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Hey guysss!!!

Today's the last day of fasting (at least in my country, i understand that sometimes Moslem all around the world celebrate Eid Al Fitr in slightly different dates) so i wanna wish all of my Moslem readers an early Eid Al Fitr! Maaf lahir dan batin ^^.

Like the title suggested, imma talk about my HAIR (erm, so basically just rambling sort of post with loads of camwhoring piccies!)! If you're following my IG (@mgirl83) then you probably already knows...
I ombred my hair pink!
No idea if ombre is the right term lah (thanks to Fanni who raised my own doubt about this by questioning if the term is right LOLOLOL) but i have no idea if there's any other name for this type of hair color!

Somehow my hair is one of the main thing people notice in this blog (and my IG too), i got plenty of compliments about my hair (the style, the color, how shiny they are, etc) even before i did anything than my regular touch ups-thank you very much for that, i am very flattered-especially because i don't really pay attention to them much *LOL*. I mean it when it say "I wake up like this", at least the hair part lah not the make up of course! And needless to say, i got even more attention after i dyed half of'em pink >.< (sadly not all positive hahaha, got plenty of stares when i go out and half of the time i forgot that i have half-pink hair so i got very self-conscious and wondered if my skirt's tucked into my panties or something-true story btw).

Anyway. I've been wanting an ombre hair for the longest time, more than two years i guess (basically since the trend started) but i always postpone the plan (it's definitely in my bucket list, not that i'm even keeping tab...), you might read this blog post when i attempted to have my dream rainbow head by other alternative. Why did it take so long for me to take the plunge? Plenty of reasons, really. One is not wanting to have to deal with nosy relatives (CW... *sigh*... The monster in law... *sigh*... Everybody who are already convinced that i am half insane-now they would know that i am actually.... completely insane!!!) and second of all... Coz i'm stingy lah ahahahaha.

I don't mean to be disgusting, but i was actually kept on waiting for a hair sponsor (i mean... I have nail sponsors, skin clinic sponsors, makeup sponsors, even hair removal sponsors, why not HAIR, right?????) to approach me but two years has passed (actually i did get approached by a hair sponsor but it was in Jakarta for a specific time line, i'm not about to pay for the air ticket myself *LOL*) and no sign of hair sponsor *LOLOLOL* #thisissosad, i STILL want colorful hair and if i'm ever going to do it.... When???? I'd be 40 in 8 years (LOL), i better do it now, while i'm still relatively young, dontcha think?

I also always needed the moral support (coz i'm a chicken, pok pok pok pok!) and the only other person that i know wanted an ombre hair was my niece BB and she NATO lah (mainly because her mum is CW hahahahaha) so i was forever stalling for time... Then my cousin L told me she also wants ombre hair (why only now then tell me huh? We could've done it last year or so!), she even went and attempted a failed ombre (it was very subtle, i only realized it under a very strong lighting and commented "Eh, your hair looks kinda like ombre" and she was like "It IS ombre!!!" but it was just slightly red, not very noticeable at all) last month *LOL* so, i have the company part down!

Actually L asked me to go ombre our hair even before we go to Singapore, but i was about to stay in CW's place and i don't want to lose my patience (i usually would just laugh it off and change the subject whenever she bullies me about my weight/hair/makeup/clothes out of respect, but if one provoke me one too many times i would definitely snap and say something really rude because i have a very nasty mouth, i'm just very good at controlling it-when i want to) if she tells me i look like a crazy person or something so i promised her, after my trip.

Apparently i was quite scared also lah (what if i look really crazy and ugly then???), because i kept on stalling *LOLOLOL*, but L's really got her heart set on doing something crazy to her hair (even more so than i did) so she wouldn't take no for an answer and practically dragged me to the hair salon.

