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Helloooo guyssss!!!!! 

#Pink is BACK!!!! I really miss blogging (but at the same time i had the BEST time ever in Europe so i didn't really remember about blogging back there *LOL*), i just arrived back in Surabaya two hours ago and i just have to write a bit! I hope you guys missed me! LOL. I want to let you know that the last entry before this one should be THIS haul post and not the Asian obsession one (that should be the second to last) but something went wrong (well actually we think that's because i accidentally published it when i was preparing for the "scheduled" posts-#Undecided actually predicted it beforehand *LOL*, she knows me that well) and it got pushed way back, it appeared even before the posts i made before i left for Europe, *LOL*. Just want to clear it up, in case anyone got confused while reading the entries back to back :).

Anyway, i prepared one more drafted filler entry and since i have no new post (or the strength to write a new one now), i decided to publish it today! Enjoy!

Review starts HERE :

I’m gonna review the eyeliner I’m using right now : Dior’s Diorliner Precision Eyeliner (but if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’d know I don’t really write reviews without a long winded back story, so be prepared haha). Like I said before, I only use one (black) liquid eyeliner at a time, I also only stock one backup (currently in my backup stash : NYX’s eye liner so that’s the next black liquid eyeliner you can expect  the review of from me, it’ll only be used once I finished this Dior one though haha) because not only black eyeliners doesn’t excite me (they are more of a necessity than a lovely collectibles for me-you know I collect eye shadows, lippies, etc :p, it’s not something I obsess and lust after, but yet plays a very important role in my make up routines) but also because I’m afraid they might dries off in my stash.

I actually haven’t been using all that much liquid eyeliner all of my life, this is my fourth brand (I’ve used a total of five eyeliners). My very first one was never even finished, I hardly ever touched it and it dries off on its own (clearly because I neglected them for years, not because of its formula or quality, it was 100% my own doings haha) because i didn’t know how to use a liquid eyeliner properly yet. 

I only imitated my sister and my sister in law’s way of doing their eyeliners back then, which is a very thin black line (at first I was really sure I couldn’t do it but I actually managed to do it on the first try. This is definitely one of my flaws, I underestimate myself too much sometimes that I am not even willing to try. And I always surprise myself when I can do it perfectly with one try *LOL*, this is especially true when it comes to applying make ups :p) and it that style of eyeliner applications didn’t flatter my eye shape, instead of opening them up that thin lines made my eyes looked smaller than they actually are.

That very first eyeliner was Courreges, my sister bought it for me when I went to TP’s Sogo Department Store many years ago. It was when I was in high school, so a very very long time ago lah hahaha. It was a marker type of eyeliner (and the only type I wear up until now, again I don’t think I’d do well with the thin brush type of liquid eyeliner and am not very interested to try them anyway haha) and quite expensive, I totally regret wasting it away ahahaha. I remember it was very good too (the product), too bad I was still so bad at applying make up back then haha, just starting out you know.

My second eyeliner was Canmake’s, I was curious to try liquid eye liner again watching my close friend M putting them on everyday, it was during our University days and we majored in Tourism so we went out of town (and out of the country) a lot for excursion studies and field trips (to learn how to make our own tour products, how to be an actual Tour Leader and Tour Guide, etc) and we were very close (you know, being with the same persons everyday, travelling with them, etc). M had  a double eyelid surgery, and using eyeliners made her eyes appear bigger and prettier, so naturally I was intrigued.

During one of my many trips to Singapore (my mum’s half Singaporean, all of her siblings and her mum lives there and we owned a condo there so we go there all the time, I also used to live there to study for 3 years) I got myself a Canmake liquid eyeliner and found out that thicker strokes works on me, they really does accentuate my eyes well, make them appear bigger and doll-like. I also learnt different flicks can make a huge difference on how your overall eye make up effects look like. I was instantly in love and never stop using liquid eyeliners ever since. Overall I think I love my Canmake eyeliners the most (out of the four I’ve used haha).

After I finished my Canmake eyeliners I went looking for another marker liquid eyeliner, online shops were on a rage back then (the ones on friendster, FB types) and I was very intrigued to try E.L.F’s products, that was the first time I heard about that brand and I was shocked to see their prices hahaha. The online shop had a PO system (sadly it’s no longer operating I think) and the more you buy it the cheaper it got, I also informed #Undecided and #G, and we went a bit crazy LOLOL. We bought so much E.L.F products that we paid IDR 19.000 for each products, I know they priced USD 1 or something in USA but this kind of price’s pretty fantastic already after shipping etc, nowadays the cheaper E.L.F products I found in local online shops are around IDR 38.000 zzzz.

Anyway, one of the product I ordered was E.L.F’s marker liquid eyeliner, #Undecided ordered the same thing because she wanted to try to put on liquid eyeliner, or so she said. Turned out she tried it once and almost poke her eye and immediately gave it too me, too scary she said LOLOL. SO! I had two E.L.F’s liquid eyeliner that I used back to back. It was okay for its ridiculous price, but it did stained my eyelid. With my type of Oriental eyelid (hidden), the eyeliner would stain my upper lid. Super annoying. But I’m not one to waste products so I finished them all anyway hahaha.

