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Hi everybody!

There was a time in this little blog when i blog about my hauls WEEKLY. And my shopping was (and still...) so bad that even blogging weekly couldn't keep up the frequency of my shopping so the entries were always backdated. Then i got too busy blogging about other stuffs (mainly travel entries) that i had no time to blog about my hauls specifically. Now i am missing doing a real (instead of inserting them in my other posts) haul post, that's why i'm writing this (read my last weekly haul long time ago here)! (Also the fact that the pictures of my hauls were getting ridiculously PLENTY, i gotta do it fast if i still plan to do it at all!)

I don't want to miss anything (like i always said, this is my way of keeping track of what i've been buying, because i keeps on buying-and i buy so MUCH-that i almost always forgot that i've purchased this and that! Don't want to buy something i already bought!!!), so i actually going to show you my haul... from MARCH! LOL!
Look at The Body Shop's paper bag! I haven't shopped in TBS since forever! Okay lah, i mean at least since March :p. I think this is the last time i shopped there because then my vouchers were finished and sale season's already over. Having said that, it's already August, so in like two or three months their crazy sales would most probably start again and i'd start going crazy again FML.
I think i bought this using BCA credit card's promo, Buy 1 Get 1
Moisture White Shiso BB Cream SPF 25 PA+++ (30 ml)
I went to TBS specifically because i was attracted to their BB Cream, you know.. me and BB Cream... i just feel the need to have every single one of them from every brand known in this whole world WTH. I actually wanted to get the All-in-One BB cream (which is like IDR 10.000 cheaper than this) but then i saw this and it contains SPF, for someone like me who couldn't be bothered with any sunscreen (but i am trying hard to change this habit now because i developed some-almost invincible-sun spots under my right eye. No, you won't be able to see them with naked eyes so don't try okay :p), i'd much prefer BB creams that has SPF properties in it. 

It was IDR 179.000, definitely not something i'd pay normally, that's why i KNEW that i bought this on those Buy 1 Get 1 days. For the free item i got this :
Coconut Shower Cream (250ml)
Originally priced IDR 75.000, but i am 100% sure i got it for free. I love coconut scented stuffs, so when i saw this i was like "Perfect!". Plus hunny's skin can only tolerate a few brands, TBS included, so whenever an opportunity presented itself to stock up on them, i never missed them. Coconut seems to be one of the scents that one either love or hate, nothing in between :p, i happen to LOVE it!

Next are L.A. Colors eye shadow palettes i got from Celtic Butik (bought this at their Multiply page, my first and only purchase there because Multiply closed down soon after and i didn't even know about it if Rosemary didn't tell me! Celtic Butik's still operating on their own website though). I've been eyeing those cheap colorful cosmetics from L.A. Colors for months, all the while convincing myself that i absolutely do not need any new make ups, but finally... i couldn't resist anymore. You can see from the first picture above that i got THREE palettes, but i actually only bought two.

This is why i got three instead of two: 
L.A. Colors Glittering Starlet Eye Shadow in Jean and Audrey
I originally purchased the Audrey (and Ginger) palettes, paid for it, and then suddenly the owner texted me, telling me she just dropped the Audrey palette and one color totally cracked. She offered me a refund or another palette (Jean, that she also dropped FHL, and one color also broke but not as bad as the one in Audrey) for free. Didn't take me long to tell her to send them all my way! LOL. Kiasu max? I mean... Instead of getting 10 colored eyeshadow, i got 18 (and you can count those two cracked ones as 1 full sized one, so i got 19), if that's not a good deal i dunno what is. 

Here's the other palette :
L.A. Colors Glittering Starlet Eyeshadow in Ginger
You can see one of the colors also chipped a bit but i think the owner was super generous, professional and nice so i can't complain! Plus they were dirt cheap! I cannot for the life of mine remember the exact price, but i remember it being super cheap. It was probably IDR 55.000 or 60.000 each (max would be IDR 65.000 lah or else i wouldn't be interested in the first place, so i paid no more than than IDR 130.000 for those three. 

