A's Not-so-Surprise Bday Dinner

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We're back with another birthday post. Come to think of it, A's birthday always marks the beginning of it all (sugarcoating the fact that she's the oldest among us girls hahaha). First birthday dinner in 2016 was held in a small cafe near my house (the perk of having a baby - you get to be selfish and your friends won't mind), Mazel Tov Coffee. #Pink and I had been eyeing this joint since forever and finally got the reason to go (well actually we planned to do this at Dasoe, completely forgetting that they close on Sundays FOL).

It's been so long since the last joint post, I think most people kinda forget that this blog belongs to the two of us (we keep on getting emails for Mindy Pauline, like we suddenly merged into one entity. That entity would be incredibly awesome of course, the world is so not ready for her LOL). Anyway, we actually threw A a birthday dinner this time around for a change (hence the title), bt we didn't even try to make it a surprise. We know how bad we are with surprises *sigh*. Btw, did I tell you how happy I am that #Undecided's back and she's getting super productive??? Takes a truck load off my shoulder to handle this uber-active blog alive solo!
Yeah, if you're new to this and wants to know the two bloggers (wo)manning this blog, read these 3 links below:
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Oh yeah, about the venue. I can tell you now that you're safe to pick venues close to your place for the next year or so. Until Zoe K gets old enough to roam the town, so don't get used to it! LOL.

I'll take that. And you know me, bb... I could possibly stretch my luck and get a couple more years after... I'll use Zoe (dressed in tutu) as a front, you won't be able to say no to that hahahaha...
#GroupPicGetIt kinda vibe... Oy Luca, camera's that way!! LOL.
Picture is super blurry, I'm annoyed at the mas who took it. And it's the only pic showing all of us so we have no choice GRRRR!!! The lighting here is nothing short of horrible, i am so unhappy with the quality of the pictures in this blog post -___-

Mazel Tov Coffee is located near my house - in Pakuwon City, on San Anthonio's Shopping Street. From the outside, it looks like a cute little cafe (emphasis on the word little LOL) and the seating area on the ground floor obviously isn't big enough to house our group, so we got the long table on the 2nd floor instead.

FYI, it's sort of a branch (with different concept) to Mazeltov Beer House in Spazio building, but instead of beer-this one specializes in coffee (well, duh). Personally i think it honestly looks a bit dubious from outside, with rainbow (not the good kind, I'm afraid) colored neon lights-it oozes a bit of a smokey bar/pub vibe. And when you enter... You're welcomed with an okay-looking coffee roasters look but with weird murals that makes the place looks darker. I won't lie, the interior (and exterior) of the place confuses the hell out of me, it seems like it has an identity issue, not sure that it wants to be this or that. I didn't take any pic of the first floor because it was empty and the staffs were all staring at us shuffling in-but the first and second floor, they're super different *LOL*. 
No idea why we were so amused. I was probably abusing Little O as per usual hahaha...
The Black (sans Ops) Team. 
Av (who was super sick and sneezed 789659x in two hours, spreading germs and viruses that knocked the hell out of us one by one *stare with deadly razor-y look*) was actually wearing green, but okay. Close enough. I was just finished taking blog pictures for my advert with Dresslink, so excuse my greasy, sweaty face in this blog post >.<. And the stupid spiky bangs still in the wrong place!!! Arghh!!!
Hey, we didn't wear so much color that day.
So typically Little O, closing his eyes right when i click the button -___-
No idea why #Pink snapped this pic (hopefully it wasn't to show the world my hubby's potbelly LOL), but if you look closely, you'll see there's a girl on the other table. She originally sat on our long table and got shooed to the one at the end when we showed up. On our defense tho, we did book in advance and FYI, to book a spot here you'll have to spend IDR 800k minimum.
Er, i snapped this pic to show people how your hubby sits in cafes BB, and how my son adopted his style FML
Ah that's why!! I ended up sitting like this too, bb... Way too many mosquito...  

