Europe Trip Diary : Day 2 (Jakarta to Singapore)

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Hey guys!

Are you ready for part two of my Europe trip? Sorry, i still wouldn't be telling your about Europe because we hadn't arrived there yet by this stage! LOL! I promise you'll finally read about me being in Europe on the next entry!

So, it was day two. I couldn't sleep well the night before despite having taking Sweet Dreams (the herbal sleeping pills) because the air conditioner in our room was acting up (in the end it was the timer WTF. I got frustrated sometime around dawn and hit the timer and then it cools down significantly WTF! Hunny always complains about clueless guests who push the timer button in AC remote control accidentally and then complain about the AC not being cold, now the same thing happened to him and he didn't even realize that! FHL!)

Plus he was snoring like an electric seesaw, in dolby stereo. LOLOL. He always does that whenever he's tired or slept too late. Usually i'd be fine if i fell asleep (plus taking sweet dreams) first but because of the whole AC debacle i didn't really get enough sleep in the end. Apartment walls are super thin in Indonesia, L and Eek obviously were treated to a very special orchestra the whole night *LOLOL*, and of course, the complains started *both of them are complainers, Eek about 10x worse than L*.

Oh, funny story about my blur husband! We stopped by a mini market just under our apartment to buy some mineral waters, L asked for some teas to drink in the morning, we all understood immediately she meant instant sweet teas in carton boxes (that are super popular in our country), but he went and bought her a box of tea bags *LOLOL*, it was super hilarious lah. He's always blur like that...

Anyway, Eek was super loud (i understand that's his normal volume, but to normal people that equals shouting our asses off, his voice is just irritating, scratch that, he is simply irritating) and fussy from the start, and L (dunno jokingly or not) stated that he's always like that, every morning, and went on stating "I dunno why i married him". Oh L dear, the rest of us were always wondering the same *LOLOL*. 

From the night before Eek was already making noises about waking up early so we could go to the airport early (our flight to Singapore was at 2.50 PM or something), i told him not to worry, just give me the exact hour we plan to leave (11), and i'd be 100% ready by then. He should only worry about himself and L. He didn't believe me WTF. 

Trust me, whenever you give me the exact time to leave, i will follow it to a military precision. Ask L, she just realized it at the last day. LOL. Maybe he experienced our tardiness back in Bali, but it was because there were no exact time set, we just kept on waiting for each other (because there were so may people traveling together), that would happen if you do not set a limit for me. But whenever i have a flight to catch or whatever, i will 100% be ready before them. It really was proven during our trip. Eat your words, Eek!

We were up around 8 because L and i planned to have our hairs blow dried first (somehow when you have your hair washed and dried at hair salons it'd stay fresh and dry longer than if you wash your hair yourself, especially for super oily scalp like mine), so three of us *minus hunny who was still snoring away happily* left the apartment to wander around my apartment's complex.

There were quite a few hair salons there (mainly Chinese with stupid Chinese name like "Miaw Miaw Hair Salon" LOLOL WTF FML. It's due to the fact that it's close to a big night club called Hailai and there are a lot of errr... call girls and kept women from China who stays in my apartment complex. The atmosphere were so China that Eek curses-he curses and calls people stupid in every sentence, one more thing i have to get used to because i am clearly educated and do not curse unless i am mad-and said "WTF how come this place feels like we're in China???" but they were still closed, we asked around and they said the salons usually opens at 11, WTF?

Fortunately we decided to check out the other hair salon (that i went to a few times before to get my hair done for parties) and surprise surprise, there were this one hard working lady there (all alone, none of her colleague showed up yet, it was just 8.45 or something) who agreed to do both of our hairs! 

