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Hey guys...

In my previous outfit pic not so long ago, i already mentioned that i was going for a fun photo shoot on Sunday, that photo shoot was for the items sponsored by Dresslink!
Borrowing Onkas as per #Undecided's suggestion, he completes the look! LOL
Well, in case you can't tell, this is somewhat of a costume haha. I don't normally dress like that prancing around town or whatever (not like there's anything wrong with that, but i did get snarky comments when i post a pic on IG). Each of the items in this blog post can be worn on everyday life (eh... If you think it's okay wearing a dress with skeleton hands holding your boobs and butt, that is! Totally fine by me!) but throw them all together, you get this : a costume.

Which is precisely my point. I mean, that's the beauty of playing dress up, yes? Thing that most girls can relate, no matter if they're 3 or 33 (or 66, for that matter), playing dress up is fun and it should be over the top and crazy. If not, they'd be call "dressing normally" instead of "playing dress up".

Please keep that in mind if you plan to comment, because i don't take annoying comments easily *LOL*. Consider yourselves warned :p.

Anyway. You can see the items in more details (and learn about the quality) in my Dresslink unboxing and review post.

So, i wanted to take the pics outdoor (better lighting and all) and since we had plan to throw our BFF A a birthday dinner that day, i asked #Undecided if she thinks i can snap pics somewhere in her neighborhood (you know, lots of trees, quiet so i can actually take pictures without people staring). Hunny can't take pics properly when it's hot so i was glad that my other BFF G (who now take nice pics) actually wanted to tag along and take pictures with me. Most of the pictures in this blog post were taken by her (and a few by hunny).

It really was so much fun because of G! She was encouraging and since i've known her more than half of my life, i totally felt at ease when she took my pics. No shyness attack or whatever hahaha.
Dangling gold necklace USD 1.36 only!
Black shift dress with skeleton hands USD 5.81
Showing you the other pair of hands on the butt hahaha
:p. Btw, i was wearing hair extension clips from Irresistable Me for more volume!
Oh yeah, now i understand why it takes an army to take actual, professional fashion photos. I didn't realize that my fringe was in a total disarray and nobody pointed it out to me, so please try to ignore the weird long spikes in the middle of my forehead, it's supposed to be swept to the side >.<
Btw, i was also trying out my new makeup (sponsored by Zoya Cosmetics) that day!
MOTD. I didn't look so bitchy without the sunnies, no? LOL
List of products used :
1. Zoya Cosmetics CC Cream
2. Zoya Cosmetics Blotting Powder
3. Face on Face Face Powder
4. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
5. DHC Medicated Concealer 
6. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24HR Coloring Mascara in Rusty Brown
7. Color Concept shimmery nude eyeshadow
8. Mai Doll Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
9. Mustika Ratu Blush on (Amethyst)
10. Zoya Cosmetics Ultimate Eyeliner in Black
11. Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu powder for nose shading
12. Oriflame Tender Care
13. Zoya Cosmetics Lip Paint in Pink Powder
14. Unbranded Hiliter
Okay let's go back to the outfit. We took a LOT of pictures so i have more photos than my usual outfit pics (this is already just 20% of all the pictures taken hahaha)
In case you're wondering, i am not afraid of Onkas. I'm not very brave or whatever, big dogs used to scare the shit out of me (most of them still do!), but Onkas is a sweetheart. No need to be afraid of him whatsoever. He did pee on the exact spot which we picked as out photo taking spot tho zzzz so yes, those wet (BIG) patch you see on the pavement. His pee.
Since we're going all out, i decided to borrow #Undecided's hubby's air soft gun *LOL*
FYI, it was really really heavy and i kept on shouting at hunny to snap faster
This pose is especially torturous. I need to work on my upper body strength
Like i mentioned earlier, G was my photographer and later she joined me in the photos hahaha.
Of course i beautify this pic, it turns out nice, no?
The actual tone of the pic *LOL*
LOL at my chicken butt lips >.<
Lastly we also took some more pics at Mazel Tov where we had dinner. Yes, we did get carried away.
Round clock shaped bag USD 2.89
The only items that were not sponsored are those knee length socks (which i don't even remember where i get from anymore) and boots (bought online, unbranded China imported ones) *LOL*
All of those items (and thousands other options, don't worry-they also have subtler, more normal looking items than the ones i picked hahaha) can be purchased at Dresslink!

G and i had so much fun taking these pics, we decided we should make this a regular thing! Hope you enjoy this post as much as i did in the process!


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