Ungrateful Son of a *beep*

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The perks of being Indonesian: to get help around the house (read: maid, but TBH I hate this word - seems so condescending wtf therefore I'm going to continue referring to them as "help", okay!) is easy. Ever since we moved into our rented house, hubby and I hired a male help to basically take care of our dogs and clean up around the house (I'm horrible with house chores, sorry ah hubby hahaha). Let's call him KB (short for Kennel Boy).
It's always good to put a face to a name (or in this case, an acronym). KB is the one kneeling down next to Onkas (which I must add look extra handsome here!! Onkas ya, not the KB, please!!).

It's been almost a year since he started working for us. A young lad, never worked anywhere else before, almost got chased off by Onkas on his first day (LOL seriously he almost fell on Onkas' head, terrified of him then tried running away wtf) but managed to win his heart in no time. A bright young man overall whom loves our dogs, we couldn't ask for a better employee.
He also takes good photo of me - which is a plus, right!

That is, until quite recently we hired another help to take care of Baby Zoe. A middle-aged woman whom I've known for quite a while, let's call her TN (short for The Nanny, duh!). Ever since she became an addition to our household, I've been hearing lots of bad notes about the KB. Hubby and I brushed it off at first thinking he's probably just acting out because he's jealous that TN got the better end of the deal (hey, she's carrying Zoe around all day, can't expect her to be throwing out the trash with my baby on tow now can you?!) and he'd get over it in no time... Days went by and after some coaxing, TN reluctantly exposed him. Among the things he did, one thing that just didn't sit right with me was taking one of my Batik without my permission. He uses it as blanket.

Like seriously. I can deal with a lot of things, we're very lenient that way, but theft cannot be tolerated, right? Still, maybe because hubby and I are very fond of this guy (he loves our dogs, that is very important to us, okay!), we kept postponing calling him off. But then yesterday my sister bbm'ed me and said:

"KB slept on your hubby's bed!!"

And that was the last straw.

We can tolerate him lounging on our couches (feet up no less!!) during working hour when we're not around (and whenever someone knocks at the front door he would pretend to come from his quarter by opening and closing the door that connects the backside and the living room!), but like what else do you want from us, dude?! Couch isn't good enough for you, you have to have the bed as well?! 

Hubby was furious.

*side note: Hubby doesn't sleep with me now because he sleeps like a maniac. He moves around smacking whomever sleeping beside him. I had my share of waking up in the middle of the night because his hand landed on my face wtf. Now with Zoe sleeping with me (I'm breastfeeding, okay), I cannot risk it. One night I had to pee and maybe it took me 5 mins or so and when I returned, to my horror, his hand was already on top of Zoe's tummy!! She didn't cry out so I guess *fingers crossed* that was nothing... We also tried having him sleep on the floor (on a bedcover LOL) but then he would sleepwalk back to the bed *slaps self*. So until then Hubby, go sleep downstairs lah, I cannot risk our daughter's safety okay!

Back to the story.

We confronted him last night. He admitted what he's done. And got to keep his job.

Question: do you think we're being too forgiving? 

I've been thinking about this. Why are people so ungrateful? Okay maybe not ALL of them are, but mostly. Like with this KB dude. We welcomed him in our home. Treated him as one of our own. His salary is good. We taught him everything he knows about caring for dogs. What we eat he also eats - hubby and I don't believe that we should treat people differently just because they work for us. He knows the wi-fi password and is free to use it as he pleases. We understand that during the day his room might be warm (even if we have provided him with an electronic fan) and don't mind him chilling in the living room as long as his job is all done. We don't nag him (maybe TN does LOL), seriously we're the most laid back bosses you'll ever find. But instead of being grateful and in turn work better, he stole from me. 

Oh I don't know, Mama... People are weird, but what do I know, I'm only a 3 month old baby...

I didn't ask you though, Zoe...
You didn't?!

Ah okay... Back to sleep then! *yawn*

Excuse the digression -___-

KB even said to TN: "if I took 10 more Batik from cece (cece is what he calls me), she wouldn't notice". Sure, I may not notice, but apparently that didn't mean he could get away with it (thank you, Universe for having my back!). 

Funny thing is, I'm not even mad (seriously the look on his face was very pitiful, it was either he was truly sorry or he was a very good actor), but I'm sorely disappointed. And that's worst in my book. Out of frustration I was tempted to change. To be more strict about things. To ask for his ID card and keep it for our safety if he wants to continue working for us. But after a night pondering about it with hubby, I realized that it's just not how we were wired. We shall continue being our old selves - hoping that this whole ordeal has taught him a lesson. And if out of it all, we turned him into a better person, that's just another plus, right...

Question remains tho: why are people so ungrateful? Why are they so quick to turn on you when the situation allows them to?

Hubby said that everyone is tested when their fate is about to turn to the better. They're faced with challenges. If they prevail, they "advance" in life. Clearly KB failed and it's his own Karma to pay. We don't need to punish him for that...

Apparently I'm married to a very wise man.
Doesn't look too wise here, tho... LOL.

Until then,

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