All these checking on online shops for those old hauls (coz i couldn't even remember the shop's name at first) is waking up all of the desires to shop online that had been sleeping ever since i started joining beauty boxes services, OH NO!!!! *closing tabs ASAP* *not really, i'm still peeking, i can't help it!!!*.
The Innisfree sachet was a bonus, obvi
I bought that Peri's Tint Jelly on a Pre-Order (from an online shop that i cannot remember the name anymore, i only shopped there once) together with lots of Etude House My Sweet Recipe items-but like i've already whined about months ago, only the tint jelly was in stock WTH.
Cute box, not quite like my type of cute actually but it was still cute haha
Peri's Tint Jelly in 2 Pink Stick
The reason why i bought this was clear :
Yep, pun intended
I was still pining over Maybelline's Pop Stick, so i was frantically searching for ANY see through lip sticks! It was about IDR 70.000 i think. I got plenty more of these kind of stuffs (went crazy and bought like, four Soda Pops from SilkyGirl-you'll see them on my SG-KL haul in the future) but i still want to own a LOT more. And still not giving up on Pop Stick, i WILL have them in the future! Yep, it's clearly a (not so) new obsession-and when it comes to obsession, i tend to hold on to them for a very... very... very... long time.
Collagen Crystal Eye Mask
#Undecided first introduced me to this kind of collagen masks, i think. She loves using this kind of masks (both eye and face masks) because she hates those sheet ones, and it kinda rubbed off me but for eye masks only. I am now reluctant to purchase any sheet eye masks, but i love sheet facial masks still. I don't even know the brand of these masks, i'm pretty sure it's China brand, but they are effective and oh-so-nice to use. And dirt cheap, each pair costs less than IDR 4000 (USD 0.40)!!!

I either bought this from disdus.com or groupbeli.com, can't remember which. This was the first time i purchased the black colored ones though, i used the see-through (clear) and golden ones and loved them (used like, more than 2 or 3 dozens so far). Whenever i see them popping up at disdus or groupbeli i'd quickly order them in bulk coz i use them every week (and sometimes put them on my hunny's too) so i got through them pretty quickly.

That's all for beauty stuffs this time, we're not done yet though!
Bangles and earrings from Shine
I am a sucker for cheap and cute accessories... I have like hundreds still unused FML and yet i still buy them daily WTH. I got too lazy to prepare new sets (like i used to whenever i go out) recently and i used the same ones over and over again (i think because i lost some stuffs whenever i travel, nowadays i use a new ones over and over again first so that if it's lost or misplaced at least i've used them plenty of times already instead of once. OCD person's logic), need to start using the new ones every time i go out again!
Silver bangle with two balls attached (LOLOLOL, please refrain from thinking of dirty things ok) IDR 11.000
Diamente Shooting Star Bangle IDR 10.000
Golden Woven Ball Ear Studs IDR 6.000
So damn cheap, how can i resist them?

And the last but not least :
Christian Siriano for Payless Leopard Sling Bag
I've been wanting ANY Christian Siriano for Payless bag (especially the leopard printed ones), not only because they are oh-so-attractive, but also because i am always attracted to designers collaborations with mass-market retailers. Because we don't have Target or the likes of them in Asia, i guess the closest i could get is Payless. And i quite admire Christian Siriano anyway.

This was originally priced at IDR 219.000, i'm sure i bought it at a much cheaper price (coz i wouldn't buy it when it's still on its full prize, even though i can't even remember anymore, i know myself well enough that much), it couldn't be more than IDR 139.000. It most probably was IDR 119.000. Or was it IDR 129.000? I can go on all night, questioning myself like that, but i wouldn't torture you like that so i'm gonna stop now :p.

Hope you enjoy my haul post, i am thinking of bringing back the weekly haul posts from its hiatus, but i can't make any commitment just yet, i haven't even start on my SG-KL trip and we're still stuck in Day 1 of our Taiwan trip afterall (but we're finishing up Day 2 part 1 right now and we should be able to post it tomorrow!)

In the meantime, have you joined our giveaway? It's closing tomorrow at midnite, hurry up there's still time!

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