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Hey guys!

Not even gonna mention how this is only the 6th blog post this month. 

I am going to say that April was another good month in the movie category for me tho!

This one however, is probably my least favorite in the month. I was quite excited when i saw the trailer, given the fact that i love artificial intelligent movies-it looks promising. Hunny was a bit worried that i'd be bored tho because i don't usually like movies based on video games/anime/manga-and yeah... This one is not the best i've seen. It's not horrible, but i find it very slow and a bit flat. 

Set sometime in the future, when replacing body parts with machinary is considered something normal as an attempt to upgrade oneself-Major is the first of her kind : a fully cyber-enhanced human with only her soul remains. She is the perfect soldier to fight off criminals. She remembers nothing of her human life and only been told that she was saved from a terrorist attack. She is now pretty much the only one who can stop the current terrorism that can even hack into people's mind and control them-but then she discovers the truth about her past. That she was not saved, but on the contrary, her life was stolen. Everything she believes in turned out to be a big fat lie and she will stop at nothing to discover the whole truth, find the person behind all this and stop them before the do it again.

First of all, i think there are a lot of debacle about the fact that they cast Scar Jo as Major, it did confuse me when i realize that the character is supposed to be Japanese. But then again, she is already totally upgraded (not that turning Caucasian from Asian is an upgrade!!! I don't want anyone to take it out of context, i am definitely not one that worship Caucasian and damn proud of my Asian-identity! I mean upgraded from human to a.i. But then again i might be accused of belittling humanity *LOL* *FML*) and manga characters usually quite race-fluid so she might not even look Japanese in the manga? Anyway, i don't really care about that because i am not even a fan of the manga (nor that i ever read it). As someone who knows nothing of the original story, i find this movie to be just okay. It's too flat for my liking, and i got bored a few time during the movie... It's not something that i would highly recommend but i won't like, stop you from watching it too. Mediocre is the best that i can say about it.

I didn't really like the previous Smurf movie, i simply cannot stand a mix between live action and computer animated characters in most movies really. I mean... I am not opposed to it, but when the computer animated characters look 2D like smurfs, like Chipmunks.... I dunno. I really don't like it. I clearly don't mind those in Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts so... Maybe i don't like the comedy types?? I dunno. Anyway, i was glad when i realized they made the sequel to be completely animated. Some stories are better told in animation, smurfs is one of them. Now i realize that it's the characters and stories that bothers me when made into a mix. Okay. 

So every Smurfs in the Smurfs village knows who they really are, and it's reflected in their names. Except for Smurfette. She feels lost and confused on her real purpose since she doesn't really know what she is supposed to be. One day she accidentally revealed a mysterious lost village of other kinds of Smurfs to Gargamel. Determined to prove that she is not evil and her purpose is not to help Gargamel, she sets on a fantastical journey across the Forbidden Forest with her best friends to warn and save the lost village from Gargamel.

Since i really don't like the previous Smurfs movie much, i was quite skeptical going in. I didn't even want to watch it but Little O wanted to watch it so we went anyway... It turned out to be a LOT better than i expected. It's quite funny and not as cheesy, and i actually cried at one part *LOL*. It's a great improvement and i would actually recommend it for the whole family!

Now, i like this one even more! I was a bit hesitant to watch in on the cinema because it took quite a while to play in Indonesia, by then it's already available online *oops. Yes, i watch movies online. Ilegally i guess* but then again MY own boss baby (boss kid, actually) wanted to watch this so ofc we went to watch it. I didn't regret it. Loved it, so hilarious!

Tim is a 7 year old with wild imagination, he loves his life with his parents and the fact that he is an only child means he gets all the attention-until one day his new baby brother arrives. It's a bit confusing because we were shown the mother being pregnant and all, but the baby arrives in a taxi, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase *LOL*. Turned out the Boss Baby is def not a normal baby, he is a spy on a secret mission to abort an evil plan of the baby factory's rival, the puppy factory. Although they didn't start on the right foot, soon Tim and Boss Baby find themselves joining forces with one purpose : sending Boss Baby back to his office in the baby factory.

It's totally hilarious but also touching. It mixes the actual fact of how kids might react on the arrival on the new sibling, with a crazy espionage story. I laughed nonstop and shed some tear too, but i guess it's not for everybody. My niece BB didn't like it, she said it's too childish. Oh wow, i guess i am more childish than her in that matter *LOL*, coz i sure enjoyed it-and so did hunny and Little O. Highly recommended! One of the type of movies that reassure my love for animation movies haha.

