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It looks like there's not going to be a month goes by without me posting about Althea :)). My posts about Althea is always so well received tho so i think y'all enjoy them too, yes? 

Anyway, i have another Althea Beauty Box review for ya! Third one so far :D!

This time round, the box is catered for one brand only : W.Lab!
So i think i say feel this way whenever i receive another box, but this Althea X W.Lab box turns out to be my favorite Althea beauty box so far! I've never really try anything from W.Lab before (i was sent their Sebum Out Finish Powder-also by Althea-as a gift last month but i haven't really used it) and you know how i feel about new brands that i've never explored before : EXCITED!!! And yeah, i definitely fall hard for W.Lab now...
There are 6 products inside the box. At the first glance i was actually feeling pretty "meh" about it, the products seems pretty basic and the packaging so simple (you know i'm all about cute packaging) they didn't really caught my eyes. But the quality bowls me over!
All the information on the box is in Korean so i didn't even bother taking more detailed pics haha
Let's talk about the product in detail, starting from the very base of corz : 
W-Snow BB Cushion (15g) currently on sale for IDR 230.000!!! The horrible news is... It seems to only be available in 2 shades :(... Cotton Light and Cotton Beige

It comes in a black cardboard box with white lettering and inside there's a puff and ofc, the actual cushion sealed inside a silver foil
Looks a bit like biscuit.. Maybe i'm just hungry -___-
The actual cushion itself is incased in a smooth black compact with white lettering, pretty much identical to the box
I got the shade #23 Cotton Beige-which is slightly too dark for me. I think the #21 Light Beige would be a better match
It looks like your regular cushion pact with a nice mirror. I don't really bring my base makeup out , but this means i could if i want to-totally handy for touch ups. 
There's an opening-also like your usual cushion and it is sealed. Pull of the paper seal to reveal the product itself 
Ta dahhh. Btw, it actually looks lighter when you first apply it but i find it oxidizes fast
I am not even a fan of cushions before. Granted, i only used ONE cushion before and it's just not very suitable for me (it's very moisturizing, i used it everyday in Singapore for 3 weeks and it made my skin full of little whiteheads it drove me insane!). I also prefer to have my creamy products in a tube, i dunno... I just like it that way. So i never really bought into the whole cushion craze.

Because of that,  i wasn't too enthused about this one but... It's so GOODDDD!
Before and After. Like i said, it goes on pretty light, because of the lighting-it actually looks lighter after i put the cushion on (i was having a lighting crisis and didn't have time to re-take the pics), but it turns a LOT warmer within minutes. It is very obvious that it's darker than my actual skin tone IRL
Picking the product up is a bit hard-this is both a good and a bad thing. Good because i never made a mess (unlike that other cushion that i had, which has the habit of exploding like diarr**** :p), bad because i have to keep on pressing to get more products that leads me into thinking that there might not be that much products in it!

It feels cooling to the skin, it doesn't feel heavy at all but the coverage is DA BOMB! I honestly didn't expect such a good coverage from a cushion.

When i took the pictures, i just had a facial the day before-wich means i had a LOT of facial marks and drying bits.
Which W-Snow BB Cushion manages to conceal easily!
My skin looks super good after using it! I even got a compliment from Chelshea who told me i look extra flawless, considering that i had quite a few facial marks underneath-i must say that this cushion is super impressive!

I'd say the coverage is medium, it's pretty high for me-but ofc it's not like full FULL-but i personally think that it's definitely the best foundie i have in my current collection with the best coverage too. It miraculously manages to conceal my dark circle! I've never used a base makeup powerful enough to do this before.

Staying power is great, it works best when paired with the next item (Sebum Out Finish Powder) and my skin stays pretty for a very long time! I do notice slight caking on the sides of my nose and chin after 4-5 hours, it can be touched up easily with a damp sponge. Oh, scent-wise it's quite fresh smelling, nothing offensive-at least not for me!

Overall i am a HUGE fan of this cushion, it single handedly changes my mind about cushions! I still prefer tube products, but i really love this cushion! 10 out of 10, would recommend!
W.Lab Sebum Out Finish Powder (10g) IDR 73.900. The powder case is pretty small btw
It comes in a regular jar that most loose powder comes in dominated with white and green color and black lettering. Its very simple and almost look pharmaceutical for me. The powder comes with a tiny puff that works pretty well to buff the products in
Sealed to ensure its newness
Having very oily skin, i am always drawn to products that claims to make your skin matte. Those sebum out type of powder intrigues me, but i am always very skeptical about it. It seems like this one actually works coz i don't have to blot as much as i normally do without it!
How it looks on top of the W-Snow Cushion. It does look very matte and dry (the lighting was crazy, but you can sort of see the dryness on my nose), but it can be fixed using setting spray or face mist
The texture is VERY soft, it is super finely milled that it looks almost like very light flour *LOL*. It flies everywhere ofc, so you gotta be quite careful when spilling products out. The sifter is quite annoying as very little product would come out and i have to keep on adding more. I like to use it all over my faee, it's so soft that it can be used to set my under eye without getting in the fine lines.

