#Pink and Hunny's Wedding Anniversary

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Hi guys...!

Another short break from Europe entries to annoy #Undecided further because today's hunny and i's wedding anniversary! It's a pretty big deal, not because we religiously celebrate our wedding anniversaries or whatever, but because we finally remember the big day before it passes!!! LOLOLOL, yes that's just the way we are. Year after year, we kept on forgetting our own wedding anniversary (seriously, sometimes i need to remove my wedding ring to take a peek at the wedding date engraved there to remember the exact date, yes i am THAT horrible with dates :p), sometimes we'd realize a few days after it passed and on a more horrible times, a month after *ROFL*. 

We used to celebrate our dating anniversary religiously, but after we got married, it doesn't seem to matter all that much anymore. I mean, it's not like we don't care anymore, mind you, we're probably one of the most lovey dovey married couple you'd ever meet :p, people usually thinks we're newlyweds by the way we act, they'd be super surprised to learn that we have a son (that's turning 6 in July!). I guess since we got married and be with each other every day, do everything together, and have nice dinner (no need to wait for any celebration) almost every week, celebrating something like a wedding anniversary wouldn't be too different than our usual date night :).

But this year, hunny actually remembered a few days before the D-Day. He gave a very suspicious looking face a few days ago and said "Two days from now!", i immediately "Yeah, you go queue up lah, whatever you want." and he gave me a very puzzled look *LOL*. I thought he was referring to some new gadget launch events lah, he's super into gadgets and would queue up go get special deals on their launching! The look he gave me earlier was too similar with the look he usually give me if he wants new toys! LOL! Turned out he was referring to our wedding anniversary, sorry lah!

Actually the official story is, our trip to Europe's an early wedding anniversary celebration, but that's just an excuse lah, we just wanted to travel *LOLOL*. Since it's one of the rare times that we actually remember the anniversary, we decided to celebrate it a little bit, nothing fancy just movie and dinner as usual :). I decided to dress up for once, but please note that i've not passed my exhaustion after our Europe trip, that totally affects the way i look lately, i think i look tired in all of the pictures i've taken today zzz.

I decided to accompany him the whole day (okay not the whole day, from 11.30 AM because he went to a car salon to wash his car first, i'm not going to a car salon! That's out of the question *crosses arms*). I didn't have enough sleep last night (because i had to re-write my stupid Dubai entry, i originally planned to have an early night because i was so tired but i ended up having a VERY late night FML, i know i don't have to re-write it last night but that's OCD talking) so it was really hard dragging myself off my bed, and had to get ready straight away, did a light make up (with dramatic eyeliner) and had to hurry because hunny got back when i was still doing one of my eye, i ended up looking frazzled zzz. 

Anyway, since this is a special day, i'm still posting my FOTD and OOTD (most was taken after we got home, at 10 PM so the make up was 11 hours old *LOL*, didn't have time to take proper pictures in the morning). I'd normally prepared a new set of make up for a special occasion, but my brain's not functioning normally yet *still tired, seriously...*, i only remembered to prepared a new dress (and a new bag) last night...

Here's the FOTD :
Very simple make up, using Tokidoki eye shadow palette (pearly nude color all over the lid with brown color on the outer V to accentuate the eyes), thick winged liner, reddish blush on and brownish pink Revlon lippies. Do you notice i look a little more tanned than usual? No? I really got a bit tanned lah, it was super bright in Europe despite of the cold weather!

Wore a playful (i like to say, Alice in Wonderland inspired) floral baby doll mini dress (but it was, as usual, too short for me so i had to put on a short skirt underneath to make it decent), it's spring right so i will pull out all of my (new) floral dresses now!
Floral Alice Mini Dress, Creme Puff-sleeved inner, Black Flared Mini Skirt : Magnolia. LOVE necklace : Online shop
See the ruffles on the dress's sleeves? Love them, i do collect quite a few pieces with that kind of ruffles. I decided to keep it light, innocent and "creamy", so i wore my brand new (bought in Milan) Benetton bag.
Seriously, i'm so forgetful and easily panicked lately, that totally translate to my dressing up method too *haish*, i totally forgot to prepare any accessories too, i just grabbed the first thing i saw on my "frequently used lately" drawer, the black faux pearl necklace with LOVE tassle. 

