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Hi everybodyyyy :D!

Yep, like i said, i'm bringing my weekly haul series back! Last week i blogged about my haul as far back March, and this week? Progressing a bit, it's from April *LOLOLOL*!
That's not all, i shopped some more a few days later after i took that picture so it wasn't included in the picture :p. Anyway, like you'd know if you've been following my haul posts, i also like to include male stuffs in my haul *that belongs to my hunny obvi*. That might (i hope) help girls out there if they're looking for (bargain) male stuffs but don't know where to get them? Yes, let this shopping expert show you ahahahahaha *crazed laugh*.

First thing first! Inside that Sogo shopping bag :
Fiorucci Vintage Floral Printed Bag
Yup, you must've seen it on my Taiwan trip entries! I brought this bag because it's super roomie (i suspect it to be a tablet/notebook carrier, but can pass as a regular bag so i dun care) and came with a long sling that can be attached if you desire. Sling bags are the best type of bag for traveling (other than a backpack, but i don't really fancy looking any more juvenile than i already am, so no backpacks for me!) because it's totally fuss free!

I also always liked the brand Fiorucci-they have the cutest and quirkiest designs, but they are quite pricey as a fashion bag (normal price around IDR 800.000 to over a million for the mid to large sized bags). This one's on a HUGE sale though (be careful if you're thinking of buying Fiorucci bag, they go on a huge sale all the time, i'd be devastated if i buy something at a normal price only to witness it being reduced crazily in a few months! I guess i am not actually an impulsive buyer after all!), 70% off. I obvi don't remember the price anymore, but it was lower than IDR 350.000. Yep, it was about a million on a non-promotion days.

I actually also had my eyes on their plastic pink collection, the ones that looked like this:
Photo courtesy of Google
But i couldn't decide which model (they all looked equally cute to me) to get and in the end i totally forgot to get them WTF :p. Also because it was such an old model that the display products looked kinda dirty and fugly already, i probably got over them at some point. I still love the color and the plasticky material though. Fits my inner Barbie Doll to a T. #Undecided hated them and said they were fugly, but i don't really care *LOL*.

Anyway, the material's very good, very sturdy and strong, not to mention how much i love their designs so i will not hesitate to get more bags from Fiorucci (when they are having a sale) in the future! Talking about the pink bags make me fall in love all over again with them, wonder if they still have stocks of them now...

Continue to another department store haul, Centro! It's my heaven for cheap and chic stuffs! I bought same stuffs from Korz (they were also on a 70+10% off!) :
Blue Chiffon High Low Dress, it was IDR 70.000 or something after 70% off
Baby Blue Knitted Hoodie Cardi, around the same price as the dress
Korz' a luxury local fashion brand, if you're Indonesian you'd know that they sell their stuffs with pretty high prices (up to IDR 400.000) with very nice materials as well. So i panicked a bit when i saw them selling at such a low price on the sale bin, i didn't think twice about getting them, even though the blue dress is too big for me, i can work around it haha.

Also from Centro i found some cheap but with very good material t-shirts for hunny!
Parachute T-Shirts, around IDR 49.000 each
Parachute is becoming my fave brand for hunny's casual wears! The material's soft but thick (not like cheap tee materials) and very comfortable and the price's quite insane! Guys stuffs tends to be a lot more expensive than girls', but not with Parachute!
College State 3/4 Sleeved Tee, also from Parachute
I loved the College State design and i love seeing my hunny wear 3/4 sleeved tops so this is perfect! It's more expensive than the previous tee, it was IDR 99.000, but i think it was on a 10 or 20% off, so still super cheap! Hunny wore it on our European trip because it's 3/4 sleeved! He'd sweat himself to death if i force him to wear it in Indonesia on the height of summer like now hahaha.

I remember vividly that i was actually looking for a red dress for my cousin's wedding that day, ended up with so much more other stuffs but none red dress whatsoever. LOL.

