Sponsored Review : Thai Aroma Massage at Khana Spa Surabaya

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Hey guys.

Yes, here i am. Again. So-called hiatus forgotten, at least for now (not this month #Pink, not this month) coz i cannot afford the luxury -__-. Too many responsibilities that i need to take care of first, like this post.

As you might already know, i don't do a lot of spas but i've progressively warm up to the idea of strangers touching me (NOT LIKE THAT, your perv! LOLOLOL) because i do need that (massages, people) sometimes. And this visit to Khana Spa not too long ago couldn't come at a better time.
Khana Spa
 Plaza SBY (3rd Floor), Jl. Pemuda, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
(Opening Hours : 10 AM-9 PM)

I was super sick at that time, running high fever and crazy stuffed nose, my bones were all aching-i was sure a massage session at Khana Spa would make me feel better. Guess what, i was right-of course!

I went to Khana with my fellow influencers, Trixie and Kathy. We're all scheduled for an early afternoon session, alas-we're a bit late because... Err. Trixie (who picked me up) and i got lost. I know i know, how sad that is for two adult women who spent majority of their lives in Surabaya couldn't find their way to such a landmark of Surabaya (Plaza Surabaya being one of the oldest mall in Surabaya, and 3 minutes walk from my childhood home >.<). Anyway. We did get lost. But we found our ways (after a panic call to hunny).
And immediately greeted by all the staffs
FYI, Khana Spa is a Thai spa. So everything about this place is Thai-oriented (yes, the owner is also a true blue Thai nationality), from the technique, to all the products.
Kathy channeling her inner Celebgram and posing for the camera
All Thai beauty products that can be purchased at Khana Spa. These are Malieco products, i personally am using Malieco's hair serum at the moment and it's quite good!
They also have manicure/pedicure service here
More Thai products for purchase
They have Collagen gel manicure and pedicure, not sure what those are tho hahaha
At the front of the spa next to the receptionist, there are a line of comfortable sofas for mani/pedi and foot massages. I know they word "spa" can be intimidating for guys, but Khana Spa is a unisex spa and all males are more than welcome here. The fact that it's in the middle of a mall is a plus point too, if the husbands/boyfriends are getting tired waiting for their women shopping, they can go to Khana Spa and get a foot/back massages.
Trixie, who went all the way and pinned the decorative flower to her ear, channeling her inner Thai girl *LOL* (or Balinese, but we're in a Thai Spa right now so..)
We were then presented with the menu book and asked to choose the treatments that we wanted
We all opted for different type of massages (we took the 1.5 hours one since we have other appointments afterwards)
I took the Aroma Massage (after staring at the menu for a full 10 minutes in confusion *LOL*, my brain was extra muddy from all the medication) while Trixie opted for the Candle Massage (which you can check out the review on her Instagram). There are a few other types of massage (including a traditional Thai style massage), but apparently i forgot to take a pic of the prices >.<. I personally think their prices are pretty good, compared to other spas i've been to, theirs are actually very affordable
You can also get face accupressure or facial massage, i decided to pass since i was wearing full makeup and have an event to attend afterwards
Like i mentioned, I was dizzy from medication and the full blown flu so i didn't really pay attention to the menu (i just snapped them hahahaha), on hindsight i should've picked the Aroma Body Package instead because i love getting body scrubs!
Since Khana Spa is located inside a shopping mall, the space is not super spacious, but it is not cramped and you can move around easily. Let me show you some of their treatment rooms :
Everything is very simple but cozy
A couple room, which mainly used for the traditional massage
Waxing room
The treatment began with a foot bath to relax and revive your feet's condition (according to Khana Spa's rep :D)
Then we were asked to go to our respective treatment rooms and change into kimonos. They provide both disposable panties and hair cap for your convenience. Unfortunately, the lighting of the treatment rooms are super dim (because this a spa, not photo studio hahahaha) so photo taking was very chalenging
Anyway, when you're having a spa session you're supposed to be relaxing anyway, not scrambling around taking pictures
The Thai Aroma Massage that i opted was pretty straightforward, the therapist used an aromatic oil (i have to be honest here and tell you i can't really smell it because my nose was totally blocked, i had to use my nose drop a few times to be able to breathe!) to massage my legs, feet, and back. The temperature of the room's just right, which is essential because i was so sick (and i didn't feel cold at all-so i was very comfortable)! 

The masseuse is very powerful alright, for someone who are not used to massages like me, i asked her to tone down her pressure >.< it was still very powerful tho! I can feel her kneading and righting all the twisted muscle and making sure they all loose and relaxed. Trixie, who's a fan of massages, actually praised her therapist's technique (something that i can't really comment on because i'm quite blind to techniques!) and power, so if you're a massage addict rest assured that you will get a nice session here in Khana Spa!

I was mostly feeling relaxed although i'm not gonna lie, some parts are quite painful (yes, i'm a wuss, and i'm very sensitive to touches!) that i was wincing in pain *LOL*, it's all worth it in the end because all of my sore, knotted muscles are all loose and relaxed afterwards! I felt so relaxed after taking a shower all i wanted to do is go to sleep and forget about the event (i didn't, of course). 

I also recovered from my flu fast after the massage session, plus  i got very good night sleep that night and the day after (we all know that the best medicine for flu is LOTS of rest! Which is not something that i get due to the fact that i'm the type of person that finds it hard to relax and not do anything >.<), who knows a simple massage can be so powerful!

I am still not a fan of massages, but whenever i'm feeling tired or not very well, i would not say no to a massage session at Khana Spa haha!

Especially for my readers, Khana Spa has kindly provided a discount code for Thai Aroma Massage (can be used anytime of the week) valid for a month (which means it can be used until May 28th 2016!), just quote "MindyKhana15" and get 15% off.
Kathy and Trixie also got their nails done here
Thank you Khana Spa for having us, and don't forget to use my discount code if you want to try out Thai Aroma Massage for yourself (i highly recommend it, for everybody who wants to relax and get their muscles unknotted!).
With Khana Spa's manager and the familiar face of Nessya who's now their PR haha

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