Surabaya's so hot :(, i miss putting on make up with ease.. Putting on make up lately's more like a battle, i have to battle sweats while putting them on... Totally ruining and caking the make up, even before i finish putting them on zzzz....

We had a not-so-anniversary-like afternoon, went for grocery shopping (for the hostel) in Carrefour, where i had to help him haul two trolley full of detergents and stuffs (i was covered in sugar zzz), sweating and all *haish*... Then we  went to have lunch at Bu Kris (one of the most famous local eatery with their super famous penyetan or literally "squashed down" chicken on a fiery hot sambal), it was unusually crowded and had to queue for a bit, what annoyed me to the max was the crowd's lack of discipline, i mean.. i don't mind queuing but we had to constantly be alert because people kept on trying to cut the line, every single one of them WTF!

Oh, i must mention that i am very hormonal lately (just got my period so i calmed down a little bit now *LOL*), don't mess with a lady on her PMS okay!!! And all the while i was also still very tired and sleepy zzzz... If it's not our anniversary i'd rather be at home and sleep like a bear LOL.

Then we went to a very boring place hunny frequented for his job (but he actually seems to enjoy going there anyway), a huge hardware store because our shower's broken, thankfully he told me to wait in the car (YAY!!!), i really hate going to such place (i honestly hate supermarkets, hardware stores is 1000x worse lah!!!)!!! I waited happily while playing Zombies VS Plants on his phone :P.

We then went to pick Baby Boy up and then to GC. We bought three new suitcases (coz we don't actually own any, we usually just use whatever in the storage-my mum has plenty and we all are welcome to use them. Hunny threw a fit because the suitcase we used to Europe literally fell apart *LOL* and he demanded to buy some new ones for us, you know i'm stingy when it comes to this kind of stuffs, luggage isn't very exciting lah, i kept on telling him to find me a baby pink one then we can buy it LOL. But i finally gave in because it was on a huge sale, plus 10% more discount+installments using Danamon credit card :p. We got the suitcases in purple and baby green, saw no baby pink unfortunately and i dislike the other shades of pinks available!) and got a free photo corner voucher, i hate taking studio pictures lah so of course we prefer to use it on Baby Boy!

Baby Boy wanted to take picture with a deer statue zzz but hunny insisted that he wore Chinese costume and use the Chinese styled background instead (don't worry, hunny bought a new printer later and we got two more vouchers for the photo corner so Baby Boy have another photo shoot and he can pose with the deer if he wants LOL), renting the costume cost IDR 10.000. It turned out to be very cute actually!
My Little Emperor!
Hahahaha yeah, that was his daddy who dressed him from top to bottom *LOL*. Oh, before we got to the photo corner i was actually distracted by some sale from Grand Palace Department Store, and yes i shopped a little bit :p.
I got myself some Pandora inspired bracelets :p. I never understand Pandora actually, why is it so expensive? it's not particularly pretty, IMHO... I don't mind having one, but not with the price tag they came with! So an inspired one on a sale is a must for me haha.
I am such a careless buyer (a total opposite of G :p), i didn't check the goods while buying, one of the purple one's starfish lost its bling pffffttttt, so annoying zzzzz, stupid #Pink!!!
Love the cute color combo, i just realized there was a cute ducky on it when i took this photo LOL, IDR 69.000-30%
IDR 99.000-30%, now gonna have to pay more to replace the missing bling zzzz
Still, i loved both bracelets (that cost me IDR 117.600 in total) and didn't  regret getting them, just regret not checking them zzzz. After the photo booth we walked around and saw Kitchen Magic new place (it's a cooking centre for kids to learn how to cook and bake!), Baby Boy joined one of their course once (decorating cookies) and enjoyed it a lot, and when we asked him whether he'd like to try another (full this time) course, he enthusiastically said yes! He even chose the cooking class over arcade and let me tell you, he loves arcade like crazy!

