South Korea Winter Trip : Day 9 & 10 (Christmas Eve, Going Home)

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Today's Baby Boy's 8th birthday! Definitely not a baby anymore, but he will always be my baby! We're having a small celebration on Sunday (will definitely blog about it!) which sort of my DIY project (well. Kinda half-hearted since i am such a lazy ass hahaha) so today we're keeping it very casual, we just took him to the movie (watched Pixels-it's quite good!) and gave him his pressie (a new, smaller tablet because his old one's all battered and he smacked his face hard on the bigger, heavier model quite a few times-hard enough to hurt himself!).

Anyway, i'm finally round up to wrap my South Korea winter trip post series *cry of joy* *then i remember having Singapore/Malaysia trip to write* *resume sulking*, this is the last post for that trip  because we didn't actually do anything much on the last two days so there's really no point in writing them in two separate post! We celebrated Christmas Eve in the last night!
The whole gang in Au and MT's hotel room haha
We mostly went shopping and strolling on the 9th day, contemplated on extending our trip again (i guess 10 days in South Korea's not enough! Better make it 2 weeks next time haha) but it was a bit hard (and might be super expensive) to so since we're actually already extended our stay so in the end we gave up and tried to make the most of that last full day.

First imma bombard you with pictures of some Korean snacks we had in the morning. No idea what they're called... I don't even remember how they tasted (obvi not very good or i'd remember hahaha)...

Some cookie looking thingy with chewy, mochi-like filling
Selfie number 1
Oh! I think this was a macaron!
What is this? Mochi i think...
Selfie number two while hunny fed me like his pet WTF
We got slightly lost trying to find the duty free store we went to with the tour group earlier in the trip (we didn't manage to find it *LOL*, went to another duty free instead) and found this in the underground

Healthy pomegranate juice
But we're not a fan hehe, taste a bit bitter and very sour!
Wah, Iron Man!
I did some shopping at the duty free mall (just got some Tony Moly nail polishes and the Rebecca Minkoff bag), it was quite fast because i'm not exactly interested in what duty free malls have to offer (i mean, i'd only buy one or two branded bags, that hardly takes all day! Plus most of the cosmetics come in bulk packaging, which i so do not want coz i ain't selling'em!) so we ended up hunting for a place to eat!
Settled for Rice Rice Italiano (hm. Wonder why they'd call an Italian restaurant Rice. But i don't think it's really a Italian restaurant la, maybe more like a fusion one)
Hunny has so much more hair now
The prices are not so bad (especially compared to another restaurant next door which average price was KRW 38.000 #stingy)
The place's very cozy
#selfie with Baby Boy
Since it was a day before Christmas and we plan to have a little celebration (although i don't celebrate Christmas-my Church's rules) so i put on more makeup than my usual lazy-holiday-makeup
The clear soup is pretty nice, but it tastes very Asian hahaha
The fried rice and steak combo, very nice actually! I would recommend this restaurant if you're sick of the usual Korean food and crave for some meat for an affordable price
Let's nom!
I don't remember what hunny's having, but... it looks like fried rice and hamburger combo

Baby Boy's had a slight Dunkin' Donut's obsession while we were there
Errrr. We actually accidentally left him in Dunkin' Donut. He was already walking behind me, then i got distracted and didn't realize that he *somehow* sat back down. Quickly noticed him missing lah after a few metres *LOL*, actually ascending with elevator already so had to go back and find him. He was just sitting around unfussed -____-
We found our way back to Myeongdong because i still want to buy some last minute cosmetics.
Au purchasing some bbopgi (we clearly watch too much Running Man)
It's cute and all, but i really cannot get used to the bitter-sweet taste!
We were supposed to grab a fancy (ish) dinner at some cafe to celebrate Christmas Eve (seriously, any excuse for a celebration) but then MT went missing! OMG! We were just going to the toilet and somehow we couldn't find him! It was totally chaotic! CL, KC and hunny went searching for him frantically while Au, Baby Boy and i waited around the toilet where he went missing in case he went back. We got so tired of waiting that we sat in the stairs (then i belatedly remembered that Korean spits on the floor WTF FOL) alongside some beggars and sellers...

We seriously couldn't find him (or contact him) so we decided that he might already went back to the hotel (because he's 14 and he know the way. It's not like he's 8 like Baby Boy)-and sure enough... There he was in his room -____-. It was really annoying grrrrr.

Anyhoo, since we're already back at our hotel's area (while the cafes were mostly at the Myeondong area we already left and so not going to go back to just for a meal) the nice dinner plan went kaput and we ended up having some Korean BBQ instead (coz we're already going back the next day, so might as well have our fill right!).
Pssssttt. Do you see that guy sitting down wearing a hat and black sweater? He is HOT. LOL. Very handsome leh, and very nice body too. Not Korean FYI, he was speaking in Chinese. Or was it English.
It was very full so we had to sit in separate tables
Chef Hunny at work hahaha
Nom nom nom
CL really wanted a cute cake (just because) to celebrate Christmas Eve :
And shared some soju. Was it soju? I think it was ume soju
Our cute Christmas cake
Impromptu photo shoot
They were flashing their teeth to prompt the smile recognition feat in the camera hahaha
Blowing da candles *OMG my face!*
Merry Christmas!!! *errr. Yes, 7 months too late*
Then we had some cake and soju then went back to our rooms to pack and sleep hahaha.

