#Pink Ghost Stories (Part 2)

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Heyllowww ma dahlings!

How's everybody's Saturday nitezzz??? I gotta be honest and tell you that the start of my Saturday wasn't good, everything that could go wrong, DID (all first world problems though, so minor they don't even deserve sharing *LOL*). I am also severely PMS-ing and extremely irritable, but i am in MUCHHH better mood right now woohooo *God, i feel so bipolar now zzzz*. Anyway, what's a better way to end your Saturday night but with a ghost story from yours truly, right? Well, i should've posted on Friday night for a better effect, i guess :p. But i digress...

I am very happy with how my first part of Ghost Series was accepted! And i just realized how much i love writing ghost stories, especially the true stories *LOL*. I now have a new obsession, i hope one day i can publish a ghost stories book like Russell Lee, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA #easilyobsessed #fangirl. I know i always get too excited too fast, this is only the second story and i already hope to publish a book based on the series? Well, so typically me hahahaha. Hey, i always dream big, why not :p

Anywayyyy, i need more stories if i ever to publish those books! For now i still have some stocks, but in the future imma go around interviewing people asking for them to share their stories to me #shamelesslycopyingrussell :D. If YOU have a supernatural story (true story only, please) that you'd like to share but probably do not possess my expertise in story-telling (AHAHAHAHAH, don't you just want to slap me), you can e-mail you story to me at mindypauline@gmail.com and i'll definitely give you credit of course. Or not, whatever rocks your boat!

Okay okay, i start the ghost story already lah zzz. So impatient :p.
Are you ready for more?
So my second story happened a LONG time after my first one (i don't remember any ghost stories in my childhood other than that one... Not that i remember anyway. They'll come back to me, don't worry *LOL*. Some already started streaming back to my brain as i type this >.<) when i was 15 years old and recently moved to Singapore.
And suddenly... My ghosts changed nationalities :) (photo source)
Now, i did not live in Singapore by myself... I am spoilt rotten i know, and i will admit that i actually lived with a maid :p-but for some reasons living in Singapore for about three years made me a much more independent, confident person. My parents also constantly visited me for months on end, but like all rebellious teenagers, i prefer it when they were in Indonesia so i had more freedom :p.

But when this incident happened, my maid had not yet arrived in Singapore and my parents were out of the condo for the day. I was all alone, hadn't even starting school yet so i had no friend and was sulking in my (new) room, missing #Undecided badly (oh yes, we're friends already by then, of course) and feeling sorry for myself. 
I was an emo teen, i guess. Minus the green hair hehe (photo source)
Our condo in Singapore is quite spacious with three bedrooms (four if you count the maid's room) and is actually well-lit and comfortable. My bedroom is located in the middle, with a bathroom on the left and another room on the right. If i walk outside my room, my view to the living room and master bedroom is concealed by the bathroom, it's pretty much L-shaped if you can imagine. I would have to take around four or five steps before i can see the living room, which is side by side with the door leading to the master bedroom (my parents'. But i ended up staying there when they're not in Singapore because they have TV there :p).

I did not have phone installed in my room yet because we just arrived a few days earlier (ohh, i'm remembering my beloved pink Hello Kitty phone that i absolutely abused for hours on end with friends and boyfriends back then :D. I would be on the phone 24/7, hey maybe that's why i really hate phones with passion now, i had more than a lifetime share during my teenage years!).

It was not even sunset yet, i think it was actually still quite early (around 3-4 PM) when the phone, which is placed in the office desk in the living room-next to the master bedroom's wall and door, started ringing. I raced outside my bedroom and reached for the phone. "Hello?"... The only answer that i got was the busy tone, tut...tut...tut... I didn't think it was anything strange, it's probably my mum calling to ask what i wanted for dinner and the bad reception made the call disconnected when i accepted it, no big deal. 