Unfortunately, even though it's more expensive (twice the price for cheapo chain hair salons) than usual (it was just IDR 40.000 lah, but L said she usually goes to hair salons that charges IDR 19.000 for a blow dry LOL) and i've been there before (and the result was very good before), i dunno whether because the lady was rushing (coz we told her we're catching a flight and would've to leave the apartment at 11, none of us were showered and we were all wearing our sleeping wears LOL) the result was not like we expected, it was not "cooked:"-that's L's words-like how it should be to make sure it'd lasts. In fact i feel exactly like how i feel whenever i'm done blow drying my own hair, daily *LOL* (my head would feel super light and airy if the hair drying in the salon was done properly). Oh well, she tried *LOL*.

We were done in a flash and hurriedly get ready, more packing *i decided to leave some clothes behind in Jakarta the night before, i'm usually a very light traveler but i really didn't know what to expect on this trip and i totally over-packed, i got like, 5 too many clothes (that i never got to wear) in the end! Oh, as usual all of my getup are 90% new (the 10% old stuffs would be the inner cothes for layering *LOL*), yes for all 12 days LOLOL. Except for the socks lah, that'd be 40% new :P. 

Hunny being a good husband and a good host cooked all of us instant noodles (and he walked quite far away last night to buy some fried rice for himself and Eek because they were still hungry, i guess Marche's food only tickled their tummies LOL) for breakfast, seriously sometimes he treats people so nicely it annoys me. I always told him he doesn't need to be nice to be anyone else but me *LOLOL*, people tend to take him for granted and walk all over him, that really pisses me off zzz.

We chartered the same driver that they hired the day before to drop us off at the airport (because we'd be able to ride together and it's almost the same price than if we took two separate taxis, one taxi wouldn't be enough because we had a total of 6 luggages!). Had no time to take OOTD and there were no full-length mirror in my room (there was one in the master bedroom, that was temporarily being rented by some friend of my mum's at that time), but i did take one later in the airport *LOL*. Here it is!
OOTD that was taken at the airport while L and Eek was busy shopping for a knit hat or something. Long Heart Patterned semi see through long tank : FO in bandung, Lace Long Bolero : Number 61 in Banjarmasin. Tights : same as yesterday. Pink and Grey Stripes Socks : can't remember, probably from LL's old online shop or random stores
Very light make up, BB cream+concealer+powder, mascara (this is when i realized i didn't bring my liquid eye liner WTF) and some lippie, then we're off to the airport again!

The meet up time (with the tour leader) was at 12, and we were way early :p, fortunately the TL (Kikie) was already there. We were quite taken aback when we realized 90% of the tour's group members are, well.. SC (i came up with it, it's short for Senior Citizen LOLOL). We and the tour leader (who turned out to be a year younger than  us) were the only young ones (later we found out there were a family of four and the kids were young-not as in young kids, mind you, they were both doctor and doctor-to-be! So there were 5 young people in total in our group LOL) WTF.
Fugly pic of us showing off our Visas, it was pretty embarrassing to take so we didn't re-take even though it turned out fugly *LOL
That's Eek on the left and obvi the taller, lighter and a LOT more handsome one is my hunny
After being briefed and given our boarding pass, we separated from the group and head to the lounge (again :p). It's not popular in other countries i noticed, but in Indonesia, airport lounges are very popular (the bigger the airport, the more numbers of lounges would be available there), each lounge got different kinds of credit cards promo where you can enter the lounge and wait there (eating and drinking) for free. Since there were so many of them and they all have varied promos, we ended up in two different lounges *LOL*, hunny and Eek in one, L and i in another.

I was clearly relieved to be separated from Eek after a day being around him in such a close proximity! Anyone would need a break! We were starving so we had lunch immediately *LOL*.
L said i always take a very nice picture, of course!!! I'm a great photog and i always look for the best angle for everyone, i always make her look skinny!
And then she took a pic of me, it was... acceptable *LOL*
We were just chit-chatting about random stuffs while stuffing our faces, and i was telling her about beauty boxes, my newest obsession, and surprise surprise, i got her hooked! She wanted to sign up to one immediately! I obvi recommended my fave (so far, well i only accepted two *LOL*) box, Beauty Treats!!! She actually went and subscribe on the spot!
Of course, she's using my referral! This is not an ad, i genuinely liked my first box (so much that i already extended my subscription for one month before i got the first box, and proceed to extend it even more for six months right after the first box arrived!), so if anyone else's sold, please don't forget to use my referral, just click on the link below :

Help me out lah, one referral down, two more to go and i would get a free box! LOL.

