Makassar Diary Day 2 Part 2 : Trans Studio Makassar and More Nom Nom!

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Hey guysss :D!

How's your weekend? I had a very tiring (i actually had  to wake up earlier than my usual wake-up time on weekdays during the weekend -___-, how ironic is that?) but awesome weekend! I had a collaboration with my MUA friend (well... I modeled for her, that counts as a collab, right?) yesterday, then attended a super cute themed birthday party (i just LOVE themed parties and dress codes!!! LOL) continued with an unplanned double date with Sabsab and her boyfriend (who my hunny insisted on calling Roy despite the no Roy or anything close to it on his name) which including watching one of my Hollywood celebrity crushes, Ben Barnes (i know i have too many celebrity crushes to be legit, what can i do... I love handsome guys hahaha) and watching one of my imaginary boyfie on screen always brings a smile to my face! 

Today i went to hang out with #Undecided and THEN hang out with the rest of the gank plus another very old friend who's visiting from Australia so it was more of a reunion! It's a super packed and super fun weekend! I am having a quiet night at home and rightfully so since i am completely spent now haha.

Well, anyway! That's the recap of my weekend (all the collab, the birthday party and the reunion will be blogged separately so please look forward to those!) and now i am continuing my Makassar Diary! Still onto Day 2 after visiting Fort Rotterdam, we felt like we still needed to do more touristy thingy and went to Trans Studio Makassar ^^.
The Trans Studio Makassar group, still consisting of KC, moi, hunny, CL, MD, RD, SL, CP, my Auntie S and KK.
Yeah well, i might make it sounds like imma blog super long about Trans Studio like i usually do whenever i'm visiting theme parks, but since Trans Studio Makassar is almost identical to the one in Bandung and i we didn't have real kids with us *LOL*, we didn't even stay there that long. The place's not enormous and we almost didn't queue for anything so we covered the whole place quite fast. But i still snapped enough pics to be sufficient for a blog post :p. 

But of course, we couldn't go from one place to another without at least one culinary stop... Of course not.
We went to try out this thing called Pallu Basa
When i first heard about the name, i was like "WTH is a pallu basa???". Well, apparently it looks and tastes a lot like coto makassar but with thicker, richer soup and
You can opt to have a (raw?) egg added
And they use serundeng as topping to add even more flavor!
How did i like it? I already told you their original Coto Makassar's too rich for me (i prefer the toned down version we can find in Surabaya :p, i guess the taste's already altered to suit Javanese tounges better!) so Pallu Basa's even more so haha. I like the "add egg" version though because my love for eggs' true haha. 

Anyway, it's called Pallu Basa Serigala (serigala means wolf in Indonesian) simply because the eatery's located in Serigala road. There are all kinds of animals being the name of the roads in Makassar-yet another fascinating thing for local tourists like us. Hilarious story about the animal named roads, our Makassar driver was talking about jalan Domba (Sheep Road) and since Makassar language's so different than Javanese (or Indonesian), my mum went and ask the driver what Domba is in their language, his answer "animal, ma'am". LOLOLOL, i cannot stop laughing whenever i remember this!

Anyway, let's go to Trans Studio Makassar now!
The entrance's located in the basement floor of the mall (yes, it's also inside a mall) and and less flashy as the Bandung counterpart. It was a weekday in the middle of the low season, so we scored extremely low priced entrance tickets that were about a quarter of what we paid for Bandung Trans Studio during peak season
Narcissistic bunch, eh?
To show you the street better #excuse
Asked KC to snap this pic... Need to be so close up meh???
This was the angle i was aiming for *LOL*
When we just entered, we were so confused because the place's almost deserted, turned out most of the visitors were watching a play inside the theatre. We went in and watch the last half of the play just to find out what it was about, it was okay i guess. Very cheesy and all, but still watchable. After the play ended, the place became a little bit more alive as all of the visitors went out and began roaming around haha.

Like i said earlier, we hardly had to queue for anything... The longest queue we had to do was probably the drop-splash ride, you know... Where they make you ride a little boat then drop you from height, splashing water all around.
Every boat loads two and while we were all screeching like little girls, this boat consisted of my cousin KK and my Aunt was... Completely silent. And their expressions didn't even change, Aunt S only started smiling when she saw the camera. What's wrong with them -___-
There were some rides that are exactly the same as the ones in Bandung so i didn't bother snapping pictures. Then most of us were big babies who refuse to play anything slightly thrilling *ahem KC* *ahem hunny* *ahem RD* zzz so... We mostly rode those baby-ish rides *LOL*.
Like this rocking boat ride
We looked like we're having more fun than we actually were *LOL*. Whenever we're riding something not even remotely thrilling, CL would start shouting in "joy" because she said "We should. That's half of the real fun". Haha
I love this pic! Good job, hunny! *patronizing b*tch* *LOL*
Love these types of flying chairs, where your feet are dangling in the air and you just feel so free and child-like. Hunny, however, hates these rides like hell because he has this over-active gagging reflex and these rides never fail to make him gag (he even puked once when we rode this Rajawali ride in Dufan HAHAHAHAHA. Amateur). For me they have just the right amount of thrill and fun that won't make my heart race *like when we're about to ride a roller coaster or a dropped rides* but still give me enough adrenaline rush.

