Europe Trip Diary : Day 3 Part 2 (Amsterdam)

10:48:00 PM

Hey guys...

I decided to write this entry back to back after re-writing part one (still sore about it zzzz) because i am obsessive and i've planned to write this today and so i have to (even though i am very tired after going out the whole day today, went to Gresik-that's a small city outside Surabaya-just because my mum craved for some fish there. Went shopping at some high end supermarkets afterward, then went to visit my sis-in-law, hunny's brother's wife, who just gave birth to a baby boy today. Baby Boy just got a new cousin!).

Yes, i am finally going to write about Europe! I'm serious! here a picture to convince you *LOL*.

#Undecided already protested yesterday about me not getting to my Europe story yet, i told her to shut up because this is my diary!!! LOL. So let me yap a bit first about the flight from Dubai to Amsterdam okay! I dunno why but it felt a lot shorter than the previous flight (even though it was more or less the same, maybe i'm just less tired and had a pretty good quality-despite brief-sleep at Dubai Airport). 
Dozed off for a bit as soon as we took off, woke up when they served breakfast *LOL, told ya, never ending eating*. It was light but yummy but we forgot to take pictures hehe. But here's a picture of us instead :p.
I found a Chinese movie (My Sassy Husband) that i was watching on the Garuda flight from Jakarta to Singapore, it was cut off halfway because the flight was so short lah. So i continue watching it and.. i didn't expect the ending to be so touching, i was embarrassingly crying like a baby, i hope the girl beside hunny didn't see the waterworks! (I got a window seat *sigh*)

Around 7 hours flight, so they obvi served lunch, and here's what we got (we each had half of each meal hehe, typical Asian lah).
I can't remember what they were exactly, i think the first one was fish and the second beef *LOL*, i just remember both being really good haha, my fave was the one below :p.

The rest of the flight i just watched episode after episode of Big Bang Theory! I think i watched 8 episodes or something! I almost finished watching all of the episodes of the season that was available (the latest one) on the entertainment center! Hours flew by when you have Sheldon and his friends for company! I almost wished the flight was a little bit longer so i could finish all of the episodes available hahaha. But of course, i couldn't be happier when we finally arrived! FINALLY!!! We're in Europe!!!

We arrived at Schipol airport, didn't have time to take pictures in the airport (actually we did, but using Eek's camera. Haven't got the pictures taken from his cam, i might do special posts just to upload pictures from his cameras later), my first impression of Schipol airport was... OMG it looked like Juanda (Surabaya) Airport LOLOL, not very fancy or modern hahaha. Even the immigration line was EXACTLY the same as Juanda OMG! Before reaching the immigration we passed by some cute shops we hurriedly took pictures in (again, with Eek's cam), but no time to do anything else since we were already left behind by the rest of the group! Had to run and catch up with them!

We then had to wait a VERY long time for baggage to arrive OMG, i think i went to pee twice or more while waiting for them! L bought a cheap ankle boot in TP for this trip but she said it was hurting and had to change out of them (to a full boot she wore for the rest of the trip, with the soles completely off LOLOL, Made in China you know...) as soon as her luggage showed up. The ankle boot's got a really sad stint, bought to wear in Europe, but was scrapped as soon as it touched European soil LOLOL.

We arrived at 3 AM (we should've arrived much earlier in the morning if the original plan didn't go kaput. We lost our Diamond Factory/river cruise tour because of this *sigh*), and finally safely getting out of the airport at almost 4 i guess. There were a lot of shops with sale signs beckoning us as soon as we stepped out of the airport (still in the airport area), unfortunately we had to hurry to the bus that was already waiting for us :(, maybe next time.. (coz i wanna go back to Holland!!!)

I actually howled as soon as we left the building because we were greeted by super cold blast of air, OMGGGG.... Welcome to Amsterdam!!!! I was wearing two layers of clothing and put on my giraffe coat (that Eek kept on referring as my "fashionable coat", he kept on asking from which designer it was from? I got it from my friend's sister's boutique in Bali and it was IDR 200.000 or USD 20, what designer? LOL. It depends on the person wearing it, Eek, whether something looks expensive or not haha) that stops on my elbow (the rest of the layer also short sleeved!) so my arms are super coooolllddddddddd!!!

