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Hey guys!!!

So i am currently in Jakarta, spending a week here with my family before starting our winter holiday (yeah, we're so #antimainstream that we start our holiday when other people's ending theirs hahaha)-i didn't expect to be able to blog here when hunny forgot to bring my Ipad's keyboard casing (i spent days trying to make sure i didn't forget anything, but i already had this nagging feeling that i forgot something, even before we left. I only left my highlighter though and that's like a reason enough for me to buy a new one hahaha) but then i saw my niece Au (who's currently studying in Busan, Korea-and meeting us up in Jakarta so that we can go for winter holiday together) brought her laptop with her, i ended up borrowing it and here i am-writing this blog post with her lappie!

Now, i really didn't want to miss a month for my monthly movies review-and boy did November movies were good!!! We only watched 6 movies in November but almost every single one of them was super good!
1. Ouija : Origin of Evil
I should not have to even explain how big of a horror buff i am anymore, if there's any scary movie playing in the cinema and there's even an inkling of possibility for it to be good : i'd come running. This movie is a sequel (although i don't know if there's a connection to the previous movie except for the fact that both of the movies involves
the board "game") to the 2014 one-which i can't even remember the storyline anymore. I don't think the first movie was very good at all based on that fact, but the sequel actually seem to be quite promising when i saw the trailer.

So the movie is set in LA, 1967 when a widowed mother and her 2 daughters make a living doing "seances" and readings (which are all scams). One day they add a new stunt using an Ouija board and unwittingly invite real evil spirit into their lives. Unknown to her mom and sister, the younger daughter plays with the Ouija board herself, trying to contact her dad-and soon begins to develop phychic abilities that is more than meets the eye.

Well, the movie started out quite promising actually, it was quite interesting and thrilling. Sadly i find the quality of the movie dipped as the movie progresses, and i really hate the ending -___-. Still, i think it's better than its predecessor and it's not entirely horrible. If you're a horror freak like me, i think you wouldn't think this movie is a total waste of time, but it's not gonna make you feel like you found a new fave either. It's... Passable, i guess.

Trolls.. I remember these creatures. I don't know much about them, but i used to have a pair of Trolls earrings with rainbow hairs (the hair was made in soft cotton) and i loved them dearly. I think they were one of my most prized posession as a kid *LOL*. I didn't even have pierced ears back then but still i held on to them like my life was depending on it. In fact i wouldn't be surprised if i still have them somewhere, pretty sure i never got rid of them. Anyway, understandably i was quite excited when i heard they're making a movie for these little, fugly (fabulously ugly, btw) creatures.

Troll Village was invaded by Bergens (who's coming of age is cemented by consuming their first Troll) so the Trolls are forced to flee. They all managed to escape thanks to the heroism of their King-so they are now living happily in their new place. The new heir is Poppy, happiest Troll ever-she loves nothing more than to party and scrap book. One day Poppy's party invitation gives Bergens' Cook (who's more of the evil counsellor to the King than a real cook) a clue to their whereabouts, she comes and take some of Poppy's best friends and jeopardize the rest of the villager's safety. Poppy then ropes in Branch (the grumpiest Troll ever) to help her rescue her friends and keep her people safe.

This is the type of movie where you either love or hate it, i read a lot of sour reviews on this movie but i happen to LOVE it! It's sooo colorful, energetic, funny, with fun songs that made me simply want to start moving my body right there and then-and it's just so... CUTE. I guess the fact that i always like Trolls probably cloud my judgement, but lots of my friends actually love this movie too so... I am not the only one. If you like cute creatures (i love Poppy, but i want the glittery guy to be my pet), bright colors, cute songs and simple but heart warming storyline, you'd probably love this movie as much as i do! Now i want to collect their merchandise too >.<... (Little Things She Needs comes up with Trolls line and i want everything T.T...)

How many times did i write that i don't gravitate towards war movies but always ended up loving them? Geez, way too many times. And this happened again with this movie. I wasn't in the slightest interested in this movie when we saw the trailer a few times in the cinema, but hunny convinced me that it's a good one so we went to watch it-so glad that we did coz it's such a good movie!

This movie is based on a true story of Desmond Doss (who received the Medal of Honor for his incredible bravery, saving numerous soldiers while refusing to carry a weapon at the Battle of Okinawa). It started from the very beginning, on how he injured his brother quite badly during their childhood,  that (combined with how he witnessed his father's violent drunken behaviour) made him swore an oath to never hurt other human being. He enlists in the US Army but must go through so many hardship and pain to be a medic, because he simply refused to even touch a weapon (he got branded as a coward and trouble maker) and then the movie follow him to hell on earth that is Hackshaw Ridge.

