Tips : How to Get Back Into Being Fit

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Hey guys!

So if you know me well enough then you'd know that while i am not the most athletic person on earth, i do enjoy exercising and i take care of my body. While i may not have the physic of a super model, i embrace myself and love every bit of it. There are so many stereotypes out there, like if you are not skinny/have a super lean body, that means you are lazy and you don't do things to look better. Or on the contrary, if you love and accept yourself the way you are, then you are not supposed to be worried about wanting to look better or to be healthier.

I am a walking, living proof that it's not true. I am a very active person, and i (used) to work out very regularly (i am a bit in a rut at the moment to this article is totally a self reminder too), i also watch that i eat although my philosophy is very relaxed-eat everything in moderation-but still, i remain to be on the bigger size for Asian. Mind you, i am US size 8, so i am not exactly big either, but i am considered big for an Asian. 

It took me years to finally be at peace with my body, and although i've been a lot skinnier before-i am very happy with my self and my life at the moment. Having said that, it'd be totally hypocritical of me to say that i do not want to lose weight. I WANT to lose weight, but at the same time-if i cant... Then i am okay too. It's not the end of the world if i never go down  a dress size, i will continue living my wonderful life and having fun doing so.

So if you're a regular woman with a non-supermodel size body too, don't worry... There are a lot of us out there. 

Now, as a regular person with a regular mood (swings, haha!), i do have a few tips that i will incorporate in myself to whip myself back into being fit.

1. Find the motivation

There are plenty of motivations that can help you start getting back into the (workout) game. Some people find inspirations while looking at their old photographs at their best shape, others find inspirations in other people (be it a celebrity or your own friend) with a particular, fit body. You can even get the motivation by wanting to fit/look good in certain outfit.

As for me? My motivation is to look good in clothes, to feel healthy and light, to be truly happy. I used to find motivation in wanting to stop people making mean remarks/making stupid jokes about my weight, but then i realize... Toxic people will never stop no matter what. If you lose weight just to please them, you will never truly be happy... And they will definitely find other things to pick on you anyway. 
The strongest motivation comes from within!

2. Find the right exercise that you enjoy

Different people enjoys different exercise, i used to think that i am HORRIBLE at any exercise and decided to just stay away from any physical activities altogether-but i was wrong! As soon as i find yoga and swimming, i realize that there will always be an exercise for you. You might not be super good at it, but that's okay! We're not all destined to be athletes/Instagram contortionist anyway, we just have to enjoy doing it!
I find solace in yoga... Which i haven't been doing for months :(... Writing this totally motivates me into picking it up again soon!

3. Start to eat healthier

Like i said, my philosophy in dieting is very relaxed. I do enjoy my food and i am not willing to sacrifice enjoyment in life (or the bond i get to have when i dine with my husband or friends), i still indulge (more than i should) and i don't shy 100% away from anything. But i do try to make healthier choicest. My husband and i been replacing white rice with brown rice for the past half a year or so, we're so used to it now that i actually feel guilty whenever i eat white rice now. We also take supplements to help with our vitamins intake as well as other supplements like garlic pills and fish oil to lower our cholesterol level among other things.

4. Get a Workout Buddy

I used to have a group for yoga lesson and it went on smoothly for a few years (with some members replacing others) until recently, some of us got pregnant, some of us moved away, life happens! I hope to be able to find new group of people to work out with soon because i sure feel more motivated to go to class with a group of workout buddies!
One of our old yoga sesh

5. Gift yourself a cute workout outfit

I don't know about you, but i love being in a cute outfit that i perk up whenever i put on something cute. This works for workout gears too. There are so many fun workout outfit out there now, but not every brand's kind to all sizes and shapes. Fabletics can be an great option as they strive to cater to every women, whether you're a gym fanatics or a mom on the go, they have something for everyone!
One of the designs that caught my eyes from Fabletics
I hope this post inspire you to get back into whatever workout you enjoy best, i know i am!


Note : This post is written in collaboration with Fabletics

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