Unboxing : My First Lola Box

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Hi guys...

How's your Saturday night? I was having fun with hunny and Baby Boy and then we went to BCA ATM, the drive thru one nearby GM, and when hunny inserted my card into the slot... Nothing happened for the longest time, and suddenly... The screen went blank!!! WTF!!! *sobs hysterically* Whyyy does this kind of thing keeps on happening to us???

Same thing happened twice when we tried to deposit money into our accounts using automatic money deposit machine (i hate you, BCA!!!), and now this happened!!! WHYYYYY!!!! I feel so bad to the online shop that i was about to transfer the money to zzz now i have to wait until Monday to take care of this stupid problem zzzz. I hope the owner doesn't think i'm a "order and run" kind of customer zzzz.

Anyway, i'm taking a break from my European tour series to blog about my third Beauty Box : Lola Box. This box was actually the first beauty box service that announced their arrivals (or should i say, existence? Because they were created and founded here so technically they didn't arrive, did they??) in Indonesia, i totally thought it would be Indonesia's very first beauty box but somehow their launching got cut by Beauty Treats and Vanity Box *LOL*.

Their box subscription finally opened last month (if i remember correctly), their first box was not available for general public, instead they sent their boxes for some lucky bloggers and Indonesian celebrities (as a part of creating a hype for their services). I saw some of those lucky beauty bloggers posted their unboxing of Lola Box's first box and it was pretty impressive, i decided to subscribed right away.

First of all, one thing i dislike about their system was because it was so much more complicated and confusing compared to other beauty boxes available in Indonesia so far. You needed to "wait in line" until your profile got approved by their customer service and only then you can finally subscribed. I believe my waiting number was like 10.000 something *LOL*. That kinda annoyed me, i mean.. I hadn't had to wait just to subscribe to any other beauty boxes. That's why i think i immediately subscribed to their service for three months instead of one like how i did with any other beauty box.

Now that i think about it, was it their strategy? To make people feel like it's so hard to get the boxes that it made the box seems so much more appealing (because so many people were "lining up"-virtually-to get them so it must be good right) and therefore would choose to subscribe to more than one month at one go? If it was, their strategy worked, at least to me. LOL.

Anyway, i noticed on twitter since a couple of days ago people began tweeting about their Lola Box, and i almost got myself crazy with excitement and impatience to receive mine! Yes, apparently i am still very into this whole beauty box thing *LOL*, even if it's the third box i've got so far. That's why i was so happy when my employee BBM-ed me telling me that my Lola Box finally arrived this afternoon, YAY!!!

Here's a peek :
Very exciting contents!!! But first thing first!
I was taken aback a little bit when i saw the size of the box because it seemed to be significantly smaller than the other boxes but i didn't see it as a bad thing and tried not to judge it, after all its what's inside the box that matters, not the box containing it, isn't it?
Inside the fugly white box (that reminded me of cheap bread's box *LOL*) there's a prettier, orange striped box :
It really was the smallest box i've got out of the three beauty boxes i've subscribed too, i should've taken a picture of the three to compare but i was too excited to blog about this that it totally didn't cross my mind *LOL*, maybe next time.
To be brutally honest, the box was the least pretty one out of the three, and it's made of a simple carton while the others were harder and of a higher quality materials. It's also the simplest in term of design, while Beauty Treats came with a magnetic type of box and Vanity Trove with a pulled-drawer type, this box is very simple like an ordinary box that you simply remove the lid to open it.
Unlike the other boxes, Lola Box contents would be the same for every  subscriber. Instead of finding it to be a flaw, i actually like that better! This way everybody would get the same things and nobody would feel envious of what the others are receiving (like how i felt with the other boxes :(... i preferred so many other things that was available than what i actually received in my boxes. I think it's better if you don't see that there could be another option of what we might receive therefore you couldn't be disappointed that you get another version, am i making any sense? Sometimes seeing the options are worse than having no options at all *LOL* that's human nature i guess).

