Europe Trip Diary : Day 7 (Geneva)

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Hi y'all!!!

After a few beauty boxes and a movie review posts, finally i have time to sit down and continue writing about my Europe Trip! We're kinda halfway through the trip at this point, and on the way it hits me, i was actually starting to feel sad that my long-awaited trip is already half way done! Do you have this kind of feelings on your trips, or is it only me? I always feel like my trips passed by at the speed of lightning :(. Anyway, we're leaving Paris (and France) to Switzerland that day (but actually went back to France's territory at night!), it was a pretty long journey, but we made a stop at a beautiful and peaceful little town called Geneva.
L and i at Geneva's landmark
Of course as usual, let's start with my OOTD first :p. We were told by Kikie the day before to wear something comfortable because we're going on a very long journey, he even joked about wearing the ugliest clothes we brought. But of course, i brought no ugly clothes with me :p.
Grey Coat : online, Woolie Patterned Legging : i can't remember, most probably online as well, Thick Woolie Socks : Top Shop
Again, i apologize for the awkward angle, i really couldn't find any other angle to take an OOTD picture in the super tiny room! And no FOTD today because i hardly put on anything on my face, just BB cream+powder and a bit of blusher so that people didn't confuse me with the undead (or the dead?). Like Kikie said, we're going to be on the bus most of the day, so no need to put on tons of make up or whatever.

Last breakfast in Paris :
Then we're off to Switzerland! Oh, before we start the journey, i have a picture to show #Undecided because i told her i saw lots of Chinese/Asian movies showing in cinemas in Europe and she was like "What??? Why???". ZZZZ. She has such a low opinion on Asian movie industry (or Asian anything? LOL) SMH, i don't understand why. Should be proud to be an Asian, i would not rather be anything but.
Might be hard to see but if you zoom in, the second movie poster from the left's The Grandmaster
There really was nothing to tell about the journey, i spent most of it sleeping hehehe. Always sleep whenever you can when you're on a tour group, you never get enough sleep so any window for napping, take it! Eek wasn't feeling well so he asked (more like forced, terrorized, or something of that calibre) hunny to... OMG i'm sure there's no English word for it, kerokan. Eh hey!!! I absent-mindedly googled the word kerokan and they have a wiki explanation for it! LOL! It's a traditional folk cure, using a coin to draw on the person's (who's "masuk angin" or having a slight cold) back, causing a reddish marking to appear to supposedly draw the wind outside from his/her body.
Of course, we stopped by some Auto Grills along the way, i managed to find a Paris snow-globe for Baby Boy in one, all the while still regretting for not being able to shop at the roadside the day before.
Also bought lots of more nougats to bring home to Indonesia coz they are so yummy... We also had lunch at one of the biggest Auto Grill we ever stopped by, it has not only  a food court but a restaurant inside it.

L and 1 were dying for some steak, we've been in Europe for 7 days and we haven't even tried one steak! So when we spotted the Hippopotamus restaurant serving steak, we decided to have lunch there. Eek didn't join us because as usual, before we even start looking for something to eat he'd finish buying his own food and started eating already *LOL*.
Yes, i know i'm acting all Kukang-ish again, don't ask me why
Super love the balloons behind!
L started yapping about having a beer again, i'm so not a beer person but i relented (but only had a sip and then made hunny finish the rest hahahaha).
Dun like beer but cam-whoring with it is a must :p
Kikie told us before, that European loves hard (and crunchy i guess) bread, total opposite of Asian because we love super soft (and fluffy) bread. 
One of those super hard bread *LOL*
L and i decided to go splitsies, and i'm sure glad we did! Because the steak was humongous! And super yummy!
Hunny always opted for a burger, and this time he did the same.
He asked for ratattouille for a side dish, i suspect because it reminded him of the mouse movie LOL, but he didn't even touch it in the end *LOL*
But he finished the burger to the last crumb
The bill came out for EUR 43 for the three of us, Eek-in real Eek style-cursed when he saw the bill. But then he admitted he spent EUR 18 for his meal. WTF. 

The picture below i can't remember was taken in which Auto Grill? I think we passed by too many that day *LOL*.
Hunny getting a cup of coffee from the vending machine
Of course we have coffee vending machines in Asia too, but somehow they still fascinated me, probably the language *LOL*
Warm coffee in in the middle of cold weather
Oh, i also never knew that they also have squatting toilets in Europe! LOL. I was totally fascinated when i saw it in the last Auto Grill in the middle of nowhere. But they're so different from Asian squatting toilets #random. I actually googled for an image of European squatting toilets, but... toilet pictures are so gross... I don't have the heart to post it here *LOL*, i mean... a bathroom in general is okay, but the toilet bowl itself... Ew... 

