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Hello guys ^^.. 

A few weeks ago i got the chance to try out spa services at this sparkling new spa, Djati Spa (it only opened on 9th of November, if i remember correctly) as part of Surabaya Beauty Blogger collaboration with them. I was super lucky and got to bring my family with me as i was gifted with family spa-but since my hunny is an anti-massage kind of person, he refused wholeheartedly to come so i brought my mum and Little O with me.
Me at Djati Spa, picture taken by my mum after much difficulties
This new spa is located in West area of Surabaya, in a housing area that we weren't familiar with so it was a little bit hard for us to find it (coz everybody in the car that day was technologically challenged, it should be easier if we could use Waze or something *LOL*). Plus since the place is so new (even more so when we went there), they haven't even put the sign up yet.
Djati Family Spa
 Jl. Kampar 4, Surabaya 60241
Reservation: Call: 031-566 7612, WA: 082333234815Open daily 09.00 - 20.30 (Last order 19.00)
The lobby area that welcomes you once you step foot into the spa
Waiting area. I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos in this blog post, the place was quite dimly lit (coz it is a spa, doh!) and Marshmallow do not perform so well in places with not enough light >.<
My Ipad-holic son and my mum
Reception area
The first step in the treatment is choosing the scrub you want 
And the essential oil to choose. Again, i understand that Djati Spa is very new and all, but i do think that they need to re-train their staffs' product knowledge >.<. I first asked for a menu book (which every spa should have) and they told me they don't have any- i was like wha... Then i asked for recommendation and the different benefits each scrub and essential oil has (as a beauty blogger who quite understand the beauty world, i do know that they have different benefits and purposes, not just for aesthetic/flavors) and they only said they're all the same -___-, i should just pick the scent that i like. I mean...
Anyway, the manager then was kind enough to give me a little tour of the place
I like the decor and ambience of Djati Spa, it is not overly done but elegant and cozy at the same time
The area leading to the second floor. There are treatment rooms both in the first and second room
This area is where you get a foot bath to begin the spa sequence
Sorry let me sidetrack a bit and show you the foot bath first okay haha. My mum loves spa and i think she was showing off to her family in Sg coz she asked me to snap a "candid" pic of her getting a foot bath and send it to her family's WA group -___-
Every good spa should always start their treatment with a foot bath
Cute slippers they provide for ya!
Okay let's get back to the tour first hehe.
Can't help but keep on thinking that their hallways are perf for OOTD shots *LOL*
The singles rooms were occupied (by Sabsab and Arlinda, apparently!) so the manager showed me the couple room
It has a bathtub in the room, but Shelvi told me that even though her room had a bathtub in it they said that it couldn't be used-but did not elaborate on why *LOL*
Steam room
Bathroom. I was taken aback that the shower gel pump was already broken and unusable, it's a brand new spa.. I simply didn't think that should happen yet! When i shower there later, i had to take the pump off and pour the shower gel manually *LOL*
I also had some issues with the toilet *LOL*. I mean, i looks so clean and new, i was shocked when i saw something that i should not see in one of the toilet bowls... Let's just say that it needs a good scrub *LOL*. Again, i don't think this should happen because they actually have a cleaning service scrubbing the door when i was there, surely they should not miss something that obvious... I'm sorry for being so critical, but i'm very particular with hygene and i believe in speaking the truth so that they can improve the condition ^^
Another very OOTD worthy spot hehe
That's it for the first floor! 

After getting our foot bath, we're directed to the second floor where they have a triple room!
So you can have a treatment along with your spouse and kid... Provided, you only have one kid-that is
They provide a batik cloth to cover your body, disposable panties so your own panties won't go dirty and shower cap to keep your hair away. We're then asked to take off our clothes and lay on our tummy and the treatment began with a thorough body massage. Obviously i have no pics and the lights were dimmed so you should take my word for it haha!
Little O looks so funny, he also kept on giggling coz he is very ticklish like his dad *LOL*
The masseuse started with telling us the time the massage begins and informs us when it's gonna be finished (i think we got an hour massage, i can't remember for sure)-i think this is very good and professional as i've experienced masseuse skipping steps and cutting hours in other spas before.
A rather blurry pic of my massesue, who's slim but very strong indeed
The massage and scrub itself i believe depends on the massesue you're assigned with, as i had different experience than my blogger friends-but i'll just tell you my own experience okay! The masseuse that was assigned to me is very good! She gives very good massage (even i-who's not big on massages-enjoyed it), with the right kind of pressure (i'm a wimp okay, maybe others might feel like she's caressing me instead *LOLOLOL*). I still had to deal with pain when she got to my feet-but no pain no gain! I understand that she has to loosen all of my knotted muscles-and that often comes with a bit of pain.

I've been to a few spas by now to know what i like and dislike, and i know for sure that after a GOOD    spa session, i would be very relaxed-so relaxed that all i want to do is sleep *LOL* and that sure happened here.

The mask part was a bit of a torture because it was just so cold *LOL*, not the masseuse's fault of anything of course-it was just a particularly cold and dreary day, we had to continuously turn the air conditioner off and my mum and i had quite a race on who goes to the toilet the most *sigh*. I also happened to choose mint mask coz i thought let's go for the unusual (the other available mask was strawberry) since they couldn't tell me which one should be better for my skin type, well... Mint means it has a very cooling sensation that just added to the overall coldness!
Look how cute my son looks with his super oversized kimono, like a little emperor ^^
Overall i had a very pleasant time in Djati Spa and i returned home with all of my knotted muscles loosened (which is what one should aim for when they go to a spa, no?), my skin also feels very soft and clean after the scrub and the mask made it very soft and smooth (although i don't understand why spas don't provide body lotion to use after showering. That for me really defeat the purpose of treating your skin. I'm the type of person who HAS to put on some body lotion after shower or i'd feel my palms would be super dry) and the staffs were all pretty friendly.

There are minor things that i believe that they can improve, like the bathroom's cleanliness, the shower gel pump's being broken, the product knowledge of the staffs-i generally think they need to re-train their staffs on confidence and knowledge. I mean, they knew what they are doing, they did every step correctly, but whenever we ask for something... They'd act unsure and confused, like they're super afraid to answer us, now that's confusing...

I also can't help with the price range since they said they didn't have any menu book for me to snap a pic on to show you the services they have and their price range, so if you're interested please contact them yourself >.<.

I do love the place, the ambience and the overall service. My son-although felt super tickled-was happy enough too so when i asked him if he'd come back to accompany me for another spa session, he said he would-and my mum really enjoyed herself too so i personally think this spa is quite recommended. I just hope they'd take notes on our honest reviews and work on those aspects that can be improved.

Thank you Djati Spa for having me and my family (and other SBB members), we really had a nice time ^^.

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  1. Ce, owen lucueee... tenggelam di dalam kimono :P hahaha
    tempate emg asik yaa.. memang ada kekurangan dikit2 sih, tp smoga next visit udah lebih baik hehe