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Hey darls!

So this post is... Very delayed. Last month i received another fantastic beauty box from Althea Korea (thank youuuu so much!) and i should be reviewing it earlier in this month but... i've been crazy busy OMG >.<. It's here now though, and it's going to be very long and photo heavy coz there are so many items in the box and you know i am such a detail oriented person so... Grab a cuppa and get comfortable, please read until the end!
Possessively holding my Althea Must Have Box *LOL*
If you read my previous Althea Beauty Box review (read my Althea Mermaid Box review here) then you'd already know what Althea Beauty Box is and why it's such a good deal (if you haven't, i'll give you time to go click the link and read it first then come back okay!). Every single theme is well thought of with wonderful products inside to fit with the theme.

If the Mermaid Box focus on skin cares mostly, Must Have Box is pretty much what you need on a daily basis coz it's pretty much covers all bases! Btw, the Must Have Box is also known as the MD's Pick Box (i got informed the name was Must Have Box from Althea reps but when i search in Althea the name is MD's Pick Box so... Both names should be correct! LOL) and yep, it's obviously already sold out by now, sorry! But you still need to read this review so you can consider getting their future boxes okay!
Althea Must Have Box / MD's Pick Box
I'm not gonna follow the order from the website but going as i like (i have my own pattern when i list the products, you know i am an OCD and all!) :P. There are makeups (YAY!!!) and cleansing products inside the box-there are 7 items in total and it's priced at IDR 360.000 while the total value of the products inside are worth a whopping IDR 1.650.601! Since we put on our makeups then take them off using cleansers at the end of the day, i'm also going to review the products in that order :p.
First item : Son & Park Face Lighting and Shading . Can't find it in Althea's website at the moment, it's probably out of stock
It comes in a sleek black cardboard box with white lettering
Information on the back... Unfortunately all in Korean haha
The actual product is encased in a rectangular smooth black case with glossy logo
It contains 11.8 gr worth of product and the size is quite big
When i first opened it, i was immediately taken by how beautiful the highlighter looks *LOL*. This shading and highlighting duo comes with a generous sized mirror and a shading brush that i am honestly not the biggest fan of. It's not horrible or scratchy, but i find it hard to pick products up and blend it with it
Look at how beautiful the highlighter is. LOOK! Unfortunately my excitement died down when i realized that it's a cream product *LOL*. I have very oily skin and even the editor pointed out that this product's perfect for people with dry skin so... Oh well, it actually still works fine for me, i just would love it a lot more if it's in powder form!
The shading looks very warm and brown on the pan that i was a bit worried to use it, but it's surprisingly a lot lighter when applied on the skin. As it is a cream product, it's very soft and creamy, almost slippery feeling and so does the highlighter.
The swatch. FYI, i piled on A LOT so you can see the color, but if you use it on your skin it's a lot more subtle
Not only the shading color is actually very light on the skin, the fact that it's a cream product also means that it blends out super easily-a little too well if i may say so. It keeps on blending to nothingness even though the shade should be a good match for my pale skin that i have to keep on adding more product on. I also have to set it with powder product of it would slide all over my face in a jivvy!

