#Pink's Ghost Stories (Part 1)

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Hey guys!!!

So i flippantly mentioned  that i would do a post with my supernatural experiences if anyone's interested in reading it, which i didn't expect anyone would even pay attention to-but well... Some of you actually asked me to tell the stories haha (i am happy whenever my readers are interacting with me :p). When i start collecting the stories (you know, mentally) in my mind, i realized... Hey, i have a few! That got me excited hahaha, and i decided to create yet another series for this blog : #Pink Ghost Stories!
The title's inspired by one of my favorite book series, which if you're not Singaporean or lived in Singapore before might never heard of before : Singapore True Ghost Stories. I collect them when i was still living in Singapore, even know i still hunt them whenever i am back in town, i have most of the books in the series although i lost (and missed) a few.

So before i tell you my first story, i need to tell you the back story first of course hahaha. I've always been fascinated with supernatural world, ghosts and all. I was a strange little kid who loves horror movies, horror books and i went to my first haunted house ride when i was less than 5-didn't bat an eyelash. While i'm a lot more scaredy now that i am older (strange what the world can do to you), i still love a good horror whatever! I am also easily fascinated by morbid topics and would spend hours, even days browsing about it if i got hooked on something, one of them being Victorian Post Mortem Photography. So yes, i do know a lot of scary stories-both real and fictitious and i believe in "the other world".

I'm gonna start this series with stuffs that i actually experienced myself, well not always myself-mostly by people around me with ME in the picture. I am not very sensitive, as in i cannot see ghosts, but i can sort of sense them... I guess? I would feel like i am being watched and extremely spooked, then people with gifts (to see them) actually would confirm my suspicions. But no, as much as i love to scare myself silly, i cannot and i DON'T want to be able to see ghosts *LOL*.

If you're a cynic or simply doesn't believe in such thing, i am just asking you not to leave an annoying comment *LOL*, well you can-it will get deleted anyway. I am not saying that ghosts exist or whatever, you can believe in whatever you want to believe, i am just asking you to respect me and what i believe in. This is my space afterall, okay? So if you think you cannot read supernatural-related stories without telling the writer he/she is stupid, i am asking you politely to leave now hahaha. I'm just writing this because i enjoy sharing (and hearing/reading) scary stories!
Continue reading at your own risk IHIHIHIHIHI

Okay, let's finally begin!

My first story was something my whole family experienced when i was little (because being OCD means i need to tell my stories in chronological order!)-this means that i can only remember fragments of the actual event because i was too young.

My family have always loved traveling and picnics. I have fond memories of long road trips (i think my mum always dislike flying, but when she was young it was still just a dislike, not utter fear and paranoia like what she has now) with our suitcases piling up and tied on top of our car, beaches, mountains, different hotels and meals packed in rantang. WTF is rantang? I have no idea if there's even an English name for it, but it's basically tierred meal containers-mainly made from tin and it looks like this :
Photo source
Yes, there are modern rantang now, but i deliberately choose a very vintage looking one because i think this makes the point i am trying to make hahaha.


One of the places that is not too far from where we live (Surabaya) that we frequented was Songgoriti, in Malang. Now, as i have a pretty big family that consists of my parents and four kids (including me, later on we're often joined by my eldest brother and sister's girlfriend/boyfriend back then) so my parents often rent villas or family sized hotel rooms (you know, the one that looks like an apartment with multiple rooms inside). Now i am not so sure, but i think we stayed in a family sized room that particular day.
Of course this is not the actual hotel, just a picture i found in Google to illustrate my story!
The day started off quite normal, i guess and after a whole day of picnic, we all retired to our rooms. I slept with my parents (i actually slept in their room until i was quite big, which is not a good habit, actually) as usual and my siblings in another room.

Everybody was sleeping soundly when suddenly... There's a very loud... and weird sound. My mum described it like "a pig being sliced on the throat". Sort of half scream-half squeal, if you know what i mean. It was so loud that everybody actually woke up (me included, always been a very light sleeper)-so it was not a product of my mum's overactive imagination (she's very scaredy and paranoid, especially when it's related to ghost things. I am actually quite convinced that this behavior is propelled by a fact that she's quite sensitive to supernatural things. She can't see anything lah, but maybe like me-she can sense them) because EVERYBODY heard it.

All of my family members scrambled out of the room, pretty much panicking, what the hell's that sound? And yeah, it didn't stop. It continuously went on, but obviously nobody dared to get out and check. That's a dumb move people make on movies, i believe in real life most people would do what my family did.
Photo source
We huddled together in the living room and waited until the morning came!

When it was finally morning (everything's less scary when the sun is shining, right? You think ghosts don't come out during daylight? According to most gifted people, you couldn't be more wrong! LOL), my family finally dared to ventured out and they stumbled into a hotel employee.

We asked what the noises were and if it came from the room next door? He answered that the room next door was empty and the noises actually came from the cliff directly behind our hotel. The employee then asked if we heard about the tragedy that happened just weeks ago-about a whole family being brutally murdered and whose bodies were thrown into a cliff in Songgoriti? Well. That cliff was the one exactly behind our hotel room. And every single night since that tragedy, people could hear the same noises that we heard that night.

Now, i don't know if this is the actual incident as the one they were talking about, but after doing my research on the net, i found a murder case that involved a family that seems to be the one : that is the murder or Lekol (Mar) Purwanto's family. Time frame seems to be correct as well because the murder happened at 13th August 1988, which means i was 5-very young but already have some memories that stays with me until today (my first memory was when i was 3).

As you know, my mum's super paranoid and all, this incident affects her til this day-she refuses wholeheartedly to stay in this villas/hotel in Songgoriti even though it's newly built, she's convinced it is located where the old hotel (that no longer exist) used to be.

And that's my first (true) story! Not too scary right? 

Right. So i would usually leave you with a selfie of myself, but today imma leave you with her selfie.
 Until next time!


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  1. Pas kecil gw juga pernah nginep di songgoriti tp rasanya gak ada kejadian apa apa sih. :)

    Ini yg serem malah gambar yg terakhir :p

    1. Hahaha iya gw jg msh k Songgoriti koq setelah itu, tp ga pernah ada apa2 lagi, ga mau juga sihhh... Tp cerita yg ini itu melekat banget d otak, cc n koko2 gw inget bgt krn mrk udah lmyn gede waktu ituu hehehe

  2. Mbak - mbaknya yang diatas narsis amat :P
    Kita punya minat yang sama ternyata. Cekaka. Nice story :)

    1. Suka ghost stories juga? Hehehe i love them ^^

  3. Nope.... Ghost also there.. during the day.... Hihihihihi....
    Seeing it all the time...
    And the image they made of our ghoosts is wayyyy too prettyyy...
    Nice story thooooo...


    1. You can see ghosts??? Wow, that's cool AND super creepy at the same time hahaha

  4. Baru tahu kalo cece ada bakat cerita horr yang nakut2in orang, ckckck alamat gak bisa tidur aku.