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Hello hello ^^...

Uhm... Yeah, my blog is all about nails this month *LOL*. I've been sponsored by nail salons back to back to back so...It's kinda ironic that i bought so many nail related stuffs in my recent trip but i haven't gotten the chance to do my nails once since i got back. So this is how it feels to never have to do your nails yourself ever again. Interesting. Hahaha...

Anyway. almost two weeks ago i was invited to get a nail-art in Me-Nail Klampis with some of my friends.
Picture stolen borrowed from Merli's IG
Shasha was in the picture but she was actually invited by Bangkok Beauty to try out their SHR instead because as most of you might already know, both Me-Nail and Bangkok Beauty's located in the same building.
Me-Nail Nail Salon Supplies and Training Centre

Ruko Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya

Phone : 031-5946975
081 864 3166 
 BB Pin : 54bce22b or 56D9B20C
Line : menail_shop
Klampis, you say? But doesn't the Klampis branch's only for training centre and showroom with no nail salon? Well, that was then, they accept treatments (i'd suggest you to make an appointment first though) here too now!

The last time i was there, the third floor was still under renovation and not open for public, now you can enjoy treatments (manicure, pedicure, nail art.... even waxing!) here.

The third floor's not 100% ready yet so please excuse if the place look a bit messy still haha
Treatment bed for waxing!
Small tables for nail art-hunny looking like he's in a class room hahaha
Comfy sofa for mani-pedi, i personally prefer to sit here because sitting for hours at the small desk almost broke my back -___-
Price list
The Lady Boss actually asked me to review their mani-pedi-nail art, but since i just had a pedicure less than two weeks before, i asked her if hunny can get a pedicure instead and i'll just get express manicure+nail art.
His feet definitely needs some TLC *LOL*, look how happy he was!
His super dry, cracked, uncared-for feet. Unfortunately when he was getting his treatment, i was "ordered" to go downstairs for SHR treatment (read my review here) so i couldn't take pics of the steps (but i think most of you'd already be familiar with what pedicures involve : cutting, shapping, buffing, filing!)
But here is the AFTER pic. I dunno if you can see, but his feet are a lot softer, smoother and presentable afterwards haha. Hunny said he's very satisfied with the result and his feet are not as cracked as before. I however, can't help but get distracted at the scabs on where he scratches his mosquito bites. Men.
So, you have men (father, boyfriend, husband, brother?) in your life with super gross and neglected feet and you want to pamper them? Hesitate no more, you can bring them to the nearest branch of Me-Nail and the nailists will get them sorted! Who says manicure and pedicure are only for women? 

Btw that day i was not only joined by my hunny and friends, but also by KC's family!
My nephew MT was also getting a pedicure that day (albeit by force *LOL*, he hates getting his nails cut and his mum's exasperated so she was happy to let the nailist take over *LOL*)
Nope, MT was not getting his nails painted *muffled laughter*, the nailist was applying cuticle oil
CL was also getting a gel manicure
FYI, since Me-Nail Klampis is a training centre, most of the time you'd be attended by a trainee. While i have complete faith in Me-Nail's therapists, i cannot vouch the same for the trainees *LOL, hey-i'm always honest!*. I'd be lying if i say CL was thrilled with her treatment. 

But fuss not, they have a resident nail artists, Kiki Coroline who's a real professional (no, seriously! Check out her instagram and see her awesomeness for yourself! I am NOT exaggerating!)-but of course, since she's not your regular nailist, her rate is slightly higher. Trust me, she's worth every cents hahaha, i just had a new nail art by her (which i'm going to review next) and it is AH...MAY...ZING.  Remember, gotta make an appointment first to get her services!

Back to topic, Merli was the first one to get her nail art (it was suddenly very full that day, what do you expect... Places always gets super crowded when i'm around. For real! L actually calls me her manekineko, you know... The guest inviting lucky cat hahaha. Anyway, since it was so crowded and Cynthian was very very late, we ended up getting the nail art from one-very good at her job-nailist) :
The result
Hm. I am not the biggest fan of these hibiscus-looking flower arts (reminds me too much of a Bali nail art hahaha), but they look nice! (I much prefer my own nails' design though hahaha :p)
Lemme show you behind the scene of those nice pics you see in Instagram/blog post/vlog :

Behind every nice pic, there's a blogger (or in this case, a very skinny Vlogger *LOL*) contorting their body in all kinds of poses to get the best pic. So you say we do nothing but take selfies and look pretty? Think again!
Hehehehe, yes, behind the scene of one Instagrammer-looking less than glamorous than what you'd see in our pages
Cynthian (who was grossly late *LOLOLOL*, i'm used to it though) was next
Then Shasha, who was just done with her SHR treatment, came up and we asked her to help snap a pic :
Yoohoo chubby cheeks trio. Yep, Cynthian has chubby cheeks too even though she's as skinny as a pole
I totally forgot to snap a pic of Cynthian's nail art (because i was getting my old gel polish removed when she was done) so again, i am borrowing a pic from her Instagram :
Was personally attended by the Lady Boss. But i'd rather not >.< she's really scary okay!
Much prefer to be attended by the mbak hahahah *hello double chin... I don't actually have double chin though, it's the angle hahaha*
L already prepared a design for me, but it was supposed to be all pastel colors and i wanted monochromatic nails because we had Au's Sweet 17th party (the dresscode was black) so she asked the nailist to adjust the color
She painted some of my nails with glittery, sheer nail polish and only the ring finger was painted white (it's the point finger for the other hand). Then she added exaggerated French tips
Next step was to paint the tips black
And added metallic silver strips in between
Followed with three pearls on each nails and diamentes of the nails where they're painted white : voila!!!
I love love LOVE the result! In fact, i was convinced it was my fave nail design i've ever had-until Kiki did my nails of course then it became second fave la hahaha.
Trust me, i am not being biased when i say that Me-Nail definitely have some of the neatest nailists in town
I really think they nail design's awesome and i love how neat, fast and flawless the nailist works! I've been to many other nails salons and sometimes they'd paint your nails unevenly/blotchily-never had this problem in Me-Nail (sponsored or not). 

Too bad my nails seem to be rejecting the metallic stickers :(, i went back two times to Me-Nail because the nail stickers kept on curling and peeling off. If your nails also have the tendency to reject nail stickers (now that i think about it, regular nail stickers also never stay long on nails, they'd peel off! Except the water decal ones) then maybe you'd want to ask the nailist to avoid these stripping stickers, as pretty as they are... In the end i had to get the nail art removed much faster than i'd normally do because the nail stickers not holding on was ruining the design (with the attempts to glue it in place-which also failed).

All in all, i'm still very pleased with the result (although the beaut only last for a little over a week due to the peeling), if i have any criticism and suggestion for the place : Please get rid of the back-breaking desks, L!!! It's covered in front so customers can't sit comfortably and has to sit sideways in order to get closer to the nailist-do it for 3 hours and you'd ended up with very very PAINFUL back! LOL.

Don't forget to follow Me-Nail social medias for updates, promos and events :
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More nail art coming up soon!


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  1. kuku cantik bikin mood jadi bagus ya Mindy, coba kalau aku yg di nail art, 2 hari langsung rusak wkwkwk dipake nyuci ini itu :(

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