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Hello guys!!!

So i thought i was going to be very productive during the Eid holidays as i have nothing to do and nowhere to go except mall hopping, but alas... I got carried away in the holiday vibes and ended up doing nothing except watching morbid documentaries non stop >.<. 

I am back though and i have an interesting product review to share today, Hatomugi Skin Conditioner!
Please excuse the incredibly messy fringe, i was having one of those bad fringe day-focus on the gigantic bottle of Hatomugi Skin Conditioner instead :p
So... Have you heard of Hatomugi before? I honestly haven't heard about it too much before, so i had no idea what to expect. I do believe Japanese products' are always excellent with all my heart though (yes, i know, i'm very biased and impartial, but it's true! Japanese products are always superior!) so i had quite a high expectations for it, and it didn't disappoint!

Hatomugi translates into Job's tears in English, which is a type of grain bearing plant that has long called "plant for life and health", very popular to be consumed as tea of herb (jali-jali in Indonesia). Now, Hatumogi Skin Conditioner is a skin skin refresher that contains herbal extract, it comes in a big plastic bottle and very affordable price tag, sold for IDR98.500 for 500ml-which is a lot! It works to soften and cool/refresh your skin, also to normalize your skin cell's cycle. Its ingredients are effective to prevent acne, and erase spots and+skin aging signs.  

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is a multi purpose product as it can be used on both face and body. You can use it all over your body after showering and they suggest storing it in the fridge for extra cooling effect. Not only that, Hatomugi can also help cares for sunburnt skin as it contains ingredients that can cool and repair burnt skin cell. I am going to Bali next week and i am so gonna lug this with me!
Hatomugi Skin Conditioner, the product that i got was bundled with an empty spray bottle 
The way the product is decorated is very Japanese haha, i dunno why Japanese always love to plaster those stickers on their products!
The actual packaging is very simple. It comes in a big, transparent plastic bottle with purple cap and writings
The actual information on the bottle is all in Japanese, you can find the Indonesian information on a sticker that they stick to the outer plastic wrap
You can use Hatomugi Skin Conditioner by pouring it straight to your hand (but i wouldn't recommend it as you're going to waste a lot. The texture is totally watery so spillage is a real possibility) or using a cotton pad and apply it to your skin like you would a lotion/toner. I personally prefer to use a spray bottle like the one they gave with the product
I just transfer a bit of the product in the spray bottle and spray away!
As you can see clearly from the transparent bottle, Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is basically a murky white liquid. I wouldn't call it milky because it's not so opaque, i would compare the look to rice milk i guess. It's fragrance free and fragrance free can mean it doesn't smell very nice (because there are no artificial scent added to the product), but Hatomugi doesn't have any offensive scent, nothing that i can detect at least.

I have been using Hatumogi Skin Conditioner religiously twice a day for the past 2 weeks and i am very pleasantly surprised at how well it works for me! I honestly was not very sure on how to approach this, i didn't know if Hatumogi Skin Conditioner is a lotion/toner or moisturizer-and now i come to the conclusion that it is both!

I would spray Hatumogi Skin Conditioner on my face after i was my face, as it is liquid form, i wasn't sure that it's going to be moisturizing enough-and boy does it moisturize! I was very surprised at how hydrating this product is, it keeps my skin super moisturized and hydrated all day long! It definitely leaves no sticky feeling and it doesn't make my skin more oily or anything, but if i wear it under makeup, i personally find my skin gets quite oily quite fast. Not in a bad way, btw. You can also use Hatomugi on top of your makeup (i like this technique whenever i put on too much powder so that your makeup would look more natural and skin-like), but if you have very oily skin this might make your sebum appear much faster-i would recommend people with normal/dry skin to use Hatumogi Skin Conditioner as a face mist and for people with oily skin to use it only as a base.

Still proving itself as a multi purpose product, Hatomugi Skin Conditoner can also be used as a face mask by soaking some cotton pads and placing it on you face for 20 minutes or so. Again, this technique is more recommended for normal and dry skin, for oil tanks like us, better keep the usage to the minimal haha.

I personally find Hatumogi Skin Conditioner totally hydrate and maintain my skin's moisture level very well, while i don't find it made my skin break out or whatever, i did notice that over use made some white heads appear on my chin. This happens whenever i am using products that are very rich, but since it does makes my skin supple, fresh and soft, i decided that i should continue using it, just lower the dosage haha. 

Another thing that i was initially quite skeptical about is the fact that it can also be used on your body. I am very religious when it comes to my body care, i would moisturize my limbs every time i shower without a fail or i would feel like my skin is dying from dryness *LOL*. I was not sure how a liquid can replace my usual moisturizing lotions, but again-i am very happily surprised that a few spritz on my arms and legs keeps my skin super soft, supple and hydrated for hours on end! It really does work on both my face and body phenomenally.

I really like this product a LOT, i love how convenient it is (OMG, i am so spoilt now, how can i go back to a normal routine with so many steps when i can jus spray Hatumogi Skin Conditioner and be done with it???), how it makes my skin so refreshed, healthy and smooth, and i also love love love the fact that you get so much product with such a low price tag! I would 100% buy this with my own money and i wholeheartedly recommend this to all of you to try! FYI, i've been using it for over 2 weeks non stop and it hardly makes a dent. The huge bottle would last me very long!

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner can be purchased at SOGO, Guardian, Papaya, or online via VIP Plaza, Perfect Beauty, Nihonmart, Elevenia and Sociolla.

Thank you Hatomugi Skin Conditioner and Kawaii Beauty Japan for the chance to try out this awesome product!
Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is a perfect product to travel with, you only need one product to moisturize and refresh you face and body! I am so packing it for my travels!

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  1. iya ci jujur yaa aku gapernah denger sama yg namanya "Hatomugi skin" mungkin karena namanya ga familiar jg kali ya. aku kira ini produk korea ternyata jepang punya. Setelah baca review cici jadi kayak latah kepo gitu pengen coba , apalagi dalam 2 minggu dia hasilnya terlihat banget. bentuknya jga unik , btw nanti mau coba ah mampir2 ke guardian cari hatomugi. btw thanka buat review nya ya ci (walaupun agak belibet untuk aku yg inggrisny msh abal2) hehee

    1. Hihihi, thank you for reading and keracunan yaaa

  2. Aku juga nyoba skin conditioner ini nih..


  3. This one is one of my fav product! It works really well on my skin pas lagi super kering hihi