Review : Manicure, Pedicure and Gel Polish at Nail Bar (SPONSORED)

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Hey guyssss :D!

I know i haven't been blogging as diligent as usual lately, i always have this idea that i would just be able to fall back to blogging daily after a long holiday-when in fact there would always be tonnes of stuffs that i need to take care of (like putting my newly purchased stuffs from overseas to my already bursting walk-in closet. When your new stuffs are as heavy as a person *i went to Singapore with 30 kgs worth of stuffs and came back with 73 LOLOLOL*, it takes quite a long time to do!) to prevent me to do so. Not to mention the exhaustion (i sleep much earlier now! I hope this will last!) and other activities (like meeting up with friends-hey social life is important too!)... Anyway, i feel like i'm ready to be truly back now!!!

So last Saturday i went to Nail Bar to try out their services!
Nail Bar
 Ruko San Antonio N1-179 
 BBM: 2B7C3BD4

My friend Merli contacted me a while ago and invited me to Nail Bar (thank you, Merli!), i was supposed to come with Cynthian-but she had another engagement at her workplace that she couldn't get out of so in the end i had to go alone. No problem though, because their rep, Mbak Dian, was there to welcome (very warmly!) and accompany me :).

Since Nail Bar's located in Pakuwon City-where i go to almost every week (because we like to watch movies at East Coast Center during weekday, as well as to #Undecided's mum's house twice a week for yoga classes), i actually passed by Nail Bar many times but never actually went in. When i told #Undecided (who lives in the neighborhood) about going to Nail Bar for treatments, she actually asked me if they're open because they seem to always be closed whenever she passed by.

I understand that because of the way their salon looks from the outside, they might seem to be closed (but if you look closely you'd see there's a sign telling you whether they're closed or open)-but it's not! They open Monday-Saturday from 11 AM-8 PM, so if you've passed by them and wondering if they're actually open... Now you know the answer :D!
The place's compact but not cramped at all!
The reception/cashier. And you can see Hunny's and Baby Boy's half reflection in the mirror *teehee*! Yeah, no nanny (sigh. Changing every few months now, so frustrating) and the grandparents were still in Jakarta at that time so he had to tag along
The super plush and comfortable treatment sofa!
Even though there are only four of them, if you're here for manicure/nail art (anything but pedicure, basically) and the sofas are full, you don't have to worry.
Because you can sit at the bar! Yep, they really have a nail bar, hence the name!
Nail polishes, mostly OPI. Also some body products they sell
What is Wave nail polish? I'm so out of date *LOL*
Nail Bar also sells some beauty products, other than nail stuffs. Hey, i spotted a Louboutin nail polish!!! *drool*
I love their simple, luxe and homey decor! Wonder what's in the second floor? I tots forgot to ask!

Oh, hey me :D! I always ended up wearing resort/beachy attire whenever i go for treatments (be it spa or nail related). I guess because they're comfy and easy (but still chic-if i may say so myself :p)!
Nail Bar's price list
Some samples of the nail arts they can do for you!
A closer look. How cute's the cat ones???
While i was busy snapping pictures of the place, the staffs swiftly prepared the stuffs needed for my treatment (i got a full manicure, pedicure treatments and gel polish).
I felt like a Princess :D
And those are my bodyguards waiting for me HAHAHAHA
The nailist who did my manicure
And the other one who did my pedicure ^^
I don't really go for pedicure much, maybe 5x in my entire life? LOL. Yeah, my feet are pretty neglected. I was quite embarrassed at how hard the mbak had to buff my feet, and how much dead skin was collected. It was disgusting. 

