SHR Treatment at Bangkok Beauty : Chapter 1 (SPONSORED)

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Haiii everybody :D!

So most Indonesians would just be going back to normal life after the Idul Al Fitr's holiday (for those in school, the holiday's even longer thanks to end-of-term holiday!), even though i don't have an office job, my life's majorly affected by my son and husband's, so i also feel like it's the end of a long holiday somehow (dunno to be sad or happy, because i actually kinda miss normal life when i have more time to blog and there are more blogging-related activities going on-so i guess blogging really is my main "job" now haha). 

If you follow my IG (the never ending self-plugin, just go on and give me a follow, alright?) then you'd know that we're celebrating my niece Au's Sweet 17th last Saturday (it's kind of a big deal for Chinese Indonesians)-other than the exhaustion, the day also left me with crazy amount of mosquito bites :((((!!! I hate mosquitos!!! Anyway, i will be dedicating a full blog post for the special event-and i need to stop rambling now!!!!

Getting into the real topic now (i swear!!!)-a while ago i was offered by Bangkok Beauty (read about their opening here) for a more thorough hair removal treatment (because last time i only had a single treatment and never continued) to really see the result, i would love to be totally hair-free (not that i am that hairy in the first place, though) in a few parts of my body so i jumped to the opportunity.
Bangkok Beauty
 Jl. Klampis Jaya 33D Surabaya
 +62 31 5924660

Other than me, Shasha was also having her treatment that day :D!
To refresh your memory :
Bangkok Beauty's Pricelist
As you might already know (if not from reading my older post then from their name lah haha), Bangkok Beauty's owner from Thailand so other than SHR (which according to their tagline, is more than just IPL!), they also sell bath and beauty products directly imported from Thailand :
According to their Instagram, they're having a 40% off discount for Malieco products! Okay, honestly i never try (or heard about them) their products before, but the colors sure look tempting hahaha. Anyway, that means even if you're not interested in hair removal, you can just go to Bangkok Beauty to purchase Thai beauty products if you're keen!
As this was Shasha's first treatment ever (whereas for me, it's actually the second time), she was asked to fill in the form they have in order to understand their clients' skin conditions and characteristics so that they can perform the right treatment for the best result for each individual.
I opted to get the treatment on my lower leg (so i won't have to use hair removal creams anymore :p) again, i tried to take a close up pic of my leg's hairs but it's really hard to see so i decided to make a quick video to show you the condition of my legs' hairs. They're quite pale colored and not very long or thick (i've not done anything to them for about 1.5 months, i did use some hair removal cream just before we went to Singapore).
This time round i will not go into details (you know, what SHR is, how it works, etc) because i've gone through them in the Bangkok Beauty opening, so this post is really a quick recap of the place and treatments and i will be focusing on how it will result (i will we coming back to them next month since i get a 3x treatments package from them so i will be updating you on the result each month), if you haven't read that blog post and are curious about SHR, please go to the said post. I've already linked it up in the earlier part of this post.
SHR machine
Products used in SHR treatments
Then the treatment began, jeng jeng jeng! Since i've done it before and no pain (just warming feeling and sometimes in certain places i felt like someone snap a rubber band on my skin but just lightly, nothing to be concerned about-i promise!) was involved, i was a lot more relaxed this time around :D.
First of all, the beautician cleaned my legs with some wet tissues. I already know they'd do this so to make their job easier, i didn't put on any body lotion that day (because they'd have to clean all of it off! I also feel like it'd be a total shame to put on body lotions and have it removed right away #kiasu)-remember that you also are not supposed to use any body lotion on the SHR-ed part for approximately 48 hours afterwards (amongst other don'ts-again please refer to the first post to see the "post treatment card")
Then they draw in some lines to help guide them doing the SHR using white a white eyeliner. I always feel like a butchered cow whenever we've come to this point LOLOLOL, sirloin-anyone?
Next they shave off all of the hairs on my legs using a brand new razor (make sure you pay attention when they show you the razor, it's crucial to always use new razors for any treatments to avoid contacting anything you do not want!)
I was supposed to be laying down lah, but laying down is never a good angle for me *LOLOLOL*
Applying cool gel to tone down the hotness of SHR to a comfortable level
Super cold brrrrr! And you can see how pale my skin is when you see the beautician's hand against it *LOL*, and i was actually pretty tanned (for my standard) after the Singapore-Malaysia trip!
Recorded another short video (now that i know how to operate the video feat in my digicam, i would be inserting videos often because sometimes pictures can't really show you the process as well as videos can!) of the SHR process :
The beautician asked if i could feel the zap (which i couldn't) and kept on increasing the level when i kept on saying no *LOL* (i remember #Undecided asking me if it's SUPPOSED to be painful because they did the same to her hahaha. Not painful lah #Undecided, but i think you're supposed to feel SOMETHING or else the treatment's not gonna work)-up to the point where i could feel the warmth and dull snapping sensation. Again, the whole thing was done in... I dunno, 15 minutes? It was really fast!
Cleaning the gel off
And it was Shasha's turn! Stay tune to her blog for her experience!
Of course, the result you would see in the video below is the result of the dry shaving they did beforehand, you can't see the impact SHR have until a month or so (then you can compare if your hairs are finer and sparser).
This second time ever of doing SHR left the same slightly raw and tender (but no pain still) feeling on my legs so i was very careful not to rub my legs when i shower (because i always use shower puffs). 

It's been about a week and so far the growth of my legs' hairs are very delayed, they hardly poke their heads out yet *LOL*. I will be updating on the condition on my second treatment next month. Stay tuned!

Bangkok Beauty :
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CL just mentioned that i haven't even finished the Korea trip posts yet T.T, then the Sing-Malay (i'd only be blogging about some of the places we went though, not day per day of course!), not to mention Au's bday, etc etc etc. HELP!

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