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This post is way overdue, you know how crazy busy i've been lately so i think i can be forgiven! Anyway, i am back with another One Brand Tutorial for y'all and this time round it's kindly sponsored by Face2Face Cosmetics!

Maybe you've read my review on Face2Face Soft Matte Lip Cream a while ago, they kindly sent me a bunch of their products afterwards for a One Brand Tutorial-and they sent me enough for me to actually do TWO looks :
Day and Night looks using Face2Face Cosmetics
Here are the products they sent me :
Now let's begin with the tutorials! As usual, i will also be sharing a bit of a first impression on the products as we go.

First up is the simple day look :
And we start with Face2Face Whitening BB Cream (20ml) IDR 35.000 . Available in Beige and Natural
Using only the BB Cream in shade Natural. I am very happy when i realized that the shade matches my skin pretty well, as you might already know (or can tell from the photos), i am very pale. It is not very easy for me to find base products that suit my skin tone locally. So this BB Cream is quite a gem for me!
Not only the shade works for me, the formula is pretty awesome too! I personally really really like this BB Cream (i can safely say that it's one of my fave base makeup from local brands!) and i would keep on using this enthusiastically!

I have very bad dark circle and they don't seem to have any concealer in their line (again, i'd love to request to local brands to come up with concealers and highlighters. I beg y'all!!!) so i used my own usual concealer for my under eyes.
Then we set the face up with Face2Face Lightening Face Powder IDR 35.000
The shade that i got is called Dark Secret. You know anything with the word "dark" on a base makeup would be a total disaster for me >.< and yep, dunno if you can see it in the pic but it's at least two tones too dark for me and i look super weird and murky immediately >.<
Actually the powder itself is not bad, it is quite pleasant and works well as far as loose powders go-it's just that the shade is very wrong for my skin tone that it kinda ruins the whole performance for me. I also always bake under my eyes now (a technique that i used to scoffed upon >.<, my God how i have made my own makeup routine so much more complicated now *LOL*) and clearly a powder that is way too dark for my skin tone would not work well to bake!
Since they didn't send me any eyebrow products, i went straight to eyeshadow next. I choose the lighter colored palette out of the two that they sent me : Face2Face Smooth Eyeshadow in Pink Romance that contains a pink, purple and very pale pink shades. Btw i think this is their newest line (with all the black packaging) and not all products are updated in the website yet-i can't find any information on the eyeshadow trio there
I am so used to draw my eyebrows when i do full makeup nowadays i feel weird skipping this step. Anyway for a simple but still fun day time look, first i apply the pale, shimmery pink shade all over my lid
Then i apply the bolder pink in the outer and inner part of my crease 
Then i define my crease, making an outer v using the purple shade. I also appy the pale pink shade under my eyes to brighten up my eye area
Then i apply Face2Face Liquid Eyeliner in Black (IDR 58.000)
I won't lie to you, i was already scared when i first saw the eyeliner because i don't do too well with brush type of liquid eyeliner, i much prefer using the marker type-and yep... I definitely struggled >.<
So i would say that this liquid eyeliner is not exactly for beginners, i am fairly good with eyeliners (i normally need no more than 3 minutes to do both eyes with my signature puppy liner style) and doing them are quite a breeze for me-but with this eyeliner... First of all, i think the brush is just too fat and it gathers up way too much products. I learn to swipe some off on the lid before using it after a while, but when i first used it-i went straight to it and that uneven mess was the result >.<. The eyeliner is very wet and it takes a while for it to dry-having tapered eyelids means the eyeliner gets everywhere before it dries off-ruining most of the eye makeup that i did so far *sigh*. I definitely had quite a moment there.
Next up is Face2Face Volumizing and Waterproof Mascara (IDR 55.000)
I wouldn't say that i am crazy about this mascara, but it's decent! In fact i would probably say that it's one of the nicer local brand's mascaras that i've ever used
Although it doesn't fatten up my eyelash as much as i would like it to, it does manage to make my eyelash look fuller than they really are. They also hold curls quite nicely.
Then i went back and use the purple shade from the eyeshadow trio as eyeliners on outer half of my waterline, smudge it out a bit and add the pale pink shade on my brow bone
Face2Face Silky Smooth Blush On in Pink Sweet Cheek (IDR 42.500)
The pinky shade is quite neutral, soft and very pretty. And that sheen on my cheekbone is actually the shimmery pale pink shade from the eyeshadow that i used liberally as a highlighter
