Beauty Treats May 2013

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Hi guys!

I finally received my May Beauty Treats after waiting for a while (i've been stalking their twitter and was so jealous of people who tweeted that they've already received theirs!!!), and the box made all the waiting totally worth it, beause... it's simply AWESOME!!! I'm sooo in love with them at the moment *LOL*, i can safely say Beauty Treat's my ultimate favorite beauty box service to date! Oh yes, i finally decided, there's no going back now! 

Want a peek into the box that sent my heart aflutter?
Woahh, do you see the number of items in that bad-ass box??? Total madness! And yes, my box's extra special! Keep reading to find out why!

Like i said, i've been waiting super anxiously for my 2nd Beauty Treats box ever since i got their e-mail about a week ago where they told us that their May box' already on their ways, i kept on BBM-ing my employee everyday to check whether my box arrived yet, and had to swallow my disappointment everyday *dramatic* because she'd always reply "Not yet." 

Earlier today, she BBM'ed me telling me another package (from an online shop) had arrived, again i replied with "What about my Beauty Treats?" to which she annoyingly only read and never replied *reminded me to kick her ass a little bit hahahaha*, imagine my surprise when hunny went home toting two boxes, one clearly was Beauty Treats! YAY!!!
I totally thought the sleek black box like i receive last month would be their signature box, so imagine my surprise when i opened it and see...
OMG!!! PINK overload!!! #Pink LOVES!!!
First thing i saw was this greeting card, and then i saw the hand written message... PS : Congratz, you won! I was like... I won what??? What did i win??? I mean... i didn't even enter their contest or whatever!

A booklet to guide you into this month's featured products :
And then, the box... The beautiful baby pink box... It's such MY color, i felt like this month's box' especially design for MOI *self-absorbent*!!! I took a lot more pictures of the box than usual, that alone should be an indicator of how much i love it...
Somehow the box looked white/grey in the pictures zzzzz, it's super gorgeous baby pink IRL!
Untying the ribbon always breaks my heart because i'd never be able to re-tie it beautifully
And then...
I love BTI (Beauty Treats Indonesia lah) not only for their box and products, but also because they provided the best and most usable vouchers as well!
15% off in and IDR 20.000 off for Wet n Wild
Both vouchers are for online usage so it won't be useless for me! Other boxes featured vouchers that can only redeemed in Jakarta so it's a total trash for me! Plus other boxes only featured uninteresting brand's voucher that i would never use anyway, even if i can use it in Surabaya! To be fair, BTI also  featured vouchers that can only be redeemed in Jakarta last month, but they improved it this month by featuring vouchers that can be used by us from any part of Indonesia. Kudos to them!  I am going to use both vouchers, i think :p.
Leaflets of brands featured in this month's box
Of course, my mind kept on coming back to the words "You won!" and i anxiously peered into the box!
OMG! I was super excited to see that the box seemed to be  super packed! This is the most "crowded" beauty box i've ever received so far! So pretty too, allow me to add one more picture before i untie the pretty pink bow *in love*..
I was like... Is that Make Up Forever compact powder i see there??? WTH, am i seeing things??? What is MUFE's full sized compact (and refill) doing in my box of beauty samples??? Isn't it worth a fortune @___@???

I immediately tweeted them, and they confirmed that i was one of the five contestants (what contest, though???) that won MUFE products worth more than IDR 700.000! OMG!!! I'm so dizzy, i paid IDR 95.000 for this box... LOL!