The next morning we roamed the street around our hotel for some last minute shopping (Olive Young i love you T.T) and grabbed some breakfast. Hunny insisted on trying out the smaller, more authentic Korean eatery.

It was so authentic the ahjumma didn't speak a word of English and all the writings were in Hangul-and we had to tick our orders in the order form *LOLOLOL*, hunny ended up going outside to look at the pictures and compared the characters one by one to the form hahahaha
This family on the table beside us were Singaporean. I didn't mean to eavesdrop lah, they were directly beside us (like, a few cm away) so i couldn't help but hear everything they said hahaha
Baby Boy was always happy in Korea. Except when he's being scolded for not being a good older brother to JD *LOL*
Fried rice
Gyoza? Hunny had bibimbap again i think so i didn't bother snapping any pic
Soon it was time to make our way to the airport via Seoul Station!
Snapping some last pictures of Seoul before saying goodbye (and hopefully, see you again)
After checking in and dropping our stuffs (so nice leh checking in and going through immigration in Seoul Station, no need to queue one! Very deserted hahaha) we hopped in the express train
CL always has her snacks ready hahaha
Train selfie!
Nom nom!
In no time we arrived at Incheon International Airport. It's so huge! They even had an indoor ice rink @___@.
Love the design!
In other countries i've been to, the illustration was mostly just pictures so this is very interesting to me
Do you see what i'm seeing?
WHAT IS THAT? LOLOLOL. Bomb, i am sure, but why in the undies???
KC was super BLUR that day, after we walked so far away he suddenly said "Where's my bag?" WHERE INDEED! Hayahhh, he left it in the express train lahhh zzzz. He claimed that his brain was frozen because it wasn't used to the super cold weather LOL. Anyway, the bag was safely kept by the attendant so no harm done other than he and CL had to walk so far away back and forth. But! He's not over with his blur-ness yet! Read on!

We belatedly remembered that we ordered some kimchi from the first day so we rushed to find them. Turn out that they literally just put it in a trolley along with others' orders!!! You just need to find the box with your name on it. Imagine if it's in Indonesia... All boxes will be gone within minutes...

Then we rushed in to get some of the stuffs we brought in duty free mall (because in Korea, if you buy international branded stuffs, you have to pick up your item at the airport. Actually it's the same if you're shopping at Lotte Mall's duty free in Jakarta), get changed (because the airport's very warm. And our next destination's steamy Jakarta, we'd die if we didn't take off our long johns!) and stumbled into this :
Wogh, some traditional "wedding procession"/royal march or something
Then we got the chance to snap some pics with these peeps in traditional costumes (what to call them? Actors ah?)

No idea what they're doing hehe, but from they way they dress... Those are supposed to be the King and Queen?
I don't normally take pictures with this kind of thingy (stumbled into a very cute bunny costumed person in Singapore but i was super embarrassed to take pictures with it, i'm scared of rejection la i think) but... This girl was the prettiest and somehow nobody wanted to take a pic with her... So i did loh hahaha
Even the usually-always-refuse Hunny also wan

Then i went on a full biased mummy mode
One more
Grabbed some donuts just because i liked the heart shape hahahaha
Fake foods need to look so appealing meh?
The buns looked totally believable
The said heart-shaped donut
About KC's blur-ness... We were waiting at the gate all relaxed and early, suddenly there was a ground staff making a round holding KC's name in a piece of paper while calling out his name, we freaked lah! Why why why??? Turned out he LOST HIS FREAKING PASSPORT. In the airport (coz obvi he couldn't have entered the waiting area otherwise), a few minutes before boarding time!!!!

ARGHHHHHH. We were so freaked outtttt! I was pulling an Elaine (Elaine is my cousin L's daughter and she likes to squeeze her hands together whenever she's anxious-which is almost always LOLOLOL, so cute) and was in the verge of tears, reciting a prayer and projecting positive thoughts all the way WTH. None of us were allowed to board the plane because our tickets are group tickets -___- but THANK GOD, like 10-15 minutes later the staffs informed us that the passport's found. In the toilet -____-.

Thanks to KC the flight was 15 minutes or so delayed and we boarded the plane hastily while avoiding people's judging stares *LOLOLOL*. WHY HE'S SO BLUR THAT DAY I HAVE NO IDEA LAH!

But everything went smoothly afterwards.

That's a face of a super relieved person la hahaha, and KC looking weary after dodging two bullets WTH
Us also very gleeful that we weren't thrown out or left by the plane
Last one hehehe
That marked the end of our super fun, totally memorable South Korea winter trip! What an adventure! I cannot wait to hop on another one. December... come sooner!


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  1. Kuenya lucu-lucu banget. Paling suka liat kue ultah itu..

  2. LIat yang pake baju tradisional itu inget film Janggem

    1. Hihihi iya Janggem banget *tapi aq ga nonton Janggem*

  3. my dream countryyyyyyy :( someday I will visit South Korea <3

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