Introducing : Lauren Tan Make Up Artist (SPONSORED)

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Helloo helloooo :D!

I'm sure y'all already familiar with my friend O, who i've mentioned many times in this blog ^^. She was featured more than a few times and even walked the runway alongside #Undecided and i as well as attenting Misslyn's private event with me. I also mentioned that she's now a make up artist and when she asked me to model for her, of course i happily accepted ^^. And yep, O's real name is Laurensia and she goes with "Lauren Tan" for her professional MUA name (there is such thing as an MUA name, like a stage name-they all have it in Indonesia *LOL*), which i like to tease her endlessly about hahaha. So this post is to properly introduce my newest sponsor *ahem* and personal MUA : Lauren Tan #drumrollplease.

From the beginning she already planned to do a dolly makeup for me, and the timeline couldn't be better because i was invited by LL for her Moschino Barbie birthday party! Barbie is a doll right, so Dolly makeup is absolutely perfect for the ocassion!
Loving the super dolly result!
Do keep in mind that this is a themed look, so it's definitely not your everyday makeup or even regular party makeup haha. It's more exaggerated and dramatic to serve the purpose. O also kept on saying "Put on those flower crown!" "Use chibi chibi accessories!", OMG... No need to ask one lah O, bloggers are the best when it comes to selfie hahaha.

So, as requested. 
Ta-dah... flower crown. Btw this picture's taken indoor (inside my walk in closet) with artificial lighting, i personally like the ones taken with natural sunlight better (like the first pic up there and more later)
Bloggers are selfie queens haha
But i am jumping the gun here! Let's start from the very beginning, shall we? O (or should i say, LAUREN TAN *ahem*) came to my house bright and early... And i just woke up wkwkwkwk. I had shower ASAP (with her prodding me all the way) and snapped this "Before pic" :
Super pale #Pink looking like a drowned rat :p
O asked me why i snap such an unflattering picture of myself, with wet hair and glasses-i guess she doesn't know that most beauty bloggers are used to do such thing to emphasize before and after result *LOL*. I told her that i like to take very ugly pictures so the after would look more dramatic and she quickly agreed *LOL*. Anyway, you might already know that i am very close to O, we've known each other since around 2002 so she's one of those girlfriends (as in very good friend which happens to be a girl. I am straight hahahaha) that is already like a family, but don't worry! I am capable of being totally unbiased!

I was quite shocked when i saw her hauling a huge train case and another huge bag to contain her stuffs because i've never seen her in full MUA mode before hahaha.
While i was busy drying my hair, O was busy setting up her equipment
In case you're wondering what those cute boxes of eyeshadow on the left are from *like me*, well apparently O broke her MUA makeup palette (you know, the huge ones with endless colors inside and products inside) and had to house them in pencil cases *LOL*. She also enticed me with the story about the Smashbox palette on the top right which she gets for super low price in US when she bought them in set (with a lot other things including 2 perfumes and other stuffs, makes me want to book a ticket to USA right now -___-)
Errr, i should've moved that shoes out of the way first :D
I don't dare to blow up the pictures with O in it because she kept on protesting when i snapped her pictures *coz she's bare faced and all haha*
The first step that O did before putting on any makeup was using Nano Spray on my face. She says it helps to make foundation sticks to your skin better. Btw, O is like a Nano Spray evangelist because it's the only thing helping her with her acne hehe. (She also used it again on me AFTER finishing the makeup to make it lasts longer)
It was hard to snap a pic of myself being nano-sprayed, so when Baby Boy walked in and quickly became her next victim, i hurriedly snapped this pic hehehe
Ninja-looking O with her mixing palette hehe
A great foundation is crucial for a flawless makeup, of course
Hunny helped snap this pic of Lauren Tan in action :D
O is a perfectionist (it takes one to know one *LOL*) so she kept on fixing her creation even when she said "I'm done" *LOL*. Here's the result (that she still tweaked some more afterwards) of her "Barbie Doll Makeup" creation :
I was quite shocked when i saw how HUGE she was able to make my eyes look hahaha (and no Kathy, i am not melotot! What's melotot in English??? Bulging my eyes, perhaps?)
Super dolly eyes with the cray cray falsies. Oh yeah, O also went all the way and bought me those blue contact lenses to achieve a very Barbie look
She also applied a very Barbie pink lipstick!
Professional lipsticks are scary though, i ate white colored chicken mushroom cream soup later and the soup turned pink -____-  and the lipstick still looks the same on my lips! In fact the lip color stayed on the WHOLE day without losing its opacity even after two heavy meals!
Told ya she kept on fussing on my makeup hahaha (btw my silly hunny climbed a stool to snap this pic LOLOLOL)
Lauren Tan and her Barbie Doll hahahaha
Look at the staggering before and after!
Shocking Before and After picture : achieved! LOL
While this is definitely not a look that i am used to, i really enjoyed turning into an Asian Barbie for a day! I actually got a lot of compliments on the makeup and people kept on telling me how "Barbie" i looked, which means job well done, Lauren Tan! The makeup stayed flawless the whole day (not only the lipstick, of course), my skin's super oily so i had to blot with oil film twice but the makeup didn't fade/break or anything (with my usual self-applied makeup i notice some dry spots on my nose afterward, which is not very attractive). So you know you're covered the whole day when using Lauren Tan's services, hehe!