We actually had more than three hours to kill before we had to board our plane, but it was gone pretty fast! After lunch at the lounge and all the subscribing, we went to walk around and check out the stores in the airport (Jakarta's international airport is quite nice lah compared to Surabaya's, it's a total rubbish!), checked out the prices of branded items so we could compare with prices in Europe *LOL*.

Then we stumbled onto Starbucks again *LOL*, hunny immediately lined up to get the free stuffs (that we all four shared and finish in no time despite just having lunch at the lounges *LOL*, by this time we still didn't realize i also have an ANZ credit card FOL hahaha). I was talking about OOTD pictures and next time i know L said she also wanted one, and we took one!
L was wearing the houndstooth legging that we bought together on our last shopping spree, you'd see me wearing the same legging with a different color on Day 5!
Then the flight itself was pretty uneventful lah, it was short (obvi), around 1 hour and 20 seconds (much like the flight from Surabaya to Jakarta), the only difference was it was part of the tour package already (we have to buy our Surabaya to Jakarta's tickets ourselves because the official tour starts from Jakarta) and we took Indonesia's #1 airline, Garuda Indonesia, so the service and all cannot be compared to Air Asia's lah haha, got food and all (spagetti!). Seriously, we kept on eating throughout the trip, especially this second and third day, probably five times a day WTF.

Thankfully i didn't gain any weight :p, instead i gained a lot of muscles on my legs HAHAHA, they're a lot more toned and strong after 12 days of constant walking, on a heels some more (my booties got built-in heels, that's why you'd see me as tall as L in all of the pictures, in real life i'm a couple of cm shorter than her. I did not buy the booties with heels purposefully to look taller okay, after all i am quite tall already! I don't need the extra boost lah. It's just the only acceptable booties i could find after searching almost all of the malls in Surabaya for months! I originally wanted a flat booties lah but all of the flat boots i could find were out of stock for my size WTF! And there were some with my size but with super crazy price! No way! Later when i was in Jakarta after the trip i saw sooo many cheap flat boots -___- damn)
The flight itself was uneventful, but i couldn't say the same for the news that awaits us there!!! Right after we get off the plane there was a ground staff holding an Ipad, Kikie (the TL) suddenly blocked her and turned the Ipad from us, i wasn't paying attention nor did i had the time to look at the announcement on the Ipad but i remember thinking, huh.. did he know her? *LOL*.

Didn't think about it too much, instead we were still on a full tourist mode on and took pictures there (i dunno why, i hardly ever take pictures in Changi anymore since i've been there countless times LOL).
Later hunny told me he read the words "Lufthansa-cancelled" on the notice board (and the same thing was written on the Ipad the staff was holding! LOL) and exclaimed "What? Lufthansa's cancelled!!!" (we're originally taking Lufthansa from Singapore to Frankfurt) to Kikie who brushed him off and told him no problem no problem. 

We then proceed to move from terminal to terminal (all three of them, i couldn't remember which terminal we arrived at), and after a bit Kikie finally told us, yes the flight's actually cancelled! OMG! Lufthansa's workers were on a strike, all of their flights were cancelled and they were completely non-operating (i'm sure some of you who read or watch the news would know since it's a huge strike and all)! Kikie told us not to worry though because he's working his ass off to get us to another flight, the worst case scenario was : we'd have to stay for a night or so in Singapore, fully paid by Lufthansa (for me that doesn't sound like  such a bad scenario *LOL*, but i guess it was for the tour leader LOLOL).