That leads me to this eyeliner. I was running out of the E.L.F liners and when my mum went to Jakarta she asked me what I wanted her to buy for me. I asked for a marker liquid eyeliner. I was thinking something like… You know, Maybelline, L’Oreal, or Revlon. Something mass market lah. But she got me this Dior eyeliner -____-. Personally I wouldn’t pay that much money for an eyeliner haha.

Anddd… I really don’t think its worth the price! Haish. Okay lah, start with the first thing first. The packaging’s okay, just a normal black marker style wand. It’s black (again, very common) with silver accents (been using it for a while and the writings all still very vivid and perfect, so I guess the accent’s quality is pretty good, should be for such an expensive eye liner!). As usual, let me show you the official picture from the web so you can see them in a professional light *LOLOL*.
Now my crappy version :p :
What’s different from the other eyeliners I used before is the little part in the bottom where you can twist to let the product out.
That part i was pointing at

The brush’s also normal looking, it is softer than the other eyeliners I used before. Again, I’ve been wearing this for some time that the brush start to spread out haha, it wasn’t like this in the beginning, more pointy and firm. 

The twist in the bottom was provided to ease you to control the amount of product you want to use but sadly I really dislike this kind of feature. One or two twists, nothing would come out. Three or more, plenty would, like totally crazy much! They will flood out of the brush and I’d be panicked and apply too much eyeliner -___-, so most of the time when you see me with a very dramatic eyeliner  on my eyes, I didn’t do it on purpose. I hate wiping my make up and start over so I almost always adjust my make up, so it’d be a dramatic eye make up day for me LOLOL. Now you know the truth zzzz.
This is what happens whenever i lost patience (after twisting a few times and nothing would come out) and twists too much!!
I just hate this kind of packaging in general, i mean.. i loved the idea and when i read about it (long time ago in a magazine for other products) it seemed like a very good idea, but once i have it in real life... i HATE it! LOL. I also have lip glosses with this kind of twisty end and they sucks too!
They also said to shake it before using, I always do, but on the first tries the liquid shot of the wand all over me LOLOL, like I’d been squirted by an octopus FML zzzz.  Also all over my mirror *I use a full length mirror to do my make up*.

Applications aren’t that easy too, due to its consistency (very watery), it’s a bit streaky and uneven. I have to stroke a few times to get them to even out. And I dunno whether it’s because Dior’s not specifically targeted for Asian women (or weather) or whatever, maybe the consistency’s better for drier and colder climates? I find it harder to apply during the super hot season, it is slightly easier and nicer to use nowadays that Surabaya’s kinda cooler with the frequent rains (I’m writing this entry earlier last month, nowadays Surabaya’s getting super HOT again although it still rains sometimes). This takes sometime to dries off, I made a few mistakes opening my eyes too soon and smudging them all over my lid zzzz.

I also always curl my lashes before mascara, right after applying liquid eyeliners. I always wait a few minutes to make sure the liners already dries off, but even so, I found the lines would turn patchy after using the eyelash curler!!! I’d see some products would attach themselves on the curler, OMG!!! I found a trick to minimize this, that is by applying some powder eye shadows on top of the line, it helps to keep them in place but also disrupt the boldness of the color of the eyeliner zzz. And like I said, since it is hard to draw an even line with one stoke I’d have to re-line a few spots a few times to even out the color, but the more I apply the more product would also attach itself to the eyelash curler. ZZZZ!
Excuse my horrible hand writing, focus on the consistency instead :p, very uneven :(
The good thing about this eyeliner is once it is set, it’ll stay on my eyelid all day long until I take them off. They don’t smudge and won’t stain my eyelid (thumbs up!). But i don’t think it’s waterproof (there is no statement of it being waterproof on the wand so I can’t fault this LOL) because sometimes my eyes would become watery and whe it’s very watery I found the lines to be cut off (I always extend the line over my actual eyes right) LOLOL FML. I look idiotic whenever that happens haih. 
It looks okay if i just splash water on it, but if you continue doing it it'll start to dissapear
Definitely not smudge proof, i lightly touched it and rub it a little bit and this is the instant result

All and all I am not in love with this eyeliner, but I will continue to use it until it’s finished, coz I don’t want to waste it lah hahaha. Do I recommend this? I don’t think so, maybe if you don’t live in tropical countries? You might find it suits you, who knows hehe. Will I repurchase? No, of course not. Haha. Not only it’s too expensive (I don’t buy premium make ups much, my mum or sis always buy them for me, or give me the products they bought for themselves but not using), I also do not like how it’s performing (this is purely my take, if you’re interested on trying it you can read other reviews. One person’s poison could be another’s treasure you know) on my eyes. I honestly found myself liking e.l.f’s USD 1 eyeliner more than this -____-. 

Hope you find this review helpful! If you have any suggestion for any black liquid marker eyeliner do kindly leave me a comment! I’m still searching for that perfect liquid eyeliner hahah :D.

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