There was a little card with greetings from Lola Box and on the other side was the list of items you're getting in this month's box. I think the theme of this month's box' Hello Sunshine, like how it's written in the card.
The list
The theme explains the color of the box (and the wrapping paper+ribbon inside), wonder if the color would change every month? That would be interesting! I love that kind of details!
Very sun-shiny and made me super happy to look at it, even happier when i unwrapped it!
Here're the stuffs inside :
My first reaction? Ahhh, lots of interesting stuffs! I loved it at the first glance! And finally!!! A make up thingy *sobs*, the first time i got a proper make up item out of all three boxes!!! 

Let's see the items one by one, shall we! *excited*
Masami Shouko Black Cleansing Sponge : that's the only thing i was unhappy with in this box *LOL*! First of all, i don't use cleansing sponge (i'm so thowing it into a birthday parcel i'm preparing for O *LOL*, O reads my blogs apparently, i hope you'll find this extra piece useful, O!) and second of all, i already got the exact same thing in my Beauty Treats. But that's the only thing i dislike out of all the things inside the box, which is the least number of things i dislike compared to the other boxes! Next to it is : Masami Shouko Black Velour Puff with Handle : this will always comes handy! I love to stock on powder puffs (because i prefer to buy refill powders, i hardly ever buy the compact case *LOL don't really see the point anyway) and would definitely be using this, so thumbs up for the powder puff!
Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream with SPF 25++. I actually brought this for my European tour and loved it! I almost finished it and already categorized it into a "to repeat" BB cream so i am very happy to receive it! Plus it came in travel size (exactly like the one i have) instead of sachet (like the BB cream sample i got from Vanity Trove zzz) so it's a good size for trying out a product (sachet samples are zzz... Like, you cannot judge a product with one or two applications, right!). I used mine for more than two weeks and it's not completely finished yet, i think this size could be used to almost three weeks! (and i used them very liberally!) Another thumbs up!
Clarins UV+HP11 SPF 40 Teint and White Plus Total Luminescent Serum (3ml each). Also pretty happy to get these two, Clarins is a very prestigious brand and i believe these two would be pretty stellar products. 
Make Over Eyeliner Pencil Brown Latte (full size). So happy to receive this! Not only because it's a make up product (i'm one of those who are much happier to get make up products rather than skin cares!) but also because i've been wanting to try something (anything) from this brand. I also don't mind if beauty boxes features more local branded items (like this). Someone like me would actually be less familiar with local brands (than imported ones) and am less unlikely to purchase local products, so if beauty boxes features local brands more then we'd get more familiar with local brands and more likely to purchase them (if we like them) in the future. Let's support Indonesian brands!
The Face Shop Special Gift Set : Clean Face Mild Toner and Clean Face Mild Lotion (5ml each), love The Face Shop and would be happy to try these two. Another high score for Lola Box!
The last but not least item :
Air-Lift Toothpaste. Some bloggers aren't too keen on getting toothpaste in their beauty box, i personally didn't mind though. It's highly useable (because you brush your teeth everyday right so it's very useful lah!) and the size would come in handy to bring for traveling (but maybe not if you're traveling for two weeks like my European tour *LOL*), i'm so bringing it with me for our JB-Singapore trip next month! It smells really refreshing and minty, as soon as i opened my box their fragrance already greeted my nostrils haha.

In conclusion : i'm extremely happy with Lola Box! I dunno if i'm biased (coz i'm super happy to get that Make Over eyeliner *easy* LOL, my second fave item is the BB cream!) because they gave us make up (seriously, beauty boxes, WE WANT MORE MAKE UP PRODUCTS!!!) or whatever, but it's dangerously leaning to be my fave beauty box! For now i think it's a tie with Beauty Treats (who gave so much amazing stuffs with such a low price) for now, cannot wait to see the second box so i can maybe choose my fave *LOL*. 

I also don't think i'd continue subscribing to Vanity Trove since their box's more expensive than Lola or BT and the items they featured also seems very similar to these two. If i like Lola's next box then i'd renew my subscription for another 3 months or more!

How about you? Anyone else subscribed to Lola Box? How do you like your May box?


PS : Have a great weekend!



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  1. min.....di JB ada sanrio house yahhhhh?????

    1. Sanrio House? Engga tau yah, aq tau nya Hello Kitty Land doank...

  2. lumayan2 tuh isinya lola box say..
    do the review donk product2nya..hehehhe
    ayook belanja bareng..hihiihi