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Happy (belated) Eid Al Fitr, my Moslem readers! Hope you have a wonderful time with you family ^^. And for all Indonesian readers, how's the holiday? Must be having lots of fun, yeah? I hope you're not too bummed about the fact that holiday's actually coming to an end! I just got back from a road trip out of town (it's an exhausting 12 hours ride-return) for three whole days (extra stressful because i have both my mum and my MIL with me *LOL*), all i wanna do now is crash-thankfully i've written this post beforehand!

This post is super long overdue too, i don't even have any excuse left (other than no time and mood to write about this particular topic. I dunno why movie reviews are the most brain cells consuming for me!)-i even toyed with the idea of discard June movies entirely and just merge them with July movies, but alas... Have to do what OCD tendencies make me do *LOL*.
Watched 7 movies in total on June, half of them in Singapore (when exchange rates were around IDR 8.000 per dollar, we skipped watching movies in Singapore altogether because we thought tickets were to exp, but weirdly we watched movies multiple times now that dollar is around IDR 10.000 *LOL*. I guess we're less stingy now? I dunno...).

Hmmm... I loved the first installment but find the second one to fell way off my expectation, i was still quite excited to watch the third one though-and so was everybody else, judging from how the tickets kept on selling out like hot cakes in the first few weeks. I don't know if my taste is just different from majority or what, but some people say they prefer the second one-i totally beg to differ. I love Insidious Chapter 3! I'd say it's a total major improvement from the snoozeville that was the second movie to me!

Quinn Brenner (played by Stefanie Scott, who i found to be very very PRETTY. Reminded me of Selena Gomez. I guess they're my type. Hey, girls are allowed to have girls types that they like too okay!) is a teenager living with her father and younger brother. They are still grieving the loss of her mother and they all find it hard to deal with, especially Quinn who's forced to take care of her brother. She tries to connect with her mother's spirit, and after she feels her "mother's" presence, she seeks the help of Elise Rainier (the physic) for further contact-but Elise turned her down because of personal problems. Paranormal events starts happening around their house and each attack is more vicious than the previous so Quinn's dad begged Elise to help her.

Personally i am a fan of classic types of horror movies. You know, scary back sounds, creepy, fleeting ghosts, effective acting and element of surprises. If you manage to shock me, then you got me hooked *LOL*. Insidious Chapter 3 definitely has all those elements and it just WORKS. Some people (like KD) makes fun of the ghosts and says that they look like typical Indonesian ghosts-well for me, when done right, typical Indonesian ghosts are the creepiest! It also has so many funny and kick ass scenes (especially when Elise challenges the ghost that's trying to kill her, the audience started clapping! Trust me when i say that Indonesian audience are very rarely expressive like that!) makes this movie thoroughly entertaining. A must watch for all horror lovers out there!

I love music, i love singing and i guess it's only natural that i also love movies about badass singing girls! I forgot how much i love Pitch Perfect until i re-watched it a few days before the second movie started playing in local cinema (a month later than the date on the poster) so it totally made me very excited about it. It didn't disappoint, even though i personally find the first movie to be better (less cheesy, less forced scenes) it's still made me leave the cinema feeling uplifted (with a runny mascara because their last performance is DA BOMB).

The Bellas are now seasoned performers but they seem to start losing grip on what's the most important thing : their singing. They also lost their connection with each other and after a humiliating incident in front of the President of the USA, the Bellas are suspended and banned from performing and joining any competition in the country. The only way to clear out their name and regain their status is to do the impossible : winning the international competition (which no American group has ever done. EVER). With their Germany rival breathing down their necks, internal problems and other obstacles, the Bellas must reconnect and strengthen their friendship and sisterhood in order to accomplish their task and reach their dreams, once again.

Please tell me i am not the only one who gets so touched and blown away by incredible singing (or killer dance moves, coz i feel the same when i watch Step Up) that i start tearing! LOL. Those incredible singing is definitely a good enough reason to watch this movie, among other things! The storyline is pretty simple, the comedy sometimes verge on "cringe-worthy" but all in all, still a great, entertaining movie and a must watch for fans!