Btw, i also discovered that one of my younger cousins, DD (who joined us later so there's no picture of him above, i remember we took plenty of wefie using a selfie stick but i couldn't find it in CL's timeline so couldn't steal borrow the pictures zzz)-who's a DOCTOR-is a actually a huge baby *LOLOLOL*. He got scared of even the mildest rides *deep sigh*, and for some reasons he kept on sitting behind me and i had to listen to him spewing all kinds of nonsense in his fear *LOLOLOL*. I totally thought he was just joking and messing around at first, but after a while i realized that he really was terrified -___-. It's embarrassing how the girls all very enthusiastically ride the more thrilling rides while most of the boys refused whole heartedly to even attempt them!
Anyway, the kiddie section got loads of kawaii backgrounds to camwhore with
That's DD in black top and wearing glasses sitting on the far right, front row
Can i bring one of these spoons home? LOL
Gigantic bread house, nom!
Like the Bandung counterpart, they have this darker, mysterious looking section where the Dunia Lain (literal translation : The Other World, it's the haunted house ride) and a few other rides are located.
It's very photogenic
But also the reason why Trans Studio's better suited for older kids, teenagers and adults. Not to mention how mostly staffs in scary costumes roam around, young kids would be scared sh*tless!
They also seem to be obsessed with Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon
I must mention this : the only exciting thing about this theme park for me must be that the Dunia Lain ride's a lot better (as in scarier) than the one in Bandung. I expected it to be exactly the same, but it's not. I hate the one in Bandung coz it's so serene (LOLOLOL, one does not go to a haunted house ride to experience serenity, okay!) and not scary whatsoever, the one one in Makassar's a total step up! 

I also attempted to drag KC and CL (not to mention DD, MR and RR-who are siblings btw) into it-it was no use, of course. I do know that most people who are into extreme rides like CL (and cousin L) cannot stomach haunted houses and vice versa (i'd rather go into a haunted house 10x than ride a crazy roller coaster! I do not like the thought of being hang upside down), but KC and RR have no excuse. Being scared of both thrilling rides and haunted house is... well. Sad. LOL.
They have no problem with video games, of course
Or do silly poses
We also checked out their Science Center, also slightly different than the one in Bandung.
Square-tyre bicycle, but turned out adults are not allowed to ride this PFFFFTTTT
And there's also the bed of nails, and although hunny already laid on the one in Bandung, i just had to make him lay on this one too hehe!

Then KC also gave it a try, must lay like this because he was wearing a short
Hehehe. Don't worry, hunny's just fooling around!
The our Doctor DD also gave it a try, whining and screeching too hahaha
Then we also lift ourselves
KC making fun of CL because she found it very hard to do it, in her defense the pulley she was on was heavier than the rest for some reasons
We also tried on the earthquake simulator, i was being dramatic like usual
That was it *LOL*. We were on a snack mood so we went to Wendy's to nom on some fries and stuffs, little that we know that RD would demand us to go to Mama next. Yes, the Mama i already mentioned in Day 1, told ya we went there plenty!
Some traditional cakes
Aside from the fact that i LOVE kue ku (ang ku kueh), i also find this unusually shaped one to look sooo luscious!
Es pisang ijo (which is similar but different to Es Palu Butung)
Yes, we have es palu butung/pisang ijo sellers in Surabaya but i've never been even remotely interested in them. Despite the fact that i love bananas (for some weird reasons i always imagined the green thingy to be hard, chewy and weird tasting like green bananas, which i hate-but it's actually soft and rather sweet, almost like a pudding wrap), i just don't find the green wrap appealing at all. Then i gave it a try in Makassar *coz why not*, and  turned out i like it a lot *LOL*. I would never say no to an es pisang ijo or palu butung from now on :D.
We also tried fried banana (which is a common snack all round Indonesia) with sambal (now, that's NOT common at all)
Turns out it didn't taste as weird as i thought it would be. The fried banana tasted more like fried cassava, more savoury than sweet like how we're used to, making it being paired with sambal not as weird as we initially thought it'd be. Quite nice, actually!

We were quite damn stuffed after all of those heavy snacking (although we split everything), and in no time it was time for dinner -___-. We mainly go rice-less though, if you're wondering how we managed not to burst hahaha.

Dinner was... Seafood again *LOL*. I think dinner was seafood almost every single night we were in Makassar... Well, except on the wedding itself. I didn't snap too many pictures on the second night's dinner (and i cannot even remember where we had dinner), but i seemed to find these... are those sea snails??? I don't even know what they are *LOL*... Well, i seemed to find them to be fascinating.
Because i kept on snapping pictures of them
Even showing you the meat hehe
Looks like i enjoyed it too *LOL*. I seriously cannot remember!!!
Also these chilli crabs
Then i got busy eating, or the rest of the stuffs we ate were too common, or my hands were dirty because i didn't take any more pictures!

That's the end of Day 2, Day 3's less touristy and more family oriented, imma blog about it soon!

Toodles for now!


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  1. kurang detil nih nyertiain wahana dunia lain nya. hehehe. gak bisa difoto ya setan2nya? :D

    1. Errr.. sumpah ga pernah kepikiran mau moto rumah hantu Man, boleh gak sih sebenernya? Wkwkwkwk