A Day in Green Eco Park

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Hi, ma dearies!

Like i promised in my previous post, i'll share about my family trip in Batu back in May. We go to Batu so much, and i got so bored of Jatim Parks, Batu Secret Zoo and Batu Night Spectacular already since we went there all the time *and Baby Boy being a little boy, always demanded to visit those places whenever we went Batu FML*. Thankfully on our last visit (6 months earlier), we noticed they have a third park added to the previous two (Jatim Park 2 and the Secret Zoo), but we didn't have time to get into the new one because we spent a whole day in the older two already haha (that was before we got too sick of them, right after that is when we finally got REALLY sick of them :p).

But that's a good thing we didn't have time to get in the new Green Eco Park, because then this time around we get to see something totally new and explore longer (because we only went to this park for the day). Sadly, the visit was cut shorter than it could be because... As usual, we somehow accidentally choose a rainy day to be in Batu, just our lucks!
It's... the typical Indonesian parks lah (it's pretty good for Indonesian standard, but somehow felt a bit... half-hearted for me. It's not as good as it could be. You know... Not up to par with international standards, unlike Bali Safari-for instance) but a bit more special because they focus mainly to promote awareness for the environment. You know, urging you to recycle, go back to nature, etc. Everything in this park revolves around nature and how we should treat our earth better, which is pretty great, obviously. Oh yeah, this entry is very photo heavy, thought i should warn you.

Before we start exploring the park, can i show you my OOTD first? Pretty please with cherry on top? I went all the way and climb the high bathtub sides *me! I don't do climbs!!!* just to be able to capture my whole outfit you know!
I Love Venezia Tee : Souvenir stall in Venice, Italy. Navy Blue Bow Skull Harem Pants : Online
A little back story about the harem pants, as usual i do lots of my clothes shopping online and one more bad habit that i have? I don't really check my new clothes that i bring on my trips that i often faced with last minute emergencies on the day itself *with no spare clothing to change into, nor time to do anything*. That day was one of those days. 

The material of the harem pants' super stretchy so i have no problem with the fitting, the problem was? They sewed a cuff around the ankles part, super tightly that it couldn't even pass my feet. No, seriously, the cuff was so small it wouldn't even pass Baby Boy's *yes i checked* WTF. Seriously something wrong with the manufacturer!

But i am nothing if not resourceful *LOL*, i took both cuffs off and VIOLA, it fits like a charm straight away. I jokingly used the cuffs in my hands as arm cuffs and i think it matches the pants nicely *well of course, it WAS part of the pants afterall*, like a cool arm band *LOLOLOL* that i kept on wearing it the whole day *and maybe the next*. Everybody kept on telling me i was nuts, but then again i very much doubt they'd guess the origin of my brand new "arm bands" if i didn't tell them!

Oh, did you notice the cute skull patterns on the pants? I LOVE skulls, but my mum's super adamant for me never to wear skull anything. You know lah, super superstitious Chinese mum. She doesn't even wear white or black (symbolizes death) and super unhappy if i dress in black/white/combination of both head to toe (which i happen to love FML). I was hoping badly she wouldn't notice the pattern, and she didn't! HAHA!!! She probably thought it was frogs or something wahahahaha...
Dress matchy-matchy with hunny, his was the I Love Macau (Giordano) one though, he refused to get the I Love Venezia one :(....
Okay, i know i yapped too much about the outfit already. Back to the park!
Welcome to Eco Green Park!
Miniature houses
Narcissistic mode : ON (even from the entrance) LOL
Baby Boy with wooden Shaun The Sheep haha
His eyes are really not that small, i think i caught him when he was blinking *defensive*
Model of a village suffering from avalanche
Because they were promoting recycling, there were some huge animal figurines made from scraps.
Colorful gigantic cow, made from three cars scraps!
Elephant made from TVs, faxes, telephones and the likes!
I was still on that phase of wearing the semi precious stones bracelet *okay lah i was just too lazy to remove them to be honest