Not gonna lie, i cried quite a lot watching this movie, and Andrew Garfield gained a lot of respect from me for his portrayal of simple, kind hearted and brave Doss (before this i only remember him from Spiderman and i don't really care about Spiderman). Doss' acts, believes and bravery is so crazy, it's so hard for me to believe that this is a true story, and that means it really happened! It's a beautiful story, a great movie... With a load of gore (well, it's a war movie, and it's made very realistically too). It's highly, highly recommended. 

Okay, this one is a very popcorn movie obviously. Just by hearing the title, i can already gauge as much. The only thing about popcorn, action-comedy kind of movie is if it's gonna be funny and entertaining or way too slapstick, therefore kinda irritating to watch?

The Gaffneys are your typical white suburban couple, they've been together for so long that they associate themselves as mommy and daddy first before they are a couple. Their lives turned upside down at the arrival of the ultra gorgeous, ultra chic and seemingly perfect new neighbor-the Joneses. The Gaffneys' nosiness threw them in too deep and they find themselves embroiled in an international espionage plot.

Well, like i said earlier-when it comes to this genre. there's a fine line between being funny and cheesy. I personally find this movie still falls into the first category, just barely. There are some scenes that are too slapsticks, forced and cheesy, but overall it's still a very entertaining, silly (in a good way) movie-worth spending your evening on.

This oneeee... My inner Potterhead absolutely screamed in excitement when i heard they're making a movie in Harry Potter's world (well, 70 year or so before Harry's time, but still... It's the same world!)-i know other Potterheads feels the same way as i do because #Undecided and A (who loves Harry Potter every bit as much as i do) are super enthu about this! I actually went to watch it twice, once with hunny and a second time with #Undecided and Little O-this should be enough representation on how i feel about it, right??

The movie is set in 1926 and Newt Scamander (whose book is one of the books in Harry Potter and friends' curriculum, many many years later) who is an expert in beasts and magical creatures arrives in New York for a special mission. With a case of an escaping Niffler (my God, such a naughty and cute creature!!!) and a mixed up suitcase with a No-Maj (American's way of calling Mugglers) leads to some of his creatures escaping-which cannot happen at a worse time as the ministry of magic in America is in full alert from an incident that screams magic that claims the life of a No-Maj.

If you're a Potterhead, then you'd understand how i feel about the wizarding world-of how the magic comes into life in motion picture takes my breath away, and i am transported into that fantastical world... I've been craving more ever since Harry Potter ended, i cannot be happier that there's a new series opening us up to their world once more. Like #Undecided said, it's a good thing that they're making 6 movies!!! I hope J.K. Rowling will keep on coming up with other stories from their world... It is the world that is magical, afterall! A must must MUST watch for all Potterheads... And even if you think Harry Potter is for kids because this one's maturer and easier to accept for skeptical adults.

November ended with a BANG for me because Moana is da bomb! I LOVE this one as well, it's currently my fave Disney movie and i've been listening to the soundtrack nonstop (just right after i got sick of putting Trolls' soundtrack on repeat :p).

Moana is the daughter of a village chief and she has always been drawn to the ocean (much to her father's dismay) since she's a little girl. With much difficulties, she tries to stay away from the ocean and make her father proud. As Moana grows to be a young woman, difficulties starts to overcome her island. The fisherman can't catch any fish and the crops fail-then Moana then learns that this is caused by the demigod Maui who stole the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. The only way to make things right again is to make Maui return Te Fiti's heart so Moana (who also discovers that her people used to be voyagers) sets on a journey to find Maui.

Moana... She kicks ass!!! And Maui is hilarious, his face is so annoyingly naughty, and having The Rocks' voice coming out of his mouth only makes it better! I am one of those who are super impressed by The Rock's singing, that song "You're Welcome" is very fast and not very easy to sing indeed! This movie has it all, the strong, ass-kicking Princess (well, Moana is the daughter of the chief, it's pretty much the same thing), lovely songs, interesting storyline and hilarious scenes... It's AWESOMEEEEEE...

Those are all the movies we watched in November, i can't choose between Fantastic Beasts and Moana for my favorite so they're a tie... My least fave... Is a also a tie between Ouija and Keeping Up with the Joneses-which aren't that bad either, just not as good as the other movies we watched that month. What about you? Did you watch any movies from this list and how do you like them?

Until next time!
I have a new, unhealthy obsession with Beauty Plus' Anime filter!

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