Event Report : Paint Your Little Canvas with Face2Face Cosmetics

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Hey guys!

I am back with a very backdated event report >.<... Seriously, if you want to be more updated in real time on events that i am attending, please give me a follow in Instagram (it's @MGirl83 ) , i am constantly on Instagram Stories too. I update so much it's embarrassing.

Anyway, this super late event post is all about Face2Face Cosmetics' pink and girly event!
Surabaya Beauty Bloggers and other blogger friends, influencer, and F2F team ^^
If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you'd know that i personally had been working with them for quite a while (read my F2F One Brand Tutorial here and F2F Soft Matte Lip Cream Review here) and they are one of the local brands that i really like so i was quite excited when i got the invitation ^^.
When i arrived at the venue, there were a few of my blogger friends already arrived including Nessya, so i quickly roped her in to snap a pic of my #OOTD in the backdrop :p.
Dressed in baby pink from head to toe because i am #Pink (not Groot)
Face2Face Cosmetics Paint Your Little Canvas Nail Art Workshop
Their new lip matte
And the lip creams which review i've already linked up there
I also used (and talked a little bit about them) two shades of their lipstick in my One Brand Tutorial (also already linked), salivating over the purple and brown shades now! #theresnosuchthingastoomuchlippies
F2F has quite an extensive variants of products
Including skin care, body care and cleansers
During the event you can also get your skin checked, here's Vannisa (whom i dragged to get her skin checked coz i wanted to take pictures *teehee!*) with the lady from F2F. They have the CUTEST pink skin check machine!
And the biggest surprise is this :
Mentor of the nail workshop of the day is my ole' friend, the most talented nail artist in town-Kiky Handoko (or most of you probably knew her as Kiky Coroline)! I seriously didn't know this so i was quite shocked when Kiky called me!
Kiky gave us tips and tricks on how to clean and take care of our nails
As well as giving us a demo on how to do a simple nail art... Simple for her, i mean!!! Still very hard to do for rookies okay!
Showing off my name tag... It's not very often that we're made to wear name tags during events, okay!
They actually gave us a rose each on our table... How sweetttt... I feel so special *LOL*
The star products of the day, F2F XOXO Peel Off Nail Polish that is water based and won't ruin your nails
Then we were challenged to do our own nail arts... We can copy some simple designs that Kiky provided or we can create our own.
Acting busy *LOL*
Some of my blogger friends surprised me on how good they actually are with nail art... As for me, i won't even pretend that i can do any nail art whatsoever (oh, i can do water marble nail art because i attended the workshop taught by Kiky before haha, but this is a water based nail polish that dissolves in water so definitely not something that can be used for water marbling!) so since it was near Easter, i decided to just paint my nails with different pastel colors inspired by easter eggs and then add dots in one nails and marble effect in another *LOL*
Then F2F team went round and handed us these beautiful boxes filled with 10 (TEN!!!) shades of their newest XOXO Lip Matte and 5 of the XOXO Peel Off Nail Polish! We were super happy, surprised and feeling spoiled! I don't think there's any other brand that's as generous to us as F2F before!
What's inside the goodie... Box and a little extra from Mba Inzi (thank youuuu Mba Inziiii!) ^^
Thank you so much F2F Cosmetics (and Clozette) for having me and my fellow Surabaya Beauty Bloggers on your fun event! Hope to see you again in another event soon!
SBB comittee minus Dyta ^^

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