I like the highlighter more, it's very subtle, natural and pretty but you can add more to make it blinding!
If the highlighter looks glittery in the swatch, on the actual cheek bones it looks just glowy! I put on quite a lot here because you know i like my highligter to be blinding!
I think this product suits people with dry skin who has light skin tone because my friend Redha who has a warm skin tone finds the shading product to blend right into her skin color! I would still continue using it (with a lot of help from powder products to set them), but it's not something i would consider repurchasing since it doesn't really suit my skin type. Btw it seems like Redha is having a slightly different experience with this product too, because like i mentioned earlier, i do find it very easy to blend the shading using fluffier brush.
Catrin Diamond Mineral Powder
Also comes with a sleek black cardboard box but the lettering is combination between white and holographic
The Diamond Mineral Foundation contains SPF 30 PA+++, always love any extra protection!
Contains 1,5 mg worth of products... And a bunch of info in Korean that i cannot read :p
The shade that i got is 21 Skin Beige-which unfortunately is a little too dark for my skin tone but what's new. I am such a pale ghost
The product comes in a small cylindric container with mirror on top
And it's a loose powder. The lower part of the case is made of transparent plastic so you can see how much products you got left
It comes with a built in puff. Not the biggest fan of this type of applicator but i use it in certain area on my face which need more coverage and also to test if the powder would come through *LOL*. I have a highlighter (also from Althea) that is packaged similarly (but much  smaller, ofc) and the product never manages to penetrate to pores of the sponge so i get quite suspicious of this type of packaging *LOL*. This one works tho
There's a plastic seal preventing your powder to go everywhere that you have to remove to use
At the first glance i already knew that it's too dark for me *LOL*. I still find it useable whe combined with a white powder that i use for baking tho
To be brutally honest, i was a bit scared of this product *LOL*. I don't really like loose powders that contains foundation, the ones that i used in the past looked horrible on my skin (cakey, heavy and blotchy) plus it clogged my pores. Fortunately this Catrin Diamond Mineral is nothing like that! It is a bit heavy for my liking, but not cakey or heavy and it blends beautifully. It gives my skin a very flawless, air brushed look!
I am using Catrin Mineral Foundation Powder and Son&Park Shading&Lighting here
It has a pretty high coverage (i would say medium... It's almost high coverage for me but my version of high coverage might differ from most people because i like light coverage products!) and i don't like to use high coverage products on a daily basis so i am only using this for events/parties-it does stay flawless all day long especially if you use setting spray. It fortunately doesn't clog my pore or cause my skin to react negatively. Not a fan of the packaging tho, i find the build in puff hard to control, i prefer using my kabuki brush but the powder always gets everywhere it's so frustrating! It's a beautiful product tho, i'm probably just fussy!
Rire Luxe Volume Tint in Milano Red
It comes with again, black box with white lettering and a bright red top which reflects the shade inside. I'm guessing ever shade would have different top then!
Ingredient list
It contains 6ml worth of product
The shade is 03 Milano Red
The actual lip tint comes in a stubby cylindric tube with red bottom indicating the shade. This would come in handy especially if you have a few of these in different shades so you can easily identify which shade you're holding
The wand, shaped almost like a snake's head *LOL*
The applicator is slanted, i find it pretty easy to use, the wand is a tad longer than what i am used to but so far i find it easier to use than my other red liquid lippies
The shade is Milano Red, which is bold red with strong orange hint. On different lighting, it can look totally different
It looks almost cherry red here!
Taken under direct sunlight
Taken using my selfie ring light
When i first read the name, i was expecting it to be like the usual Korean lip tints-very watery and thin. But it's actually very very pigmented (you would get a bold color with just one swipe. I def never had to dunk the wand twice to cover my entire lips)  and thicker, i find it more like a liquid lipstick than a tint. It's not a matte lip cream tho, so it doesn't dry out matte but it's also not crazy glossy.

I personally like this consistency, i find it very comfortable and easy to wear-it's probably the most comfortable red liquid lippie i own. It has a fresh, fruity scent that's totally not offensive (for me ya, different nose has different preference!), it transfers pretty badly but surprisingly remains intact on my lips. I very very rarely (if ever) have to touch up even if i wear it for many many hours and have multiple meals but i also don't find it hard to remove! It's AWESOME!

And now we're shifting to the cleansers.
Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Tissue (87gr) IDR 17.100 (on promotion)
I've been eyeing this product for a while because it's sooo cheap! Even local brand's cleansing tissues are not as cheap as this! But for some reasons i never ended up getting it... Until now!
The tissue is quite soft but sturdy enought-it's great because i don't care for overly fragile cleansing tissues that rips with the slightest touch! Here i am testing it to cleanse the Rire lip tint 
Still some tint left behind. It's also very very hard to cleanse mascara with this so i think this product is more suitable if you wear light makeup
I find this cleansing tissue to be quite mediocre, i mean... It's good for the price! It's gentle, doesn't irritate, but it's also not powerful enough to take off all of my makeup on days when i wear more full makeup. I also dislike the scent, love oatmeals (am i weird?) and anything related to it so i thought i would enjoy the scent (others seem to like it, they say it smells like baby powder) but nope. Not for me. There's something off about the scent for me >.<. It's a good product for the price, but unfortunately i am just not a fan. Oh, it's also very moisturizing i think, which translates to major oiliness on my already very oily skin. It's just not a good match for my skin okay!

It's recommended for a quick cleansing if you wear very minor makeup tho (especially if you have dry skin)! And i would probably still buy it coz it's so cheap for when i go travel tho :p.