Didn't want to miss out the first moments of our arrivals so i snapped this picture of hunny pushing our trolley that contained our luggages hehe.
Board the bus immediately, look how happy L is!
That's the sole-less boot she's holding haha
Hmm, i may not look as happy as she did, but i was every bit as happy as she is lah!
Still puffy but more normal, right? Put on my contact lenses and put on basic make up on the plane hahaha. My hair's super oily and disgusting by then, i had to pin my bangs to the side to make it look less disgusting. Thank God my forehead's not huge.

We then began our journey to Dam Square , the view outside was simply breath taking! I completely fell head over heel with Holland! It ended up being my favorite country out of the five countries we went to on this trip (we all had different favorites!) and i really really want to go there again and spend a lot more days there. It was super clean and picturesque, simply beautiful! Lots of charming little houses along the way, pretty river...Haish, i cannot describe lah, must go there and experience it yourself okay! If you love peaceful place with fresh (but very cold and windy) air, Holland is a very good destination!

The journey felt very brief because we were so awestruck by the views outside, and we arrived at Dam Square! First Kikie lead us to a watch store, the main point was the free toilet (it's hard to find free toilets in Europe! And one of the uncle in our group was a male version of my mum, he needed to go to the toilet like, 20 times a day!), we weren't interested in the toilet so we began cam-whoring obviously!!! The first picture in this entry was taken in front of a building beside the watch store haha.
National Monument, partly visible behind us hehe
Here's one of hunny looking at the expensive watched on the display longingly *LOL*.

The aunties and uncles took their time at the toilet and watch shopping while we couldn't wait to cross the street and cam-whore to our hearts desire, from every angle of the square! Hahaha.. Kikie saw our distress and after giving out direction and time limit (we had to go to a Chinese restaurants-yes we mainly had Chinese food for our dinner in Europe, huekkk... Do you know i don't like Chinese food? *sigh*-at the appointed time) and we said sure sure, we're young and traveled often, we took direction well, so we shouldn't meet any problem right?? (we didn't, not that day anyway hahaha).

So, we took off! Saw these cute kids on the way :
L made the guys took our pictures while crossing the street *LOL*, L's really into a lot of posing pictures while i'm mostly too embarrassed to do so *LOL*.
The first thing was saw across the street was Madam Tussaud's! How i wished we had time to go in! I love museums and especially love wax museums! Went to a tour version of Madam Tussaud's once when they visited Singapore. No time to enter such places when you're with a tour group *sigh*, next time i must go again!! This time we had to be satisfied by taking pictures outside :p.
Yeah, you'll mainly see pictures of me with L and hunny with Eek on this trip, L and i somehow totally preferred to take pictures with each other instead of with our own spouses hahaha.
I took nice pictures, didn't i???
Here's more pictures of us cam-whoring around Dam Square!
Royal Palace and Niuwe Kerk
Hunny refusing to go home?
And the guys, being total foodies, the first thing the spotted was a hot dog truck zzz.
Then we got attracted to the pigeons... Or they did, i'm scared of pigeons lah but was forced to take pictures there as well zzzz. There was a guy who kept on trying to put some pigeon feed on our palms but we watched the scammer-reality show on tv a lot so we refused! LOL. (You should too, they'd ask for money if you accepted).
Here's one of hunny and L chasing the pigeons off :
If the first thing the guys saw was the hot dog truck, the first thing we girls spotted was H&M!!! L found out that her sunnies was broken LOL, so she demanded we go to H&M and buy herself some cheap sunnies. It was on sale so of course we ended up getting more stuffs than just sunnies for her! I got myself a top and a dress (will be showing you later) for EUR 5 each! WOW, madness! I didn't care that the dress was too big (somehow the M sized dress was too big for both L and i), i bought it anyway. L also bought the same dress until the cashier asked us "Same taste eh?" haha.

