Malaysia Trip 2015 (Part 6) : Cameron Highland

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Hey guys...

My mood had been such a roller coaster in the weekend, strange because my period's almost done. Hmph. I'm usually super hormonal during PMS but not during my period. I guess you can't always pin point the exact time when you're going to lose your control to dear female hormones *sigh*. I just feel like exploding.

Anyway. I'm feeling annoyed again now zzz. Just thinking about those things that make me so irritable totally irritates me -___-. I better start the post before i go on another rant with no real point -___-. 

This is the final part of our Malaysia Trip post, i think i'm going to review the hotel we stayed in in KL in another post, but as far as the actual activities, this is the last one.

Day 5 was spent in Cameron Highland (i keep on typing Cameran instead of Cameron arghhhh) and journey to KL.
One of the highlight of our visit to Cameron Highland, Butterfly Garden
Our hotel rooms in Nova Highlands Resort did not come with breakfast, so we headed to one of the restaurants in Cameron Square first thing in the morning : Old Town White Coffee.
My kind of breakfast, half boild eggs on toasts and cup of hot cappucino!
Another celebgram-wannabe pose *LOL* (with added sleepy face and parted bangs *LOLOL*)
We noticed a few gardens and farms for tourists to visit around our hotel, since we had sometime before we needed to head to the bus station to catch our ride to KL, we decided to explore some of them.

To this bee farm first
The building was mainly catered for shopping though, you can buy souvenirs and snacks here
The actual farm was down there. I don't really know what we were expecting, but it was a bit disappointing *LOL*. But honestly, i also don't know if i'm brave enough to go near the bee hives!
Yes, you can go to the bee farm if you want, but it didn't seem too interesting from up here so... We decided to shop instead *LOL*
I love honey, and chewing on honey combs is something that i can enjoy-but i hate the crumbly waxy texture *LOL*. I also had a very refreshing honey lemon ice cream!
Didn't stay long at the bee farm (which is more like a souvenir shop than anything else), and we head to our next destination.
The Butterfly Garden, i don't remember how much the entrance fee was, but it was quite cheap
FYI, i am not the bravest person on earth and there are millions of things in this world which i am scared for, on top of that long list is butterflies (and any other insects). So you can imagine how scared i was going in, but for the sake of entertaining Little O (which is the source of my annoyance today -___- so writing this is extra hard for the moment *LOL*) and a good blog post, i forced myself in *with shaky legs and cold, clammy hands*. No, i can't explain why i'm scared of butterflies, i just am.
Even before we finished going down the steps we already saw caterpillars roaming in the leaves next to the stair *shudder*
And HUUUGEEE butterflies just perching anywhere including the steps. I was super scared that it would fly towards us or something, but they seem to be very used to human (of course, they live in a garden open for public) and acted like we don't exist
You probably can't gauge it from the photos, but they really are BIG. With their wings spread like that, they're wider than my palm!
Even though it's called BUTTERFLY garden, there are a lot of other things to see beside butterflies
Like snakes
#shudder. At least they're enclosed in their glass cages. I would never step my foot into a garden where there are snakes roaming around freely (is there any such place? LOL)
Little O was fascinated with everything
Happily shouting and pointing at different insects and reptiles while i tried to act enthusiastic *LOL*
I would run away FTL if this kind of bugs (not even sure if it's a bug but whatever, i don't remember much of Science class anymore-i used to get very good grades on Science tho!) roams around freely too!
Kinda think the gecko looks cute but still doesn't mean i want to be close to it without a thick glass between us -___-
Huge spiders *faints*
Gigantic grasshopper *faints again*. Yes, i am super scared of grasshoppers too -____- (except Yoo jae Suk...)
Butterflies everywhere, thankfully they did not try to get close to us or anything #shudder
Found these lizards lining up to be super hilarious
You can inspect the life cycle of butterflies here
Master Oogway, is that you?
Once i got a hold on my fear, i figured it was time for a pic *teehee*
Although the butterflies did not try to perch on us or anything *i would be running around screaming like a banshee if that happened*, i couldn't be more relieved when we got out of the butterfly area. On the second, much bigger area, you can find all kinds of flowers and vegetables, as well as some animals.
Not much of a flower person, but when i see pastel colored ones, i can't help but admire them
So pretty ^^
I love how they already look like a hand bouquet hehe
Rabbits! I loveeee rabbits. Used to have them as pets when i was little, but my fave tiny ones always died within days (got eaten by gigantic rats, drowned in the pond, etc etc. It was brutal. As a child i look forward for news of my rabbit's deaths anxiously everyday since the day we got one home -___- how sad is that? After a while, i decided not to buy anymore because it was an unnecessary heartache!) while the rare ones that survives until they grow super fat would be given away by my animal-hating mum -___-
Fluffy rabbittttsss ^^ i love seeing them eat with their tiny noses twitching happily. That's CL's hand btw
I like seeing my son running around freely and happily in the garden instead of having his head stuck to his gadgets. Gotta take him travel more!
LOLOLOL dunno what's KC's doing
Love the vivid purple color, must be pretty as a lipstick color *can't escape the beauty blogger in me*
Cauliflowers. Yep, they grow vegetables too here
I also don't like being around any kinds of birds, but it's okay because they're in the cage *teehee*
They actually ate the leaves we fed them. That's kinda weird, i didn't know chickens and ducks eats leaves
A rabbit tried to blend in with the guinea pigs
I have no idea what this plant is but the color sure is pretty
Selfie with the flowers
One mo. I hate when my bangs are getting too long 0_0
My mum tells me that Little O is a lot like KC when he was little. No wonder they get along so well, they're two peas in a pod!
LOL, hunny was trying to spot something
Leaf insects *ew*
That's not a bark, that's an insect *GYAAAAAAAAAA*
Frogs 0_0
What were they looking at?
The scorpion pond that for some reasons became a place for people to throw coins in -___-
Looks like a dragon
Going into this meaningless tunnel
That leads us to the store
Cactus store, that is
I find this plant to be super weird looking 0_0
By the time we got out, it was already time for us to go to the bus station. The bus station was a little building (that i did not think of taking a pic of!) in a very rural looking area (okay so all of the places in Cameron Highlands looks rural), it was very small and cramped, the bus was running late so it was super full of impatient tourists, we had to wait outside with our luggage.

There's a public toilet are across the street with toilet bowl that leads straight to the river-then Au managed to drop her Iphone in it. Bye bye Iphone *LOL*. Told ya we have bad lucks like that. As i live in Java and people in Java likes to see things in positive lights, so i always told myself that it's like a sacrifice to prevent worse things from happening to us during our trip *LOL*. 

So that's the end of our Malaysia trip post, we spent the night and the next day in KL before heading back to Singapore, we only went to malls and shopped at KL so i didn't really take any pictures, therefore i won't be blogging about KL. 

I'm so happy i finally manage to finish blogging about this trip T.T! I have another two trips to blog about, ganbatte me!


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  1. Haduh liat foto bunga-bunganya bikin fresh banget.
    Btw udah ku follow blog kakak, salam kenal ya, aku dari Sociolla Blogger :)

  2. Kerennyaaaa. Terutama rumpun bunga yang warnanya vivid purple itu. Tiduran sambil selfie disitu oke kayanya yaaa *watak-watak perusak* Hihihi

  3. omg itu serem banget bayangin hape nyemplung ke kloset terus langsung kebawa sungai >_<"