Japan Trips 2016 Part 11 : Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama

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Hey guys...

Tick tock tick tock, i'm counting the days to our trip, and FML-i decided to split what i thought was gonna be my last Japan post into two *sigh*. Thing is, i didn't remember taking so many pictures at the Cup Noodles Museum, and y'all know how i am such a sucker for details... I just want to keep the attention where it's due so... I'm writing two posts instead of one!

This second to last post is dedicated solely to the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama!
Me, hunny, giant cup noodle and the mascot's doll. It's just sitting there for you to take photos with. In Indonesia it'll be gone in the first day *LOL*
We came here after the Chinatown and we had a good look of Yokohama neighborhood while strolling and finding our way to the museum. Boy, is Yokohama beautiful or what! I'll show you more of it in my last post, but for now let's focus on the museum, okay?
We only realized that there's a Ramen Museum, and there's also Cup Noodle Museum-they're not the same thing!
Noodle Cup Museum
2 Chome-3-4 Shinko, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0001, Japan
+81 45-345-0918
First thing we saw when we walked in is the souvenir shop up front
But we focused on getting our tickets first. Admission fee wasn't expensive, i think it was 500 yen (not that i remember it, i just saw the sign in this pic *LOL*)
The interior of the museum is very minimalistic and sparkling clean
Never seen a cup noodle so elegant before haha
Got our tickets, ready to go!
I have no idea if the mascot has a name but in my mind i keep on calling it Chiki
So...  Apparently in Cup Noodle Museum, the main attraction is the cup noodle making experience. Honestly speaking, i was expecting a more traditional kind of museum (where you mainly see exhibits)-but it's still a very unique experience nonetheless. Just know that there aren't that many things to actually see.
This is the cup noodle making area, totally busy!
But totally organized, ofc. Don't expect anything less from Japan
On the other side of the floor, there's a closed section where you learn to actually MAKE the noodle. You know, make MAKE-like cooking them. There are limited slots and classes-and honestly i have no interest in making noodles (in cooking or baking in general really >.<) so i didn't mind that we missed it
We focused on.. Well, i'd say this section is more of preparing and personalizing our cup noodle.
First you need to purchase the cup noodle container
No idea why there are so many buttons when they all dispense the same exact thing @.@
Grab your container
Then proceed on sterilizing your hands
The rules
This is actually a bit like play group *LOL*. You sit here and decorate your cup. I suck at drawing and decorating, FYI
Lily and Silv looking serious since they're clearly much more artistic than me
Hunny doodling and messing with his cup *LOL*
This is clearly a fake candid y'all
Sorry, self plugin wherever i go
Once you're done decorating your cup, you line up to get the actual noodles and toppings
You even get to move the dried noodle into your container with this tool
Then you get to pick the toppings... 5 of them, i think
I'm sure everybody would get the kawaii mascot one, no? Just for aesthetic
Our cup noodles... The cubes are cheese, if i remember correctly
Then your cup goes into the press machine
And sealed
Ta dahhh
Then you collect it!
Your very own, personalized, the only one in the world cup noodle
You get to keep it inside a balloon
Slip it in. Yes, my hunny calls himself CanMin-which is short of our names. I told ya he is a romantic *LOL*
Get some air in it
Ta dahhh, your super special cup noodle is ready to go back to your country with you hehe
The whole thing is very simple and honestly reminded me of Little O's experience with Indomie at Kidzania *LOL*, but it's still exciting somehow
After we're all done with the cup noodle personalizing thingy, we found this balcony with the prettiest view that loads of other tourists were camwhoring at.
Look at the beautiful blue sky!
Cold but sunny. I love that!
Seriously, how beautiful is Yokohama, eh?
Wefie first!
Groufie... look at the other group at the back *LOLOLOL*