Oh yeah, you won't see my parents in this entry because as usual, whenever we head to a park or some sorts, they bailed. They went shopping instead. Told ya i am still the Princess of shopping, Queen's title still being held by my mum hahaha.
My silly worms... or were they caterpillars?
I'm a pretty flower, flocked by beautiful butterflies... Yeah, i know my face seemed so big in this pic. Zzzz.
First section : The bug house *ew...*
Fun & Study???? LOL
Yup, even the signs were made from dried bugs YUCK YUCK YUCK
OMG they look so scary close up >.<...
I am obviously not a bug person *eww*, so i busied myself snapping pictures instead *escaping reality*.
Baby Boy and hunny were enthralled though
 At least there were pretty arts (although made from bugs)..
I am honestly terrified of bugs, even butterflies. I do think they are pretty, as a pattern. Not the real life ones. But when they are dead and preserved then it's okay *LOL* (PETA would so attack me :P)
The blue butterflies were sooo sooo beautiful!
These aren't so pretty but they are very interesting looking *in the creepiest kind of way for me* :
*Shuddering even harder*
Spot the leafy errr...err.... cricket? Grasshopper? One of those lah
My #1 nightmare : dragonflies T.T
OMG gigantic bugs *faints*
I wish to never ever meet them alive...
Nor them...
What if those things inside the cocoon got loose??

Even CL seemed enthralled *LOL*
They really turned into a pretty picture, eh?
So vibrant and colorful, they hardly seemed real...
Next section!
From a bug house to... a bird place. Great, just great *i am such a wuss, i know. Birds scares the sh*t out of me too*
OMG, totally asking to be bitten, wasn't he?
OMG OMG, big bird on a loose, SAVE MEEEE!!!
Found this to be interesting because of the red round part on its head, just like Japanese flag haha
More big birds...
This one's my fave :
Coz it's looks like its wearing a white tutu skirt! HAHAHAHA
Totally my kind of bird :p
Next was my fave section, no animals on a loose, it's the games section hahaha..
Baby Boy is obsessed with this kind of water shooting stuffs, OBSESSED let me tell you!
First ride :
The branch really fell off after this picture was snapped. Tsk tsk, hunny really needs to stop touching things zzzz
It's just your regular shoot at some moving objects to score lah, again-the half-hearted-cheaply made ones that is everywhere in Indonesian parks.
But Baby Boy was having a lot of fun and that's all that matters haha
Enjoying cold, fresh milks next...
Yum. I am nowhere near that fair right now, i am so tanned after our crazy Taiwan trip, and i'm not just saying it this time!
Baby Boy had to be force fed his milk though
Haha at his turtle-like lip :p
We were charmed by these mini goats rightaway!
Ceko goats? I googled it but nothing came out!
Look at the tiny baby!!!
We were seriously enchanted by the baby goats! The full grown were already mini and cute, the little ones were out-of-this-world KAWAIII!!!!
Especially this one *screams!!!*
We kept on asking the keeper if we could touch the baby ones, and the keeper chased the babies around for a pretty long time that we felt sorry for them *both the keeper and the goats lah. There was one goat that was heavily pregnant and about to give birth, got so scared that it hid underneath the hut hehe*. But the keeper was adamant *even more so when KC gave him some tips for his efforts* that he kept on trying even though we told him to stop already.

The brown little cutie that stole our hearts *it was the smallest in its herd* was super agile, so we had to settle with the second cutest haha.

Poor little thing was terrified, it kept on flinging its head towards its mother and screamed "MMM...AAAAA...KKKKK!!!!!" it was the funniest thing ever, coz mak can translate into "mum" in Javanese hehehehe (the mother also screamed back sorrowfully, how cute...). Seriously, we never heard goats screaming out "MAAAAAKKKK" before! Absolutely hilarious that we cannot stop copying it for days *yes, you are correct, we are quite a cray cray and annoying group of people hehehe*. 
Even Au, the animal whisperer couldn't calm the terrified little goat hahaha, that's a first!
I could've stayed there the whole day, watching the cute little baby goats running around hehe, i had to be pulled away...
Some village farmers model factories
Recycling hut model
Organic glass house
Cute little strawbies... Don't worry i didn't pluck it off hahaha
Mushroom hut!
They sell these, in case you're interested in breeding your own 'shroom :p
CL being a total Auntie and went shopping there *LOL*
Baby Boy got bored of waiting that he played with the stuffed strawberries...
Then sit like a boss
Yum yum?
Specifically posed there and asked me to snap his pic haha
Saw some pretty flowers... Actually also saw some Kantong Semar (Nepenthes) too but they were all dried up and seemed to be dying :( i didn't bother snapping pictures of them..
Pink butterfly-looking plant
And of course... Pink :p..
It was starting to drizzle by then that the next sections we had to hurriedly passed :(, poor Baby Boy still wanted to look around but we had to hurry because hunny only brought two rain coats, one for Baby Boy and one for me!
It wasn't his usual kid sized rain coat, we actually only brought the adult sized ones we bought for our European trip that Baby Boy had to wear it like a dress and kept on tripping on it!
Interesting looking swans

