Body-Tale 11 : Senzues Hydra Cool Body Lotion (SPONSORED)

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Hello my dears...

Another weekend is almost over, i hope y'all excited for the new week ^^. As for me, a new week means i am getting even closer to our winter holiday so... Very excited about that!

Getting on with the post now, today i have a very nice product (which i really really like, just gotta throw that out there first) to share with you :
Senzues Hydra Cool Aqua Refresh Body Lotion SPF 20
I gotta be honest that i haven't heard much about this brand before so i did a bit of research and nosey around their official website. It looks like the brand is from our neighboring country, Malaysia (but the products are formulated in France) and they are already registered to BPOM. All of their products are clinically proven, made from natural ingredients, also they're paraben and SLS free.

Thanks to Senzues Indonesia and Clozette Indonesia, i got the chance to try out this Hydra Cool body lotion ^^.
Been loving and using this product ever since it arrived in my place!
Let's talk packaging first!
Senzues Hydra Cool Body Lotion comes in a simple white squeeze tube-this is the packaging for the 60ml variant, they are also available in 200ml (which has the most unique packaging out of the three) and 350ml
All the information on the product can be found at the back of the tube
Ingredient list
Comes with the normal flip cap that is very common for this type of packaging, the flip cap closes securely (some flip caps can be quite flimsy and difficult to close back after a while) but without giving me any difficulties to open
When i first opened the tube, the first thing that i did was sniffed it hehe, i was very happy when i found that Senzues Hydra Cool Body Lotion has a super fresh, pleasant scent that is not overpowering. It doesn't matter how good a body lotion is, when the scent throw me off it'd be very hard for me to love the product. As for Senzues, it was love at the first sniff *LOL*
The texture of the body lotion is quite unique and different from most other body lotions that i used before, it is white, semi opaque and has more of a gel consistency. It gives a very pleasant (especially during hot and humid days, which we have plenty here in S.E.A) cooling sensation upon contact with my skin. The cooling sensation is definitely prominent, but it's not so strong that it can inflict any discomfort or sensitivity.
The body lotion glides like a cool dream on my skin, it absorbs very fast into my skin-leaving it silky smooth and supple. The silky feeling is not fleeting either, it lasts the whole day and i just love love love both how Senzues Hydra Cool body lotion feels on my skin and how it makes my skin feels! It surprised me when i realized that it contains SPF, at last!!! A body lotion with SPF that doesn't make my skin feels sticky and greasy!!! It's a dream come true for me!

I'm not sure about the price, but with the information i found online i think it's over IDR 100k. I know it's not the cheapest body lotion around (for only 60ml, i think the bigger sizes' prices are better though) but for such a high quality, i genuinely believe it's worth every penny.

Now, it's clear to see that i am a big fan of this product (you know i always keep it real, i won't say i love it if i don't, it never matters whether i am sponsored or not), let's learn more about it!

The benefits that they claim are :
  • Cooling effect that leaves your skin refresh
  • Improves your skin’s moisture retention and prevent further moisture loss
  • Glutathione (your skin’s natural anti-oxidant) booster
  • Broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection

I must tell you that i have normal skin and this product is a perfect match for my skin. Although it claims to suit all skin types, i can't comment on how it'd perform in very dry or sensitive skin-i'm not sure if it's going to be moisturizing enough for that skin type, but fret not, there are 5 variants available to cater for different skin needs
Senzues Body Lotion is available in Cell Activate, Hydra Firm, Lumi Bright, Night Active and Hydra Cool
    The only thing i don't love about this product? Is the fact that i love it so much and it absorbs so fast into my skin, i tend to use quite a lot in one go-which means 60ml will be gone in no time *LOL*. Would i purchase this product with my own money? Actually i would, i'd go for the biggest size to save money tho #kiasu !

You can order Senzues directly from them and get your products sent to your place, you don't even need to leave your room *LOL*.

    For more information, you can go to and also follow their social medias :


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