Review : The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel - Part 2 (SPONSORED)

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Hey guysss!!!

Like i promised in my first The KL Journal Hotel review post, i am back to talk in details of their eateries ^^!
Me enjoying their yummy breakfast ^^, excuse the pale lips... I never put on lipstick before breakfast is over!
Now, you know i am not a food blogger. I love and enjoy food (a little too much :p) but i am not a foodie and i can't really describe food well. I also take super crappy photos of food (so all of the nice food photos you can find in this post were taken by Olin, you can go check Olin's blog for nicer photos too *LOL*) so as usual, all the reviews would be from a lifestyle point of view. 

So the first of their eateries that we're gonna talk about is the place where we had breakfast every morning : Kedai Kopi Journal.
This is the inner entrance of Kedai Kopi Journal, from the hotel's lobby
At the first glance you can already see that it's very cozy, well-lit and photogenic
Their vibe is of an old coffee shop meets modern chic
You can also opt to sit outside when the weather's nice
The outer entrance of Kedai Kopi Journal
It's very green and we ended up taking a LOT of photos here because the background and the beautiful natural sun light equals beautiful photos!
OOTD shots are a must here!
Okay, let's get back inside.
Kedai Kopi Journal is pretty big and accommodate quite a lot of guests at any time
The inner section is more private so naturally that's where we opt to sit every morning *LOL*
Very unique and old skool Asian rantangs (tierred tin food container) can also be a cool decor pieces!
For the hot breakfast, they have a little menu in the table with selections like big brakfast (which i have every morning, i only switch up the eggs *LOL*, i am very boring and i can eat the same thing every day without getting bored for a very long time), pancake, etc. Unfortunately my forgetful self totally forgot to snap a pic of the menu OMG. I 'm pretty sure you will find the menu at Olin's blog once she finally air the review!
Other than the hot selections where you can order to the waiters/waitresses, you can also find some other food in this buffet spread
Yes, they have chocolate fountains for breakfast haha
Tammy told us that their Nasi Lemak is very nice, i don't really like to eat rice for breakfast (except for fried rice or when i'm very hungry) so i didn't try the nasi lemak but i actually used the sambal for my porridge (i like to make the craziest mix in my porridge) and it's divine! We all know that a good nasi lemak is determined by the sambal, right...
Okay, sweets for breakfasts... I dunno about that!
The cheese counter
I love dragon fruit and how they help me do my toilet business very well :p
They also have some pastries... I think they switch it up every other day, but honestly i didn't pay attention because i am not a pastry kinda gal
They also seem to serve ice creams during the weekend, because they were there on our first morning (which was a Sunday) but we didn't see the them on the next days.
Oh, it's actually ice potong. Which is technically still ice cream ofc
Coffee and tea section
Which is next to the cake and cereal section
Now, the first two photos of my typical breakfast at Kedai Kopi Journal are mine because they are horrible :))).
This is what my ideal breakfast looks like. Except that i would replace the chicken patty with some sausages...
And dragon fruits to a good digestive system
Okay lah, you suffer enough seeing my horrid food photos, here's some Instagram worthy ones taken by Olin :
French toast... I guess?
And pancakes
I would say that breakfast at Kedai Kopi Journal is pretty simple and basic, but that's not a bad thing. I personally like this type of hotel breakfast the best. A huge buffet spread would only make me overeat and feel horrible afterwards *LOL*.

Other than Kedai Kopi Journal, they also have The Terrace Bar & Grill
It's connected to their co-working space, Workers' Union that can be rented for meetings and events as well
There were an event when we were there to take photos, so i didn't dare to snap too detailed photos. Don't want to invade their privacy or anything!
The Terrace Bar & Grill is an outdoor restaurant slash bar that gives a very strong island getaway vibe
Yep, we were there to take some endorsement photos :))
I love the decor and vibe of this place
Got some Bali vibes, rite? Haha
Here you can see when the bartender makes you drinks
So we were actually invited for lunches and dinner in The KL Journal Hotel on the days of our stay, but due to our packed schedules we never even managed to have lunch there and only had dinner on our second night there.
Us with Mr. Jimmy, the F&B Manager who took superb care of us during our stay. Shout out to Mr. Jimmy ^^!
They prepared quite a spread for us and we ended up being so full that we became a bit loony *LOL*
Their famous sweet potato fries, OMG this is such a perfect snack and  wish i have it in front of me now!
Caesar Salad
Malaysian style satay
Okay, i can't remember what this is... I think it's ribs... With mint and bbq sauce? I think!
Super tender spring chicken
Okay, i dunno how but i can't find the photo of the best food of the night : the aglio olio! It's just super yummy, my mouth is watering remembering the taste...
My dinner outfit
Then Mr. Jimmy also kindly made us all cocktails/mocktails because some of us prefer not to drink alcohol (i used to drink a lot when i was young, but i never acquire the tastebud for it so i just stopped. And now i get rashes and fast heartbeat whenever i drink so i decided to skip it altogether. I did have a sip of the alcoholic version and i still prefer the non-alcoholic one hahaha. I can't remember the name of thinks drink -___- but i believe it's their signature drink with semboy/kiamboy (dried plum), super refreshing!
Definitely a nice place for a drink with friends or your significant other
You can also hold parties in The Terrace Grill & Bar, there was a kid's birthday party going on earlier when we had dinner there, there was live music too. So much fun!

So, those are the two eateries that you can find in The KL Journal, both very nice and Instagrammable so whether you are staying in the hotel or just want to have some nice meal there - they are both very nice options!

Thank you once again The KL Journal for having us ^^! Hope to be able to visit again sometime in the future ^^.

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