Darling, Even the Flowers Are Feeling Blue..

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Hey guys...

Haven't done any proper outfit posts in a while, well... I haven't worn anything picture worthy in a while as well (my holiday outfits were more comfort than style :P) but i actually have loads of backlogs on outfit pictures-just haven't gotten to sort them out yet. You probably notice that we've been posting sponsored posts for a bit lately, you know... Prioritizing. Not that i am trying to turn this blog into nothing but a bunch of advertisement of course, it's just with sponsored/ad posts we have the responsibility to work on them quickly while we can take our time in the personal ones.

Anyhoo, i still haven't dress up too much lately (so much stuffs to take care of T.T, no time to play dress up) but here's a rare one i wore for a meetup with Kathy (oh but i got to dress up again today, meeting up with my blogging friends including Kathy again haha).
Of course i just gotta wear my new La Palette bag (that i purchased in Korea) out!
I was planning on a totally different outfit (with 180 degrees difference in style as well) but then i got my period (honestly i secretly keep on wishing to accidentally get pregnant whenever my period's late *which is like, every two months* so i wouldn't have to bother going to the gynae-i still got my intrauterine devices on hahahaha. I'm so conflicted about having another baby i wish God would just make me pregnant despite the contraception so i know that it's what He wants. LOL. Why do i start spewing craps about my fertility in my outfit post??? Sorry, TMI hahaha) and i only feel comfortable wearing skirts/dresses during my period so...
I ended up choosing this extra feminine white and navy chiffon floral number
It's actually a sleeveless dress and the cape is detachable! Very versatile and cute, not that i would ever wear it without the cape, my arms... Urgh... Ew. 'Nuff said.
And of course as usual, the #FOTD or #MOTD
Most of the time i'm way too lazy to wear more than one eyeshadow color.. I just couldn't be bothered hahaha.
Went for a green eyeshadow because blue eyeshadow with blue outfit's just a little too matchy2
List of products used on my #MOTD :
1. Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB
2. Clinique All About Eyes Concealer in 01 Neutral
3. DHC Medicated Acne Care Concealer
4. C/o Collection Pressed Powder in 01 Candlelight
5. Esprique Precious Double Shine Face Powder (to highlight my nose bridge)
6e.l.f Eye Primer
7. e.l.f Beach Beauty Palette (eyeshadow and blush on)
8. Mai Doll Black Liquid Eyeliner
9. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
10. C/o Collection Work the Color Eyeshadow Pencil in Vintage Blush
11. The Face Shop Color My Brow in 03 Light Brown
12. Oriflame Tender Care 
13. NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama

The NYX lipstick was Kathy's, she didn't like it and gave it away-and i actually like it quite a lot! I'm pretty horrible with colors, and i'm probably far off-but Pantone's color of the year's Marsala and while i find it hard to really understand what the exact color Marsala is, since it's a wine... I think deep reds can pass as marsala's color family and this lipstick's color's should be considered very on trend, don't you think? LOL. Anyway, since i am obsessed with deep, wine red lippies, i embrace the color trend whole heartedly! 

If you follow my IG, you might've noticed how i wore a lot of blue outfits nowadays? Some people might think that i do that because i'm just drawn to blue colors lately or whatever, but the reason is actually a lot more OCD-related than you might think. 

Most people probably paint their nails to match their outfit, well i plan my outfit based on my nail colors-most of the time. Since i don't change nail colors very fast (as in i would wait until the nail polish's starting to chip off before removing and painting my nails with a different color), i tend to dress in the same color family for a period of time (until i change my nail color). I am currently finishing off using Crystal Nail polishes from Me-Nail and the last color was this silvery-blue one :
And so that's why i've been using so much blues lately. I just removed them though so you're going to see me in different colors soon hahaha.
Outfit details :
Navy Floral Chiffon Dress : Online
Belt : Uniqlo
Bag : La Palette
Heels : Everbest
Pearl Bracelet : Next
Birth Month Stone in a Glass Bottle : Bought in Taiwan

I think you can't really see the necklace in the pictures, so here's a closer pic (in a different outfit though) :
Yup, still in blue obviously haha. I just realized that the bottle's half obscured by my hair though zzz
Of course, Kathy had to pick that day when i was wearing heels to wear flats :
The pictures turned so weird (coz i looked like i was hunching to close the height difference a bit) so Kathy had to stand on her tiptoe to get a normal pic hahaha
When bloggers meets, #wefie is a must!
I'm a very girly girl, but do you know that being girly does not equal being feminine? I'm girly in the pink, frills, tutu, rainbow and unicorn kind of way-and not the soft, delicate, prim and proper kind of way!
But it does feel good to dress more lady-like once in a while for a change, makes me look a bit closer to my age, i suppose? Haha
Okay, that's all for today, folks! Gotta go and plan my next outfit! 


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  1. What a cute look I really love your eye make up. xox