Later on the same day, #Undecided and hubby joined us at GM and we went shopping some more at Guardian (when you reached a certain age, your girlfriends and you would start stalking drugstores like Guardian for promotions! All of my BFFs are like this too *LOL*, i confirmed with A and G already!). I ended up getting some Wardah stuffs for the very first time (and #Undecided got the Pure Olive Oil that soon became her staple make up remover!)
They were on a 20% off and i've been reading so much rave on this brand, so even though we never necessarily even think of purchasing anything from Wardah (we just thought that we're not the target consumer, and like i said many times before, local branded BAs sometimes acts confused whenever we-Chinese ladies-were trying to purchase their stuffs. Also to be completely honest there was also the element of looking down on cheap local products, bur that's more on #Undecided's case, i've always been quite a fan of local brands), the crazy cheap price lured us in hahaha especially because they strapped the words "20% off" everywhere around the brand's section!
Wardah Cleanser and Toner
What kind of pricing was that @___@ and that's before 20% off too!
Wardah Facial Wash
With even crazier price @___@
I was obsessed about learning to stick on falsies at that time and the only falsies glue i had was the freebie from the pack of China made lashes which totally sucked, and i didn't want to spend a fortune on a glue before i even master sticking them on properly so i just purchased one from Daiso.
Daiso Eyelash Glue
It was obviously IDR 22.500
It performed pretty well for such a cheap-assed thing! I still continue using it and used like, almost half already *due to the fact that my application technique sucks more than anything* and i will review it. In the meantime, i already purchased a higher end *just a bit* brand from Watson's when i was in Jakarta after my JB/SG trip. It'll show up in future haul post :p.
Mini haul from Inten's Corner
Relax, i've not been cosmetic shopping online for months now (yeah, but you subscribed to every beauty box available, #Pink! Btw, i already subscribed to the newest beauty box in town, First Blush! FML), and this one also only contained one item! It was around that period where i joined PO for Etude House's Sweet Recipe for so many times only to be told that everything was Out Of Stock. I really wanted their Candy Stick and Inten's Corner stocks them, i freaked (afraid they might sold out soon but they are actually still available until now *LOL*) and purchased one immediately.
It's obvious that i am even in love with their paper container, yes? Etude House's crazy cute and girly designs are my Kryptonites...
Ever-so-generous with the free samples, she chucked two in even though i only paid IDR 62.000 (already included shipping)
Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in 01 Strawberry Candy
The samples
That's all for the stuffs from the first picture on this entry. Like i said, i shopped some more-at ECC (a neighbourhood mall). Mostly drugstore (or groceries, coz i bought them at Hypermart!) and cheapo accessories you know i'm addicted to.
Mostly Nivea products because they were launching the serum at that time and if you purchased a certain amount *can't remember, but it was pretty low, less than IDR 50.000* worth of item-including the new serum, you'd get a free product+pouch. Never one to say no to any bargain, plus Nivea's one of my fave drugstore brands when it comes to body lotion (so at some point i'd purchase them anyway, so why not while they're having a promotion, yes?), i didn't miss it.
Nivea Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
Nivea UV Extra Whitening Serum (i also got another tube from one of my beauty boxes)
And these are the freebies :
Nivea Happy Time Advanced Moisture Care Lotion and Pouch
Also purchased this because i read Phanie's entry about DIY brush cleanser and i really wanted to try it out (without remembering i suck at DIY-ing and have no determination whatsoever...) so i purchased a similar thing she used (i thought it was exactly the same, but i just realized that they're of a different variant, both from Pixy though) :
Pixy Cleansing Express (Brightening)
I have no idea where i can get alcohol (that is needed for this DIY), hunny said we can get it from a chemical store and he kept on saying he'd get one for me but he'd been saying that for five months now (yes, he's that kind of guy zzzz) so i don't think he'd actually do it less for me to actually sit in the car with him and order him to take us to the store. Meanwhile i already purchased quite a few brush cleanser in Malaysia so i think i might use this as its original purpose zzzz. I still need that alcohol if i ever want to try to fix some of my smashed powder stuffs, but knowing myself i'd take forever to actually do it anyway, if ever zzz. We're such a pair.

Last stuffs, the cheapo accessories :
I have a weakness for glittery, shiny, colorful things, and i also have a weakness for bangles... And they are on a 50% off sale..
Rainbow Glittery Bangle IDR 12.500
Gold and Violet Bangle IDR 12.500
This one's not on sale but so pretty and cheap anyway, gotta grab it too..
Red Stone and Wings Vintage Necklace IDR 25.000
And that's all of my haul for this time, show you more next week! Stay tuned!

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  1. aku sudah coba resep brush cleaner ce phanie... patut dicobaaa!! :D

    1. hmmmmm coba juga wes *nga ngi ngu* wakakakakakaka, beli alcohol e lupa terozzzz

  2. belanja terus cee wkwkwkwk.. cantik FOTDnya ^^

    1. iya mateng sha yaapa ini, lemari2 sdh full wakakakaka..
      Thank you cutie Shasha *kisses*

  3. FOTD nya pk falsie Min???? apikkkk... keliatan belo matanya hehehe...

  4. Iya pake falsies, i wrote a detailed entry about this look koq, stay tuned ya :D. Thxx *_^!