Even at the hair salon i was still unsure if i was actually going to go with it! My normal hair's already needed a touch up :
Look at how much my hair grew, half of my over grown fringe was black already!
I thought i'd just ask the hair salon if i needed to touch up first (in which case i thought i'd go back to Ndaru first) or we can just do it right away-they said touch up is necessary, and that they could do it. My fate was sealed lah *LOL*.
L in the middle of the 3.5 hours of torture hahaha
Since L's hair's mostly black and the lower part's dyed red, she had to go through two rounds of bleaching-and it still wasn't white (the best way to ensure the true color of the dye you want to show up is to make sure the hair's lost all its pigments and totally white!), it was still very yellow-that's why her ombre didn't turn out blue like she originally wanted but turquoise instead! 

And because my hair's kinda blonde already, i only needed one round of bleaching (i think probably really needed two and L needed three though) :
I didn't take any pictures of the process, i even felt embarrassed to snap this picture because they probably thought i was weird (it was in a neighborhood, smaller hair salon that we frequented for a blow dry/hair do) *LOL*. They definitely do not get a lot of requests for ombre (no wonder, seeing at how their patrons' average age's 50-70 LOLOLOLOL WTF) so they were all cluttering around (making me feel utterly uncomfortable) and stared like we were animals in the zoo (one "well meaning" staff kept on telling me how nice my hair looks, tend go on and insulted L by saying that she looks like a bird, and that she is too tanned so the hair color didn't suit her, continued by telling me that i am gigantic LOLOLOL double WTF) FOL.

Not only the staffs lah, the other patrons of the hair salons also kept on staring (again, can't blame them-mostly grannies and aunties so they definitely find us to be fascinating-in all the wrong way!) -and i was even pulled and paraded by one auntie afterwards (she did tell me i looked "amazing""so so pretty" and "just like Barbie doll", but that only added to my uncomfortableness >.<) so i just really want to leave ASAP, but L being her usual self (i envy how she can block and shrug off people's words like they are nothing. I want that quality in myself!), didn't care about the others and actually wanted to take loads of pics IN THE MIDDLE of the friggin salon!
She insisted on taking this *LOL*
L's crazy hair hahaha, stole this from her FB, don't think she'd mind (she's an attention whore, she def wouldn't mind hahahaha sorry not sorry cozkie). Hey now that i think about it.. Kinda looks like a mermaid hair, no?
Our hairs looks amazing after the blow dry!
I honestly don't think my hair looks that crazy lah, my mum told me i'm insane (but she said it not in the mean way lah so i don't mind, she event asked me why not do it before the Singapore trip) but quickly got over it, my dad and Baby Boy didn't even bat an eyelash (i guess... They're used to me being/looking crazy?) and FYI (i know some husbands/boyfriends might mind. If they do, then you might want to consider leaving them LOLOLOL. I mean.... It's your hair leh!!!) i get full support from my husband, morally and financially ahahahaha! I actually asked him if it's okay if i dye my whole hair rainbow pastel and he said sure. He's definitely a keeper, no wonder he's Surabaya beauty bloggers' "dream husband" material hahahaha WTF.

As for me? I was so nervous waiting for the result, but i really LOVE it!!!
People's been nothing but positive in my social medias, thank you guys :D! And to answer the question whether i permed my hair or just got it tong-ed : neither! The hair stylist just blow dry my hair and pulled the inner in like that! Pretty, huh? They really are quite good with hair styling, affordable too that's why i used to go there all the time to get my hair done (then i got too lazy even to get my hair done for parties so i just show up without doing anything to my hair hahaha).
Please ignore the strand of hair in front of my eye... I snip it off already *LOL*
Don'e expect any less from me after getting a new hair, right? Especially something as drastic as this!
Just a bit more
It's true that ombre hair looks more striking with curls, and because my hair's so straight and smooth, it started to get very loose within hours...
But i still love it!
Anyway, i MIGHT try to put more effort and curl my own hair on special days, but i'm so lazy i can't promise anything lah -___-. I also know that this kind of hair color will fade out super fast (yet another reason why it pains me to pay so much for something that will last not very long wan!) so i've been trying my best to not wash my hair as much as i usually do (which is every day. But i can only stretch it to every other day, how? So oily!!!).

