Gothic Lolita (with Tutorial)

8:07:00 PM

Heyylow, heyylow!

Here's a look that i threw on for #Undecided's hubby's birthday dinner :

I had no plan for any themed look or whatever, i just knew i wanted to wear this two fabric in one (the upper part's stretchy cotton and the lower's lace) black dress and when i was looking for the perfect accessories to complete the look, somehow it ended up being very anime-ish. It's not like hard-core gothic lolita but more of a softer, wearable one. Still garnered a lot of stares the whole night anyway FML. I was born in the wrong country. I bet nobody would bat an eyelash if i dress 10x more extreme than this in Japan zzzz.

Anyway, since i had no plan for the whole look at first, i chose the accompanying pieces pretty unconsciously. But as soon as i put on that headband (that i bought at a hand-made online shop that specializes in anime and pop culture inspired accessories. I loved that online shop and made multiply purchases until they defunct sometime ago :(...) i was like... Omo, how come i look like a Japanese maid? I didn't even have to say anything to my hunny and his reaction was like "It's Japanese maid look tonight?" LOL. All i needed was a white apron to complete the look... And yep, i spent the night making high pitched anime girl sounds, running around in small strides and called him "Master... master...!!!" LOL. I stopped once he began giving me orders, naturally.
Yeah, i need that white apron. And an anime guy standing behind me, preferably looking more like Jong Kook Oppa than any Korean boyband *LOL*
Anyway, since i had a lot of time (whenever i'm trying to nap, my Baby Boy would charge into my room, and as soon as my Baby Boy entered  i can say bye bye to sleep. He will make any noises possible to keep me from going to sleep. Sometimes i really really hate being such a light sleeper zzzz), i decided to take pictures of my step by step make up for a tutorial. I quite loved the end result although i just kinda winged it (as usual) hahaha.

Gothic Lolita FOTD
Here's the simple step by step tutorial (i skipped the base, you know the usual BB cream/foundie, under eye concealer and powder part):

First i used a light, shimmery peachy color all over my lid. This is possibly my current fave eye shadow (Etude House) because it's so easy to wear (and i am a huge fan of shimmery eye shadow) and i can get away with one color whenever i'm feeling lazy (which is 95% of the time hahaha)

Then i used a very dark greenish blue (it has silver glitters on them) on my crease, making a V on the outer corner. I exaggerated the crease a little bit to create a bigger illusion on my double eyelids.

Next, i used pearly white shimmer pigments (mine was Oriflame's) on the middle of my eyelid. It didn't look too obvi in the pictures, but i like how it gave definition to my eyes. The end result after eyeliner and falsies was almost like i was wearing a double eyelid sticker *LOL*. Please ignore my yucky growing bush eyebrow, i plucked the strays off already now

Don't forget to draw thick eyeliners, dragging it downward slightly for a dollier effect. Again, since i had a lot of time i decided to practice putting on falsies again. Used D'Eyeko Olga Lydia Party Queen falsies again for the third time :p
I know you can see my own straight downwards eyelashes clearly in the pictures, that's because i COMPLETELY forgot to curl and put on mascara before i stick on the falsies! This is very stupid and something i've never done before!!! I did tried my best to "stick" my lashes together with the falsies using mascara, but since my lashes are super stubborn Asian lashes, it wasn't all that successful. Thankfully even though it's super obvi in the pictures, IRL the falsies curved so deep and beautifully that they actually were able to totally conceal my real lashes. I stuck my face as close as possible to the mirror and couldn't see my stupid lashes from under the falsies!
Don't forget to put on pi6
 though, used the same dark greenish blue as the one i used on the crease to line the outer half of my waterline
Then used pearly white eyeliner on the inner half and on tear ducts
Final step : use a deep berry lipstick on your lips (don't forget to prep them with lip balm before you start your make up!). I am using another hand-me-down from my mummy (that's down to the stub already LOL, my mum knows i'm such a kiasu i'd dig it using my lip brush to use it, that's kinda why she gave it to me) Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Creme 52 Baby Berry
Then used a highlighter powder on my nose bridge to make it appear taller
And ta-dahhh, we're done!
And here are the accessories i gathered to complete the look
Lace, faux black pearls and ribbon bracelet to make it even more anime inspired-ish. Bought it in Centro some time ago
Maid hairband : Online, Black-Gem Tear Drop Earrings : KL, my current fave Skull ring : Stroberi, Winged Cross Necklace : Warna (Jakarta)
Errr, the whole nite i held and used the necklace upside down like that, i didn't realize that the front has a silver cross embedded on it! LOL. I think it looked bad-ass inside out like that as well! It's nice that i can be worn in both ways, kinda like two necklaces into one :p.

You won't be able to tell, but i made a crucial mistake that resulted in me having to endure pain most of the time that night! Since the middle of the dress' got a very pinchy black rubber band, i decided to wear a slimsuit underneath (because the rubber band pinched my back fat so bad it looked super disgusting!). 

My slimsuit has a hole in the ehm, you know where (i guess to make pee pee easier? LOLOLOL) and i can't wear normal undies because my thunder thighs would rub against the edge of the hole and it'd be painful! So i always wear shorts instead of normal undies whenever i'm wearing my slimsuit. Another problem arise, the slimsuit's kinda long while the dress was very short. I decided to wear a patterned tights to break up all the monochrome. 

Big mistake. I always have to wear shorts to stop tights from sliding down (coz i have big thighs but flat tummy and almost no butt so there's nothing for it to hold on to FML), thing is... Everything became slippery (and both the shorts and the thighs kept on slipping down the whole time i was out) when used with the stupid slimsuit! In the end my thighs were not covered by the slipping shorts and yeah, i got a bit of blisters in my inner thigh as a result. Painful as hell, i tell ya! Why do i keep on making such stupid mistakes? Oh yeah, because they look so good thrown together sometimes i feel like i need to endure any pain they created. FML.

Black Dress : Random FO in TP, Black and Gold Rubber Obi : a part of another dress from my own boutique, Checked Thights : Online, Black Heart-Shaped Bag : N.Y.L.A
I'm pretty happy with how everything went together, it almost justify the pain it caused me. Almost.

Have you ever suffered some sort of pain for a look you created? Or am i a very weird person?


PS : I used the photo of me and hunny (with this look) from the previous entry as my BBM profile pictures and i got a lot of comments and compliments *LOL*. Thank you very much (even though for the "YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT!!!!" comments i found to be more of an insult than a compliment hahahaha), and to answer the looking very slim-faced comments : It's all in the angling and pose, people! I have very chubby cheeks, but my face's pretty slim when i don't smile *LOL*. I hope you won't be disappointed if you see me in real life with my super chubby face hahaha. 

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  1. Better than photoshop lah mindy,permainan angle and pose gak dilarang kok.....xixixixixi.....aku tau and kenal sm km secara real.....gak shock kok pas ketemu aslinya,still pretty........ :) keep be ur self......hehehehe

    1. Huahahaha iyah, aq ga bisa photoshop :p, tp pengen bisa sihhh hahaha. Oh thank u Lina, i'd hate kalo org ga ngenali aq asli nya gitu hahaha

  2. I really love the eye makeup you did! The black outfit looked super cute! It reminds me of a really cute lolita like that! Hope you are feeling better now after that incident! I know we always sometimes choose beauty over pain :) Awesome post!

    1. Thank you sweetie, you're too sweet :D. I'm so happy that there's someone that likes my eye makeup, coz i'm not one of those super creative type out there hahaha i just keep on doing the same thing over and over again :p.
      Your comment totally made my day, thank you!