Didn't spend as much time there as we would love to obvi, we were pressed for time and we want to explore a bit more so we went to the alley next to H&M. Guess what the guys spotted next? A croquette store *haish* and hunny demanded he had to get some zzz.
They went completely nuts over the croquette, in fact Eek kept on looking for it everywhere we went after, totally craving after it LOL! L and i weren't interested at all (i haven't began to take pictures of the food we got religiously coz was still to overwhelmed by the fact that we're finally in Europe, plus i was super cold and couldn't stand still for a minute haha) so we continue cam-whoring!
Got bored of waiting for them so crossed the street back to the square :p.
Sneakily took L's pic with the horse carriage behind haha
The gluttons finally crossing the street haha!
It was time to head to the Chinese restaurant already! Took more pictures along the way haha.
Volendam wasn't in the schedule so we took picture in front of a similar costume photo studio haha
We were actually the first members to arrive *LOL*, talk about being on time! It was very early, around 5? I wasn't hungry and dislike Chinese food, so i didn't eat too much *already nibbled on the hot dog and croquette earlier too!*, but you should see how happy Eek was when he saw the rice *LOL*.

LOL, looks like some who hasn't seen rice for years
As i said, i do not like Chinese food, especially in  other countries and worse still, the restaurants that specializes in catering tour groups (because Chinese foods in Indonesia obviously has been modified to suit Indonesian tongue and that's slightly better for me) i think because most of those were run by China immigrants, therefore the taste's authentic China : very bland. Especially the soup, YUCKYYYY, all of them were undrinkable.

Not just me lah, almost on every Chinese food meal that we had throughout the trip the soup would be untouched! And i'm also used to have one or two vegetable dishes at every meal and more meat-based dishes, that's totally the opposite in authentic Chinese restaurants eeekkkkkk.... Look at the four dishes that came out first :
Now now, i actually love veggies, but when there's nothing else served but veggies... Thankfully later meat-based dishes began to appear (and the duck's yummy) so i felt much better hahahaha. Took one pic in the restaurant.
After we finished our (very early) dinner, a group of China tourist came in. The hogged the toilet and i went in after them. OMG i almost puked!!! @#$%^^%%!!!! It was a tiny little toilet and there's only one of it so i had no choice, the China tourists before me left some shit marks on the toilet and traces of puke on the sink!!!! HUWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Imagine my HORROR!!!! I literally kept on gagging (and start gagging again while typing this).

Seriously, i was very dizzy and nauseated afterward and i am not just being dramatic! I was physically sick! And guess what, their group was still coming into the little restaurant (there's a stair that you had to climb to get into the second floor, where most of the tour groups were entertained) and they kept on bumping, pushing, and pinning me into the side trails! WTFFFF!!!! I got really angry and shouted WTF WTF at them, but of course nobody even looked at me, except this one guy (who i suspect to be their tour leader and therefore understood English) who smiled bemusedly, WTF are you smiling at, you freak????

I was fuming so bad, plus still dizzy and nauseated after the toilet, so i was sulking a little bit on the bus WTF. Thankfully Amsterdam calmed me down and made me feel a lot better soon just by watching the views outside the bus' window haha!

It was the first day so the schedule's really light (we were supposed to go to the Diamond factory and Dam Square only on this first day, of course we already missed the Diamond factory-which i don't care about but the river cruise would be fantastic!, so we were only left with Dam Square) so we could checked in to the hotel early and rest, which didn't happen for most of us though. Why? Because the 12 aunties was forcing Kikie to take them to the Red Light District LOLOLOL, seriously those menopausal aunties were really into this kind of stuffs!

Eek very enthusiastically agreed to join them obviously (he likes to visit such places, i suppose? LOL), and i also don't mind haha (it's actually should be considered as a favor from us, because Kikie refused to take them there if there were less than 15 persons who were going, without four of us they wouldn't be going at all). Red Light District's very famous in Amsterdam right, always heard about it so much (even during our study in Tourism Department!) and was always curious about it so of course i'd love to see it lah! In the end the ones who were going were all 12 aunties plus four of us and Kikie, the rest preferred to stay at the hotel and sleep haha.

First we had to check-in the hotel, we were staying at Crowne Plaza Airport hotel. I've been told before that even four and five stars hotels in Europe (we stayed in mostly four starred hotels during this trip) were all mostly old and tiny, well it's true but we did stay at some new hotels (which i LOVE), i do agree that all of those hotels we stayed in were all small, some even make it being called small an understatement! LOL! This first hotel was small but not too tiny, and quite old. Let's have a peek into our room in this hotel, shall we?
See, even though it's not big (but it's acceptable, still more than enough space) and quite old it's quite comfortable, homey and clean. What i loved the most about European hotels we stayed in was their sparkling white sheet, absolutely spotless. We stayed in a lot of hotels in Asia and even in five starred hotels i once found a stain. Told ya i'm super easily disgusted, i'd begun obsessing if i saw a stain and wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it *shudder* FML.