I know i have a problem because my nightmares always have toilets involved in them. Like, i'm in some super dirty toilet somewhere, and worse still, i seem to be trapped there (or cannot seem to move) WTF, that's the ultimate nightmare for me okay! Yeah, i don't consider dreams about being chased by ghosts/serial killers to be a nightmare, i find them exciting, like watching a movie or something LOLOLOL. I know i know, i am weird :p.

If you're interested to see how European toilets differs from Asian ones, just google it okay! Hahaha... Didn't take picture of the toilet but did take one of us outside hahaha.
Other than constant cam-whoring and toilet going, stopping by Auto Grills also means snacking!
Cheddar flavored Lay's that we don't get in Asia, sorry i don't do photoshop so i couldn't erase Eek's ear behind it hahaha
It was late afternoon (or almost evening i guess) when we finally reached Switzerland, we went through a tunnel and suddenly the most breath taking view was unveiled right before our eyes. Gonna bomb you with green photos of Switzerland's view taken from inside our bus, please excuse the glare...
Actually, i think Indonesia has equally breath-taking views like these, i told Eek and L so but they insisted there isn't. Hey, i'm the one who constantly having a road trip (coz my mum's afraid of flying) all around Indonesia okay, i saw those views already! ZZZ! Problem is, i can't remember where *LOL*, but there were plenty. It's also possible i saw them on my university field trip days, where we'd travel all around Indonesia by bus, two weeks at a time.
We're officially in Geneva when we saw Jet d'eau, one of the city's most famous land mark.  
First thing we did once we reached Geneva? Shopping. LOL. They took us to Bucherer, it's a huge branded watch store (also selling a few brands of bags and jewelries as well) and because Swiss' so well know for their watches, i guess that's quite fitting haha. But we weren't interested in the watches (so expensive *LOL*, plus i don't even wear them) but i was attracted to the Swarovski corner instead. 

I bought a ring there, a very simple one with thin band and little swarovski crystals embedded in it, but super pretty and sparkly, looked real expensive too *LOL*. Well, it's actually quite expensive (but it was one of the cheapest thing i could find there hahaha) for a non gold stuffs, i've always wanted a Swarovski (genuine) jewelries, but never got them because of the mindset "If i add a bit more i could get a real gold jewelry", we also have Swarovski stores in Indonesia but i do think the one in Europe was cheaper than the ones in Asia.