We actually planned to watch a movie and we had to enter the cinema in ten minutes so we couldn't accompany his this time, we rushed to find his nanny (whom we left earlier at the food court to have her dinner first) and they went to the cooking class while we watched our movie. Will tell you about the cooking class later, i will tell you a bit about the movie we watched first.

Now, i've checked the movies showing before and saw some thriller/horror movies, and i was immediately like "Let's watch a horror movie on our anniversary!" LOL. You know i'm a hard core horror movie fan and we even went to watch a horror movie on our Valentine's Day, so it came as no surprise that i even wanted to do this, right? Hunny laughed at me and asked what's wrong with me, and then he went on to say "We should be watching something romantic" and if you think he's romantic, he then added "Like Iron Man" LOLOLOL. See, he's every bit as lunatic as me :p.

Anyway, he gave and i got what i wanted (of course) and we watched Evil Dead.
It's about five young adults who went to a remote cabin to support one of them who wanted to go cold turkey on heroin, including the girl's brother who hadn't been around for a very long time. They then uncover an unholy book that one of them then studied and eventually summoned the evil entity that possessed one of them and one by one they began to fall.

This is actually both a horror and a slasher movie so there were a lot of gory (so gory i had to divert my eyes once or twice) scenes other than the usual scary ghost apparitions (or in this case, scary possessed people). I found it surprisingly good and entertaining! It's so much better than Mama that we watched on Valentine's Day *LOL* (OMG, am i a closet-sadist? I prefer a sadistic horror slasher than a ghost movie now??? LOL). I don't find the ghost/possessed to be particularly scary, i am more scared of the gory scenes than the ghost okay!

Even though it's not scary, i liked it a lot, i was on the edge of my seat the whole movie (which means good, for horror movies :p), there were also  a lot of jump-out-of-my-chair moments (again, good! You want to be surprised and shocked while watching horror movies, right? Or else don't watch a horror movie la, watch a comedy instead haha), the story wasn't bad either. So, yes, i'd recommend it for horror/slasher fans, but if you're a strictly classic ghost movie lover then it's probably wouldn't be your cup of tea.

Anyway, while we were repeatedly shocked by the demons on the screen, Baby Boy was happily pattering away at Kitchen Magic! Fortunately i brought my camera (i almost never leave my camera now since we started this blog haha), so i passed it to his nanny and asked her to take pictures so i won't miss out on the whole thing. Fortunately again, his nanny's been trained to take nice pictures, there was a time when she'd only take blurry pictures *LOL*. Here, lemme show y'all!
My fave pic, look at the cute little chef getting ready to bake!
Look how serious he's being haha!
Sure looks like he's having a lot of fun, don't you think?
Impatiently waiting for his cakes to bake!
Now decorating the cakes!
Proudly showing off his creation, but still having hard time focusing when his pictures was taken zzzz
He opted to bake a Devil's Cake Coffee this time :
Awwww look at thisss
This is not an advert okay, but i think this is a very good variety of choice for your kid's activity! Paid IDR 75.000 for one menu, they also offers a package where you pay IDR 270.000 for four menus, seeing how fun much Baby Boy had we're planning on getting the package soon! This sure beats playing at arcade for hours on end, you'd much prefer your kids to learn something while having fun rather than just mindless fun at the arcade, right? (of course, nothing wrong with the arcade, this is just another variety for your little one to have fun while filling in his/her spare time!).

I'm so proud of my little boy! And even prouder when his nanny told us that when one of the employee there teased him by asking for the cake he totally refused by saying those cakes were for his mummy and daddy! Awwww, my precious Baby Boyyyy *melted*.