3. Jurassic World
I watched the first movie when i was a child and i gotta admit, other than my amazement of the dinosaurs (especially the exhibitions that comes with it, with the robotic dinosaurs and all)... I don't remember much about it *LOL*. I guess it's more of a boys' movie? Yeah, hunny was plenty excited when Jurassic World's showing-i was just mildly interested lah *LOL*.

A new theme park is built on the original Jurassic Park (22 years later), everything seems to be going peachy until a new attraction escaped and started a killing spree. What's really bad is that the escaping dinosaur is not really a dinosaur at all, it's a genetically modified breed made of different DNAs so nobody really knows their its real behavior and what it's capable of (I was like... How stupid can they be? Making a dinosaur that's super scary and smart? Of course it's gonna escape WTH). Owen, an ex navy and a current "dinosaur trainer" and Claire (the park's operational manager and the aunt of two boys who went missing when they closed down the park) must try all they might to save the day.

I would say that it's a very entertaining, jaw dropping (all those dinosaurs, again i am in awe even though i'm 31 and hardly a child anymore hahaha), intense and thrilling movie. Yeah, hunny and Baby Boy's definitely more impressed that i am (confirmed a boys' movie lah hahaha), but i would still say that it's a must watch for everybody!

4. Survivor
It's a movie that has gone under our radar actually, which we ended up watching just because we're in dire need of an entertainment and there's nothing else playing at that moment. I was quite intrigued when i heard that Pierce Brosnan plays the villain in this movie, but hm... yeah. I didn't buy it *LOL*. He's pretty bad as a villain!

Milla Jovovich plays a Foreign Service Officer for USA embassy newly located in London to scan and prevent terrorists from entering the USA, but her boss seems to not make her job very easy.  An attack was commited with her as the target, but she luckily (she's way too lucky for it to make sense, btw. And for someone who's not a super hero, she sure seems like she one hahaha) escapes but that makes her become the suspect instead. She must then goes on the run and tries all she can to prevent a large scale terrorist attack planned on the new year's eve in New York.

Well. I don't get this movie. Lots of others don't get it either, hence the low ratings-but i guess some others actually find it pretty good if you read the reviews, so i think it's a movie that you either like or hate. I find it a bit boring, weird, the characters confusing (and HOW BAD is Pierce Brosnan's character, as a supposedly elite killer, he's pretty bad at his job! LOL) and the reason why the terrorist is doing what they're doing.... Well, disappointing LOL. Don't take my word for it, you need to watch it to form your own opinion, who knows you might enjoy it like the other reviewers, but if your taste's similar to me then you might want to avoid this movie. It's not worth your time, and money.

5. Poltergeist
Let me start by saying that : sometimes it's best to leave a classic alone. LOL. I think that is more than enough to let you know that i did NOT like this reboot of the classic horror movie! 

I guess most people would know the storyline of this movie, it is one of the most famous horror movies of all time (right?) and even though i don't actually remember much of this movie (obviously i didn't watch it when it first came out because i wasn't even born yet!) but i do remember all the furniture shaking and people got thrown *LOL*.

Anyway, for those of you who is forgetful like me, basically this movie (which probably is the base of most of modern day's horror movies) is about a family moving in their new suburban house after their father got let go from his job. The first person taking notice that there is something really wrong is their young son but nobody really believed him until the super strong evil forces kidnap their youngest daughter and the family must work together with some help to rescue her.

Well. I expected so much more from this movie. Like i said, i don't remember the original movie much, but hunny said it's very similar (the haunting part), and what works for 1982, definitely does not work for 2015. I mean... They should make the haunting more fluid, less comic bookish and the effect better? I dunno, i found it to be super duper cheesy and not a second of it was scary. I know the poltergeist would be loud and all, but i expect it to be... You know, more haunting than juvenile. Personally i would advise everybody against watching it *LOL*, just go watch the original instead!

