Japan Trip 2016 : Part 10 (China Town)

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Hi my deariesss ^^.

Yep yep yep, back with Japan post, i'm so determined to wrap things up ASAP!

Onto the last full day in Japan (we went back to Indonesia in the next day) where we spent at Yokohama. FYI, i fell crazily in love with Yokohama and when i think about Japan, i constantly think about Yokohama instead of Tokyo! It's just so beautiful, quiter and lovely in general!

But you'll learn more about why i fell madly in love with Yokohama in next post because this post i'm focusing on their Chinatown part (which i don't hate, but is def not why i fell in love with Yokohama. The only place where i met downright rude Japanese-then again i'm not sure if the person is even Japanese or a China mainland immigrate!) :
Reunited with most of the remaining tour group's members for the Chinatown
So Yokohama's Chinatown is the biggest Chinatown-and if i remember correctly, i think Stella told us that they claim to be the biggest Chinatown in Asia? I dunno...
Yeah... Very China-vibe already *LOL*. I dunno why i sound so racist, but i am a Chinese descent so i'm allowed to say stuffs that non-Chinese people can't :p
As other Chinatowns, Yokohama's Chinatown is mostly consists of various souvenir shops, restaurants, and the likes. As soon as we crossed the street, we were magnetized to the first souvenir shop we saw.
WTF is thissssss >.< ew ew ew ew
Coz it's China.. town-most souvenirs there are panda shaped. My nephew MT (who's 16 and a boy) would go beserk here
Seriously, Chinese loves red so much. I don't particularly like red though :p
Hunny and Ok, they love food so much they kept on stopping to buy various snacks.
Various gigantic bapaos (Chinese buns)
Gigantic peach shaped pao that gives birth to mini peaches @.@
Got suckered in the xia long bao shop
Not natives, that's Stella's mum and Tanti :p
Huge xiao long bao that should be called da long bao
Nyammm... And #Pink, sit like a lady please!! And actually i don't really eat dumplings (except when i'm in Taiwan coz Taiwanese dumplings are out-of-this-worldly good!) so this is only for photo purposes, i handed it to hunny immediately after snapping photos *LOL*
Hunny recreating KC's moment admiring roast ducks and porks
Errr... This Bao Man so pervertic looking one
Panda and piggy baos
Hunny got the piggy one
It's a pig eats pig world out there...
Cutest bento candies... I simply love food that immitates other food!
Found a Baby Star store.. Actually went there because i suddenly desperately needed a  toilet and it's super hard to find toilet in public places in Japan WTF! Luckily there's a nice Chinese lady whom Silv bought some stuffs from directed us to this place for a free toilet *LOL*. And i almost lost my iphone here coz i carelessly put it on top of the toilet while i was flushing and stuffs -___- i guess KC's not the only one whose brain freezes in super cold environments -___-. I was panicking when i realize i didn't have my phone (not again!!!) with me, ran to the toilet and got stopped by a nice employee who said basically asked me if i was looking for "this"-and yep, that's my phone. PHEWWWWW
Baby Star got his own cafe and souvenir store alright
There were even Baby Star purikuras
Can't remember if the toys in the catch catch game were also Baby Stars, but i'm pretty sure they are
Silv was on a Baby Star spree
You can has fresh baby star snacks
With sauce... I mean gravy
I am not a fan of this tho @.@, but honestly i am not a fan of baby star in general anyway
Silv's order... Not sure what it was... LOL
Obviously the only things to do in Chinatown were snacking and shopping for trinkets, so we didn't stay that long there and made our way to our main destination :  Cup Noodle Museum! It was a very exciting experience, so made sure you stay tuned for that one!

In the meantime, toodleees!

PS : I can't believe i am typing this, after just a few months after saying goodbye to my blogging friend Yessy, i have to say goodbye to another very fine, talented young lady. Indonesia Beauty Bloggers are mourning our loss of Rini Cesillia, and that's actually the reason why i didn't post the last couple of days. I am not particularly close to her, but we leave each other comments on our blogs and Social Medias, we're also members of the same blogging community so we had a lot of group chats too. Her blog was one of the first local blogs that i follow and I always look forward to meeting her in the future, but alas... It will never be. I am shocked and saddened over her shocking, very sudden passing and i can't really function these last couple of days coz i can't stop thinking about her. If you're Indonesian then you probably heard about the accident in Social Medias and mainstream medias. I don't know her that well, but even i feel the harrowing loss-i can only imagine how her loved ones are feeling right now. Please take a moment to include Rini and her family in your prayers, she was such a sweet sweet girl. Everybody knows her as a humble person, even though she is clearly one of the most well known beauty blogger in Indonesia. Sleep well Rini, one day i hope to finally meet you...

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  1. Seruuuu....Min..itu yg photo ada tulisan wtf ew ew itu apa isinya? cookies atau cd sih :D wkwkwk

  2. Yokohama is on of the places that I wanna visit. Envy you ... lol.

    About Rini, I'm still shocking after reading the news. To be honest since I'm new on blogging, I've never visites her blog yet. Just knew it after the news. She's beautiful young lady with so much talent. I hope she rest in peace.

    1. Yokohama is indeed beautiful. And yes, i still can't believe what happened to Rini even after this many months has passed

  3. Jepang ....Negeri favorit si sulung..pengen bs sekolah di sana juga katanya :D Aamiin Allohumma Aamiin

  4. Kok mendadak jadi mbayangin org berbahasa Jepang tapi logatnya Tiongkok ya mbak hehehe
    Seru banget bisa ke China town di sana TFS :D