Looxperiments 2nd Anniversary Make Up Challenge

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Hi hi hi!!!

Confession first : #Undecided and i planned to do a joint entry today, she event went as far as bringing her laptop with her to GM, but we got carried away shopping (actually window shopping because we didn't manage to buy anything today, yay me!!!) and chatting away with G too, when we realized what we originally planned to do.. it was way too late. It was almost 10 PM and we needed to go home since #Undecided has to work tomorrow (and she has to wake up very very early because her workplace is out of town) and it was also passed Baby Boy's bed time too! We were supposed to book our flights to Taiwan today but... er... yeah... So, joint entry will be available next week, pinkie promise! Hehe.

It's going to be a short entry today, with lots of crazy photos of me, for those of you who has a faint heart should skip this entry because i'm gonna bomb you with scary pictures of... Why? Lemme explain...

So… I officially found a new hobby : joining make up challenges. LOL. You know I’ve been joining two in the last two weeks only, now make it three! The make up challenge’s hosted by Looxperiments again like my very first ever make up challenge (link) and this one’s a bit special because it is held to celebrate Looxperiments’ 2nd anniversary. I know I said before I was not confident enough to join this kind of things but guess what, once you start doing it you cannot stop (at least for me lah), it’s actually very addictive :p.

Actually when I first heard the theme for this challenge I was like, OMG… the theme’s “Drag Queen”. OMG right? I was thinking very hard whether or not I should join this particular challenge because…er.. I don’t really know how to do a drag queen look LOL. But then I decided, what the heck, why not, just for fun anyway. I googled pictures of drag queens and spent some time in deep thoughts on how to make it work on my face. As you can see yourself, I have a girly girl face (which made people often mistaken me as someone half my age WTF) and it’s not really easy to turn it into a drag queen haha. In the end I still don’t know if it’s drag queen-ish enough, it ended up more Lady Gaga-ish for me (I sent my AFTER pics to #Undecided and titled it “Lady Min2” :p).

It’s a Saturday night and I went out to TP with hunny, Baby Boy and my parents so obviously I couldn’t do my drag queen look earlier, I don’t want my parents to get heart attacks and people running away upon seeing my face, so I put in a normal *a bit smokish than usual so I can just add a little more later to do the challenge rather than having to start all over again* make up :
Normal, "Before" make up, my lippie's totally gone already

This is not a tutorial ah, I don’t think anyone’s interested to learn how to do a drag queen make up (right?). I just went crazy lah with my dark bluish eyes shadow (which normally receive very little love from me, I usually only used it a teeny tiny bit on my crease to accentuate my double lid) and black eyeliner. Also paint my brows with brown eye brow pencil to make it thicker and crazier *not really visible on the pictures because my bangs got in the way. Then I also put on my brightest neon pink lipstick (it’s a local brand, I think it was Sariayu old series, I forgot to check) + super glossy lip gloss to make the look even crazier (the lippie looks very much subtler in the pictures, it was really really bright IRL). My stupid camera also always washes out my blush on zzzz. I am actually a little heavy handed when it comes to blush on (guilty!!!). 

I’ve never done anything like this before, EVER. Going crazy with make up? And I didn’t know I’d enjoy it so much, painting my face silly *LOL*. It’s very liberating, you know, going against all the rules you know (must not put on too much make up, must not match crazy eye make up with crazy lippie, must not look too made up, must not use too much colors, etc etc) and just do whatever you want. I kept on asking hunny “do I look like a tranny already?” “what about now?” and he kept on saying “no, not really”, and after my third or fourth attempt he finally burst out laughing and I knew I was done.
I took so many pictures already i forgot that i had to write a special message on a piece a paper and include in my picture -____-. I hurriedly wrote it (okay now you can see how FUGLY my hand writing is... sorry ah, plus i was in a real hurry so it looks even fuglier *excuses, excuses*)
My personal photog (hunny) is really bad lah, look how much nicer the pics i took of myself compared to the one he took of me zzzz, The make up wasn't even clearly visible HAISHHHH.Put on the tiara head band because… supposed to be a Drag QUEEN mah! Must wear tiara, right? #Undecided said the hair was not crazy enough but what can I do, I am hopeless when it comes to styling my hair, I never done anything to it except curling it *very very rarely*, and also too lazy lah haha. 
I showed the pics to #Undecided, G and even my niece B and they all said i didn't look Drag Queeny enough grrrr, so i was like "challenge accepted!!!". Since the challenge's closing today (Sunday) at midnite, i got some time (very short time) to do one more look, and i went crazier. As i said, i went out with #Undecided and G earlier, and this is my OOTD 
This is my "Before" make up that i wore to the mall 
And this is my Drag Queen 0.2 look, sorry if i scare you okay
Apparently holding on a writing and taking a selfies using a mirror doesn't work so i had to ask hunny (zzzz) to take my pictures again zzz
Seriously, zzzz. My selfies was much better, right???? Scare you some more :
Hmm... somehow seeing my close ups i think i looked more Avatar-ish, or scary broken dolls (you know, the ones that comes alive). I asked hunny what my make up reminds him of (and shoving my face near him), he was like "don't come so close lah, you look really scary. Like Silent Hill's nurse!!!". Hunh?

Drew on fake bottom lashes with liquid eyeliner (i don't have any fake eye lashes and don't know how to put it on, but i am going to learn how to, i already purchased one from Sasa.com but it hasn't arrived yet. I thought about how drag queens usually draw an exaggerated lip line with dark lip liner and filled it nude lippie, since the only lip liner i owned is a bright red one so that's what i used :p. And filled it with super pale pearly pink lip gloss. 
All the eye shadows (lighter purple, dark purple and hot pink) came from one little palette i bought in Thailand and i thought it was really fitting since the prettiest trannies and drag queens seems to be coming from Thailand (super weird logic i know) and i want to be a pretty Drag Queen lah not the scary clownish one, but i probably failed big time LOL. Enhanced my brows with scary black liner LOL.
Okay, did you have a good laugh looking at my pictures? You’re welcome.This is the first time ever i'm doing a fantasy make up so sorry if i didn't impress you haha, but i sure as hell had fun doing crazy things to my face :p.

Hope i entertain you as much as i entertained myself! Toodles!

PS : Cannot leave you with scary images lah, must put on a normal looking pic as a closing note!
G and Me today :p


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  1. Glad to hear that you are already addicted to our looxchallenge *eh*

    But seriously, doing make up with particular theme is challenging and helping us to practice a lot. :)

    Thank you and keep joining :D