Then Baby Boy insisted to feed the ducks *___* didn't have the heart to say no even though the others already left us quite a distance away..
The large swans were really aggresive and bold, hunh i was the one who was scared they might bit Baby Boy or something zzzz
Prettiest ducks i've ever seen!!!
This one!
Next up was hunny and Baby Boy's fave, owls section! Too bad we couldn't linger because of the rain and we already lost KC's fam!
They also had this animal hospital and nursery than we can peek into..
Baby parrot! OMG! So cute!
We finally caught up with the rest, and we found another ride, tilted house or something. It seemed interesting even though the line was very long so we decided to get in the line... Not even five seconds after we did, the sky really opened up and it was POURING! The line immediately scattered to different directions because there was no roof on the line! Seriously, why didn't we ever go to these kind of parks on summer?? LOL...

We ran off as quickly as we could to any shelter and we found ourselves in this pet market... They mainly sells birds and i'm not into birds, but rabbits are another thing altogether.
Au and super tame huge rabbit
So fluffy. I think it looked just like a tissue box hahahahaha... Btw, Baby Boy definitely got my memory, when i was resizing this pic he went "Hey, that's the rabbit that you said looked like a tissue box, mum!", yep, three months later.
I think the tiny chickens placed beside the huge ones looked hilarious!
KC and CL using plastic bags as head covers while hunny used the raincoat and smuggled Baby Boy under hahahaha, we decided to make a run for it...
When we reached the furthest part of the park, the rain stopped zzzz. So we decided to not waste it and just get into any ride/whatever we could find.
Again, the ride was boring and half-hearted, cheap country fair type *LOL*, but like before, Baby Boy seemed really enthusiastic *like only six years olds can be*, and we only went there for him so... mission accomplished haha. Went to another dome-like theater, again... it was pretty fugly *LOL*.I always wonder why instead of putting a lot of half-hearted, fugly rides in one park, couldn't they focus on like two or three awesome ones instead? Well maybe their market target's not really people like us *who's been overseas and see how international parks/rides looks like*. Haish.
Under that interesting looking miniature temples was a place they called... errr... Natural disaster centre? Something like that. It's a pretty interesting place where you supposedly can learn more about natural disasters and even have a little taste of them. Sadly most of the diorama and interactive displays were not ready yet. How weird, isn't this place almost a year old of something already?
Then we spotted an interesting looking "coal mine"..
KC said "What's so interesting about these, we have these everywhere in Banjarmasin", which is true, even the sign stated "Banjarmasin, South Borneo" LOL
Really interesting looking, eh? Sadly it's just one aisle really *LOL* leads to a lower ground section. There were little ponds there and they stated it to be a "gold mine". It'd be cute if kids can actually play to be a gold miner or something in those ponds. I have no idea why i didn't have pictures of the ponds because it was like the cutest part of the whole place, i think my camera died already *but resurrected for a little bit later, therefore i could take pictures below* and the ones in my BB didn't came up good at all *Blackberry's camera sucks!*.
My camera's battery was dying, and the lighting was poorly, please excuse the shaky pictures
We were most attracted to this "earthquake simulator", we watched too much Running Man really coz we expected it to be huge and cool like in Korea... Sadly it's only a small, model parlor that shakes quite violently hahaha...
MT hiding under a table...
Taken before the house started to shake hahaha
And this one clearly while it was shaking hahaha, Baby Boy hates loud noises and the alarm annoyed him hahahaha
Then we found a hurricane simulator, and we thought it was a good idea to dry off our clothes... Please excuse the extremely drunken looking pictures, i was feeling quite drunk myself when we were there *LOL*, drunk with craziness perhaps. We were screaming around and acting panicked, then realized belatedly that people were watching us interestedly from outside FOL. Count us in for the ones always being utterly embarrassing.
No idea what that white thing was, pretty sure it was not an apparition though hehehe
My camera battery died for real soon after and we decided to call it a day too, it was getting late and we didn't fancy to be stuck in the traffic until dawn or something (traffic was still bad but not as bad as before, we managed to get home before it was too late, after having dinner at Malang some more!).

If you've never been to Green Eco Park, it could be interesting, especially if you have young children. But if i'm being asked to compare it to JatPark or Safari, i'd still much prefer to go to those two. I do wish for more interesting theme parks and the sorts around here *sigh*. Even Trans Studio would be pretty fantastic!

Overall, we still had lots of fun *despite the rain* that day, hope you had fun reading this entry too!

Leaving you with a pic of Baby Boy and baby wolf hehe..
Oh, and mummy wolf too :p

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  1. bagus juga ya eco green park ini...

    1. Iya lumayann tp masih bagusan JatPark nya sendiri hehehe