I've always loved minions, i mean... They're so cute and they speak gibberish, what's not to love right??? Unfortunately, i did not like Despicable 2 much so i was not as enthusiastic when i heard they're making Minions the movie, but hey... Since i did not have any expectation, i was pleasantly surprised when i realized that the movie is not bad at all. It's hilarious and silly, just what you should expect from minions.

The story started from the very beginning (basically, the history of minions la hahaha), starting as a single-celled yellow organism that evolve through ages-they have a single purpose in life : to serve the most despicable master. For some reasons (sheer stupidity, i would say *LOL*) they're unable to keep those masters. Without those masters, they lost their purpose in life and fell into a deep depression. One day, a minion (Kevin) decided to venture to the world (alongside Stuart and the most adorbs of all-Bob) to find a new evil boss. They found a potential new master, Scarlet Overkill but will things go smoothly for them?

It's a movie for people with a sense of humor, and i must say : people who has a childish sense of humor. Because if you're too "mature" and unable to leave your logic outside the cinema door, this movie is definitely not for you! You need to have the little kid side of yourself on the ready to be immersed in this movie, and once you do... You'd be thoroughly entertained! It's silly, hilarious, entertaining and you'd want a minion for yourself *LOL*. I know i do!

Ugh... Yet another boys' movie *LOL*. Even little boys like Baby Boy (who somehow knows what Terminator is even though the last movie played when he was just 2 years old) wanted to watch this movie (but he couldn't, we watched it in Singapore and it's PG 13). I... on the other hand, was not as excited. You know i'm not the biggest fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger (or Sylvester Stallone *shudder*) and i barely remember the previous movies (i don't even know if i watched the first movies. Well, i did watched the first one, i remember Edward Furlong to be pretty darn cute back then. Oh, i just Googled, apparently that was the second movie? Oh God, i'm confused now), all i can i remember is the robots from the future that can melt into a pool of liquid metal LOLOLOL. 

When John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline (i copy-pasted this paragraph directly from their IMDb)-this caused for everything to change. Nothing is like what Reese expected and he has to work with Sarah (who's more than capable to protect herself, nothing like the sweet girl he expected to save) and a very unexpected ally (the Guardian-Arnold Schwarzenegger)-and even more unexpected enemy for a crazy new mission : To reset the future.

Yeah well, the movie's pretty good lah i think. It's probably awesome for boys *LOL*, it was quite good for me too (as in i didn't get bored and the action scenes are quite gripping for me) but mostly i was busy drooling over :
Jai Courtney
Yep, i mentioned him multiple times already, coz he's definitely yummy *LOL*. I hated him in Divergent though (which means he's a good actor, coz he's so evil when he's the villain! But so adorbs when he is the lead), but fell right back in love with him in this movie. So sexy *BB and i kept on complaining whenever he puts his shirt back on LOLOLOLOL*... #slapsself. Anyway. This movie would be so-so for me if he wasn't in it, but since he's the lead... I wouldn't mind watching it again *LOL*. A must watch for die hard Terminator fans (i'd say it's one of the better ones, not counting the original of course. But i might be biased...) and action sci-fi lovers, but if you're not one of them and you happen to be a girl... Don't worry, you can enjoy Jai instead (watching him, i mean!).

That's it for June movies! Overall : not bad at all! My fave is definitely Insidious, followed by Pitch Perfect and Jurassic Park+Terminator+Minion (all draw hahaha). I didn't like Poltergeist nor Survivor, but they're also not the worst movies of the year or anything so they didn't ruin my mood either hahaha. 

Which of those 7 have you watched? Did you like them? We have Ant Man and The Gallows waiting to be watched next (i'm too cheap to watch it during the holiday because kinda expensive lah *LOL*)!

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  1. gua suka banget ama insidious pertama dan kedua. dan pengen banget nonton yang ketiga ini. :)

    1. Kalo menurut aku yg k 3 bagoessssss!!!