And of course, i cam-whored nonstop the whole day hehehe...
One more with the flower crown

One with natural sunlight streaming in from the glass walls (and yes, i was practicing my blank stare-because dolls are lifeless right!)
I didn't have time to camwhore too much at home because i was running late, so snapped most of my selfies in the car! I was wearing flash tattoo by Me-Nail, of course (advert inside another advert, clever me!)
I'm a Barbie Doll... In a Barbie world...
I am mesmerized by my own eyes...
What's the perfect accessories for a Barbie Doll but plastic pink stuffs, right???
Plastic-fantastic, my skin was glowing and so flawless i looked totally plastic hahaha
I do realize i would've looked more Barbie-ish if i curled my hair, but i had no time to even fix my fringe (that's too long to be let down and stubbornly refused to be parted to the side *sigh*)! You know i'm not a morning person, and i was panicking because i was running late so... I'll try harder next time *promise*.

I enjoyed the look very much, even though it was hard to see because the crazy falsies half secured my vision and the spidery lower falsies made me feel like i had hairs sticking out at the sides of my face and people were staring at me like i was an alien at the mall (but people stare at me regardless, so... it was a bit more intense but i can deal with that *LOL*, and yes! I went to the mall with a themed makeup, why not hahaha), but it was a very fun look (that i don't think i can ever re-create by myself haha)! I don't usually like people touching my face so i am a bit allergic to MUAs *LOL*, but i *obviously* felt very comfortable with O and would definitely do it all over again! It was really nice not having to bother with applying makeup (which sometimes make me panicky when i am running out of time hehe) and let someone takes care of it for once *LOL*.

I know that not everybody gets themed or fantasy makeups (like #Undecided, i think she was horrified at the amount of white liners used on my eyes hahaha) so i am including Lauren Tan's works on more "normal" makeups!
Soft party makeup
This one is her model for a... bridal show?
You need to contact her for pricing because it'd depend on the kind of makeup you want, but her services starts from IDR 250.000 for regular party makeup, which is very affordable!

Lauren Tan is based in Surabaya, but if you're outside Surabaya and are willing to pay for her transportation and accommodation, i'm sure everything can be arranged :D!

If you're keen on her services, don't forget to tell her that you get her contacts from this blog and she might give you a special price :D! 

Thank you Lauren Tan a.k.a my O for the stunning Barbie Doll makeup (and the contact lenses that imma keep on using because why waste right hahaha), can't wait to do this again hahaha. Fantasy makeup next?
Thanks for making my vision a reality and made me feel like a real life (Asian) Barbie Doll :D. I will do a complete outfit post separately :D

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  1. The doll makeup really made you look like a doll! Wow, how fascinating that it. Lauren Tan must have a long list of clients with her expertise of doing such beautiful transformations of faces. :) I love that you have flawless-looking skin after applying the foundation. The lashes also have so much volume.

    1. Thank you, it was really dolly wasn't it hahaha.. She's actually quite new, i hope to help spread the news about here here in this blog ^^!