I like the blush on a lot and the shade is very pretty-but at the same time, it is very safe. Like, i've been sent a few blush ons from various local brands and they're all very similar. I wish local brands would be more daring with their shade choices!
Finish off with Face2Face Lipstick in 010 Satin Coral (IDR  40.000)
Although it's called Satin Coral, but i find it to be a more of a pinkish nude and it's super pretty!
I dont find a lot of nude lipsticks that looks good on me, but this one is definitely one of them good ones! It's also very creamy and pleasant to use.
Ta-dahhh... The result. I added a bit of nose contour, FYI-and i also highlight my nose bridge using the same pale pink eyeshadow again
I really like the end result, it's very simple, subdued but still whimsical and fun!
And now, the second look. For the first few steps, it's pretty much the exact same on as the day look but i improvise to make the products work better for me. For instance, i mixed the powder with my own white powder to make the shade closer to my skin tone, and i also bake using that white powder.
The eyeshadow shade that i am using for the night look is called Smoky Glam that consists of shimmery baby blue, silver and black shade
First i use the pale blue shade all over my eyes, it's very pale and it's not picking up very well on camera
Then i use the silver shade mostly to define the crease. Unfortunately i find the silver shade to be very similar to the pale blue one (i would love it if it's a little darker and more pigmented as the the medium shade of the palette) so i doubt you can even see the difference between the two shades on my lid-except that it's making the eye makeup a tad darker
Then i add the black shade on the outer v of my crease, blending it in so it creates a gradation of color
In the end it just makes my eyemakeup looks silvery, i can't even tell that i had a blue eyeshadow in the mix
I tried working with the eyeliner, but the brush is just too big for the inner part of my eye and i need a very fine line in that part due to my eye shape so i had to draw the line using my usual sharpie-style eyeliner and fill it in with the F2F eyeliner. The good thing about this eyeliner is that it's super opaque. I do find a use for this eyeliner (mostly to cover glue tracks on my falsies), but i can't use it on its own
Then i used the mascara and since it's a night look, i topped it up with a dramatic falsies. That i cut in half and use as half lash coz that's how i prefer to use my falsies nowadays. As you can see, i also used some eyebrow pencils, it looks so badly drawn here due to the lighting and the fact that i was to lazy to use my browcara on top. I have very dark, bushy brows so the only thing that can tame them are browcaras, but sometimes i just don't feel like using so many products >.<
I also used the black shade of the eyeshadow trio as eyeliner on my waterline and the silver shade as highlighter :p
And for this look i am using Face2Face Cosmetics in 012 Hot Chilli
Red Chilli is a pretty red shade with a strong hint of fuschia
I dunno if their lipsticks in different shades have different formulas, but i was quite surprised when i found out that the two shades that i got are very different! If the Satin Coral one is super creamy and glides on like butter on my lips, Hot Chilli is kinda waxy and it's a little hard to make the color pop. I had to keep on swirling it on my lips and gradually build it up for the opaque, bold result. I dunno if mine's a dud, but it actually feels a lot drier and harder to use than Satin Coral.
But i still like the bold and dramatic end result
I used the same blush on of course and i think it works well for both soft and bold looks
As in other brands, i love finding out which products from Face2Face that i like and those that i am not so crazy about. I love the BB Cream and the blush on, i also like their lipstick a lot (especially Satin Coral). The eyeshadows are decent, they work but they're not the most pigmented that i've ever used-and i find the medium shades to be too close with the light shades. I think the mascara is not bad but i am not a fan of the eyeliner. Hey, just keeping it real here! I also believe that i would not have issues with the powder if only i got a lighter shade!

Over all i think Face2Face is a pretty dope brand, they have wide range of selections (and they keep on adding it! Their latest product that's been circulating my Social Media is their peel of nail polishes) with very affordable prices. I would definitely love to try out more products (and shades) from this brand and i seriously consider this brand to be quite a contender in local beauty scene.

Thank you so much Face2Face Cosmetics for sending me all of the products! Tell me, which product that is featured in this post that you most want to try out?

Follow Face2Face's social medias for information and promotion:

Facebook Page : Face 2 Face
Instagram : @f2f.cosmetics

PS : Merry Christmas to all of my readers who celebrate!

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