Anyway, if you want your cleanser to be more powerful, there's this next product :
Lebaton Ban Ban Cleanser (50ml/50ml or 100ml in total) IDR 135.000 
Now this one comes in a white and pink box
The split indicates the fact that there are two products in one packaging!
That's right, you get both a brightening cleansing oil and a deep pore cleansing gel in one tube
I think this is a genius idea! 
The cylindric tube is split right in the middle, the white part housed the deep pore cleansing gel and the pink part the brightening cleansing oil
There are two pumps separately and you can pump either one really easily without disturbing the other side
The texture of the brightening cleansing oil is very runny, a lot runnier than most cleansing oil i am used to (but no less potent)
For demonstration purposes, i used a very pigmented, staining lip color i had and this is after i smeared the oil all over it
Rinse with water and it turns milky
Yes, there's a slight tint left
But don't worry, continue with the deep pore cleansing gel (which is thicker than the oil but still very runny)
The cleansing gel doesn't lather much
But it's powerful enough to get rid of any stain left!
I quite like this product, it works well and get rid of all of my makeup (they're a nice duo!)-i am just not a fan of the scent >.<. It has a very strong grapefruit scent and i am just not a fan of grapefruit scent! But still, it is a good product and it does work really well. It leaves my skin deeply cleansed but not stripped, still very moisturized so it's purely just my personal taste that makes it hard for me to be the biggest fan *LOL*. If they come up with any other variant with different scent then i know imma be a huge fan!
Laneige Clear C Peeling Mask (70ml) IDR 256.200
Comes in the typical white and blue Laneige packaging
I'm a huge fan of Laneige products especially their skin care so i was quite excited to see this
Unlike all of my other Laneige products that comes in a blue packaging, this one is pink!
It's totally sealed to ensure its newness and hygiene
Comes with a plastic spatula ofc, since this comes in a jar form
The cute texture reminds me of yogurt... with fruit seeds (it's strawberry seeds, btw). Oh, the creamy and fuwa fuwa texture is probably due to the konjac jelly granules it contains
Scoop a bit, a little goes a long way
The strawberry seeds acts as a gentle exfoliator
I am not used to this type of product, usually i use exfoliating gels-which feels a lot harsher and stripping than this peeling mask. This product claims to be a two in one product, it gently exfoliates the skin while the mild AHA acid from fruit extracts even out skin's texture and moisturize.

They got the gentle part right! It's very gentle, to a point where i don't actually feel like i am exfoliating-since i am used to a harsher type of exfoliating products. But after washing it off, i do feel my skin to be softer, smoother and cleaner so it does work! One thing that i am not keen about is again, i feel like this products is better suited for drier skin since you're supposed to wash it off with only water and not use more cleanser-i did that and i can feel the product still leaving a heavily moisturized feeling on my skin-making my skin feel very sticky and uncomfortable due to my originally already very oily skin.

While i do think this product works really well, i just don't think it's 100% suitable for my skin's needs. I would continue using this, but i still have to use exfoliating gel like once a week to make sure all of the dead skin cells are off and also, i feel the strong need to use cleansing gel after using this-which would've defeat the purpose.

The last item is a cleanser for your body!
Pure Smile Tea Pot Body Soap
This product totally caught my eyes when i first opened the box because of how whimsical and fairy tale-ish looking it is!
The bottle and the packaging reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, which i LOVE!
I've never tried or even heard about lemon tea scented body soap before so that's totally exciting!
Contains 500ml of products
Love the illustration
This is hands down the cutest, prettiest and most fun adult body soap that i've ever laid my eyes on!
The actual bottle of the soap is white with gold pump. The shape, color and feel is super luxurious, i am keeping the bottle and will reuse it for sure!
So i forgot to take a picture of the actual soap (it looks like a thick, gelish lemon tea haha) because... I finished the whole bottle already -___-. Both hunny and i use it, we both loveee it! It doesn't lather much (a sign of low use of detergent, always a good thing-even though i admit i love my bubbles) and i need two pumps to keep me satisfied. The scent is super refreshing, i am not a fan of tea to drink... But apparently i love it to shower with *LOL*. 

I'm not sure how much i can say about body soap but when it comes to body cleansers, there are just two categories for me. One that's super gentle and keep my skin happy and the other one that's harsh and cause my eczema to act up. This one if definitely, without a doubt, in the first category. No allergy acting up, no dry patches, no stripped feeling-just... Happiness *LOL*. Yes, i am being dramatic, but it's true. I am very sad that we've finished the whole bottle zzzz.

ANDDDD that's all of the products in the box! PHEW, it's a long one! Congratz if you manage to finish reading until the end hahaha.

In conclusion, even though i may not the biggest fan of some of the products inside and they might not be something that i'd pick up for myself-i am very happy that i get to try them! With products that don't work, you know more what you want from a product and that would help you finding the right product! Overall i think this is a wonderful box, the price of the box is borderline ridiculous for the value of the products you find inside so... I highly, highly recommend you to grab any Althea Beauty Box you can get your hands on, they won't disappoint!

Thank you Althea Korea and ofc, this is part our Surabaya Beauty Blogger's collab with them ^^!

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