There's even a foldable ironing board provided in the room :
The bathroom was also clean, although i hated that it only had a bathtub zzzz (in fact most of the hotels we stayed in only got bathtub, HATE bathtubs zzzzz).
We arrived at the hotel around 7.30 or 8? And we were supposed to meet up at the lobby around 8.30 (the sun actually still up until very late in Europe, we were so surprised *LOL*, the sun always sets at 6 in Surabaya so we were very gleeful to find it's always still so light at 9 PM in Europe! We always feel like it's 3-4 PM when in fact it was more like  8 or 9!), we showered and  stuffs and i was really surprised when Kikie called and asked if we were ready, it felt like it's just been less than half an hour but it was actually time to meet up already!
Hunny posing at the cold stone bench outside our hotel *LOL*

Since this is not the tour package's program, we'd have to find our own way to the city (our hotel's located very far from the city, it's in the airport area. Apparently when you travel with a tour group you'll always stay in a out of the city area, somewhere really far and secluded). We walked pretty far to the MRT/train station (i think it's called Sprinter), didn't mind the walking part, the view was so beautiful, but the super cold wind is crazeeeyyyy!
I don't mind walking if the view's like this!
And we finally reached the station... Next thing to figure out... How to buy the friggin tickets??? LOLOLOL. All of us too dumb to use the machine (not really, i wasn't paying attention at all actually...).
It's seemed to be more complex than Singapore's MRT ticket machine? And there's no officers from whom you can buy the tickets manually either... And we didn't have enough coins to buy the tickets, obvi :p. While the rest were busy trying to figure out the machine, hunny and i....
In the end we flagged down a friendly local and she helped us to figure out how to use a debit card to pay for the tickets, it didn't work at first because Kikie left the card in the slot when this machine requires you to insert and remove the card for it to work! LOL! We finally got our tickets and rushed to enter the station (the machine's located outside!)
Guess what, the gate's not even operating! You can walk in just like that, we were so bewildered. And then our Asian (read : Indonesian) cunning brains started to whirl, we could've not buy the tickets at all LOLOLOL, sorry ah, i don't think we'd actually do that but it definitely crossed our minds :p. I guess people like us totally corrupted honest locals, because we kept on doing law-breaking things like getting into the toilet two person at a time to save money, when you should've paid EUR 0.50 per person, we'd wedged ourselves two at a time into the automatic gate LOLOL, and locals actually started to imitate us when they saw us, oh no...
Can i call this photo "Romance at the Train Station"? LOLOL. Yeah, that's 9 PM, still very light!
We looked quite serene in the pictures but as soon as we're done, the rest began shouting at us to hurry because the train had arrived and we should hurry get in before it left and we'd have to wait for the next one for quite a while, we sprinted like mad people, my high-heeled booties and my way-too-loose harem pants kept on sliding down from my butt totally got in the way, OMG...
Inside the sprinter... we were so loud chit-chatting in Indonesian, people were staring and smiling bemusedly
We took the sprinter to Amsterdam Central, it took quite a while since it was quite far away! And then we walked some more to the red district area, we had to walk quite a bit, but like i said, no matter... The view's enough to keep us entertained, and we kept on stopping for cam-whoring sessions...
Even took one group picture with the aunties :p.
Dunno why one of the aunty on the left's and hunny's face's blurry LOL, that's what happens when you cannot stop moving while taking pictures
We were told that we shouldn't take pictures in the red district area (coz it's run by mafias! And the girls would also be mad if you do, i did saw one of the girl giving someone the finger and mouthed "F*** you!!!" when he took a picture of her) and Kikie told us this is the last spot if you wanted to take a picture before we step into the red district area, so we did lah!
One of me
One with hunny
And one of all four of us hehe
The area surrounding red light district's full of cafes and bars, you know that marijuana's legal in some cafes in Amsterdam, right? We passed by a few with very strong marijuana fragrance assaulted our nostrils *LOL*, just passing by made me a bit light headed, imagine what would happen if we're inside? L's very interested to try the "special brownies" and kept on pestering us to try some *LOL*, she's quite a wild child actually. We had to tell her "Okay okay, later, first we go see the "aquarium" okay?" to appease her :p.

