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Hey guys, it's April OMG *freaking out*.

Anyway, i am very excited because hunny told me there's a new movie with my long-time crush Eddie Peng as part of the cast showing in cinema, i can't wait to watch it >.<! And then i just found one of his latest movie that i can watch streaming, it's been too long! Life is exciting when you have a celebrity crush *LOL*. Anyway, in case you're also a fan of his cute-handsomeness, you can watch that movie The Last Women Standing here *you're welcome* (hey, it's not easy to find Chinese movies with subtitles when they're not showing in your country, okay! So i dunno if watching it is illegal, i'll do it anyway :p).

Okay, now onto the actual content of the post. It's another round of mobile phone outfit post haha! I'm getting fond of this, hunny's phone's camera is simply awesome! I also tend to snatch it from him to take selfies >.<, Iphone's camera just doesn't compare!

Like the title stated, in this outfit post i am proudly wearing one of my nation's identity, Batik!
If you follow me in Instagram then you'd seen me post a pic of this outfit already and explained that this two piece was my mum's. It's so typical of her to buy things then immediately not wanting it zzz (she also passed me two tartan tops that she bought for Xinjia but decided that there's no way in hell she'd be wearing cropped tops. They're both brand new!), her loss my gain, i guess?

What's even worse? She thought this chic batik set was a pajama -___-. She was like, here a pajama for you. I put it on and went "This is not a pajama!" LOL. With a cropped top and stylish jogger pants (comes with pockets!!! Love pockets!) this is not something you wear to bed! Ideally i'd be wearing it with heels, but i am a sensible woman-when i know i'd be running around on my feet for hours, wearing heels is just a stupidity that i would not conform to. The only bad thing about this outfit? The fact that my mum (a skinny lady with big tummy, the total opposite of me in terms of body shape) loves to wear stuffs at least 2-3 sizes too big for her. The pants has elasticated waist and it's 3 sizes too big for me so it kept on falling off my waist >.< (i am not exaggerating, it kept on threatening to fall to the floor whenever i walk)!

Let's talk makeup first :
In case you're wondering why my hair was curly, that's because BB's Sweet 16's party was the night before and i had my maid curl it for me. The bleaching process left my hair ends drier than usual so the curl lasted very long with minimum hair mousse added!

I would normally list the products i used for the look but i actually can't remember >.< nothing special just the usual products i guess *too lazy to even try to remember*.

I was in the middle of following an Instagram challenge and the theme of the day was "Power Lip Color" so i wore this deep red lipstick i haven't been wearing for a while :
It's Pixy Moisture Lipstick in 01
More self-absorbed selfie in the car on the way to TP
I absolutely love my curly hair, but it's just too much work (yes, sitting for 30 minutes while my maid work on it is too much work for me, how high maintenance do i sound?) so i don't even want to do it more often. And yes, my bangs were getting too long to handle back then
Back to the outfit!
I love how in TP 5 you can find some quiet spots with nice backgrounds for photo shoots. It remains somewhat empty even during the most crowded day of the week for the mall. Granted, there's nothing in those floors but escalator connecting the floors, but that's the beauty of it!
My posing game is not strong, but at least i CAN pose a bit when there are nobody around hahaha
Half-open mouth pose that makes me look confused instead of sexy like intended hahaha. Darn, see how the pants kept on sliding off showing parts of my tummy that is not even the right part to show. A bit of flesh is okay, too low and immediately it looks too 90s. Not right.
The bag is Smir Nasli, bought it in Japan on a huge sale (70% off? Around IDR 300.000 only!). The flap part's covered with cloth material tho and it's now already dirty and discolored due to my gross clumsiness (yes, i spilled drinks and food on it, repeatedly >.<)
The reason why i went to TP on a Sunday afternoon (which is a HUGE no no normally, i avoid TP like a plague during weekdays!) is because i was supporting my friend Wulan who joined a styling competition held by a bazaar (another thing that i usually avoid like a plague. Two out of two, you owe me big time Wulan! Not to mention how we were accused of being paid spectators by the not so funny MC -___-).
Thankfully she won first place so my great sacrifice was not in vain *LOL*
Ms. Cetar Trixie was also there but she had to leave early so she was not in the group pic
Okay just a few more pictures, i promise
The ones with this background was snapped in 10 seconds because it was in a more crowded floor with people staring *LOL*
Caught in mid movement *LOL*. Outfit details :
Batik Set : My mum's
Crossbody : Smir Nasli
Bracelet : Gelang Harapan
Slip on shoes : Bugis Street, Singapore
The white inner has been worn one too many times that it turns yellowish *LOL*, bought it from Hypermart :p    

Planning to shoot a more elaborate outfit post tomorrow, hope we'll get some nice shots!


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