Is is totally white because it's a translucent powder, it doesn't change your base color or anything but is it just me or all translucent powder seems to give a tiny white layer on your skin? This one definitely does, but i like it because my base are usually way too dark for my skin anyway *LOL*. 

This powder makes my skin looks super soft and almost airbrushed, it does cling to dry patches but i guess it's expected because it is designed to make your skin as matte as possible. It does help my base makeup to last longer and shine free much longer. When i do get a little oily, people can't even see it and only think my skin has this healthy glow. 

Absolutely love this one. Another plus is because it's so affordable! A product that i would keep on repurchase for sure!
W-Lab Twinkle Glam Eyes (3.2g) IDR 170.000, available in 5 shades
The eyeshadow comes in a little black cardboard box that looks like the miniature version of the cushion box
It comes in a little glass jar with black topper
The eyeshadow has a little clear cap inside that you have to remove to use
When i first saw it, i totally thought it was a pigment powder, but when i touch it... it feels solid. I still couldn't figure out what it was until i read the description in the website that it's actually a gel eyeshadow *LOL*. No wonder it feels smooth and not gritty as i expect glitter pigments tend to be!
The shade that i got is #02 Glam Gold
On the pot the eyeshadow looks like a dark, almost rose gold. It looks absolutely gorgeous (i do love glitters). I am the type of person who would use a single, neutral, shimmery eyeshadow color if i'm feeling lazy but still want to look pretty *LOL*. I thought this can be my everyday kind of eyeshadow that i just throw on in 5 secs, unfortunately when applied.. It's a lot paler :(.
Swatched on my hand, and i already applied a LOT
It's practically doesn't show on my lids, the color is so pale it blends right into my skin! All you can see is the gorgeous glitters when hit by light
I actually like this eyeshadow, it's beautiful-the glitter isn't chunky at all and it applies really easily. Unfortunately this shade is simply way too pale for me, my eyes looks almost naked *sigh*. Even if i add other colors, i don't think it's gonna look good because it'd just like i add colors on top of my bare eyelid :(. So it's that i dislike the product, it's just unfortunate that i get such a light color. I'm sure i'd love it if i get the other, darker shades. I also think it's too pricey too. I did contemplate using it as a highlighter but afraid i might look like a disco ball... Imma give it a try tho!
W.Lab Clear Finish Gel Liner (0.5 g) IDR 220.000 available in 3 shades
The eyeliner also comes in a sleek black box
I got the shade Matt Black and the body of the eyeliner is actually grey
We got the retractable gel liner in one side
And what i thought to be a brush to smudge your eyeliner (which didn't work. I tried it, the liner sets almost as soon as you finish drawing) on the other side, i just checked the website and it's actually aimed to clean your eyeliner if you overdraw it 
Under the brush, there's a tiny sharpener, which is very nice because i hate when my retractable eyeliners become blunt! But at the same time, it hurts my heart whenever i use it because i see products gets thrown away #kiasu
Now, i have never tried gel eyeliner before and i didn't even intend on trying them before i get this. I am pretty strict when it comes to eyeliners, liquid for the eyelid and pencil for waterline. But ofc i gave this a try.
So it's quite creamy, glides in easily, very pigmented and it last very long on my eyelid without smudging or fading
BUT. As  you can clearly see, it's impossible to achieve that smooth, precise, on fleek kind of winged liner with a pencil product. I hate that jagged effect and since the pencil's pretty chunky (no matter how much i sharpen it), i just can't flick it how i want it.

For waterline it's very bold and sexy, but it does smudge a little bit after some hours. 

How i feel about it? Love and hate. I love how it stays put, doesn't transfer or fade on my lids-but i just can't achieve the perfect, fluid, precise wing that i can only get from liquid liners. The twist up works fine but at one point the eyeliner almost slid out of the case, totally almost gave me a heart attack! Don't know if it melts slightly so it came off the base from the crazy heat or what.