We couldn't take any pictures (well, you could. But i'm a strict believer that when you're at a place with certain rules, you should be respectful and follow those rules. I think it's stupid when people blatantly defy those rules and then ended up in troubles, they totally brought it to themselves, don't you think???) so i googled some pictures to show you how it looked like. Pictures below courtesy of Mr. Google :p.
I heard so much about the famous red light district, i guess i've let my imagination ran wild, i totally thought it'd be much more modern and sophisticated, you know with automatic shades and fancy boxes, i didn't expect the boxes to be so small and cramped *LOL* and simple, you know the customer and the girl would have to "do it" inside the box.. Hm... They literally looked like fishes in a fish tank *LOL*. 

I saw like... er.... two pretty girls in total i guess? Hehe... Most of them looked kinda scary :p. L and i kept on  joking (or did we really?) of buying our guys each a round LOLOL, the guys were disgusted and told us we were insane. Haish, how many guys can claim they marry a woman who offered to pay for them to get a BJ? LOLOLOL. I should really stop now, i know girls as young as 13 (like my own niece, oh no...) read this blog, stoppit #Pink!!!! *slaps self*.

The main goal was actually to see the show (not for me, i actually just want to see the red light district because i'm very curious lah :p), it's a... er... "Live Porn Show" or "Live Sex Show" ehehehehe... we were lured by Kikie who told us it'd be better than Thailand's tiger show (which i've never been to but always been intrigued to, it seems disgustingly interesting, i mean... women who pops open cokes with their vajeje? Euhhh, but i still want to see for myself! My parents went to see the show once when we went to Thailand, i was in high school and they left me alone in the hotel room zzzz).

So we stupidly paid EUR 35 per person (WTF, almost 1 million rupiahs per couple lah zzzz) to watch the show... it was... so boring all of us almost fell asleep as soon as we sat down HAHAHAHAHA. Eek said something sensible for once, he said it's exactly like watching porn DVD, but worse.

Ya lor, i was totally expecting something crazy like how tiger show (which i googled and apparently it's Thai girls show but mispronounced by Thais and it became Tiger show???) was described to me, but instead we only watched people "having s*x" with each other, not even passionately like in porn lah, but they were like... straight faced and looked bored! ZZZ. They just kept on changing position, and the girl on girl act? They actually was chatting and laughing while doing it. How's that supposed to be hot, i ask you???

I was seriously having hard time keeping my eyes open lah zzz grokkk, plus we were all super tired after two whole days of flying and not getting enough sleep, i think some of the aunties dozed off during the show hahahaha. 

There was this one girl called Nicole who was their "main dancer" and... she.... cannot dance!!! ROFL! Seriously, she was so bad, like she had two left feet and all, we kept on laughing like crazy! Not only she was a horrible dancer, she kept on repeating this weird poses and movements, FOL. And then she reappear for a second act and it was called "Banana show" or something, we really thought she'd start peeling the banana with her vajeje (she asked for audience participation and all) and we sat up, expecting an interesting show, but it turned out to be a big fat WTF, and we all like "Huh??? What's that supposed to mean?", i mean... she just made the audiences who came to the stage to bite off a banana from between her thigh...WTF....

There was also a very heavy set girl (and i do not use this words easily, considering i am quite a big girl myself!) and we were like.. i dunno, i don't really want to see her strip lah... But she was at least a better dancer than horrible Nicole! Every single time a new act was introduced we were super scared Nicole would reappear! We're super traumatized lah!!!

The highlight of the show was when a black man (who's muscly but had a beer belly WTF) and woman "performed", they were like... break-dancing slash acrobatic while doing it, quite awesome lah, we managed to open our eyes a bit bigger during their act hahaha. There was also a pole dancer/stripper that's quite amazing, i mean... She's super strong and nimble lah, like an acrobatic. Really, i'd much rather watch an acrobatic show than this kind of show lah, so boring WTF..

Anyway, we were actually really relieved when the show ended (they keep on rolling the performances, so after the full sets performed, the first act would restart the same act)! And despite L's demands "We're not going to the cafes? But i want to try the browniessss" we just wanted to go back to the hotel and SLEEP!!! Plus it was freezing by the time we got out of the "theatre", i was shaking and my teeth was chattering so bad!!! 