I also immediately plan to buy Manic Panic (because the hair's already bleached anyway so it'll be easy to touch up!) so i can do it myself... Okay not really, i'm so lazy how am i supposed to deal with all the mess? I plan to go to a cheap neighborhood salon (the small salon nearby my place lah) which charge next to nothing to dye your hair as long as you bring your own product-but then i found out that Silvi is willing to help so maybe i'd ask her to dye it. Excited! The possibility to play with crazy hair colors is very attractive to me :D!
I think the hair looks pretty even when its straight lah
Got those Avril Lavigne vibe annot?
Lots of you asked where we got our hair done, while i don't mind to answer it personally (including via Social Media), i am quite hesitant about mentioning the name of the hair salon here. I mean... Not like i don't want to give them free advertisement or anything (coz if i'm blown away by their services, i would definitely gladly recommend them freely! I'm not such a calculative person okay), but personally i don't think they did such an amazing job that justifies me recommending it to you >.<.

Sure, i love the result and i think my hair's really pretty, but that actually doesn't mean that they're (the hair salon, not my hair. It's fab *LOL*) THAT good, you know? The result's fine because i'm okay with any bright color lah, but do you know that i originally asked for purple? LOL. Turned out to be shocking pink if anything. And L's result also less than satisfactory, she kept on saying that she wanted BLUE (seriously, she probably said it 10x while we were there)-also repeatedly warned them that she didn't want green/turquoise color-but they didn't even seem to be sorry when the result is exactly what she didn't want *LOL*. They just went "Yeah. This is the result." WTH.

I was also very uncomfortable at how they kept on pestering and forcing me to add more products (vitamins and protectors) despite my protests. I kept on telling them i have plenty of vitamins and serums at home (i really do) but they insisted on putting them on me (and i had to pay IDR 100.000 extra) even though i kept on saying i didn't want it. So, service is definitely NOT GOOD *LOL*, i'm far from recommending them to you. FYI, i only went there for because they're cheap (the ombre costed us less than half of what other hair salons are charging) :p.

But if you are as cheap as me and really want to go to this hair salon to get your hair done, just contact me via e-mail and i'll tell ya the name of the hair salon okay (don't ask for phone number and address please because i am not your personal assistant. Do your own work, google it!). As for me, i actually would suggest you to just get your hair bleached (the part you want to color in crazy colors) and then buy Manic Panic (or other dyes similar to them, now easily available in IG stores) and apply them yourself lah, you just need to do the bleach at a professional hair salon because it's too dangerous (you might go bald #threatening *LOL*) to attempt to bleach your own hair if you're a rookie like me!

I hope some of you who squealed "I OSO WANNNNN" in my socmeds actually would get colorful hair too, let's paint the town colorful and fill it with rainbow heads so i won't look so out of place anymore! LOL.

Oh God, i'm meeting the MIL tomorrow and i'd be stuck with her for four effing days, i should get mentally prepared now.


#Pink (pretty much literally now)

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  1. wow so pretty hairs =D

  2. Hai hai... Nice color ^_^
    Ada rekomen untuk ngecat warna silver ga? Ini nih uban, uban makin merajalela ahahaha

    Salam kenal

    1. Kalo silver bukannya warna apa aja gampang masuk yah? Atau maksudnya mau di cat jd warna silver gitu??

  3. hahahaha.... harus diakuin kamu cocok dgn wrna rmbut gini ;).. tp aku bisa dicincang dan disekap ama suami ato mertua kalo brani2 bikin wrn rambut gitu ;p selain aku jg yakin bgt ga bakal cocok di aku sih mba...:D..

    sama tuh, aku jg paling sebel bgt iap k salon tapi diliatin gitu.. hih, kdg2 pgn deh ke salon yg ada service private... biar kitanya jg tenang dan ga ngerasa something bad on me? :p

    1. Hahaha aq dpt full support dr suami mba, sebelumnya juga udah tny koq dan dia seneng2 aja, rainbow pun oke katanya hehehe

  4. You look great!
    Props to you for doing what you love! <3
    I wish I have the guts to do it too haha

    Shop @vanitygoods