Plus it's sooo expensive, i just can't justify it. I love W.Lab now, but i won't recommend the gel eyeliner, it's just too expensive for the result.
W.Lab One Day Coating Tint (4.8g) IDR 174.700, available in 3 shades. Comes in a white box with black lettering and a hole in the neck to show the shade inside
After you take it out of the box, it still looks very similar to the box haha. I do like the white case and the neck area that shows you the shade you have. Unfortunately i get my least fave shade, #03 Fashionable which is a bright, BRIGHT orange
The slanted applicator which is quite easy to use
This lip tint has a pleasant fruit candy scent, it has a thicker consistency compared to most Korean lip tint that i have and it's very pigmented.
Ofc, as it is a lip tint, it is not as opaque as a lipstick/lip cream. You can see how the color fades on the corner on my lips. 
It applies quite easily and the shade is actually quite pretty (because it has a red in it instead of a true orange that i dislike), it instantly brightens my face. However, i am quite confused because on the website it looks quite matte as on me, it's actually very glossy. It dries a bit after a while, but not to a point where it looks matte. I did use a lip balm underneath (i always do) so maybe that affects it a little bit.

This lip tint is very nice, it doesn't make my lips dry and the color really does stays put. I'm not sure about ONE DAY, but it survives a heavy meal and it's still quite hard to remove. I would say that it looks nothing like the promotional photos tho, not that it's worse or anything, i do like how it looks-it's just that you might be expecting something a bit more matte/non-milky/opaque looking at the photos on the web and i personally don't think that it's something you'd get from this product.

I do like it, but i'm not crazy about it (i am not a huge fan of lip tint, btw), i probably going to like it more if i get the darker shade (i think i like #01 Girl Crush the most), but yeah... It's again quite pricey (please keep in mind that i am a drugstore kind of girl, i prefer my lippies to be under USD 10) and the color selection is quite sad (again, because it's a lip tint i guess. Most Korean lip tints seem to only have 3 shades). It's not bad, but it's not something that i would excitedly recommend.
Full face using W.Lab products, except for the brows, lashes and highlighter
Well, that's all of the makeup products inside the box! There is one more product which is a mask :
W.Lab Sebum Out Peel Off Pack (100ml) IDR 310.000
Comes in a white, green and black box that is mirrored by the actual product in the actual tube. I think this is their color code for their Sebum Off line
I actually seen this type of charcoal peel off mask floating in youtube and blogs lately, there's one particular brand that is supposedly super painful to remove. It looks super scary that i was actually very afraid to use this! I then had to google and read some review on it to make sure that it's not painful (it is not painful at all) before i finally get the courage to use it!
Comes in a regular squeeze tube with flip top. The mouth is sealed ofc, so it's completely mess free when i got it
It's pitch black, very gooey, the consistency is exactly like sticky glue-and it smells like glue too. Some people might find the scent annoying, i however-hardly notices it. 
It's super thick so it's very very hard to apply evenly! Forget the even, opaque coverage like the  photos in the website! This pic is taken the first time i gave it a try, i just used it again as i am writing this blog post and i managed to get a much more even coverage this time round hahaha
I agree with most of what the reviewer that i read (unfortunately i forgot her name/blog already :(...), like how she mentioned that you need like a LOT for your entire face, especially because you want a rather opaque coverage for an easier removal-with the price being quite high, you will not get like... A lot of use out of the tube! And i also agree that removal is very very easy, even if you apply it sheer like i did in the photo, you just gotta find an edge and once you manage to pull, the rest will come off easy and pain free.

It has a very cooling sensation as it dries, i find it very pleasant and soothing. The review that i read complains that it takes very long to dry off, i personally don't find it to be a problem at all. I just go on doing my stuff as it dries, and i hardly notice that it takes very long to dry as my movement is not hindered at all by it being on my face. It is very messy tho, you need to keep on squeezing the product on your finger (or whatever you use to apply it) and it's sticky, black, gets all over the place... Sigh. I always ended up with very sticky fingers and a lot of products left on it with no possible way to get in on my face instead of fingers *LOL*.

I'm not very sure about the ability to remove blackheads... I do notice some white things on it which looks like the photos in the website so i guess it kinds works? My skin feels super smooth and supple after i take it off so i do like it! I however, think the price is a tad too high. Or way too high, if i am being brutally honest >.<. I mean, i'm sure there are a lot of similar products with much lower price point...

And that concludes my mini review for all the products inside Althea X W.Lab Box!
The price of the box is IDR 350.000, which is INSANE because even the peel off mask alone cost almost as much! The value for money is insane (the actual worth of the box is IDR 1.974.319!!!) and if they're still available i would definitely tell everybody to grab it, ofc it's sold out already *LOL*. 

Thanks to this box i get to try out a lot of W.Lab products, which is a brand that i totally adore now. I do love most of the products, i just don't think some of it are worth the price. I would definitely highly recommend for W-Snow BB Cushion and Sebum Out Finish Powder, i think the price point is fantastic and the quality is amazing. I also like the eye shadow, lip tint and peel off mask a lot (but not the price).

Thank you so much for Althea (and W.Lab) for the chance to try out this amazing box and for always supporting Surabaya Beauty Blogger, if you ask me if Althea box is worth their price? I would nod my head so hard that it hurts. 



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