Now, i hope none of the aunties read this blog *LOL*, or any of their kids, because i might bitch a little bit about some of them hahaha (not might, but i will). Most of them are okay lah, some super funny and friendly, but there were a few who really were like... Haish... And unfortunately i had the worst luck and got one of them to share a taxi back to the hotel with WTF.
Honestly, we traveled all four of us together, they traveled all 12 of them together, i think it is normal for us to want to stick together (four of us i mean), right? I was kinda annoyed when they wouldn't let us ride together (hello, when did we vote them as presidents?) and forced us to split the guys". Like, seriously, there were only three guys anyway, one taxi would only let four people ride together, how are we supposed to split the three guys anyway?

But we relented (FOL, being young sucks sometimes, people expect you to keep on "respecting" them and serve them and follow whatever they demanded). And still, the problem didn't end there, it was actually only beginning WTF.

The ride was very long, i was really stressed out watching the meter kept on adding up *LOLOL*, and i could tell hunny was too when he suddenly asked the driver "Are we still very farway?". Seriously, it was the most expensive taxi ride i've ever taken all of my life. The taxi meter showed almost EUR 60 in the end (That's IDR 780.000? WTF. Could've rented a car for two days in Indonesia WTF). 

The annoying aunt was casually saying "You pay first lah okay? We pay you back tomorrow." I was told by Kikie not to bring too much money (lots of pick pockets  there!) so we only brought like, EUR 40 (after paying EUR 70 for the stupid show). I said okay (reluctantly, we're from a very different era i guess, we always split the bills right away when i'm with my peers therefore there would be no misunderstanding and nobody would feel like they've been treated unfairly) at first because i totally thought it'd cost us like EUR 30 or 40 max.

Obvi we didn't bring enough money so i had to tell her so, she was like "But my money's inside my bra." HUH???? So she roused the other (not so annoying) aunty and asked for money, the other aunty finally got a bill of EUR 50 out of her pocket (after much difficulties, she kept on trying to pay with SGD and then with AED LOL), the taxi driver already held the EUR 40 from us so he gave us a change of EUR 30. A bill of EUR 20 on top and EUR 10 below. Hunny passed all of the change to the aunty, and i was already puzzled, i mean if we were to split the bill right now we'd have to get our change of EUR 10 back, right???

Then the annoying aunty kept on saying "So it's all even now, right? No debts? We each paid EUR 30?" to hunny, and hunny who probably was confused and exhausted said yes, but i was silently confused. As soon as we parted i asked hunny if he got the EUR 10 back already? He said no, and i exploded. I was deadly tired and had no more patience left for such stupidity lah. I demanded him to tell the aunty that no, it's not even, she got EUR 30 back that means they only paid EUR 20, even my ass!

If you say it's only EUR 10, i'd tell you to stick it on your ass okay, coz EUR 10 is like IDR 120.000, and it's not even the money, it's the principle lah. We're complete strangers, i don't know them, why should i pay more just because they are older? It's just stupid and unfair.

I'm serious, never pick a fight with me when i am tired (or actually i was the one who picked the fight lah haha my hunny never raised his voice at all, he was very apologetic, so actually just never do anything stupid especially when i'm tired. Or maybe just never), i demanded him to confront the aunty and he promised to do so the next morning.

And he did, only the aunty kept on insisting that she only received EUR 20 back, when i saw clearly (and hunny did too) the taxi driver gave EUR 30 back, the aunty never even checked, she just shoved the money to her purse, how could she argue back? She was super annoying lah (by the end of the trip, L suddenly told me "I agree, that one aunty's super strange and effing annoying" haha, so it's not only me who dislike this aunty with vengeance lah!), i was really boiling mad after the stupid argument i was ready to be a total bitch and i guess she sensed it because then she backed down *LOL*.

When it comes to this kind of stuffs i usually let hunny handle it, because he's very kind, patient and respectful. I, on the other hand, is a very bitchy, easily angered person. I'd rather stay out of if because i might say something really horrible if the person kept on egging me. Problem was, the aunty actually went to our table to argue, i really was starting to lose it... 