Okay okay, sorry, too excited lor! I'm a very easy to please person, my good mood from getting something like this could last forever hahaha. Now let's take a look at the items one by one!
Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Intense Repair Serum
If you've been following this blog and read my beauty boxes unboxing entries, you'd know i'm not too keen on getting hair products, so this is unsurprisingly is my least fave item in this box. But seriously, i'm so high with love for BTI, i didn't mind getting this at all hahaha *seriously biased*. I am also start warming up to hair product samples, in fact those hair products samples i got from previous boxes was the items i've tried out most (but then again maybe that's because i'm not in love with them so i don't feel like keeping them and want to finish them ASAP? Haha). I will be using this soon, as soon as i finished that Makarizo stuffs from Vanity Trove. By the way, this product's come with real size, not sample size!
Skin Aqua Set
Another big sized item, they're a LOT bigger than your usual sample size (15g each)! I think that would be perfect to bring to a longer vacation. The set consisted of UV Mild Milk, UV Moisture Gel, UV Whitening Milk and UV Moisture Milk. I've always been attracted to Skin Aqua before but i'm not very adventurous when it comes to skin care so i don't really purchase other stuffs than the ones i am used to, now i can try them and see if i like them, thanks to BTI! 
Hada Labo
I got the Mild Peeling face wash and Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti Aging Lotion. Very happy with these two too, always heard great things about Hada Labo and i am very biased toward Japanese stuffs anyway... Plus i love getting the generously sized facial wash (15g) i can bring on my travels (speaking of which... we're actually going for a mini vacay tomorrow to Batu, and i'm not even halfway done with my Europe posts *LOL*). The toner was superb as well, and i got the perfect one, anti aging-totally useful! I'm so old FML. It's also 15ml. Wah, BTI's totally ruining the sample size's market for beauty boxes hahaha.
D'Eyeko Olga Lydia False Lashes
Errr... My third fake lashes from beauty boxes, and 2nd from BTI *LOL*, i also received Olga Lydia's lashes on last month's BTI LOLOL, but i think they're not the same variant (sorry, too lazy to check my stash... but judging from the pictures i'm sure they're not). If i'm not mistaken, this one's more natural looking. I'm not ecstatic about getting yet another false lashes (OMG, i might need a special drawer for them by the end of the year if beauty boxes going to feature them in their every box!), but i'm not going to complain. I can always add them to a pressie parcel i make for my friends. I also plan to wear them more *yeah right* hahaha, no really, going to have some formal events to attend next month, i think i can make an extra effort and stick some false lashes!
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Naturel
I love getting make up in my beauty box more than skin care, of course i am happy with this one! And from such a prestigious brand as well! I don't normally buy brands like MUFE (i'm more into Asian brands and drug store brands), so it's super nice to be able to try them :). This one come in tester size. The color in the middle screamed my name!
Caring Colors BB Creams
Super happy to get this as well! I've always wanted to try Caring Colors' BB cream since i'm a curious george and i am a fanatical BB cream lover, i am always curious about non-Korean BB cream (because one tend to associate BB creams with Korean brands even though they weren't the inventor but they sure were the one made it super famous!), especially local branded one! But i hesitated to buy these BB creams since their price's actually the same (or even higher than some) with Korean BB creams and i've heard from a friend that their BB cream's not color-friendly for super pale girls like moi! Now i can try them anyway yay!!!

Also extra happy that they gave me all three variants (Fair White, Everlast and Luminizing), and again, with a generous size! Usually i hate sachet samples but this BB cream sachet's a lot bigger than usual BB cream samples! I think they housed at least 3x more amount of BB creams than the usual samples. The packaging stated they were 3g each.
Acnes Pore Strip (1 strip)
If you been reading this blog for awhile, you'd know i love Acnes products and swear by them, so obviously i am happy to receive any Acnes products. This pore strip will come in handy to use on hunny's nose *because i don't really use pore strips, i prefer to go for regular facials, and squeeze my nose every other days LOL, my blackheads all very easy to squeeze out :p. Disgusted yet?*
Koji Eyeliner Pencil
Another make up product, oh yay!!! I so love getting more and more make up products in my beauty boxes, BTI May housed the most of them so far! I don't buy eyeliners often, i try to finish my current ones and they took forever to finish, so getting one from a beauty box' always a nice thing. I just read in the guide book that it's sample size, but it looked normal/full sized to me! Love the purplish-hot pink packaging as well!
Face on Face Nourishing Blush On (Blooming Rose)
My FAVE item!!! The third make up item in the month's box, BTI you're awesome! And the first blush on (full size) from any beauty box! You know i can't live without blush on, right? I've been wanting to try Face on Face products since they first appeared, but it's a bit hard to get their products in Surabaya, you have to go to specific stores to get them, i don't really do that... I prefer to get my make up at the mall, or online, so i never get them. That explains why this is my FAVE item from this box! A blush on (LOVE!) from a brand that i really want to try. Double points!
Make Up For Ever White Definition Instant Brightening Powder Foundation
Those two are the extra items i got for winning the contest (seriously, what contest??? Arghhh, let it go #Pink, what's the point of obsessing over the contest, what matters is.... You WON! Somehow!). Seriously... MUFE... expensive brand... got the compact+refill! WOW!!!! How can i not love BTI, i ask you????