All four of us originally planned to get out from the airport to the nearest mall (maybe Tampines Mall?) because we were supposed to transit there for 6 hours, we've (or L had :p) even filled out our embarkation cards and all FOL, but with this twist of event we couldn't, we had to stood by and wait for the latest development around Emirates counter (the airline we were hoping to move to).
So bored that we cam-whore some more since there's nothing else to do
Took a picture of L taking picture of the notice board *LOL*
Could we board onto that flight to Dubai??
The negotiation took a LONG time and we were standed there *___*, not enough sleep the night before, the constant walking (brisk walking from terminal to terminal to terminal was no joke! Very far!) made my feet hurts like mad already, how i immediately scolded myself for not wearing sneakers instead!!! LOL. We were also not allowed to wander around the airport yet, since there  still no sure news whether we can fly with Emirates or not???
That's Kikie in front of Emirates' counter, hunny was there to help out and get more info, and the uncle is one of the tour members
Stranded at Changi Airport *LOL*
If you feel bad seeing us sitting there (i was actually sitting on a trolley *LOL*), take a look at this :
After waiting for a VERY long time, we were finally allowed to leave the spot to get something to eat (again!). One of my favorite fast food is Subway, and since we do not have them (anymore) in Indonesia, it's a must visit whenever we're in Singapore.
Subway's cookies are the best!
Didn't he just totally ruined a perfectly good picture?
Oh, on the way to Subway i got distracted by some Hello Kitty stuffs at Watson's! I grabbed all the cute Hello Kitty candies in cans!
Cupcake, Hello Kitty Head and Evil Kitty
My favorite's the cupcake one!
Even the candies inside are shaped like cup cakes!
Unfortunately the candy... isn't very nice LOLOL, and i spent like SGD 12 or something for all three, that's okay i just wanted the cans anyway :p, i think i'm gonna pass the candies around, hopefully there are people who'd like the candies hihihi...

After we're done eating, we wander around the duty free shops, i just feel like buying everything i see in Changi's duty frees, they are all so tempting! I wanted to buy a L'Oreal liquid eyeliner (emergency!) and L'Oreal Lip Glow, i am currently obsessed with transparent lippies!!! OMG i want them all!!! I couldn't remember the exact name, but i think it's called Universal Lip Glow? I googled and found these pictures :
AAAAA i want!!!!  Speaking of lip jellies, i saw Silky Girl's new Soda Pop Jelly that looks similar to this! (saw it at Guardian in Jakarta after i got back from Europe) :
I gotta get them (all?) SOON!

I was also drooling over Shu Uemura OB Collections :
I also absent-mindedly swatched a silver glittery eye shadow from Shu Uemura and fell in LOVE straight after!!! I'm pretty sure it's this one :
It's super pretty when i swatched it! Like stardusts *drool*... 

But NO, i didn't get any of those (at that time) because shopping at duty frees requires passport and boarding pass! UHUHUHUHUHUHU, Kikie still got our passports and we had no boarding passes yet! So i couldn't buy anything as much as i really really wanted to! HIKS!!!!

Oh, while we're talking about beauty stuffs, if you read my entry on the stuffs i brought to Europe i mentioned i was bringing a new Shiseido lip balm but then i realized i already have one of the same thing (i told you my mum bought me stuffs in bulk, always) opened a while ago and not half way used, so i decided to bring another lip balm for this trip.
I don't even know the brand of this lip balm, i got it from  Sasa in Malaysia awhile back. It was dirt cheap :p.
RM 3.00, WTF! That's like, IDR 9000 LOLOLOL, dirt cheap. But super good and moisturizing, our lips (mine and hunny's) stayed moist and hydrated throughout the trip, despite the cold and dry weather in most countries we visited! It's super soft though that it must've melted inside the tube because when i opened it, it was already leaning to the side, detached from its bullet :(. It's also very melty and buttery. We finished like... 75% of this lip balm in two weeks! LOL.

Also i never got to wear that clear glittery lip gloss and i brought it back home still in its packaging *LOL*, really shouldn't bring so much lip products when i'm traveling, i hardly ever put anything else than lip balms on my trips anyway.

