Chinese New Year 2016

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Hey guys.

Is it mad that i write about Chinese New Year two months after? Well. I still want to document it, but i never felt so reluctant to blog about CNY before (the past 3 years i was actually quite pumped and managed to blog about CNY within the CNY month). Honestly i haven't been feeling like blogging (about anything) for awhile now. Thank God for #Undecided and her surprising productivity. I feel like having a bit of a hiatus and hopefully bring back my passion got blogging. Except that i have sponsored posts that i have to get done first ARGHH. 

Anyway, other than the fact that i don't feel like writing PERIOD, i also am quite unhappy with all of the photos we took during CNY. I mean, i had fun and all-but the pictures are all so blurry, badly angled, etc. I don't what's come into both Marshmallow and people who took the pics *not me!*. Oh, i was also carrying some extra weight (that i have shifted a bit, not entirely-still working on it) and sporting a bowl-like bangs (damn you Ndaru *LOL*). I just feel so ugly in all of the pictures. Yes, i am vain enough to make that an excuse for not wanting to write. Pfffft. 

Still. Here's my big family in (mostly) red :
CNY 2016. Even so far away i can see my cheeks. My chipmunk cheeks T.T
Let's start with the CNY eve. Which we spent in yet another ching chong gala dinner. We're back to Mercure for some reasons, even though i did not enjoy it the first time and even less so this time round (food was quite bad -___-, worse than last time). For me, CNY is about family. The time when we actually hang out-all of us-and bond even more than usual. I personally prefer to spend it at home, with some good food and in our brand new pajamas.

I'm not much of a gala dinner kind of girl, especially not the ching chong type (if you're wondering what the hell is this ching chong am talking about, it's the loud, decorated in all red with Chinese songs blasted at max kind of events). Let alone the fact that we have to pay a fortune for bad food -___-. Seriously, if they insist on doing this again next year, imma scream. Or plan a getaway trip just before CNY :D, now that sounds like a good idea!
Mercure Mirama's Ballroom
And a glimpse of the MC who, according to KC, looks like CW's old boyfriend, who used to be handsome AF but aging badly (read : pouchy, balding, and uncle looking by now)
The kids' table
But this side of the adult table is sillier than the kids' tab;e
The best way to eat an orange, stab it with your thumb and nom. LOL
Okay here's a normal one
Lighting in the ballroom's so so bad for photo taking. This one's taken with hunny's Samsung phone
And this one using my Samsung camera. The phone wins.
Super blurry pic of us mixing yu sheng, and trying to out-high one another *LOL*
Of course, no CNY would be legit without the lion dance
And feeding the lions hong baos...
Do you know that taking the lion's beards supposedly brings wealth and good luck? KW kept on trying to yank off a fistful, to a point where the carer of the lion dancer actually took a scissor and cut some for us (the endless hong baos helped, obvi-other than the fact that she wouldn't want the lion costume to be torn hahaha)
Take one with the lion
The other main entertainer of the night is tise veteran singer, Vina Panduwinata
Here she is, looking a lot trimmer than she used to, wonder what her secret is
Hunny came back from the bathroom and showed me this pic, so obviously we had to take a family pic with the chubby Monkey King too
Not sure if this Monkey King can ride the wind/cloud... He certainly doesn't look like he's feather-weight *LOL*
Da ladies
Continuing to the next day, the actual CNY....
Breakfast feast
The normal morning commotion. Btw, the usual morning intruder had other engagements and didn't come this year *teehee* but new intruders came WTF FOL
CL and the gigantic steamed cake
My CNY makeup
Thx to the strangers and hordes of hong bao hunters, we had to continue replenishing our hong baos. I don't even know 80% of the people we gave the hong baos to. I should totally escape town next year. Here we have two guards in matching batiks (which cost us IDR 68.000 only each *LOL*, cheapest CNY attire yet) guarding Mrs. Big Boss
CL the cashier/teller/money changer
The kids crashing for the air conditioner
Gong xi gong xi, surely not too late to wish for a lucky year for all of us?
Mom and dad with their kids, kids-in-laws and almost all of their grandkids. Oh yeah, the girls wore matching wrap batik skirts. That costed us more than 3x the guys' batik shirt worth
One more pic before Little O started losing it and began crying. Oh yeah, the crying curse continues. Wonder when he'd stop doing that, he's almost 9 isn't it about time?
Every year we do the same thing so imma put this one pic here. This year hunny's employee is extra bad and 80% of the pics turned fugly/super blurry -___-
This is the best of the grandkid's pic, the rest are even blurrier WTF
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon house hopping, from hunny's mum's place to CL's relatives. Didn't take a lot of pictures in their homes (for obvious reason! Privacy la) but here's a pic of hunny's newborn nephew :
What a cute button nose. People keep on asking when i'm gonna have a second baby while my sis in law (the one that just gave birth to this tiny baby) kept on shaking her head, gesturing no and whispering "No. No. One is enough." LOLOLOL
With hunny's fam
Fast forward to the night, dinner at CW's as usual.

And here is CL being crazy, also as usual
Because we totally forgot to take pictures earlier in the day while we were all still wearing red tops (mostly dresses actually coz we can't find red tops hahaha) and the matchy wrap batik skirts
That full moon face is precisely why i don't like to smile on my pics -___-
BB actually dragged us to the shallow pool to take pictures, but alas... Every single one of the pics are blurry AF -__-. Hunny was clearly not on a photo taking mood that day.

Well, that's it! Pretty much the same every year, while it's quite fun (albeit stressful) to live in, it's quite boring blog-post wise!
One normal pic
And one less normal one. Spot the photo wreckers :p

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