All and all, i am BLOWN away by their box. No, i'm being serious here, even if i didn't get the MUFE pressies, the box would still be the best beauty box i've got so far! It's simply perfect (jam-packed! With generous sized items! And personally i think they featured wonderful items this month!), down to the pink box! So yeah, BTI hands down won the title of my FAVORITE beauty box service! As you know i've subscribed to their Gold box for 6 months (starting next month, the first two i subscribed monthly), and a month for theuir Platinum box, i am so renewing the subscription to 6 month for the Platinum one as well!

One more thing, i haven't check my BTI profile for the longest time. Last time i checked only L (my cousin la) subscribed via my affiliation link, just now i saw... I am eligible for a free box already! OMG! Thank you, readers! You guys are awesome! And there are 3 more of you whose subscription's still pending *stare*, once they're confirmed i'd be eligible for more free boxes! Thank you again, guys! You rocks!

For those of you who haven't subscribed yet... What are you waiting for??? My box' worth more than IDR 1.000.000, and yet... i paid IDR 95.000 for it! Seriously, it's soooooo worth it to subscribed to BTI, i don't even... 

And of course, if i succeeded in tempting you for getting your own BTI, please don't forget to use my affiliate link, just click on the link below and you'd be escorted directly to BTI's website :

I would be forever grateful!

I'm gonna go to bed now, so i can wake up fresh for our mini getaway tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend, you guys!

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  1. Great for you! :)
    Well, I know lots of blogs now are hosting this giveaway and this is my first ever giveaway. You might also want to join mine, the more entries the bigger chances you could win! So please support My INTERNATIONAL BLOG GIVEAWAY: OASAP on my blog
    And oh! With that, I'm now following you on bloglovin in exhange to keep updated on your blog too. I love reading random blogs and 'cause yours is interesting :)


    1. Hi dear, thank you for dropping by :), i'll try to join your giveaway :D.
      Thank you for following our blog, really appreciate it *__^

  2. my box aren't satisfied me. My box contains less product than your box (the prize isn't count ofcourse). And i dissapointed with this beauty box because they asked me to complete my beauty profile (such as skin type,etc) but the didn't give what me or my skin type needed. so yeah i do dissapointed since this May Box is my first box. :(

    1. That's too bad if you're not satisfied with your box :(, but i guess it's kinda like gambling-this whole beauty box thing? Sometimes you're happy with what you got sometimes you're not, i understand how you feel because i wasn't happy with last month's Vanity Trove!

  3. Looks great!
    Becky xo

  4. you get MUFE product because you are one of the five person who trf for may box first... :)


    1. That's good to know, thank you for the info dear *__^

  5. banyak productnya..congrats uda makeup collection blog curious how much you makeup stuff you have...pasti banyak nih...sesama hoarder punya insting

  6. pokoknya mau liat collectionnya..wakaka..*maksa..
    iya, aku klo ikut tur begitu kalo pas jadwal turnya ga interesting, biasanya aku cabut sendiri begitu..kalo ikut tur begitu suka di kasi makan chinese food terus, bosen lho.iya gak? hihihi..
    aku tunggu ya bu, makeup collections

  7. Wow you got full size MUFE products?? Sooo lucky :D

    Anyway, here's my post about my Beauty Treats box:


    1. Yes, very lucky indeed :). I will check out your post, dear :) thx for dropping by

  8. ahh MUFEEEEE *rebutt* lucky banget ce :) hehehe