Okay, back to Day 2! After waiting forever (it felt longer because we couldn't do anything while waiting, read : shopping), Kikie told us that we're flying with Emirates (finally!) to Dubai, and from Dubai to Amsterdam. That'd make our trip longer with longer transits but there's nothing else we could do *___*. And there were more bad news, 9 people would be left behind to catch the next flight while the rest of us (there were 26 people in our group including Kikie) must run to the gate because the first flight's already boarding!!!

It wasn't because the first flight was full, it was because the Emirates staff (who already worked as fast as they could) couldn't finish entering all of our datas to the first flight! They also needed a lot of time to contact Lufthansa to confirm with them *___*. People who were boarding the first flight were also random (because some names hadn't appear on the data from Lufthansa yet when Emirates were logging our names in) and everybody's separated from their travel companions!!!

I was super nervous when Kikie called out my name and then Eek's (WTF FML!) and then proceed to call other names!!! I was already freaking out when he finally called hunny's name out, OMG thank you sweet Jesus, i know you LOVE me!!! (and funnily throughout the flights-we took a total of 8 flights within 2 weeks *___*-we were ALWAYS sitting at least side by side, the worst was we were seperated by the aisle once while L and Eek were almost always separated)

The bad news is, L isn't going to join us! WTF... The rest of the group contained a group of aunties (my parents' age) of 12, two sets of older husband and wives (Kikie started a rumour about us being newly weds, and the aunties asked me if i was the bride? LOLOL. WTF. I do know i look younger than L-everybody says so lah don't kill me okay L-but we've been married much longer than them, and they also cannot be categorized as newly weds lah!!!) and a family of four+their friend, everybody got some people on the second flight!

We mocked-sobbed a bit (really, why couldn't we leave Eek behind instead???), and then dashed to the gate! Since i've never been outside of Asia before, the crazy tight security checked baffled me a bit *LOL*. I mean i know lah, i've heard (and watched it in movies) countless of times, but when it's actually happening to yourself it's not the same lah :p.

I was asked to remove my booties, which i've already suspected, but i was surprised when the attendant asked me (politely) if i'd mind to remove my cardigan. Whatever the hell for??? Well, i do mind but to speed things up i just chucked my cardigan lor, but then the stupid machine still beeped when i passed through!!!

I dunno what flared the beeping, there really was nothing metal on me (even my bra had no under wire, and i was only wearing pure gold accessories!) and had to be body-searched WTF! Strangely enough, hunny who always made the alarm went off when passing other airports (maybe it's the loose changes he put inside his pockets :p) security gates passed by leisurely *LOL*. How strange.

The flight itself was around 7 hours i guess? It was, well.. super tiring. Plus Emirates seats got this padded headrest that instead of making me comfortable makes my neck hurts zzzz. I managed to watch a horror movie that was showing in Surabaya at that time, Sinister but it wasn't really good and not at all scary, but it helped me to pass the time!
I dunno why, i used to think flight meals sucks big time, but on this trip i found every single flight meal to be very yummy lah!! LOL.
Shi Zhuan style beef with noodle
Then hunny asked for some white wine, unlike most of other airlines, Emirates' very generous, they actually gave you a small (not so small, more than enough alcohol for one person, or if like me you're not so good with liquor, two or even three persons!!!) bottle. I kept on asking hunny for a sip (or 10) because i was hoping it'd help me sleep, but after not-so-much of them i was kinda drunk +___+ i got really dizzy and nauseated and having difficulties breathing. WTF. And started to get itchy all over as well. Why am i so bad with liquor now? I used to be able to hold my alcohol better..
The culprit
I was super dizzy lah but i forced myself to finish the movie *LOL*, then i dozed off... zzzzzz....

And that's how Day 2 of my Europe Trip ended! No signs of Europe yet, i was still midair when the day ended! Please look forward Day 3 when we were stranded at Dubai airport at dawn! And if i managed to minimize my yabbering, you'd finally read about Europe too, LOL!



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