I then glanced to the master bedroom and realized that the door was wide open and the light was on. I thought "Wogh, my mum's getting so forgetful, usually she would never forget to turn the light off (it's a must in our household, if you leave a room then the light should always be switched off unless you're planning to get back within half an hour) and close the door! So i very casually switch the light off and close the door. FYI, the door handle is the old-fashioned (because this story took place 16 years ago!) door knob that you have to turn to open, not something that can be opened easily by, say... strong breeze or something.

Then i calmly went back to my bedroom, feeling like everything's right in the world-in within a few minutes the phone rang off again.
Since i thought it was my mum calling, i rushed back to the living room and grabbed the phone "Hello?".. aandddd... It's the busy tone again zzzz. I was getting annoyed at this rate but still not suspecting anything. As i was about to go back to my room AGAIN, i saw the master bedroom's door wide open and the light was on. 

I remember thinking to myself "WTF? Didn't i already closed the door and turned off the light?" but instead of getting worried, i berated myself for having a horrible memory at 15. I thought i must've imagining the whole turning off the light and closing the door deal-so i did just that, diligently turning the light off and closing the door firmly, making sure there's the satisfying "click" sound which ensure me that the door's securely closed.

I waited a few more minutes this time, expecting my mum to try to call again-but nothing happened. Got tired of waiting, i decided it was time go back to my bedroom.

Guess what happened as soon as i was inside my room?
Of course the bloody phone started ringing again! This time i immediately (okay, it took me quite a while to come to this conclusion *LOL*) sensed that something's wrong so i didn't rush to the living room, instead i peeked from the L shaped wall to the living room and saw THE BLEEDIN' door wide open and the light was on! 

I didn't need another cue, i ran inside my room, locked it (i've no idea why, i mean... If whatever toyed with me was a ghost, it certainly wouldn't need to open the door to get to me!) and hid under my blanket until my parents came home! I asked my mum later if she called me and she said she didn't so... God knows who DID call me! I am just thankful that it just gave me busy tones instead of saying something *LOLOLOLOL*.

I also lived in that condo for three years (and went to visit back a lot) without any further supernatural encounter, at least not INSIDE the condo-but that could be due to the fact that i was never alone again in that condo ever since. I probably even had my maid sleeping inside my room at night...

Anyway, i know the story is not that scary, but try experiencing the whole thing for yourself! LOL. I love true ghost stories most because it truly happened and the realization that it could happen to you is scarier than any hardcore horror fictions for me. That's why my kind of horror movies can be extremely opposite what the mass would like, because even slightly creepy "based on true story" kind of movie would set me off more than say... The Ring (although the original Ringu DID scare the shit out of me *LOL*).

That's my second ghost story! I have some more experiences while i was in Singapore that i will share next! I'm sure you know that even though Singapore is a very modern and metropolitan city, it is also very rich in culture, tradition and history-they also respect those qualities a lot and maintain them. The mixture of modernity and superstitious makes it super unique and i'm proud to call it my second home. Ghosts and all *LOL*.

Until next time!
Call me? Or should i call you?

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  1. Sereman yang pertama sih ci Mindy. Nice post! Ditunggu story selanjutnya!

    1. Hahaha iya soalnya aq ga pny pengalaman yg terlalu serem nih, dan gak mau juga huhuhu takuttt

  2. hehehe once again yang lebih scary tuh gambar yang lu pake... gambar terakhir itu scary banget :P

    1. Hahahaha iya mau nya signature nya gitu sekarang hahahaha

  3. Arghhhh ini kenapa sih #pinkandundecided jadi pake horor hororan . errrr cee aku tuh selalu takut sama cerita hantu tapi selalu penasaran juga . anddd aku langsung lompat ke post comment tanpa nihh ya TANPA lihat foto.terakhir . Thanks for scary story that scary me alot ! Huh.

  4. Jok sampe aku di telefon :_____(((( km aja c3 yg telfon sayaaa

    1. Ta kasih no tlp mu ke dee ya Sab ahahaha

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