Next up!! Showing you the noms we had that day.
Little O's Spaghetti Chicken Carbonara. Loved the Carbonara sauce, but not happy with the fact it can only be ordered with chicken.
Spaghetti something something - shit, I forgot the name. But it was mine and super delicious. The sauce is very similar to carbonara, but a bit thicker in consistency and instead of chicken, we got beef. It was so delicious, hubby and I went back a few days after to have them for dinner LOL.
#Pink's hunny ordered this Thai Fried Rice. Looks a lot like Omurice IMO. Can't vouch for the taste - didn't sample it. 
I did, it was YUMMM!
The Chowder!! So yummy!!! The consistency is just perfect. Milky and creamy - just how chowder should be (some joints have chowder in their menu, but mostly they just taste like soup). 
Hunny was not impressed though it's not Mazel Tov's fault that he couldn't differentiate between a chowder and CLAM chowder. LOLOLOL
#Pink's Mini Sandwich which turned out to NOT be mini. LOL. 
Yea, i actually said to the mas "This is mini, mas? Are you sure?" LOL
After seeing the pictures in my computer screen, i just realized how bland and plain looking our meals were looking *LOL*. But seriously, they're a lot nicer than they look! I was not very happy with the old-looking (despite the place being not that old, maybe a year old?) furniture and how the place was infested with mosquito (PLEASE invest on mosquito trapping lamps, Mazel Tov! Dunno where to buy? There's an Ace Hardware nearby your place!), AND by the super horrible yellow and dim lighting (i do realize how that sounds. I choose my eating place according to their Instagrammability, don't judge me!) but at least the food were good!
The Iced Chocolate got Hubby's stamp of approval. And if #Pink and I can give you good coffee recoms, Hubby is that way with chocolate based drinks LOL.
This was their specialty: The Monster Burger. It's massive.
It's the size of Luca's head massive! LOL. 
I snapped a few pics of this comparison, but it's hard to snap a wriggly toddler *LOL*, there's a better one but mummy slash bday girl looks INSANE (not insanely good, just insane) in it, i bet she'd strangle me if i post it. 
Was it good? Well, the bun, dressing and everything else was, except for the patty which was a total let down. I can safely say, stick to the pastas.
And fried rice. It's as good as the pasta. Oh rice, how i miss thee (i'm currently on no rice diet. Rice is my biggest nemesis, and the thing that makes me piles on weight faster than you can say fat. The one thing that i love the most is also my worst enemy T.T can this world gets any crueler #firstworldproblem). Anyway, i snapped this because i want to show you how hard it is to nom the burger, even a quarter of it is bigger than a normal burger LOLOLOL.
Av ordered pizza, but before it was served she had to run since she had another dinner party to attend (and since it was for her bro's farewell, she's forgiven). 
I forgot to snap the pizza while it was still whole, so this would have to do. Pizza was so so 
Huh, I just realized both #Pink and I did the same hand gesture hahaha... Great minds, bb!!
Tots BB, our brains work in unison, can't be helped

The first thing that caught the boys' attention when we stepped onto the 2nd floor was this:
Dart machine!!
Little O trying his hand on this.
Even Luca did too, but then it was proven dangerous (2 yo isn't well known for their aim, right) since one of the darts almost hit Zoe. The adults had to stop them from playing abruptly. Kudos to Little O, tho. He was pretty grown up and didn't whine about having to stop playing for the sake of safety. As for Luca? Babies and their short attention span. Very easy to distract hahaha...
Mama's little bunny!!! Lately she refuses to be carried on her back and this is the only way to go. Zoe Y U SO CUTE!!! #BiasedMama #HumorMe
SHE IS super cute #BiasedAunty . Look at that little, mischievous little face! I just wanna nom her!!!!
Also that day, Luca was very cheeky. He demanded to be photographed and even picked his own spots LOL. Like this one, he wanted one pic with a yi Pauline and Meme Zoe.
A is a total babyzilla. It's clear that she wants a baby girl - even my nanny commented on it LOL. Zoe stop munching your own hands!! 
Yes BB, she went to the corner and interrogated your nanny for half an hour or so. Hunny is almost as bad as her *sigh*
Right! How come we have no photo of him and Zoe tho bb? I remember we snapped some! 
Dang, I forgot to suck it in. Hahaha... The perks of breastfeeding: puts a purpose to all the pigging out I do. The consequences: I best say bye to my flat tummy (as if you ever had one, #Undecided!!) LOL.
Funny how the pic hunny snapped with his Samsung phone is better than my Samsung camera. Marshmallow just doesn't perform well in poorly lit places T.T #sad
Luca also demanded to be photographed with Om Aswin. Stealing A's hashtag: #pangku #disinilo #sandaljepitmerah
He also kept on telling ME to snap his pic "Foto donk" "Iie Mindy foto donk" continuously. Without changing his pose and spot *LOLOLOL*, gotta work on posing, Luca! LOL. Btw, i found his tiny little slippers to be absolutely hilarious! I'm impressed that he can actually walk in them, Little O doesn't know how to use slippers until today and I'm tired to make him try #badmummy
Our babies (we missed Baby K!!). Look at Luca, he was giving Zoe kisses. He actually had been eyeing Zoe when I was holding her. I told him, it's okay if he wanted to touch her then ever so gently he touched Zoe's foot. So funny. Apparently that wasn't enough and then he went for the kiss hahahaha... Zoe's first kiss from a boy!!! And look at how big Koko O is. Shit time flies. 
So glad that Luca warms up to Zoe K now!!! Because he used to be horribly jealous of her when she just arrived, remember that???
Zoe and G with Hubby on the background. I would like to see this as an affirmation. It's her turn to be preggers next :) it's about time. Make it happen, Universe!!!
Yes, make it happen and we can officially be the craziest mummy/aunty group ever!
LOVE this pic!!
Happy birthday, A!!! (btw, I swear Av wore something underneath that top hahahaha)
#Pink and #Undecided

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