I guess i threw my fork too forcefully or something and scared her off LOLOLOL, she kept her distance and kept on watching me (i caught her staring at me weirdly from time to time) for the rest of the trip. She really picked the wrong person to mess with LOLOL. Seriously, please stop it already. We obviously could afford to be in the same tour with you, and we're generous and nice people, we wouldn't try to cheat you out of your EUR 10, puhlesseee! 

Trust me, she really was weird and extremely scared people would cheat/steal from her, she actually created a commotion on our flight back because she stored her luggage at the wrong compartment and when she realized she tried to move it to the compartment near her seat. Why??? It's just a compartment, you can always get your luggage after the flight! Why so scared just being separated a few feet away from your luggage? It's the other tour member's seats anyway, we wouldn't steal it!!!! She forcefully tried to bring her stuffs to the front, while other passengers tried to get in and she totally caused a jam and angered the other passengers they began kicking at her luggage and shoved her out of the way HAHAHAHA, serves her right :D.

Enough about the weird aunty (but more about them in general haha), i have one more thing to complain get off my chest. Like i said, i consider our group and the 12 aunties' group to be two separate groups when we're doing out-of-the-package programes, we just happens to go to the same place so we went together. In the end on of the aunty was left to share one taxi with Kikie so she had to pay EUR 60 by herself. She obviously was not going to have it *LOL*. But in my opinion, what would be fair if they split their bills to themselves to lighten up the sole aunty's load, don't you think?

They actually went to us and demanded us to pay more so that the aunty didn't have to pay by herself. I found it very strange and unfair. We never asked to ride the taxi with them, we'd be fine with the four of us, splitting the taxi would be easier too! Even if we never went with them, the one aunty would still have to pay EUR 60 by herself lah, i don't see why it's got anything to do with us???

They used the words "Since we're in a tour group we should be fair" and "to make all of us at ease", well... i seriously don't think it was fair for the four of us WTF! I was so mad i told L "No more, i want nothing to do with them from now on. If we go for an extra program we go alone or i'd rather not go. Enough with this bullshit!". I'm serious lah!!! I dunno if it's me not used to be in a tour group, but if getting used means treated like this then i'd rather to never get used to it lah hahaha!

Wah, i bitched for so long, i'm sorry! Just want to get everything out lah. I know i bitched a lot but that doesn't mean i didn't enjoy the first day because it was the total opposite lah! I totally had fun and was so thankful, it was a real dream comes true kind of thing! The minor problems are nothing, it's just how i honestly feel *coz i will always write what i really feel here, if you don't agree please keep it to yourself because this is my diary lah, also if you don't agree then you should experience it yourself first before judging*.

I just realized that i did kept a lot of things bottled up inside, i was like "tolerate, tolerate, tolerate", but once i put it down in writing... wahhh... i feel like something exploded inside of me hahahahaa... If you think i complain too much, trust me you'd feel the same if the same thing happened to you. HUH!

So, with that note i'm gonna end my super long-assed Day 3 entry! I hope you don't mind me rambling and bitching'll keep on happening! What's the use of having a blog if you cannot let everything out on your own blog right!!! Hope you enjoyed the entry, including all of the bitching hahaha!!! Toodles!


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  1. duh kalo ngeliatin gedung2 di eropa itu keren2 banget ya... suasananya langsung eropa banget gitu. hahaha. apa coba. :P

    kenapa kok gak suka bathtub?

    btw lu ngomongin si uncle male versionnya nyokap lu, gua juga beser lho. huahahhaa.

    1. hihihi iya kayak TL nya suka bilang "duh, serasa di Eropa gitu loh", lah emang lg di Eropa kok wakakakaakka, TL nya sarap :P.

      Ga suka bath tub soalnya rempong, belum lg karena aq clumsy banget nget, bath tub suka licin, takut jatoh!!! Plus ngeri kalo ada yg agak gupil apa gimana kan item2 yah, yeeukhhhh, mendingan shower dehhh :p.

      Eh gw juga beser, tp itu uncle parah banget loh, udah ke wc kan, setelah org2 pada ke wc and udah pada naik k bus si uncle itu ngilang, dia pipis lg!

  2. did u go to Van Het Rijk Amsterdam? disitu ada kampung ambon, isinya org indo gitu dari maluku..=D