Somehow i bought the ring anyway *LOL*, maybe because i was desperate for a more meaningful and valuable token of our trip in Europe than dirt cheap souvenirs that i mentally refused reverting the CHF 66 price tag into IDR. It's the most expensive non-gold jewelry i've ever purchased.
Am always fascinated by goods that comes with an authenticity card *LOL*
Couldn't capture the ring right :(, need a better camera
Please excuse my stubbly and chubby fingers...
It's sooo much prettier in real life, the pictures didn't do it an ounce of justice
As soon as i'm done purchasing the ring (and getting the free souvenir spoons *LOL*) and we got permission to leave the store, we did nothing else but cam-whore to our heart's desire.
Thankfully we didn't follow Kikie's instruction to wear fugly clothes because we took so much picture in Geneva even though it's just in one area!
Showing off my Bucherer purchase hahaha
We crossed the street hurriedly and hunny was left behind hahaha
We crossed the street to a park overseeing the lake (Jardin Anglais) and Jet d'eau, and even though we only stayed in that area we still manage to take a LOT of pictures. Geneva's simply super pretty and photogenic! And hunny also claimed that Switzerland was his favorite country out of the 5 countries we went to in this trip :p (mine's Holland, i already said that in earlier posts :D)
Floral Clock
We're always partial to road signs hahaha
Hunny spotted this and took this picture, he's so fascinated by the water tap's design haha
I spotted some cherry blossom trees and insisted on cam-whoring non-stop around it :p.
Taken with Blackberry
VS taken by my camera hahaha, why oh why they kept on making me squat....
Saw a little outdoor souvenir shop, outdoor usually means cheap, but that's not the case here. Nothing is cheap in Switzerland hahahaha. All of the little trinkets were crazy expensive!
So we just took pictures there instead :p
I was also fascinated by these super weird shaped trees, i called them the skeleton trees...
Hunny takes nice pictures when there's no human being in it *LOL*
Whatta weird tree, wonder how it'd look like once its leaf and flowers grew?
Must take picture with the sign, it's a rule!
Then L made us take what she called "three sides photos", which means we stand in one spot while shifting our bodies to take pictures with different background without stepping outside that one spot *LOL*.
Hahaha... Then we moved to another spot :p. Seriously, every spot was super photogenic in Switzerland!
Found our next cam-whoring spot!
The flowers under the statues were even prettier to cam-whore with! If we were satisfied with taking one picture with the statues as the background, we couldn't say the same for the flowers!
Super photogenic flowers!
I dunno why, but we were super happy there hahaha... I guess it was the weather, the beautiful city, the beautiful flowers... It was one of those moments where you feel content with your life *dramatic*. If you don't believe me, then see this picture :
I need to be super happy to agree to pose like this hahahaha
We didn't do much, just sit around the flowers and snapping pictures. It's true what they say, simplicity can bring the most happiness :). Until now i also dunno why we were so happy at that park hahaha.
Hunny's obsessed with watches so i snap a picture of him with cool brands to collect in the future hahahaha (he went to Swiss and never bought any watch but we go back to Surabaya and he bought a Tissot watch rightaway WTF hahaha)
Mr Lubos with Hunny. Took one with him also but i guess we used Eek's camera coz i couldn't find the picture
Mr H, hunny and Eek sitting round like having a picnic
They also have this kind of mini trains in Europe hahaha, not only in FoodFest ya #Undecided LOL, Baby Boy would insist on riding this if he was there
L kept on dragging me back to the lake side, and we spotted a rainbow!
Again, hunny took a better picture hahaha :
Super pretty and clear!
Also spotted a boat coming, L made me pose in front of it...
Hahahahaha, i'm warming into act-poses now thanks to L :p
Then we boarded the bus, although i could stay there forever if they'd let me hahaha...
More of hunny and Mr Lubos haha
Once inside the bus, i forced hunny to take more pictures of me and my new shopping bag hahaha...
So happy with it hahaha
Thank you hunny, i want a Tiffany's one next hahaha
We had dinner next, and you guessed it! It was Chinese food *sigh*. We had Chinese food in every country we went to *LOL*, now i know how Chinese food tastes in European countries LOL *not that i want to!!!*. 

One incident while we were chomping away happily, four of us sat with Mr H's family (the females in his group all wore veils/headscarves because they are Moslem-but that doesn't mean that every Moslem women wears them okay) then a Chinese tour leader approached us and asked (somehow she asked L, who's the only who speaks fluent Chinese among us!) where we came from. She was apparently confused by seeing Chinese and Malays sitting in one table together, happily chattering away hahaha. She clearly never went to South East Asia. Especially to Indonesian. Unity in diversity, my friend :).

I guess hunny found the design of the hotel across the Chinese food restaurant to be interesting or something coz he made me pose in front of it...
After dinner we continue our journey, next destination : hotel. Like i said earlier, we didn't stay at Geneva or anywhere in Switzerland territory but we "went back" to France, to Thiory to be exact. It's so cute how when you drive from France to Switzerland you'd pass by a Switzerland city but the next city would be France's again!

We stayed in Holiday Inn, which is quite nice i think. But later L and Eek had to ruin it by saying that the hotel's wall super thin you'd actually smell sh*t if your next door neighbor's taking a dump WTF. I didn't smell anything leh, and my nose's super sensitive. I always accuse L of having a ruined nose because she hates perfume smells but never seems to be disturbed by stinks FHL. She's so weird.
Room was spacious and clean
See the little green signs in the pillows?
You can request of other types of pillows! Dunno if it's common but i never encounter this kind of stuffs before and i've stayed in a LOT of hotels in my life :p
Bathroom also very nice, i always love it when they separate the toilet bowl from the shower area, i dislike seeing toilet bowls especially when i'm showering *weirdo*
The weird, quarter glass separator. The floor was soaking wet-on the verge of flooding-by the time we finished taking a shower hahaha, what's the function of the glass anyway?
So, that was how my 7th day went by in Europe, understated but peaceful and still very memorable. Drop by again soon for my 8th day when my other  dream comes true, i saw snow IRL for the very first time!

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