Saw the trailer and knew i had to watch it *LOL*. 

Chris (who's black) and his white girlfriend Rose go to visit her parents for the weekend. As Rose claimed to never date a black person before, Chris is quite nervous-but her parents seems very welcoming-a little bit too welcoming actually. Chris thought that they were just as uncomfortable as he was, especially with the fact that they have (very weirdly behaving) a black maid and a black gardener as well. But soon he learns that there is a very a far more disturbing reason for the whole weird vibe he's been having the whole time they're there.

Well, it's obvious from the beginning that there's something really wrong with the whole town, but they cleverly keeps you guessing on the level of wrong-ness. and it's really REALLY wrong *LOL*. It's the type of movie that i would totally ruin if i say more than this, it's really good and thrilling so i urge you to watch for yourself. Recommended!

Seriously, another Fast and Furious movie??? I am not complaining tho, i do like Fast and Furious even though i can't even remember the storylines anymore, but the silly dialogs, chemistry between the actors and the crazy OTT action scenes are enough to keep me happy.

Dom and Letty are on their honey moon while Brian and Mia retired from the game-the team is leading a somewhat normal life. But ofc, it didn't stay that way for long. A mysterious woman (Charlize Theron is always so wicked as a villain!) trapped Dom and forces him back to the world of crime and betrays his crew/family. Letty and the rest of the team refuses to believe that Dom has turned his back on them, but are forced to work together with their enemy from the previous movie to stop Dom and his new team from unleashing chaos to the world.

I find this latest movie to have a better storyline than the previous few, there's a real conflict within the team instead of them just taking down ridiculous enemies. And i think i saw more emotion on Vin Diesel than i seen him gave out in the last several movies in rolled into one *LOL*. It's good and entertaining ofc, i'd even say that it's one of the best of the franchise. Recommended!

Watched this just the day before we had a flight back to Surabaya. I always do this *FML*. It doesn't help that this movie is based on actual event...

This movie follows the lives of two strangers who becomes inextricably bound after a devastating plane crash. A workaholic construction foreman (Roman) is getting ready to welcome his wife and very pregnant daughter back while an air traffic controller (Jake) is getting ready to start his routine. With a mixture of a couple things (throughout the movie i am still very sure that the Jake is not entirely at fault too) happening , Jake is not able to take action fast enough and two airplane crashed one to another, killing all passengers and crews. Roman, whose entire life (wife and daughter) is simply gone, is looking for the one responsible for this accident and looking for an apology he never receives.

It's not super good, but it's quite interesting and raw. The part where Roman snuck in to "help" at the scene and found his daughter's lifeless body stuck in a tree is definitely dramaticized but still gut wrenching. It's the kind of movie that gets me thinking, and then a little obsessed. I went through the case that inspire the movie and all. It's a pretty good movie, not a pop corn, light entertainment-but it's the type that makes you ponder on things.

Hey, i liked the first Guardian of the Galaxy movie and i like Chris Pratt more and more with each movie that i watch him in, so i was quite excited for the second movie. Plus, i'm a HUGE fan of Baby Groot (not happy at all that he's growing up so fast)!

The Guardian finds themselves in hot water again after the Sovereign (the most ridiculous gold people) caught Rocket stealing some of their batteries that the Guardian is supposed to be saving in exchange for Nebula. When they are in crisis, suddenly a man saves them and claimed to be Peter's father. Things seems to be too good to be true for Peter who gets busy getting to know his dad, and it is too good to be true indeed. Soon Peter realized that there's more than meets the eye and the person who he's looking for, is actually been right by his side all along.

It's gooooddd! You know i'm not the biggest fan of super heroes, but when they are silly and smart at the same time, i do like them! Safe to say that i enjoy Guardian of the Galaxy more than most regular super hero movies, i do like an unlikely heroes i guess! It's super funny, thrilling and also touching at the same time! I def don't shed a lot of tear in super hero movies, but i did here! If you are not convinced, then i must repeat that Baby Groot is really adorable okay!

That concludes all the movies i watched (in the cinema) in April! Will be catching Pirates of the Carribean tomorrow, can't wait!

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  1. oh smurfs ternyata ok ya? gua malah sejak ngeliat trailernya kok kayaknya biasa aja jadi males nonton. tapi si andrew nanyain mulu sampe akhirnya udah gak ada dan kita belum nonton juga. hahaha.

    get out menurut gua rada mengecewakan. gua mungkin terlalu tinggi ekspektasinya. hehehe.

    1. Smurfs nothing special sih, tp jauh lbh oke drpd yg sebelumnya eheheh