Japan Trip 2016 Part 12 : Yokohama

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Hellooo hellooo everybodyyy..

I am finally at the very last day of our January 2016 Japan Trip post, at the end of 2016 *LOL*, and will have to blog about Japan again very soon... Not that i am complaining ofc :p. Anyway, the very last post of this Japan series is about the very place that stole my heart, Yokohama.
My God, i just love this pic so much. I can hardly wait to go back to Yokohama and spend more time there!!!
You first need to know that when i travel, i prefer quieter places than bustling cities. I know that might be a bit hard to believe since i am clearly such a city girl and i love malls-but if i want to shop then i'd arrange a special trip just for dat (yes, i am that crazy). When i really travel, especially somewhere new... I mostly don't bother with the shopping aspect. I'm not gonna lie, i'd reserve a day or so for my other passion (yeah, shopping), but majority of the time i'd rather spend exploring and wandering around.

As much as i love Tokyo and its uniqueness, its business, its diversity from district to district... Once i went to Yokohama i knew that's where i left my heart at.

Majority of the time we spent in Yokohama was spent exploring the China Town and the Noodle Cup Museum (which i've blogged about earlier)-but it's the little extras that etched themselves to my mind.

Let's start from the beginning and lemme show you what we had for breakfast haha :
Combini stuffs... I really do enjoy combini food, and not just because i am cheap-i swear!
And the places we walked on our way to the museum :
Yokohama reminds me so much of Europe, btw! Now that's also a place that i miss going back to
Everything in Yokohama is just so pleasing on the eyes!
Yokohama is a port city, so naturally we see body of water everywhere we go
The water's sparkling clean and you can even see through it
Lily, Silv and i
I didn't remember that hunny was practicing to be a celebgram
We just randomly stopped here and started taking loads of pictures coz it's so picturesque
Hunny still channeling his inner celebgram
Can you see the birds?
We were just relying on our GPS and stopping anywhere we please
I think i got the street sign bug from my cousin L -____-
And hunny found a cool motorcycle
Such an Instagrammable place...
Seriously, there are so many spots that are just perfect for photo taking!
We found this very European building
Naturally i had to ran up the stairs and demand a pic hahahaha
Look at the pink rollercoaster track!!! I was instantly awestruck hahaha, i don't think i've seen baby pink roller coaster track before
And the place is Cosmoworld, we had no idea what it was before but we decided to check it out after we were done at the Museum (i think it's just across the street from the museum... Very nearby)
The Ferris Wheel looks spectacular at night with its rainbow lights! Btw we then saw that the rollercoaster is the one that dives into a water fountain, i think we saw it at Running Man or something. Lily, Silv and Ok decided to ride it while hunny and i opted out coz... Well, we're chicken like that *LOL*. Apparently the rollercoaster is not as scary as i thought it'd be so next time i wouldn't mind riding it hahaha
We still got tickets because... I want to go in the haunted house! I mean, i always like haunted houses and i pretty much check out every haunted house i can find so why not in Japan?
Kiddies rides are so cute and not done half-heartedly in Japan that they're perfect for camwhoring!
I mean... Pikachu looks like Pikachu, not like some mangled monster like the ones we can find in Indonesia *LOL*
I was bouncing here and there asking for pictures while holding a scalding hot canned drink that is mainly used to warm my hands ^^
And off to the haunted house we went *LOL*
The haunted house ride is all about ambience in this place. First up, you are sat in a caged car, it already mess up your mind... Why do we need to be caged in for??? LOL. And it's pitched dark.. With uber scary background music... We can hardly see anything so the scary part is definitely the darkness and not knowing what will happen next... Which is pretty much nothing *LOL*
Little O is so going to demand to go in here
Since it's getting quite late and there are not many interesting rides caught our eyes, we decided to start walking back to the train station.
And found this beautiful chapel, obviously we can't go in but we can take pictures outside at least hahaha
Lily immediately said that she'd love to get married here... Who wouldn't though? Hahaha
You can see the chapel on the right...
The view is seriously breath-taking!
This artsy fartsy pic is obviously taken by Silv *LOL*
Sorry i can't help myself
Staring into the distance emo pose but my chubby cheeks are ruining the effect zzzz
And that's all i got about Yokohama! Like i said, nothing much happened but it's the little thing that made be feel so... content when i was there. I always feel blessed, immensely fulfilled and content when i am traveling-there's always that special moment where i just stand still and soak in the moment... And i notice that those moments only appears when the weather is cold *LOL*, cue more winter holidays... Once a year is preferable so i don't miss on winters every year >.<.

We went back to Kamata and back to the best ramen in the world!
And with that mouth watering (and so not halal) bowl of ramen, i am saying audieu... Japan, i am coming (back)!


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