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Hey guys!!!

It's been a while since my last outfit post (check out the previous one here)-definitely not from lack of materials, i have hoarded lots of outfit pics from long long time ago until the very recent one (so please excuse the inconsistent quality of the photos hahaha, i still have pics from when i used my half-broken Pink for mirror selfies WTH) so the reason is the no time again lah hahaha #overusedreasoning. 

Here's the outfit that makes me want to twirl and dance around (hence the title) :
Still with my old, non-ombre hair
This was the outfit i put together for #Undecided's birthday lunchie (that i dunno when we're gonna blog about *sigh*. She's extremely busy at the mo, we have so many backdated posts-and they're all celebration posts!) last June at Latte Brunch and Fine Dining.

Half of the time we were there the place's completely deserted so i could take outfit pics to my heart's desire. My girls (and theirs spouses) are used to my antics so the only people i was concerned about were the waiters/waitresses *LOL*.
The skirt was the first item that i decided to wear and i built the rest of the outfit around it!
I paired the floaty, dreamy skirt (it's a custom made skirt, btw) with a simple loose top that i tucked in because i am a bit weird and i don't like to wear more than one outfit per day (how weird!) and we had a flight to catch to Singapore later that day so i looked for a simple, casual top that i would be comfortable in for the flight. Plus it was during day time so if i wear a top that's "too much" with this skirt, i would look a bit crazy @___@
Actually contemplated wearing the skirt for the flight *LOL* but i would definitely attract unwanted stares and it's not exactly practical since our flight's so late at night!
I actually shoved the skirt into my luggage, hoping that i'd be wearing it in Singapore so i can take nice outfit pics outdoor (much more possible to do in Singapore than Indonesia)-but of course it didn't happen. Whenever i'm in Singapore i'd slip into "comfortable dressing" because we have to do so much walking (and taking public transportations)
Hehehe borrowed Latte's centre piece for a pic :p. It's still embarrassing for me lah so i was hissing and scolding hunny to snap the pic faster
Errr i think i was running late as usual that day so i didn't have time to snap pic of my makeup -___-. i only found one selfie pic from my Ipad (which is super rare!) :
Simple and light FOTD/MOTD with soft colors because (again) it was during daytime hahaha
List of products used :
1. Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ (in 21 Natural Beige)
2. e.l.f Clarifying Pressed Powder (in 1305 Ivory)
3. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
4. L.A. Colors Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow (in GP86 Jean)
5. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
6. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
7. Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner (Silver)

8. Mustika Ratu Blush On (in Ametyhs)
9. Evete Natural Lip Balm in Cooling Chocolate Mint
10. Model's Own Lipgloss (in LG104 Madame Rose)

Since this outfit was for #Undecided's birthday, it's only right that she also makes an appearance in this post, yeah?
Anyway, like i mentioned earlier... I was having a little bit too much fun getting my pics taken :D.
If only it was a wee bit brighter... Or blame the photographer la... Or should i blame myself for my inability to edit pics? LOL
My poor Coach bag was making his first round that day T.T (yeah, i decided that it's a he. I dunno why. Probably because its baby blue?), it was still in its best form *sigh*
Went to so much problems with Coach that i vow to never buy Coach in full price ever again, and especially NEVER in the Ciputra World counter! All their staffs severely need to be re-trained! Super rude and un-accommodating!
Thankfully the stain (it's not really a stain, there's a patch that lost its dye and stupid Coach say there's nothing that they can do about it. And they were being so rude about it. I am seething just thinking about the incident) is not huge and only at the handle so i just need to find a silky scarf to wrap around the handle
Outfit details :
Black and White Stripe Top : Online
Custom Tutu Skirt : Quinnbee Jogja
Flats : Crocs
Bag : Coach

My fave pic was one that hunny snapped with my Ipad :
You can see the fullness of the skirt here!
Okay that's it for today!  Gotta go work on other blog posts *sigh*!

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