Then we found the food court... Or should i say, noodle court since they're only selling noodles?
Tuktuk at the front because they're making it like "noodles around the world" kind of thing
The vibe is like very pasar malam hahaha
And the decor is very detailed okay!
We got Thai stall
The portion is quite tiny btw
Pho stall
Very excited to see the Mi Goreng stall *LOL*
Pasta stall!
Someone pointed out how they make the Chinese stall to be super dirty and all, very appropriate *LOL*
This is their original Nissin stall
Ohh after seeing this i think the place is called Noodle Bazzar!
Hunny's ramen... Which is basically an instant ramen *LOL*
This is what he ordered for me, can't remember what but it's supposed to be spicy. I couldn't taste spiciness whatsoever, naturally *LOL*
There's a playing ground next to the noodle bazaar
Then we moved to the "see" portion of the museum.
Noodles from around the world (from many era)
Me, being silly. Ofc.
The very first instant noodle was invented in 1958? My mum's already 9 years old by then!
As time progress, the variant is getting more and more varied!
What is he so excited about?
Well yeah, mi goreng. He's pointing to the wrong row tho *LOL*
Then we entered the theatre to learn about the history of cup noodle.
The theatre is super futuristic!
I must admit that i nodded off and managed to catch a little nap during the show >.<
Look, it's ramen noodle's inventor's little hut!
It's really little okay. And i think they make it life size 
With his manually dried noodles outside
And chicken coop
FYI , i love love love this kind of thing. Recreation of different era in details, super interesting to me! If you like this kind of things, Images of Singapore is very recommended! I haven't been there in years, now i itch to revisit it
I mean, look at all the details
It's like you're transported into a different world
All the stuffs he has to make his noodles
Even a simulation of the deep drying wok!
I think this is the original fridge!
The hut is teeny tiny but i took so many pics of it, i know.. I'm such a dork
That's him, btw
The next section of the museum is the interactive one, it's a part where you need to experience it yourself coz pictures definitely don't do them justice!
I mean, it's just a white object in the wall but when you step up, there'd be a video rolling and the whole thing comes to life!
Seriously super cute
We were captivated!
Everything is just so creative and techy!
Space ramen!
So cool!
Then there are the photo taking spots
The only way where Silv can appear to be taller than me
One thing about Momofuku Ando is that he is very persistent and he never gives up!
And that's the end of the museum tour, but we still got the souvenir shop!
Cup noodles shaped cakes, why not!
Cup noodles art 
We wanted a memento of our visit here, but honestly the price's quite crazy so we settled for this  phone charm *LOL*
For a sec i forgot what this is, apparently it's an eco friendly cup noodle-the cup is reuseable
And you buy this vacuum sealed refills!
The candle is so cool!
The mascot's section is just too cute
Can't remember what this is, a miniature ramen i think
And that marks the end of the post! I totally enjoy our visit to the museum, i think it's unique and unusual. I wouldn't necessarily come back for a second visit (i would love to go to the ramen museum tho), but if you find yourself in Yokohama, you should visit this place once. Especially if you like instant noodles, haha!

The next post will be the last, i swear! Look forward to that post where i fangirl over Yokohama!

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  1. lucu banget ya sampe ada museum nya cup noodles... :)

    1. Iyah org Jepang sptnya semua bisa di bikin lucu2 ya hehe

  2. lucu bangeeeeet. wish can go there soon ><


  3. Wah mbaaa.. Aku jd tertarik.. Mau aku masukin k list itin ku ah. Kebetulan aku mw ke jepang feb.. Ada 1 hr yg sengaja aku kosongin utk acara2 bebas.. Kyknya mnding dtg k museum ini :D

    1. Gimana mbaa apakah sudah berhasil mampir? Maapkan reply yg terlambat berbulan2 ini haha

  4. Ya ampun... Ce Myndi, aku iri sekali. Semoga bisa ke Jepang lagi. :D

    Museumnya lucu, pemandangannya bagus. 😍

    1. Tp aq trauma Aprie, 2x ke Jepang 2x hpku ilang donk

  5. Woow..the noodle with the topping looks yummy, my stomach is getting noisy ... lol.
    By the way, yes the mascot looks like chiki.