 1 hour long) of exercise??? Okay lah i'm stingy, but really, what's the point??? Very grumpy because i could've spent the 45 minutes we spent being stuck in the stupid jam sleeping -___-. Yeah, i napped already so i'm feeling better now, but that's 45 minutes of my life i will never get back!!! *Dramatic* *dramatic* *sorry ah i think i'm PMSing hard time*.

I notice i ramble on a lot more around my PMS. Haih. (I wrote this earlier in the afternoon, mood's now 100% improved after going for a weekly movie date with hunny *watched a Chinese movie, The Four 2 which was pretty awesome, much better than the first installment!*, have a long-craved for steak dinner *it was cold and not as nice as how the restaurant's standard usually, but it wasn't horrible and we had the nicest waitress and it curbed my meat-crave for now so all's good* and followed by more cropped tops shopping at Magnolia. Sigh to more shopping-two packages from online shops also just arrived :p-but it made my day ahahaha). Okay lah, enough already :D, let's continue one our Bali Getaway Part 2!
Went to Tanah Lot after Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
We anyhow go there because hunny Googled and people usually recommend going to Tanah Lot after Bedugul (it's pretty much the right way to go back to Nusa Dua, i might be wrong because i'm horrible with directions :p). When we almost reached Tanah Lot (it was 5.30 or so already), hunny was like "Errr, i dunno if the place's still open or not lo, it might close already when we reached". WTH right, why he only said that then??? 

I immediately Googled and thankfully Tanah Lot's management's been extending their opening hours until pretty late in the evening and even started holding Kecak Dance performances there (you need to pay more to watch it though, i don't remember how much but it was pretty expensive for local standard), so phewwwww!!! We only arrived just a few minutes shy of 6 O'clock but it was still pretty light. 

Like Jakarta, i find the sun sets later in Bali than in Surabaya. You know, in Surabaya at 6 o'clock confirm to be very dark already. Why am i writing in Singlish? #slapsself. I watched too many of XiaXue's Guide to Life earlier when i was putting newly washed clothes in my closet *i really really hate doing it and always postponing until i'll have like, 5 or 6 baskets containing super high piles of clothes FML, at the same time i also do not want the maids to do it because i will never ever find what i'm looking for if they do, and i also dislike people rummaging through my wardrobe zzz* and i tend to pick Singlish back up right away. Oh i can speak Singlish like a true blue Singaporean hahahaha. #Undecided hates that very much.

Oh yeah, if you noticed my legs (from the part 1 too) looking huge in the pictures, that's not how my legs really are normally okay! I somehow always suffer from excessive bloating *mainly on my legs and fingers* after a flight. Yes, even after only 55 minutes of flying evidently! FML. That's why lots of my trip pictures showed me with super fat legs. WTF.

Hai! Welcome to Tanah Lot!
The picture was not centred and there's a cropped person in the actual centre because that guy took FOREVER to have a picture taken. I mean... really??? A GUY??? Can you be any more vain??? I have to force my hunny to have his picture taken, you know! So inconsiderate, lots of people also lining up to have their pictures taken you know! I got so annoyed i just told hunny and Baby Boy to stop there before entering and quickly snapped this picture. And the guy postpone the picture taking again because they were behind him hahaha. WTF he thinks it's his private gate or something? Go take pictures in front of your own home if you do not want other people to be in your picture! It's a friggin entrance, and it was one of the busiest tourist attraction in Bali! You want to hog the space for yourself for how many hours??? Sorry ah, i got super pissed again remembering this person

I super like this picture even though it was blurry, so cute!
The way to the Pura (yes, it's another temple, just offshore from the sea this time!) was paved and lined with shops on both sides. I always always pick the wrong footwear (i guess because i favor cuteness over comfort? That's not true either, i never gave it much thought when packing, i just think it'd be cute for my outfits and appropriate *in this case a slipper must be the perfect footwear for an island holiday, rite???* but never pause to think whether it'd be comfortable or not!) and the jelly slippers with huge bows on them that i wore started to cut through my feet :(... On the first day! FML!
Almost there
The sun started to go down already, that's why it's getting dark in the pictures as well :)

It was when the tide was really low and you can actually explore much further than usual
Look at the craters :D
Baby Boy spotted that rock and started to insist on going to "the ship"
Do you see the rocky thingy at the back? It has some caves in it *or was it one?*, and there's a "sacred snake" (it was a white snake, if i remember correctly) living inside. There are a lot of pawang ular or snake charmer (doubles as the temple keeper) that would guide you there. I touched the sacred snake once when i was little (that was the first and last time i've ever touched a live snake willingly), it was supposed to bring you good luck. Too bad Baby Boy took too long to play around the "ship" that when he finally asked about the snake, the cave's already closed and the keepers all came out
I stumbled around *wrong footwear, remember? Jelly slippers-very slippery when wet. Not suitable for rocky beaches!!! Why can't i seem to remember that???* so i was super scared and walked like a grandma, climbing up the path to the ship-shaped rock. This is the view from higher part of the beach
Baby Boy was pretty disappointed when he realized that the "ship" was not enter-able hahaha
The wave was pretty violent and it's especially apparent in this spot, unfortunately my camera cannot snap a quick movement *LOL, one snap takes about 5 to 10 seconds to process :p* so i could never catch the high waves and this was the best i got hahaha. Don't worry, my hunny sulked his way into a new (and super expensive) Samsung semi DSLR camera (NX 300?), will show you later *in a different post*
See that tall rock people were standing at? Baby Boy insisted on climbing it. Of course, it's pretty high and he had to be helped a lot by his daddy. I was really worried because of its height *compared to Baby Boy's height it's really really high okay* and Baby Boy's pretty prone to falling like his momma, but boys gotta be boys right? And i always wanted him to be more outdoorsy and nature loving so i swallowed my fear and let him be
So serious, wonder what he was thinking about?
Of course, i went to panic mode again and screamed to hunny to hold him tightly -___-. I annoy myself sometimes
Then soon it was very very dark and time for us to head back! On the way in i saw some souvenir shops that were having a sale and we stopped by one to check it out. Nothing much to see, we ended up buying snacks (and Baby Boy insisted on buying a key chain, i had to steer him away from the fugly and way overpriced pirate skull one and made him chose a more special one. It was a komodo dragon in the end if i'm not mistaken), oh did i say that i bought only one dress in Bali? I did, but for once i was actually attracted to a Barong loose tee (not made from your usual cotton tee material but from very thin, cooling and comfortable tye dye cloth)-it something that is very quintessentially Bali-to wear at home. I was never ever interested in house wear before, is it another sign of aging?

Oh, also watched people bickered because a local woman was trying to cut the cashier line *giggles*. A foreigner actually addressed her first saying "Excuse me? The line's over here." (she was standing at the wrong end of the line, like waiting for a chance to cut in) but she pretty much ignored him. Then a brave auntie started screeching at her *giggling some more gleefully, i am happy not having to be the loud bitch for once!*. The lady tried to argue by telling the cashier she's been queuing for a long time (still ignoring the auntie), then the auntie cut her off "Hey, we've been here before you! WE've also been queuing for a long time already!". Then the manner less woman scurried off to the back of the lane mumbling unhappily. My hunny's such a perfect gentleman, he actually let her queue in front of him (because she already queue-at the wrong end!-before him). I would never do the same. 

While daddy was busy browsing the store, Baby Boy cam-whored
One more
And that marked the end of Day 1! We slept like babies that night. now that the air conditioner's working well! Check in later for the next day, we're going to Bali Zoo!


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