Since i don't go for pedicure much, it's easy to impress me. I was even impressed when they pulled out the shelve under the sofa that turned out to be a foot soak *LOL* :
Tell you something, both of the nailists worked really fast (it was one of the fastest mani/pedi i've ever done! Seriously! But that doesn't mean they're not thorough okay, they were! I mean they're swift in a good way, i hate spending hours and hours in any salons, so their swiftness is a huge plus!), careful (no pain involved *LOL*. You might know that i have a little trauma when it comes to mani/pedi, so my heart always skips a beat whenever they're cutting my nails/trimming the cuticles! But their nailists are professionals so, it was totally fine!) and quite neatly so too!
Shaping, soaking, applying cuticle oil, pusing my cuticles back
Cutting excess skin off and buffing the surface of my nails in prep for the gel polish
They also scrubbed me good! All dead skin cells gone, my skin feels super soft and smooth afterwards *happy*
Same thing, but on the toes!
Gel polish application, the mbak kindly offered me to add glitters (maybe she noticed that i like blings hahaha) which totally made my nails look v pretty! Followed by light massage (very light so i actually enjoyed it, you know i can't take pain!)
OPI UV light to cure the gel polish
My favorite kind of nail polish is definitely the dark ones, but i figured-it's summer so i should embrace summery colors (especially because i would definitely dress in cheery colors this season). Honestly i was very confused la when they asked me what color i wanted (that question always confuses me, because i never really have any specific color in mind. I wonder how other girls can just enter and say specifically what they want *sigh* *annoyed at self*) and i ended up choosing pink for most nails (i know with my obsession with pink, pink nail polish might seem like such a sure answer-but it's not. I actually don't wear pink all that much on my nails. Yes, really, you can check on my nail polish reviews!).

Since all pale pink would be boring (and because i also really want the other pastelly colors, i just couldn't pick! My Libra-ness makes its appearance at times like these!), i decided to add an accent finger. I don't do this when i paint my own fingers (because OCD) but when someone else's doing them, i can let it be hahaha.
Cute, no?
Close up!
Eh, selfie is a must la...
I decided to go with the same baby blue color for my toes!
Ohhh i loveeee the color!
The mbak offered me to add glitters as well, i'm glad i said yes, coz it's so pretty! Nail polish on my toes usually stays very long, i'm excited to see how long a gel one would last! Very long, i hope #lazy
In summary, my experience was lovely! I love the place (the decor, the ambience, the ultra comfy sofa), i love how pleasant the nailists' jobs were (especially the scrubbing and how thorough they are when it comes to  make sure no dead skin cells/extra skin/annoying cuticles are left!), and how fast the entire thing was!

If i'm nitpicking then i guess i do have some comments. One is how quiet all the staffs are (i'm used to nailists who engage me in little convos. I mean, i don't like the super chatty and intrusive ones, but both nailists who tended to me and even other ones who tended to other patrons actually didn't say a single word other than asking if i was in pain/which color i'd like, i just find it a little odd!), don't get me wrong, i like how they leave the clients in peace to do their own thing/just enjoy the sesh, but i gotta admit-it felt a bit cold and i was a bit awkward at first. It was just a bit.... too quiet what with 5 patrons and so many staffs, nobody really talked to each other.

The second one is some of the nail polish on my right hand's slighty (verrrry slightly lah, i'm just very particular when it comes to nail polish. You won't even spot it unless you're inspecting it very closely) wonky, blobby and uneven. It's not much, maybe just two or three fingers (the ones on my toes are very neat though!)-i just felt that the nailist was rushing (she immediately attended to the other patron to do their nail art, maybe she's one of the senior nail artist in Nail Bar?) a bit, hence the less-than-neat results in some fingers. I'm a bit of a pushover, but if it was #Undecided (or other patrons), she sure would make the nailist re-do those fingers *LOL*. 

Other than those minor problems, everything was peachy!
With Mbak Dian :D! Hoh, why i looked so short?
They have a mobile nail bar!
Follow their Instagram ( @nailbar_id ) for updates, promotions, events and giveaways! I just spotted that they had a giveaway with the Louboutin nail polish as the prize! OMO!
I don't usually post pictures of my toes, but they're so purrrdy now i gotta make an exception!
Hehehehe sorry lah, one more selfie okay!
Thank you Nail Bar for having me (and thank you Merli for the invitation and Mbak Dian for the hospitality!), it was such a lovely experience :D!

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  1. I live quite close to Nail Bar, and just like Pulin, I always wonder if they ever open! Thanks for the pricelist and the IG information. I tried to Google them to find reviews or anything but I've found nada.

    1. It's true then, lots of people wonder the same thing! You're very welcome!