Eye Stories 09 : Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys!

Ready for another round of Laneige's product review? It's another one that i loooveeee :D!
Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel
Of course, this product is also kindly sponsored by iBeau ^^! It's an eye gel from Laneige's famous Water Bank series. I love their sleeping mask (you can read my review of Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Mask here) so i already knew i was going to love this one too :p.
Like the other products i got, the eye gel also comes in a white and light blue cardboard box, similar to the Sleeping Masks', but shorter
The information in the box are all in Hangeul, but not to worry-they always have a little (but very complete) pamphlet inside each product with information on the product (and other products they have, actually) in various languages, of course English is also available hehe.
The explanation and direction on how to use the eye gel
Unfortunately i couldn't find the full list of ingredient in the box (nor the pamphlet... i could be wrong but i've already thrown the pamphlet out so i can't even check again >.<), it's also quite hard to find in the internet (it's probably easier to find if you understand Hangeul-which i don't, except for some words like kajima, mianhe or anneyong :p), but here's one :
All credits for the owner of the photo
For those who are not an expert in understanding "ingredients language" like me *LOL*, here's something easier to understand with only the main ingredients :
Photo source
The eye gel itself is housed in a heavy, sturdy, thick blue jar, i thought it was made in plastic but hunny said it's glass 0-0, i googled and of course-he's right. I'm totally useless when it comes to materials :p. 

The packaging looks and feels very luxurious and high end, but the usage of glass-in my opinion-has both positive and negative side. The positive is obvious, i already mentioned it-it looks expensive. The negative? Well, it's totally not travel friendly (sooo heavy!) and as it's glass... Someone clumsy (like me) is bound to drop everything at one point (my Iphone is the poor example), i shudder at the thought of breaking a full jar of eye gel *LOL*.
The jar contains 25ml worth of product, that's quite generous for an eye product and it lasts me months and months of usage (especially because you only need a little amount every time)
Don't worry germ-o-phobes, even though the eye gel is housed in a jar, they also provide a spatula so you can scoop the product without sticking your germ-ridden finger in! I...eh... am lazy and gross, i stick my grubby finger in nonetheless :p. I personally prefer products in tubes, but this doesn't bother me all that much
When you open the lid, there's another lid inside ensuring your products won't go anywhere but stay put!
In the jar, the eye gel looks like a white thick gel, almost whipped in appearance 
But when you scoop a bit out, you can feel how light it is (well, it's WATER bank after all so the main ingredient IS water!), the product's actually quite translucent too. 

This eye gel has the same soothing, refreshing and calming scent i come to associate with Laneige Water Bank products, it's lovely! The light eye gel turns super watery once spread into your skin, it's not heavy at all and it's pretty much melt and got absorbed into your skin within seconds. It feels super cooling and refreshing on my skin, a total pleasure to use!

I have a rather dry skin around my eye area (on contrary to my super oily facial skin!), if i don't use eye gel/cream for a few days, the skin around my eyes would become super dry to a point where it flakes when i put my makeup on! Unfortunately, my eyes are also super sensitive, most eye gels sting my eyes while heavy eye cream results in millia seeds and red bumps-fortunately Laniege Water Bank Eye Gel doesn't sting my eyes at all (it soothes them instead), i did get a few red bumps sometimes, but no major outbreak, not millia seed and most of the time it makes my skin behaves haha.

Some eye creams are too heavy and makes my eye makeup cakey (it's disgusting) while some eye gel leave a sticky residue that it's hard to blend my eye makeup-again i found no such problems with this eye gel, it's pretty much perfect to use before eye makeup to make my skin supple and moisturized so application of eye shadow become a lot easier.

I have some annoying fine lines under my eyes due to age (LOL) and DNA, they're not visible when i'm bare faced (i guess that's why people think i'm super young when i'm bare faced >.<) but very visible when i wear concealer (which i cannot go without, i have panda eyes!)-unfortunately this product doesn't help in diminishing those lines of make them less visible under makeups-but they never boast about wrinkle reducement for this product so i can't fault them? LOL.

It definitely does what it claims though, it soothes my tired eyes and refresh them. My eye area is no longer dry now that i've used this eye gel for three months, it's also a lot suppler! Me and my skin, we do love it!

Of course, it's quite pricey (price range is from IDR 390.000 to 550.000, even more!), but eye products are one of those rare products that i am willing to splurge on (when the time comes, i wouldn't put it pass me to buy super expensive eye products, anything to prolong my youthful appearance!) and better still, you can get it from iBeau with very good price, it's so good that it's almost cheap : it's currently on sale for only IDR 351.120-now that's a price that i would not hesitate to pay for such a good product!

Highly recommending this for those of you looking for light, moisturizing, soothing eye gels that doesn't sting your skin. Not recommending this for those who specifically looking for eye creams to fight of wrinkles-i think this product is suitable for younger people (under 40, i would say. Definitely need a stronger product once you're over 40).

Would i buy this with my own money? Of course! Would i repurchase? That would be a yes too (although being a beauty blogger means i would be trying out different products first, but this one is something that i would go back for).

Thank you again for iBeau for sending me this awesome product, i have two other Laneige products to review so please look forward for that!
Selfie using a product that i'm going to review next (it's the eyeliner!)

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