Look at the great job that he did! :D!
We had a late dinner afterward, as usual,  we opted for some nice steak for a celebratory dinner :), and of course it was at one of our current fave steak house, Wagyu Smith.
Official Anniversary photo hahaha
Had Wagyu sirlon, yummy!
While hunny had an OZ ribeye.
Also yummy but mine's much better!
Their BII promo had ended but don't worry, if you have a Mega credit card then you'd get the same discount as the old one, 30% off! We love Wagyu Grill, they are very affordable yet serves good food, totally recommended for steak lovers!
Wah, dunno why i gave the camera such a murderous glare hahahaha
Hunny nom-nom-nomming... hmmmm he needs a haircut...
It was a very understated but fun anniversary for both of us :), started off with running errands *LOL*, the day picked up as we had fun dressing Baby Boy for the photo corner, it got even better as we watched the adrenaline inducing movie, and better still while browsing through the pictures of Baby Boy baking. We won't miss his next cooking/baking class for sure haha! As usual, when you're having a lot of fun and is content with your life, the universe thinks it's highly unfair so it'd do something to worsen your mood a little bit.

For us it was in the form on being welcomed at home with nagging and violent mood swing that was thrown at us even though basically a favor was asked from us. Wow, just great. Someone asked for a favor from you (but for them it was an order lah not a favor, we're just slaves, you see) but you're being treated like a dirt just because you didn't provide the favor straight away. Seriously, #Undecided understands how i feel. Being a soft-hearted person and a total pushover is a real burden okay, people feel like it's their right to treat you like dirt and walk all over you. Just because we're young sometimes means people have no respect whatsoever for you, and because we're the youngest that means even when we're not so young anymore the same treatment would always occur, FOL.

Seriously, i don't understand why some people thinks it's okay to reflect their anger and frustration (which caused by dunno what) at other people, and how other people should always watch with caution the mood they are in. When their mood is good then jokes will be accepted well, but when the mood's rotten even the smallest joke to lift the mood would lead to bitchy remarks and back lashing (on the other hand when you're being sensitive they'd blame you for being spoilt)  that makes you just want to get away and never return. If that happens, it wouldn't be the runaway's fault, don't you think? Just because we're young doesn't mean we do not have any feelings or any rights to be hurt, right?

Sorry for rambling, i just needed to vent. I don't want to ruin our perfect anniversary by wallowing in negativities, so i'm gonna stop here and (try to) forget all about it. Thank God tomorrow's Saturday and we can get away, hopefully #Undecided won't bail and we'll have fun together tomorrow! God knows both of us could do with the laughs that would surely occur as soon as we meet!
Have a great weekend and good night, my dears :).



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  1. happy anniversary yaaaa! :)

    pengen dah nonton evil dead. kayaknya seru. hahaha.

    cooking class nya lucu ya. pasti anak2 enjoy ya. itu class nya private ya?

    1. Thank youuu :). Iya seru loh berdarah2 dan potongan tubuh dimana2 hahahaha... Iyah itu private, tp cuma ada 1 ruangan sih jd kalo ada anak lain yg lg ikutan class jd nya bareng tapi tetep individually treated :)

  2. Happy anniv.. Babe.u look cute in mini dress!enjoy reading ur post! All best wishes yaaaa..muaaah..

  3. eeehh you're married?? I seriously thought you are college student and we're about the same age! >__< because you look cute & young!

    anyways, happy anniversary to you and hunny, endless happiness for your family ^__^

    1. Hahahaha thank you dear :p, people do always thought i'm still in college (or worse, in school! OMG), dunno if it's a good or a bad thing? Probably because of my chubby cheeks haha.. Thank youuu, and one more thank you for reading!

  4. What a great post!! you look absolutely adorable in that dress!!

    Style Without Limits

  5. Wow same qeustion .... Look so young....!
    Happy anniversary...!

  6. Wahhh..baru tau klu km uda married lhoo..hahaa
    Happy annivesary dear :)

    Main2 k blogku yah :)

    1. Udah married lama, dear hihi... Thank you :D... I will ^__*

  7. OMG Pink!!!
    You have a six years old son??!!
    You don't look like it!!! What's your secret?!!! =D

    1. Yes i do!!! LOL! What's he secret? I really dunno!!! LOLOL!